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  • Staying on topic
  • Establish the common ground
  • Negotiate to come to a compromise
  • Negotiation can be about power and a potential shift in that power
  • To be effective each participant should be further ahead than they were before. even if each one has not achieved the result they wanted to achieve.
  • To make it work, what are you prepared to drop off
  • Would you recommend dealing with the other party once the negotiation is over?
  • Make sure their rents cover the cost of garden care, then hire professional rather relaying on the tenants.


  • Emotion
  • Make no assumptions – we know none of them to be true


  • Keep emotions in check
  • Humour
  • Listen with Empathy
  • Empathise with the others point of view even though your view may be different.
  • Shift the relationship from an informal footing to a professional one
  • Know the outcome. Be clear on what each side wants to achieve.


  • Come back next week


  • Discounting / Pricing

Transcribed by Otter

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