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[00:00:00] DANNY : DE HEK: I’ve got this opportunity of a lifetime and I think it would be really good for you and your family. It’s an investment opportunity and I don’t want you to miss out. It’s called HyperNation. It says

[00:00:09] Afrik Lad: Scam, Scam, Scam. For anyone watching these videos, people out there, there is no easy way to be coming a millionaire.

There’s not easy to make money, so please don’t get yourself thought off with people who come and tell you, you’ll make you becoming a in six months or a year or two years time. It is certainly, I can assure you a hundred percent that it is not that easy. So please do not do that and carefully before you get into any kind of business like that, somebody gonna to police or anything.

In fact, I would suggest if somebody promise you, they cannot just say no.

[00:01:01] DANNY : DE HEK: Welcome to the What the Heck podcast. I’m your host. I’m Danny de Hek, and today I’ve got a special guest called the Afric Lad, who’s a budding YouTuber, and he’s gonna tell us about himself and why he’s sticking his neck out, trying to help people from not investing in Ponzi schemes. But I thought, I haven’t done a YouTube and a podcast for a while, and I thought I’d bring back the old 12 questions with what to hit.

So welcome along to the Podcast and also YouTube channel. How you doing?

[00:01:35] Afrik Lad: Yes, I’m very well. Thank you very much. Thanks for having me here, Mr. Danny de Hek. Listen man, I’m, I’m, I’m just excited for this one. I think it’s

[00:01:45] DANNY : DE HEK: gonna be great. Ah, good stuff. Now what, whereabouts in the world are you? I’m in New Zealand.

You’re, you’re at Sunday? I’m in quarter past 10 and I’m, no, you’re a Saturday at quarter past 10 at night, and I’m Sunday morning at quarter past 10. We’re 12 hours apart.

[00:02:00] Afrik Lad: Yeah. Well I’m, yeah, I’m actually here Saturday. Yeah, in the uk. So yeah, it’s, the world is interesting. Isn’t in it . It’s late here.

People are there where some people are still up with London. People don’t sleep here anyway, but you know what I mean. It’s late. You are early. There you go. .

[00:02:16] DANNY : DE HEK: I’ll tell you about that one other day. Interesting enough because I live in the future, I can tell you the lotto ticket numbers. Would you like to know?

[00:02:24] Afrik Lad: Listen, man, this is a great one. This one, this is how people should winning the monies, million

[00:02:30] DANNY : DE HEK: more chances winning the lottery than winning money on Ponzi schemes. I’ll tell you exactly. All right. Before people get to know you, I’ve got, I’ve got 12 random questions. I don’t even know what they are. The first question I just hit my microphone.

That was not good. Aside from necessities, what’s one thing you could never go? You, Oh, sorry. Here we go. What’s one thing you could not go a day without? One thing that

[00:02:55] Afrik Lad: could not go a day without? Yep. Wow. That’s a very serious question, I think. Hmm. I think what I would say is meditation. Meditation.

Good man. Yeah. And what I mean by that, I don’t mean sitting still on meditation. I know what people who think meditation means. You see, you haven’t got, you’re

[00:03:17] DANNY : DE HEK: not sitting on a yoga mat.

[00:03:19] Afrik Lad: No, I haven’t. I haven’t got that. No. Right. My meditation is either when I’m just about to go to bed, lay in bed, or sometimes when I’m riding my bicycle around, I could be riding my bicycle to somewhere, maybe to work in the morning.

I’m going through stuff, thinking about stuff, processing things, you know, giving myself some positive vibe for the day. That is one thing that I certainly love to do almost every day. I have to do one, one of those mornings and evenings, or sometimes just in the evenings.

[00:03:48] DANNY : DE HEK: That’s good. I think that’s pretty entrepreneurial in a way, because you are always thinking of a way to find a solution to a problem analyzing everything continuously.

You’ve got, you’ve got our spot on. Yeah, I think we’ve both, we’ve both probably got adhd. That could be the other technical name for it, but well, let’s not go there today. All right. Question number two. Where do you see businesses, Oh, this is goody. Where do you see businesses of the future? Are we gonna beis, What do you think?

[00:04:18] Afrik Lad: But it looks like I’ve just been reading the other guy, creating a robot in, what’s his name? The rich dude. Oh,

looking like all human, whatever. But yeah. I think for sure there’s gonna be a lot of technology going, even more technology, more improving. So that’s one area of business. But I have a feeling that businesses are diversifying as well. And it could be from any angle, but also it comes down to where you live.

Yeah. What technology you have, how you use it, what’s, how you’ve been trained. If you have the, the skills. So for example, in the West where I live, you see that a lot of things have been technology ties. That’s what I would use. It’s in technology. But also by coming from Africa. You can find, you find that quickly that a lot of people are still far behind in terms of technology.

So we are still using the traditional methods for businesses running, but again, that comes down to infrastructure where you live. Sector sector. For me personally, I I, I’m going with both as in the traditional business side of things, without technology, hence on doing farming upcountry, but also, Obviously I work in it as well, so I go with the technological side of things as well, because that’s where it looks that we’re heading.

Yeah. We, we’ve been getting electronics, vehicle driverless vehicles, All sorts is happening. So people have to be tuned up, be educated, and be smart to get into that world sooner than later. So you can control it or well, maybe not control it, but you, you know how to handle it basically.

[00:05:59] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. Interesting enough, when you said diversification, I built a house oh, 14 years ago, and they brought in a guy to do the foundations.

Then they brought in a guy just to do the framing, and then they brought in, you know, a window guy, you know, every, the jer, the painter, everyone was outsourced and that, like the olden days used to have one tra doing the whole lot from start to finish. Yeah. And is it like that in Africa? Yeah.

[00:06:29] Afrik Lad: Yeah, In Africa you get like, again, If you go to my mom’s village, for example, in my hometown, yes, you have one dude who build the house up.

You know, I mean they, they, they, in fact, we, that’s what I mean by the technology is different there. They use like mode bricks or those mode that puts more and puts frames, put more around there. Somebody who does build the whole thing, him or his and his wife, or him and his son, or just him doing it. They don’t have to bring special people.

But of course in the city and most especially the advanced African countries, they develop the ones that are, are more advanced than the others. In terms of development, they do simulating like this as well. They have a contractor where then contractor, they have somebody who builds the tile in somebody who does the windows and somebody who does the bricks and somebody who does whatever, the plastic, the painting sector, all those kind of different things there.

But that’s for mainly cities up country is completely different. Yeah.

[00:07:25] DANNY : DE HEK: So you reckon Elon Musk might have a bit of a trouble cause AI building houses.

[00:07:31] Afrik Lad: Listen, that guy looks like he’s taking over the world. He’s doing everything. He’s in to the moon now or whatever he call he’s going to space.

[00:07:37] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah, no, he’s going to Mars.

I think that’s where the ecosystem is heading. I was wondering. He is not into that. Thank goodness he hasn’t started his own metaverse. Be okay. What what do you most regret not having done? What would you most regret not having done by the end of your life? That could be a bit morbid. I know you’re in good health.

I hope you’re in good health. I

[00:07:57] Afrik Lad: am in good, good health so far. You know, touch would, and thank God for that. What if I have not done that before I go to my grave? What would I mostly regrets? Huh? That’s a tough one because for me, I, I don’t bother, I don’t worry much about regrets. I don’t see that, if anything that I haven’t done, that’s it, It wasn’t meant to be and I haven’t done it.

I, that’s why I try now, I try to do everything in my power that’s I can. Anything that I know I can do, I try to do it. If I can’t do it, Or I made a mistake, I didn’t do it. I don’t see that as a lesson and learn, but if we are gonna talk about something that might regret that I didn’t do, I go to my degree without doing it.

