DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorThe commission structure (Community Reward)

Level 1

If “DANNY” put $1000 in and introduces “MARY” who also puts $1000 in, “DANNY” is going to get 20% of “MARY’S” $1000. This equates to $200 or $600 after 600 days, this is called compounding. So if “DANNY” recruits three people he will receive $5400 in 20 months.

Level 2

If “MARY” then introduced “STEVE”, who also invests $1000, then “DANNY” will get 15% and “MARY” will get 20%. So if “DANNY” recruits nine people he will receive $12,150 in 20 months.

Level 3

If “STEVE’S” friend “PIXEL” invests $1000, then “DANNY” will get 10%, “MARY” will get 15% and “STEVE” will get 20%. So if “DANNY” recruits twenty-seven people he will receive $24,300 in 20 months.

Just using the formula above shows this is unsustainable to survive financially, unless someone like Ryan Xu has got money to burn and wants to build a community of influences that rave about his EcoSystem concepts that he’s going to build in the MetaVerse.

So what happened to HyperVerse? Well basically all of 2022 wasn’t sustainable to keep paying people out, however people who still had all the HU sitting in the backend of HyperVerse.

The sponsors decided that they could still recruit and they could set up the accounts for new people. So when a new investor comes along and wants to get involved in the opportunity, these sponsors were saying they would help with the process.

Do you remember when people were gifting free HyperVerse memberships? This was part of the same strategy, people didn’t need to pay anything back to the sponsor until they made the initial membership fee back. Because they couldn’t do anything with the HU, however they could purchase accounts for friends and family.

The new investors were given a wallet address to send the USDT to, however it wasn’t going to HyperVerse! It was going to the sponsors wallet address.

This is where it gets a little bit tricky. The sponsor was using 50% of USDT and 50% HU from the rewards they could not withdraw from their accounts to create an account for new investors.

So if you watched one of my other videos you would see that I’m suggesting, rather than going after HyperVerse to get your money back, you would be better going after the sponsor that introduced you to HyperVerse.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the sponsor created an account for you using their own USDT and HU they couldn’t get out of the platform. Then they handed over the keys to you.

So if you decided to take a lawsuit up against HyperVerse, they could literally say we never received any payment from you, it came from your sponsor. So the question is, how do you know whether your sponsor used your USDT to create the account or their USDT and HU?

I have heard of cases where the sponsor has actually been paying out the rewards to the person that they created the membership account for. This would be a red flag to me straight away. Why is the sponsor paying out rewards and why wouldn’t the person simply be getting the rewards out of the HyperVerse account?

So ethically it would be good and fair to say that these VIPs are in deep. I’m not saying all VIPs have been doing this, however from what I’ve been hearing, it’s a common practice. Let’s take the “Regional Sales Representative”, Keith Williams for example. It has been rumoured that Keith has hundreds of thousands of dollars stashed around his house from people who have asked him to set up their accounts.

So Keith will have been using his reward money and topping it up with USDT and giving access to HyperVerse accounts that he structures for his teams.

Where it gets really exciting, Keith and other sponsors would’ve been creating multiple accounts, knowing that if someone invests $1000 for example, they were also likely to click the ticket and get 20% of that. I’m pretty sure they would also know that they were never going to get any more money out of HyperVerse.

So my point is, you need to check who paid for your membership. You can do this in the backend of your HyperVerse account. Simply go to the deposit transactions and see what they used to create your membership account.

What payment methods were used? Was it a combination of USDT and HU? If so, you can bet your bottom dollar that your sponsor is a ruthless son of a bitch. You could potentially take them to your local lawyer for committing fraud! The sponsor is the one that has taken your money, not HyperVerse.