It’s probably taking my family to my hometown. That’s probably one thing. Regret if I, if I don’t, if I could not take my kids to my hometown, then certainly I’ll regret that one. Cause I want them to go there, especially with all what I’m doing there. I want ’em to go, I want ’em to connect. I want them to, even when I’m gone to be there, feel like they’re part of their as well.

Because obviously they are, they, they from there. Yeah.

[00:09:07] DANNY : DE HEK: I I was hoping you weren’t gonna say by yourself a membership with HyperNation, but I’m glad you didn’t . Sorry, had to

[00:09:15] Afrik Lad: say that. Maybe that’s, maybe that’s one thing I’ll definitely regret not buying . Yeah.

[00:09:20] DANNY : DE HEK: Now this, this. This next question’s a bit basic for Kiwis which is New Zealanders.

But for you, I’d be quite interesting to know. How many languages do you speak?

[00:09:30] Afrik Lad: I speak up to three right now. Up to three? Yeah. Yeah, So it’s not much. Well basically, obviously speak English. I speak Creole. Creole is what we spoke, what we speak in Israel, mainly well over the country, but mainly in Free Town.

Then I speak my mom’s language, which is Limbal as well. So those three I speak.

[00:09:51] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. Is your mom got a different language?

[00:09:55] Afrik Lad: My mom’s got a different language. Yes, I am. I’m a mixed person as well, by the way. So my mom definitely speaks a different language. Yeah, that different language from different ethnicity.

Cause we have multiple, like it’s a mixture.

[00:10:08] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. We don’t get that so much over here, so that’s pretty cool. Yeah. Okay. Here, here’s a similar question, but as I said, they’re all random. Where do you see yourself in five years time? Five

[00:10:20] Afrik Lad: years time. I, My goal is , That’s a tricky one. Where the world is going.

Probably join HyperNation .

[00:10:29] DANNY : DE HEK: You’ll be with Mr. H.

[00:10:31] Afrik Lad: Yeah, probably me, Mr. H in five years time. Yeah. You have your mouth. Yeah. No, but in five years time, what I want to be able to do, or where I wanna be five years time, is I want to for, I mean, I probably told you or not, I’m doing, I started real estate business back home, so five years from now, I want to be able to have two more properties built.

And then I want to be able to have the rice, the farm extended to, like I mentioned to you, that I want to have the beans, I want to have peanuts. I want, basically, I want to make sure my farmers expanded to three or four more different crops. I wanna have two more properties built, and then I’m able to, I want to also spend longer back home.

I in six months there and six months here. That’s, that’s the balance I want to have in five years

[00:11:23] DANNY : DE HEK: time. That sounds really cool, man. Well I did have another question that come to mind when you’re talking. How old are you mate? .

[00:11:31] Afrik Lad: I am definitely the very old. Are you?

[00:11:33] DANNY : DE HEK: You dunno how old I am then. You must think of granddad.

Granddad. I am.

[00:11:38] Afrik Lad: I I started to let you guess that, but I, I will say to you for sure that I am above

[00:11:44] DANNY : DE HEK: 30. Oh, about 30. I am above that. Oh, you are? Oh, right. Yeah. I was going 29, so yeah, I’m, I’ll go 33. That’s my heart.

[00:11:57] Afrik Lad: It’s still not correct. I think you need to go slightly up. Oh right.

[00:12:00] DANNY : DE HEK: Okay. 31 .

[00:12:02] Afrik Lad: 31. You said 33.

I said go up. You went down.

[00:12:05] DANNY : DE HEK: Oh, right. I’m no good. See, I told you no good numbers. It’s usually words. No no. 34 then. Sorry,

[00:12:13] Afrik Lad: 34. No, I’m all than I’m, I’m 40.

[00:12:17] DANNY : DE HEK: Hey. Oh, you’re ancient mate. It’s just, say again. I’m 53. No, I’m 52. I forget. I think I’m, you know, you age and I’m, I’m 52. Well, funny enough, don’t, I was brought up in a religious cult and I used to be a Jehovah’s Witness, and we never celebrated birthdays, so, Right.

I, I don’t keep track of my birthdays really? I literally have to think. I was born in 1970 and then I think, what year is it? And it’s 2022. Then I work it out that way. like that. All right, here we go. Another question. What form of public transport do you prefer? And I’ve got a few options here. We’ve got ear, boat, train, bus, car.

But you might have a took talk. I don’t know. Do you have took talks? What? Do you have G Gs you? No, Never Africa.

[00:13:03] Afrik Lad: Oh, well, well, in Sierra Leon, my country, we have talk talks here as we call them. KK. We have bikes, the ocas, they call them Okada, and of course we have taxis. And so now when you talk of the by preferred form of transportation there, it now comes down to what time of the day, what you know, I mean, and the traffic.

So the best form of transportation around, usually it’s the Took talks the kk, right? Yeah. For me anyway, the reason being is airy because it’s not locked. Everywhere’s airy. Oh. And it’s kind little protected compared to the bike. If you drive ride a bike, you’re like exposed. And I think that’s are reckless when the ride around as well.

But there’s traffic because the traffic, the bike is probably a good form to travel because then you get past the traffic

[00:13:53] DANNY : DE HEK: interest enough, I was in Bangladesh and they had cgs and I didn’t know why they called them cgs, but then I realized that was, well they told me it was cause the guests that they run on, so.

So why are they called kk? Kk, KK. Yeah. What’s that stand for? ?

[00:14:11] Afrik Lad: I have no idea. Cause I don’t even think that name originated from Sierra Leon. And I think you originally from somewhere in Nigeria or somewhere. I don’t know, but it’s called Okay. I dunno. I was in there when it started, when this form

[00:14:21] DANNY : DE HEK: of, Oh you need to, you need to research that my friend.

You need to figure that out. That’s

[00:14:24] Afrik Lad: a good idea actually. But when I travel back to Leon each time, that’s when it became popular. KK and then the bikes, Okada, that’s that name definitely originated from Nigeria or that’s how the In Nigeria. Yeah. Cause in

[00:14:37] DANNY : DE HEK: Thailand they have took

[00:14:38] Afrik Lad: talks. Yeah. Yeah. So I don’t have a clue what Okada means, but again, when that whole KK oat thing started, I wasn’t in anymore.

I left long time ago, but I do go every year, so, and twice a year sometimes. So I get to use them, but hey, that’s how they travel there. They cars. Of course. I prefer the vehicles at night. Late nights when I want to go places, of course I use the car. But during when you took a block of traffic, KK is quicker or bike is quicker.

[00:15:06] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah, I’m trying to think what I like. I mean air. I think airplanes are been an airplane anywhere time, but I mean that’s pretty luxury and a very expensive hold up and doesn’t stop my dog. Dogs biting a cable in your bed. the light. Look boys naughty. Chew on the cable. Don’t chew on the cables. All right, I think we’ve had that conversation now.

All right, so is your glass half full or half empty? The answer there, I’ll let you answer .

[00:15:39] Afrik Lad: I think my glass, I will say, if I’m honest with you, this glass half will half empty thing. It’s not, I don’t worry about it. It’s not my thing for me. I just carry on. So I don’t honestly know what the difference I’ve notice sat and say, Okay, what’s the difference between half full, half empty?

What’s that? What does that mean? Even I don’t even have, All I know is some people, I think when they say half full, does that mean they still go somewhere to go? Something like that. And then half empty. What does it mean? I don’t have a clue.

[00:16:06] DANNY : DE HEK: Oh, it just means, are you positive or a negative? Ancy. , Yeah. I see.

Well, I tell, tell you what though. Sorry mate. You go.

[00:16:15] Afrik Lad: No, I like to consider myself as very positive. I always have a, I have positive mindsets in life and yeah, it just, with how I do things, I like to be very positive. That doesn’t mean of course I don’t stop and check and critique certain things, but I like to have a go at things and do them and go for

[00:16:35] DANNY : DE HEK: them.

Really? No, that’s good. I had a young girl come along to my, one of my meetings on Thursday. Yeah. And she basically had been reading a lot of, Help books. And she said she was she, You need to know your why. And I’m going, Yeah, I’m 53. I’ve read a lot of self books. I’ve gone to a lot of courses and she was only, I think she was 29, but I think at that age you need to go through, you know, they repeat a lot of the stuff you’ve heard from Rich Dad, Poor Dad stuff and and a lot of that, that half glass full thing and all that.

I’m sort of, yeah, I’ve sort of heard it all before , like, I get the positive, how to keep the mindset and blah, blah, blah. But that’s what I think of when I hear some of those sometimes. Yeah.

[00:17:18] Afrik Lad: But sometimes that’s how they get, you know, they try to ask you these stupid questions. So no way to just try to basically try to read you and you see something they know.

Okay, that’s the one we can go for for that person. You know, something like that.

[00:17:30] DANNY : DE HEK: You’ve got it. All right. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I think it’s gonna be home with your

[00:17:34] Afrik Lad: mum. I’m guessing it’s gonna be absolutely home. That’s exactly my, where we are living home. It’s, it’s warmer.

Yeah, it’s much more, yeah, it’s warmer. People are more friendly. You know, I, I don’t live too far from the beach.

[00:17:51] DANNY : DE HEK: So whereabouts are you at the moment? Are you in the uk? I am in

[00:17:54] Afrik Lad: the uk. Yeah.

[00:17:55] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah, I’m right now. I didn’t realize I did, I sort of trying to figure out your messages there for a week, but, and then I realized you, you were saying it’s tee up UK time together, that explains the 12 hours, so Yeah.

Yeah. Do you go home?

[00:18:09] Afrik Lad: I’m, I, I absolutely go home once a year, that’s for sure. I have to go once a year. Yeah. Or other times I go twice a year, sometimes three times a year depending on businesses. Like I said, I’m doing the real estate business now, so, but what I have to go once a year. That’s definite.

[00:18:27] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. Good stuff mate. You guys another, you good to Africa? Hey. Have you been to Africa before? No. Probably in some ways I should have be because I’m, I’m, I’m pretty intre traveler. I’ve been to like, Cambodias and last one was Bangladesh, China and India. And I went to India and I found it really, really hard.

And when I left I thought, Oh, I’m so glad to leave. But 20 years later I was dying to go back thinking, I wanna go back. I wanna go back. So probably if I, I dunno, is Africa third world? Is that, would that be fair? Yeah.

[00:18:59] Afrik Lad: Yep. Yeah. Well that’s, that’s how they call Africa is Third world. So that’s why we, we, we are trying to change, you’re trying to bring people there.

So, Oh, there’s a tourism opportunity mate. You can come and visit. There’s lots of orders, there’s lots of opportunities around there. What you need to do is get down there, I can link you up with some people. Yep. Get over there. West Africa. I’ll link you up with some people that will show you what you need to do.

And whatever businesses you wanna start, we have all the answers over there.

[00:19:32] DANNY : DE HEK: Well, I wanna start a Ponzi scheme mate.

they must make a killing . If you got lots of friends, you sound like you’ve got a family. We could start with him first.

[00:19:46] Afrik Lad: I’m glad you, I thought you, I I was waiting for Where you gonna, when you’re gonna pick up what I’m about to do? ?

[00:19:51] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. Oh, it’s I’ll just do a, a noise for that idea. Yeah. The, Oh, I should read that one, shouldn’t I?

The, the thing is, so that’s obviously what we’ve got together on is I’m just watching out for my dog cuz he’s, I don’t wanna meet in cables, but he’s walked out there and he’s had a drink of water, so he’s probably peeing on the kitchen floor. Oh dear. We’ll finish the questions and then we’ll have a bit of a chat.

Cause I, I’ve got 12 questions. I ha I can’t, I’m a hd I have to do the 12 questions. So what would you rather do? Accounting, marketing, planning customer service or administration.

[00:20:24] Afrik Lad: Planning. I like to plan Good. Easy planning. One of the questions. Yep, that’s right.

[00:20:29] DANNY : DE HEK: Planning. I start later to plan. You’re an entrepreneur, I can tell.

That’s brilliant. You’re gotta have planning . I often, if I start a new project, I usually think the whole lot outta my head before I even start.

[00:20:41] Afrik Lad: That’s exactly what everything is in here planned. Like all

[00:20:45] DANNY : DE HEK: the way there. Yeah. , I think I, I actually think what you’re probably doing I’ve got 13 years up on you mate, but I reckon that you do Oh.

Feasibility studies on every idea. And I think that’s you thinking now this might be a good idea and this could be a stupid idea, but let me think about how, if I did wanna make this a business, how will I what’s that dog? How would I turn it into a business and would it be profitable? Yeah. You know?

So that’s all part of planning, I reckon.

[00:21:12] Afrik Lad: So planning, you think food stuff. You see it and then you write stuff down. You write this, you got the ideas here and there. You think about, Okay, how’s this gonna work? And then you mix it up. You put this here and there, and then, then you have a structure. You plan stuff.

And then you start to say, Okay, let’s see how this go. Let’s see what happened. You start to take actions. Yeah. And you have a goal. Then the, I have a philosophy how I got goal and I go plan. My plans can change. I change the plans. Yeah. The goal is set somewhere to get. That’s, that’s what my life is, that’s what I’m about right now and that’s what I’m on to just carry

[00:21:46] DANNY : DE HEK: on.

I had a guest speaker come along to one of my think tank meetings once, and he was he had this business, he’s called Mike Mayo, and he made big biscuits with big chunky bits of chocolate, and he had these glass jars that he put the biscuits in and he went into all the dairies. He said he went to, I think 150 dairies, and I think I was something stupid, like 149 of these dairy owners agreed to put his cookie jar on the bench and people would come in and advised he was, he was one of the first guys that we knew went into a shop.

You would have nothing on the bench other than the till. But then people started putting up sales on the tools, so he had prime real. Anyway, long story short, he’s a multimillionaire and he’s diversified, and he, he, he come and spoke at one of my meetings and he said that the cookie jar was the best, best thing he ever, He said that he loved his cookie jars.

Every time he got one of those on the counter, he had prime real estate, and he was away laughing. But he, he decided one day that he would start up a business called Aristotle, and it was in it, and every morning people would pay a yearly fee and your phone would ring and it would tell you a motivational message, and you would be inspired and you’d be charged up.

Oh, he put a million and a half dollars into it. He had, I think he had eight staff, and he said it was the dumbest thing he ever did. And I said and I said, I remember it because I was one of your customers. Cuz you could get one free Motorable message as a test and you could just keep using a different email address or something.

I’ve forgotten how it was , but yeah. And it was hopeless. But when I heard about it, cause I remember this was 20 plus years ago, I remember thinking, Why are you going outside of what you, you are good at? Why have you started up in a different industry altogether? Yeah. So the thing that he said to me that I remember every day, he said, You need to have your failures in business because they are the compost for your next opportunity.

And I love


[00:23:58] Afrik Lad: That’s a very good one. That’s a good one. Absolutely. It’s a good one. You know? Yeah. Yeah. I, I just hope that he probably would’ve probably done a little bit more research as well though. Well, I guess probably he did do a research and then. Yeah, like you mentioned anyway, sometimes you have to get these failures to learn from them and then you improve.

Yeah. You learn, you improve, you learn, improve. And then more other ideas open up,

[00:24:25] DANNY : DE HEK: isn’t it? No. Knowledge is key, I think. What’s the worst What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received? Gift. Yeah. Yeah. What’s the gift i’s given you and you’ve gone, Oh my God. Oh

[00:24:39] Afrik Lad: dear. I think Outfit. Outfit. Yep. That’s an outfit.

And this interest is actually for my sister. She’s probably not gonna like this now. She sees this podcast. I’m gonna talk about it

[00:24:52] DANNY : DE HEK: on, mate. Don’t worry. Don’t hold back.

[00:24:54] Afrik Lad: I went home and then my sister sent prepared a gift for me. It was, I don’t know. I don’t know what she was thinking. She, I don’t know whether what, because she knows me, she send me, Yeah.

She made the. It’s double my size. ,

[00:25:10] DANNY : DE HEK: you’re a gold necklace and a silver dangler on a walk around like you’re trying to be stylish. That sort of style.

[00:25:17] Afrik Lad: Oh, like, cause you was hoping that I was gonna make him these nice African outfits so he can have that when he gets back to the UK uses in the summer. I looked at it, I was like, Whoop, that’s not me.

What’s going on here? This is too big. So yeah, that was, I’ve not used that, but I accepted. Thankfully she wasn’t the one who brought it. She sent somebody else to bring it to me. So IO said, Oh, say thanks for me, blah, blah, blah. And I wrapped it. It’s still in the suitcase somewhere. Wow. .

[00:25:43] DANNY : DE HEK: I when I was younger, I painted and wallpapered, cause I used to be a painter and a decorator at my girlfriend’s father’s house.

And she said to me, Oh, what do you want? Do you want to be paid or do you want dad to get you a gift? And I said, No, no, I’m quite happy to be paid. So he decided that payment was too expensive and he decided, he bought me some bright green socks and a bright green hop as a gift for spending seven days of my life painting his and just couldn’t believe it.

But that was, I still have flashbacks, but it was,

[00:26:16] Afrik Lad: Yeah, that’s, sometimes that’s what dad’s doing. It, It would something that you, in fact, you’re lucky to give you a socks. He would’ve said, Listen, all those years I paid your school fees. .

[00:26:27] DANNY : DE HEK: Right. The last question, What motivates you to get up in the morning?

[00:26:31] Afrik Lad: One, I mean various things to be honest, but one thing is my goal. I have a goal. Those that’s goal or those goals that I have, cause I have a goal and I have many goals. Those are what’s motivated me to get up in the morning and I say, Hey, you’ve gotta get up and go achieve your goals. Goals, take the day.

Go bless people, go touch people’s life because part of my goal is about supporting people as well, right? So I will feel like I have to get up and support, do that, get to talk to somebody, support people, especially back home. I do a lot of work back home, lot of charity work there and so I have to get off of those people and I have to get up for my family.

My family is definitely the one key reason why I get up as well. Plus for myself. I’ve gotta get up. I look up to myself, .

[00:27:22] DANNY : DE HEK: I went to bed at two 30 last night and and I was quite tired cause I, I was trying to record a session of HyperVerse, but that’s a different story. And then I thought, Oh, I’ve got, I’ve gotta get up

So you motivated me to get outta bed this morning. I was lazing in bed on a Sunday morning. Bit of a laugh.

[00:27:39] Afrik Lad: Sorry. I brought, I, I . I didn’t let you rest. Enjoy your Sunday morning


[00:27:44] DANNY : DE HEK: bed, . Yeah, no, it was good stuff. All right, well you’ve answered the 12 questions and people are probably wondering how we know each other.

I was searching around the internet and I found this video that popped up exposing a Ponzi scheme called HyperVerse. And it I, I loved it. So yeah, I reached out to you and said, I’d love to do a podcast with you. And look at us now. We’re doing a podcast. Yes. Here we go. . Yeah. And that’s good.

[00:28:09] Afrik Lad: It’s, life is interesting as it, you meet people You know, you just get to go around and you see , there’s somebody there that we have some kind of frequency that matches that.

We, we are both like in, in this thing that we, we just wanna be on the right side of history, basically supporting people in our own way. And it’s funny how I was watching your videos. I was searching of these people as well, and I came across your videos. I was like, Whoa, this guy’s doing exactly what I’m doing.

Or where maybe you’re doing better than I do because you, you’ve been on it for a while. But I said, Wow, this would be great to get in contact. And then one other day I was watching all video. I saw. My on your interests, the way they do your intros. Yeah, I saw my video pop up. I was like, Whoa, what? He’s got my video on this video.

Didn’t expect that. I was like, What? He’s got my video on his video.

[00:28:54] DANNY : DE HEK: Well that was funny because one of my images was on your video when I watched it the first time and I thought, Oh cool. Cuz it’s always a bit of flattery when you see your artwork turning it up on other people’s channels. And I think now it’s good.

And I think what I’ve found there is a, a community of people out there that actually, that just can’t believe these Ponzi schemes. I literally you know, trying to warn people. I don’t know if you saw the last one I just did, but it was about Mike Lucas and I watched it. I watched it this afternoon.

Oh. And it’s, it’s crazy. And you’re sort of thinking, first of all, I have to watch myself because if I think people fall for these scams, I think, Oh, what are you doing? You’re greedy. You, you’re trying to make money quick. You know, did you really think you’re gonna get three times your rewards? And then when I listen to Mike’s story, I’m actually thinking, Oh my goodness, this guy really believed it.

And he’s at that age where he trusts people and they just led him along by the hand, took $25,000 off him. And he, he is never taken any money out cuz he’s loyal and now boom, gone.

[00:29:56] Afrik Lad: They’re just going to vulnerable people. They’ve, that whoever that is, that person that he was naming had seen this dude, he knows, Oh, I’m gonna me, he, the old dude is vulnerable and is is poor.

If I just switch, talk him, show him that he can make three times, three times his money. That’s the idea. And I show him all his fancy stuff. Maybe do some fake show, some fake stuff, whatever. Show a look at it. I retrieve some money, you know, I withdrew this money. Yeah. Show him signing things and convince them.

And of course this money is desperate and it’s PO is thinking, Wow, well my retirement money is so small. If there’s this opportunity to multiply double by three. Yeah, I, I’m gonna go for it. What can I lose? And this guy is giving all these fancy things, but they don’t explain to you all the bigger risks.

They do. Like what that other guy does is he, what was the other guy’s name, Pin, or whatever, talking about

[00:30:47] DANNY : DE HEK: No, no, no, no, no, no. Panicky, .

[00:30:51] Afrik Lad: It’s how you call it, Talking about the world as if it is versus the world. How it’s some, some of his stuff. I listen to him saying, I listen. I’m like, What is he talking about?

He’s making this thing about the world as if. The world, The actual real world is what the Ponzi scheme is. He’s talking, telling people, scare people of mortgages or whatever they’re dropping. Oh,

[00:31:14] DANNY : DE HEK: like,

[00:31:15] Afrik Lad: cause that’s similar thing. Yeah. Is what they’ve used with this old person and poor people. And as you know, black people so convince you, make you feel like this is a way out.

Wow. I don’t have to do too much work. Yeah. And that’s how you go. People like that. Like that, man, it’s a shame. It’s a really, really big.

[00:31:35] DANNY : DE HEK: And for his what I picked up on him, he said that it was only for 600 days. So it’s a short term risk. It’s not like they’re saying, he’s thinking he is retirement money and you know, it’s not six years.

He’s probably thinking he is gonna be dead in six years. Who knows? So, yeah. And the, the really thing that really got me, because last week Pike, well the, yeah. Last week Pike was talking about people’s pension funds being a Ponzi scheme. . I saw I and you’re thinking, oh my goodness. So now that to me, if I was a pension, I’d be sitting there thinking, Oh, my pension’s not safe, and the government’s running a Ponzi scheme.

What else should I invest in? And then, yeah, here we go. . And I’m And you got the answer. Oh,

[00:32:19] Afrik Lad: the answer for you. HyperNation putting money, . Yeah. Listen, it’s really sad when you watch these guys and the people are there, the number of people they, they’re talking to, and the people they’re selling this to is crazy.

It’s, it’s, it’s, I feel sorry for the people because again, these people are poor people. They’re desperate. So you have someone that who talks the way they talk, they sweet talk them using the religion, pretend as if they’re holy people or they’re religious people and they talk, make, put fear into you, make you fear the world.

As in the world, the government is against you. I was talking to somebody, somebody who’s friends with Des Army. Yeah. Who’s friends with those guys who knows them. She, she, that lady also, I think her money is stock nine half of us. That’s how now she’s

[00:33:07] DANNY : DE HEK: not happy with Des. I, I spent 10 hours of my life researching d and it was a hard case video because I had covid two weeks earlier and I lost my voice.

I opened up all the tabs as you do, and I’ve researched everything about this guy and, and basically exposed him for the liar. And the cheaty is, I couldn’t hardly talk, but I recorded it anyway. So every time I flash back to my DES video, I think I should redo it all. But he, I think I saw that

[00:33:35] Afrik Lad: video. I watched the guy You needed to rest your voice.

[00:33:38] DANNY : DE HEK: Oh, right. Somebody say, Oh, why don’t you wait until your voice has been? And I go, I just can’t help it. And I even a week later, I still had a bad voice. But yeah, I know somebody, This

[00:33:46] Afrik Lad: lady knows him very well, so I was searching him as well. I was researching him. Yeah. Then when I was researching on his Facebook, I saw this photograph of this lady.

I was like, Whoa, you know, like you scroll, I saw the ladies for, I stopped. I was like, Whoa. I scroll back down, I saw the, I know this lady. Yeah. Then I was searching his Twitter. I saw the lady there as well. So I took screenshots and I send it straight to the lady. Cause I have a number. I message just straight.

I said, Hey, is this you? Yeah. Do you know who’s good? And she started explaining. I was like, What’s going?

[00:34:17] DANNY : DE HEK: He’s, I guess, fraud ever. He’s amazing. Cause even like he had this plaque that he was holding and I found the original photo of the plaque. He was holding up and he had taken out this Mi Academy’s logo off the front of it and blurred it all out, and then made out here was a V ip.

Whoa. It was a v i p five in HyperVerse. And he was trying to make how he got this plaque for doing that instead.

[00:34:40] Afrik Lad: Yeah. It’s crazy. I saw a photograph of him when I was researching. He laid down on his, in his chair, opened at the canary of tower. You know the word he says? He, Oh, here’s

[00:34:49] DANNY : DE HEK: the floor on the top in one of the, That’s

[00:34:54] Afrik Lad: guy man, I d if you saw that, I put on my video.

He’s name like this. He has a watch. He has his watch or some, someone watch, I

[00:35:02] DANNY : DE HEK: dunno, from Thailand. There’s Thailand.

[00:35:06] Afrik Lad: Yeah. Yeah. And he puts some fancy purse bags, laid nicely on the as if he’s sleeping on. Who does this? Yeah. Is that one? ?

[00:35:18] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. No, and the other, like, he was there were so many things that he was like speaking in the Houses of Commerce, you know, he was make in, again, Keith said he spoke in the House of Commerce and ongoing, Hold it a minute.

So finished up. It looked like he had, he’s part of a business networking group and it looks like they did something and they probably asked him to speak, but he wasn’t addressing Parliament as they were alleging. And it was, and they, I couldn’t even, I did find where he was gonna be a guest speaker at some event, but it was just like, they must have an event center in the air.

[00:35:56] Afrik Lad: Listen, the Houses of Parliament is a big place where you can actually visit. We all know that you can book times to visit the place. And there are different, different halls spaces in there where people can host events. Yeah. And. People can go there. You can even meet with probably one of the mps who probably help organize it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the houses of Parliament, you’re actually in the chamber addressing parliament. But as you know, that is what they do, isn’t it? Any chance, Any kind of thing. Like I’m gonna be at, at the Parliament building to do something they putting out as I was addressing the parliament.

Yeah, bro, you addressing parliament, you just went there on some kind of occasion. I have a friend who works there who’ve invited me there a few times. Yeah. To just go visit or something. I just have not had the time to go. I could have gone there still and say, Oh look, I was, I was this a parliament as well posed with my suits


[00:36:48] DANNY : DE HEK: And then the real funny thing was when we found out that he doesn’t have a floor on the, on that fancy building he’s in, he only rents room 26. From Regs, which is a co-shared office space. And I used to have them come along to my meeting. So I was quite familiar with that company, who, who does that?

They do it worldwide, but and also the number one best selling book, you know, that was a, that was a, that was a scream. And only if you go down, like I kept going down into the categories of Amazon and then it was a, a, a specific category and he was one day, he was 97th in that deep, deep, deep category.

And then the next day he disappeared altogether. And I think, oh my goodness. But that was a number one best seller. .

[00:37:32] Afrik Lad: Yeah. And according, and as you mentioned that, because this other lady I was talking to, she was like, Oh, he has number one selling book. I said, No, he doesn’t have number one selling book. Yes he does.

I said, Show. Yeah. This person was arguing on behalf of him. Yeah. Until when I started showing her certain things. And she says, Oh, okay, well this guy, I dunno what has come of him now, what he’s doing now, maybe he’s changed. I said, Well, look at this newspaper though. He was running away from the newspaper.

He, they met him at Wembley, had to interview. He wouldn’t speak to newspaper. I said, Why? If you are doing a good business, if your business is genuine. Yep. Why wouldn’t you be proud to talk to the newspapers? This is a big promotion for him. That’s right. It’s very big promotion. The newspaper coming to interview you about your business in the uk.

Yeah. Everybody read the newspaper here. That’s where she stopped. I said, You tell me if you’re doing business, would you not talk to the newspapers? Yeah. And then she, then later on, after a few days of talking, me and her went back and forth a few days. You know this lady? Yeah. And then later she admitted that she put money in HyperVerse and that money is stock.

So she’s not happy. Now these guys bringing HyperNation. I the Hold a minute. Two days ago you were supporting this guy. Yeah. Now all of a sudden, Because I’ve pressed, I’ve pushed, I’ve showed evidences. She’s confessing to me that, Yeah. How money is talking. HyperVerse and some people also the her team.

Yeah, her team call it team. The people they have recruited. Money

[00:38:56] DANNY : DE HEK: is stock. Yeah. I think I think all the arguments, Cause when I first started doing this, I get people telling me I didn’t know and understand the blockchain and, and I didn’t know, you know, I don’t understand the bigger picture and, but every time they had that argument, it always, the money seems to be the glue to whatever they are.

Believing and as soon as you put money around it, that quenches the deal, that it must be true and factual because I’ve invested in it and it has to be true. So then it turns into hope and faith and belief and those things. You can’t chisel somebody’s brain cell outta their head and make logic with them because I’ve just blown, you know, I used to knock on people’s doors when I was a Jehovah’s Witness, you know, And we used to people that we couldn’t reason with, we would call, we would call them people with deaf ears.

And, and it’s like you’re talking to people with deaf ears and you think, why am I putting out all this energy in these videos? And to my joy, and you’ll find it as well with your YouTube channel, is that people will give you a hard time because they don’t like tool poppies in New Zealand and Australia, they shoot people down that stick their neck out because it’s easy target practice.

Yeah. But after a while, the people that have lost all their money are now coming back going. I had a mate mine go, Hey Danny, how can you help me get my money back from HyperVerse? I messaged him three months ago. He said, Have you invested in HyperVerse? Cause I heard he had nothing. And then all of a sudden now he’s asking for help.

And I’m getting a lot of those sort of people coming back now. And I think people are so angry and pissed off that they’re now starting to fight back. And they’re realizing, But you, you’d know yourself that their systems are that cunning, that if you speak out about HyperVerse or HyperNation, they can cut you out or chuck you out and then you’re left with nothing.

Imagine your bank, imagine your bank doing that. Yeah,

[00:40:47] Afrik Lad: absolutely. As a lady, as another lady she told me she was part of the, the, the telegram group called HyperNation or something like that. And then she start complaining about her money because she hasn’t received withdrawal money since she hasn’t withdrew withdrawal money since April.

So she started get, getting cross and angry and complaining and complaining. She said they kicked out because they said she was being negative. Now this is her money and she did not only put her money, her daughter’s money is in there as well. Nice. So she got daughter’s money and harmony and she’s been hoping to re, to get some money because they promised her to say, Oh, if you put money, you get whatever percent daily, and then within three months or whatever, you withdraw money, you get your one X back.

Then April, May, June, July, she didn’t get her money back up till now because I spoke to her a few days ago and then she says, I haven’t received, I haven’t been able to withdraw any money yet. Wow. So they out because she was complaining and I’ve seen lots of complaints. So there I was on the Twitter page.

I saw people complaining, constantly asking questions because they sent, they, they started you know, the advertisement, they, so no, the announcement, sorry about the new executive or whatever I call them. Market indirect or whatever, nonsense. Oh

[00:42:02] DANNY : DE HEK: yeah. Hold it. Global sales representative. And now he’s got three clones who are managers.

And this is part of the big announcements that they’re they’re out with. Hey Afric lad, I’m we’ve done a good podcast. I’m thank people for listening. I might stop the podcast now, but what I’d like to do is stream on YouTube right now and tell people what we’ve just done. Does that sound like Okay?

Yep. So I’m gonna click a button and we’re connecting.

Welcome. I have the African Africa, what is it? Aric lad. Afric lad. We’ve just done a podcast together and we thought we’d plug into YouTube Live. Now one thing, when I watched your videos You said I reckon we need to make a meme outta you and , and you said, scam, scam, scam. You

[00:43:02] Afrik Lad: say

[00:43:09] DANNY : DE HEK: brilliant. Nah, that’s brilliant man. We’re gonna make a meme out of that . So what we did is we had a podcast. I asked a freak lad 12 questions. So if you wanna watch the podcast, go off to dhc.com, click on podcast, and you can listen to our conversation. And obviously I’m going to produce the podcast as a video so you can watch the whole thing from A to Z.

It was 35 minutes long so it won’t bore you to death. But we were just having a good conversation about Ponzi schemes and the mentality of people who get involved in them. And I was sort of saying to. Can I call you showers? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right now, showers that I sort of criticize people who get involved and think they’re getting rich.

And I, I really struggle with the fact that people don’t, did they really think they were gonna get three times their money? And I, I’ve been a bit critical, but then yesterday I put on a, a video about Mike Lucas and I interviewed him like we do in a Zoom now. And I just couldn’t, I could understand that he’d been led down the garden path, he’d been totally mislead and they’d managed to cycle $25,000 out of his pension fund.

And not only that, the guy that led him down the garden path, he would’ve received at least 15% of that in reward money for introducing him. And it’s basically daylight robbery, and I felt really so from Mike Lucas. So How did you feel about that,

[00:44:36] Afrik Lad: mate? Well, I saw the video was like, Gosh, you see this very old man.

Who is just trying to get on with his life. Here comes this young guy or whoever that person is, basically scam him. I felt so bad for the money. I felt like this is disgusting. Really? This is awful. How can he treat somewhere that who is vulnerable? How can he do that to another human being? In fact, Yeah, so for me, I just feel like this is the reason why we’re here and we’re talking about these kind of things.

I feel like these kind of people need to be exposed, need to be talked about. We need to see their faces and shame them. And obviously if there is any kind of, I mean there are laws around MLM sector, but you, you wonder whether there are things that the government can do more in our countries to protest.

Oh, that’s so slow. They’re very slow. It’s, it’s crazy. And especially in Africa, like where I’m from in Nigeria, they’re just using the people. I, I watched somebody on live YouTube recently, two days ago. In fact, today they were on the selling all kind of lies. And when I stepped in there, made a comment, they blocked me.

I was just asking questions. I was only asking questions to say, Hold on. How does this work? How can they get the money back? And somebody says, Oh, this is not just scam. I don’t know if you use the words scam at that point. , I use it. And then they said, It is not scam. I said, Hold on a minute. Do you wanna tell me something?


[00:45:52] DANNY : DE HEK: I know. I, it’s, it’s really hard. I do, I think I’m looking at the, I’ve been trying to, I’ve been listening to a lot of the terminology that they’re using lately and I believe that these guys have NLP training and that’s basically when they brainwash you. And just recently I’m listening to a trend where Keith is actually talking about the platform and he says, We are very lucky to be able to use the platform.

And then I’m thinking this platform they have is basically like the website, it’s the mechanics, it’s the money making machine. Then he is been appointed this global sales representative, which I don’t know what the hell that is actually. And what, I dunno what job role he has and whether he has any clout, as I said in my video yesterday,

So I’m thinking, wonder if he’s going to take ownership of HyperNation and he’s gonna make out that, you know, HyperFund and HyperVerse basically. Cause in his video, I’m just cutting up at the moment, he said, That he’s working for HyperNation and he’s not working for HyperVerse. So he’s basically saying all the debt that has broken and happened.

He’s not, he’s not able to fix that cause he’s not working for this. He’s appointed the HyperNation. I wouldn’t be surprised, I wouldn’t be surprised if he announces that he’s gonna take over hibernation.

[00:47:17] Afrik Lad: So this is what I feel, I personally feel he actually, or he’s the main person behind that. He’s the one who owns that.

I don’t think he’s somebody else. All these thing they’re talking about the cooperates they, he kept saying, they kept saying, they call, I’m like, Who? No corporates. And also he mentioned, I watched a video of him saying he’s worked many years on this, on for this company. He’s never been paid. He traveled here and there doesn’t get paid.

But he’s doing it because he loves to do it. He’s da, da da. And I’m thinking, dude, Who on earth will work for somebody else other than yourself that will go work for free every single day? A YouTuber, . Well, I guess so. Yeah,

[00:47:59] DANNY : DE HEK: I guess so. We can in charge of the promotion of HyperVerse HyperFund, whatever it is.

Crazy. No, you’re right. Imagine. That’s right.

[00:48:08] Afrik Lad: Imagine, yeah. If you have to travel, even if, even if it’s riding your bicycle every day to work or drive in your car, petro up, taking public transport, would you do that every day for a year or two? If it’s not for your own business? If it’s your business, I can see why you would do that, because your business you’re developing.

But if somebody else is, So when it’s talking, and I’m reading along the lines, and this is a tricky part. A lot of the people they’re dealing with don’t think like this. They don’t think outside it, but they don’t read along the lines and think, Hold on. They don’t use logic around it to say, Well, hold on, why?

And also when they’re saying they don’t own the company that’s only working for the company, but the way they talk. They’re advocating for the company. To me it’s like, it’s your company. For me, what I’m hearing is like, oh, if, If it’s not yours, Yeah. Why is the owner not talking to, you’re talking, why is that other person hiding their face and hands or whatever?

Why? What’s the problem? No,

[00:48:58] DANNY : DE HEK: no one seems to question that. I mean, I mean, really seriously. Something else interesting too, and I reckon this is what’s happened between Kish and Keith, and I reckon that Kish was actually brought up maybe brought in like some sort of business coach or some business mentor or a mindset coach of some sort.

And they’ve obviously had a relationship in the past, but I reckon Kish actually saw the floor and I reckon he did defraud and I do think he stole all the money from HyperNation. HyperVerse. So, and then I reckon that’s, he’s the, Keith’s the, the, the lead guy and then Cal’s taken all the money. Why don’t we know what’s happened between Kish and Keith.

Keith? That would make

[00:49:45] Afrik Lad: sense. I don’t know if you, the video you, you editor recently, you post that recently. You see, you noticed ki Keith was saying the branches fell off when the heavy wind came. We got some branches. Did, I was going like this shaking the branch. So I wonder whether that’s, that’s part of what is referring to that or Wendy, we had a big issue.

Some people fell out, da but it’s all good. Yeah. I wonder where the must external, you know, bring, talk about that to say, I’m gonna minute this guy has left because clearly there’s a, there’s there’s an issue there, there’s something wrong here. That’s why. Yeah. What Cal left. So definitely that’s why he was trying to refer to and the way he was talking for that whole Zoom meeting, that video you can clearly see.

If it’s not your business, you don’t talk that kind of, you’re not that passionate. He’s not an advocate or, Yes. Okay. It’s executive sales. That’s, or whatever. That’s Yeah, but you’re not, it’s really your business. It’s not really your company, but you’re talking like it’s your company and, and all these boot leakers or whatever call it, call, Hey, God bless, stop this nonsense.

[00:50:49] DANNY : DE HEK: The interesting thing I noticed as well is that he was telling us stuff like we all knew it and I’m listening to it going, I’ve never heard this before. And why you, you know, he’s obviously, they’ve had big meetings and a lot of discussion going around and, you know, probably only three or 5% of people actually know that discussion, but he’s addressing the other 95 plus people telling them like they know all these stories.

Yeah. Really weird.

[00:51:13] Afrik Lad: It’s crazy. It’s crazy. All of them that I’ve listened to, you can tell, like you mentioned earlier on, that they, they’ve all practiced certain type of way to talk. . Yeah. Starting words. They use the language like obviously religion. They all, I, I’ve seen people quoting scriptures. I were like, What?

Yeah. What is going on? Yeah. Yeah. They say hallelujah. Quoing scriptures telling people all kind of things and they use specific kind of words. Yeah. Obviously they talk about like, gets spread. Multiple, whatever streams of income, whatever I call it financial stability, wealth generational wealth, all those kind of things.

And they’re using community, they’re using family, they’re using all kind of things. Yeah. I’m like, what is going on?

[00:51:54] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah, Now you’re right. And also they talk about fear. And if you, I, I used to, I, I do know the Bible quite well, but they’re talking the last days how there’ll be a whole lot of doom and gloom and they use, they’re talking.

The same stuff that’s gonna happen in these last days are actually, you know, the, the fear of the, the, you know, like there’s the video from Mr. H just 24 hours ago and he’s talking about the common communist, you know? Oh yeah. The communist area. And that’s what they wanna bring in. They want us to go back to Russia and be like, Communist countries.

Well, people.

[00:52:28] Afrik Lad: And it’s crazy. It’s interesting because this other friend I was talking to that’s knows this guys as in their army. Susan, you know, I know Susan.

[00:52:40] DANNY : DE HEK: I know Susan. I’ve been helping people fill out her if, if, if ca complaint form because she’s broken her . Somebody’s been trying to prosecute her and I’ve been helping them fill out the form.

Oh. Oh,

[00:52:53] Afrik Lad: Susan. Okay. I know Susan. Yeah, I know her family. Yep. And so this other lady, I was talking to know Susan as well, when I, I’ve, when I interrogated a little bit, she, she told me she knows Susan, she knows the and stuff like that. And then she showed me one of her sessions, she did YouTube Zoom session she did.

And then she was talking the same way those other guys talk. And I said to her, Listen, it’s not like you all have been trained by the same person. What’s going on. That’s right. You were saying the same. She said, No. I said, Listen, what you saying there is the same thing I heard this other person said over there.

And that person said over there. Yeah. And then this, she’s claiming how they want to make. Whatever, 1 million millionaire or whatever, 10,000 millionaire in, in 10 years, something like that. They have this kind of thing like young long lady. You have, you’ve been in this thing for God knows how long you’ve not become a millionaire yet.

How are you gonna make these people become millionaire? Yeah. Apart from that, you know for sure that this is not as easy as what, as the way you guys are making it. Yeah. It’s not easy to make money. It’s not, you’re not gonna become a millionaire overnight. You’re not gonna become a rich person in, in six months or one year.

Yeah. Unless if you’re not to win a lottery. Yeah. Or maybe your parents left you some huge money somewhere. I don’t see other works. Anyway, I kept talking to this lady and then some of the things she made, she mentioned I’m like, Come on, you better stop this. I said, Please stop. Especially, you’re dealing with your own people, black people, Africans.

How many of these Africans have the technology, have the knowledge, can even read and write properly that you’re talking to?

[00:54:29] DANNY : DE HEK: They understand this. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve seen them in their meetings and they’ve got people who have got cell phones trying to buy crypto so they can buy, you know, manage their crypto wallets on their cell phone cause they don’t have computers.

And they gone and I’m sitting there thinking and, and press the button and that’s like, he was, he was, he held by the hand to invest but never held by the hand to take his money out. Exactly.

[00:54:59] Afrik Lad: That’s exactly what happens. It’s easier to put the money in. They show you all kind of secret kind of ways to help you every step of the way to put your money in now to get the money.

Becomes a problem. They’ll say, Oh, go to your upline. Oh, talk to this person. Oh, don’t worry. Oh, okay, wait, Be they tell vacation. And the more you ask, they see that, Oh, you’re negative. They said, We need you to be positive. We did positive mindsets. It’s an investment. You could understand it. Anything you investing, you lose the money.

You should be. You. You, It’s possible that you lose money. Hold on me. You are not talking like that at the beginning though, when you’re trying to get them in, you are not talking of all these big risks. Yeah. Instead they were saying it’s the same thing like a real estate. You can lose money in real estate, da da da da.

And yes, there’s truth that you can lose money in real estate, but you, I don’t see why you’re comparing that with what you’re doing, because what you’re doing is nothing. You’re just faking people. What you’re doing is all fake. There’s nothing behind. There’s nothing they’re gonna gain, you know?

[00:55:55] DANNY : DE HEK: Well was going on about people’s pension funds and how the, how they the government’s running a Ponzi scheme of paying people their pension funds.

But I’m going, Well, they’re still getting the money mate. They’re still getting paid their pension, so it hasn’t stopped yet. And I’m sure that the government, if they do do that well, the whole world, all the, the blockchain will stop running and the world’s gonna be that much do

[00:56:19] Afrik Lad: it’s same thing. It sort of was arguing me saying, she was saying, Cause we’re talking about the bank, the fair money and cryptos or whatever they’re doing.

Well the banks, they’re using your money to do business. If you sometimes want your money, The bank, if you wanna take like 10,000, 20,000, you need to go through all these questions and answers for them to give you your money. I don’t want that. I want this freedom. I can get this and that. Yeah. And I said, but hold on a minute.

People have been waiting to retrieve, withdraw their, warning, their own money. They put in this HyperVerse thing since April. They haven’t got it back. Yeah. Who is gonna chase them? I say, at least you can go to the bank and argue that it’s my money. Give it to you. If I put 10,000, I left it there for one year.

Even if the bank used that money to do business. Yep. When I come back a year later, my 10,000 will be there. Even if it doesn’t give me interest. Let’s say the bank, not

[00:57:08] DANNY : DE HEK: no interest. You’ve listened to my, you’ve listened to my YouTube channel. I’ve used it. Exact scenario. And then the other bit I added into it was I, I, I, I do drop shipping, right?

So I sell $3,000 worth of products. I make a thousand dollars, I go put it in the bank, and now I have $11,000 in the bank. So $11,000. I had 10, I’ve had a 10% increase in savings. And that’s how it worked. Exactly.

[00:57:33] Afrik Lad: Yeah. Maybe people are talking about real estate, they’re arguing this stuff. And I said to them, Okay, I have properties right now, they pay me rent for those.

Yep. For the last five, six years, I have rent coming in. Yeah. And my property hasn’t depreciated to the point where I’m gonna lose it. Yeah, I mean it’s still there. It’s still growing in interest and I get rent paid, like rent paid every time. And then when I’m using that to reinvest into something else, into another building,

[00:57:59] DANNY : DE HEK: you don’t get an iu.

You don’t get a piece of paper with an IOU on it telling you that you’re, you’ve got so many H hu in the bank and you’ll be fine. And you go to the bank and you go, Can I use my IU ? And they go, This isn’t worth the printed on

[00:58:17] Afrik Lad: absolutely no no’s. What I’ve got is buildings, which proper A, made me and my tenants, we sign the agreement.

Yeah. I take the, I take my bank when the year round you pay my money or whatever, or however we’ve agreed. If it’s monthly, you pay my money monthly. Say you carry on living there. I do my business straightforward. You don’t have to go recommend anybody else for you to get

[00:58:40] DANNY : DE HEK: anything. I think, I think the timing for all this is quite interesting.

I had a big rant on my last video because Keith was actually giving me an insult about my suit that I was wearing and that he was given me a hard time in LinkedIn chat because I rent a house and then he, he’s talked about me quite a few times. I dunno why, but they seem to criticize people that aren’t wealthy.

And I think, you know, when you get wealth it’s, I think everyone would like to have unlimited, no money worries and they’re selling a passive income. I kind of get people want that, but that’s not what they’re offering to deliver, not what they’re delivering. But I mean, you don’t have to be wealthy. I mean, I’ve traveled poor country.

I’ve been to 35 countries. I went to India. And you’d go meet took to a taxi driver and you’d take you back to his family and you’d have dinner with the family. And the first thing that they hand you when you walk in is normally their kid. And they go, This is my son. And the family qualities that people have that don’t have the money is something that these rich, wealthy people who think money is the the true to happiness.

Yeah. You know, they missed the boat. I mean, would you really think you’re better off sitting on a pile of money knowing that you’ve scammed your friends and your family out of their money to get your wealth?

[00:59:59] Afrik Lad: Absolutely. No. Listen, Even for me anyway, even apart from scam, let’s say I made gum sco .

[01:00:09] DANNY : DE HEK: One more.

One more. Yeah, that’s it. Now we’re talking

[01:00:15] Afrik Lad: apart from scam people. What I’m trying to say. Even when I make that big money, I mean right now I made, I don’t make that big money, but what I’m making Yeah. Is enough to support me and my family and from that I support other people because I don’t feel comfortable having that.

Yeah. And I know people who are struggling, genuinely struggling, and I’m just gonna go there and show up. Especially when I go back home in Sierra Leon in England not so much because here more, most people got more money than me. Yeah. And relatively people live you, I mean there are people on the streets still begging know whatever.

But what I’m saying is the basics. We have the basics here in the UK compared to when I go home. When I go home, Really? Leon in Africa there is far less, and you meet far more people struggling there.

[01:00:58] DANNY : DE HEK: You’re not gonna get a, a lamb Guinea got taking a Lamborghini home in a gold necklace. No way. I don’t know that If you check, so you’re gonna call yourself aka a what’s your hand or AKA African LED Crypto A

[01:01:14] Afrik Lad: in the building.

Yeah, the boy. You’re boy in the building. .

[01:01:18] DANNY : DE HEK: Oh, I’ve gotta get my head. Oh yes, definitely get it. I’ve got my,

[01:01:23] Afrik Lad: Oh, there you go. .

[01:01:25] DANNY : DE HEK: I’ll do the 90 thing.

[01:01:28] Afrik Lad: Akala and aka

[01:01:30] DANNY : DE HEK: I’m mr.com. Now there was it.com,

Sorry, mate. Yeah,

[01:01:38] Afrik Lad: I still got it. For me, I don’t feel comfortable going home, hanging out with friends or family or those people and they always dressed up and showing up and then obviously, certainly not criticized them because they’re poor, you know what I mean? Or trying to, It doesn’t make no sense.

What’s the point? What are you gonna gain? You already have more anyway. Why do you not have to laugh at people? Why do you not take the make out of people because they’re poor. You don’t make no sense really. If you really, genuinely think you have money anyway, you should help people. Yeah. Instead of laughing at them, help them, because that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

And also that’s what they’re preaching, that they’re helping people.

[01:02:16] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. They help

[01:02:16] Afrik Lad: themselves. If you really helping, If he’s true, you’re truly, Anyway, he’s rubbish. We all know he’s rubbish. So don’t, Yeah.

[01:02:23] DANNY : DE HEK: No, they’re not, they’re not nice people. I think if I was rich though, I will, I can’t say the word, but hopefully you help figure it out.

If I was rich, I’d like to be a ous. What do they call those? Do you know the word? I mean, a person that’s so rich that he gives us money away. Where he sets up. Oh.

[01:02:40] Afrik Lad: Mean Oh, I know the word you’re talking, I just, just go off my head now. But if you’re rich and you give all your money,

[01:02:46] DANNY : DE HEK: But you do good with your money.

I mean, that’s why I remember word for, I was crying out to Keith Williams because I know he might say he hasn’t been paid by the company, but he, he misses the point that he’s received shitloads of money and he’s, he, there’s no doubt in my mind, he’s a multimillionaire and he’s, I’ve even heard of people that have gone around with cash to his house and he set them up accounts for them, and then he doesn’t know what to do with the cash.

That’s what I heard from people, and I, I know that because I had one lady telling me that one guy met her at a park bench and she gave him $1,500 US. And then he couldn’t set up something, could we come back and got two more hundred dollars US out of her? And I’ve forgotten what the totals was. But anyway, she was, she was going to the police and trying to stop this guy.

She didn’t even have his phone number or anything, you know. Oh, oh, sorry. Sorry. The

[01:03:33] Afrik Lad: water came to my head. Sorry to cost you there. Is that what we were looking for?

[01:03:39] DANNY : DE HEK: Let’s write it down. Well see, I can’t even pronounce it so I can’t say it back, but yeah, that’s where I’d wanna be. But you think, you know, so with people like that, Mike Lucas guy, you know, surely if you had that much money, and let’s say you’ve got, let’s just say Keith’s got 5 million, which I, I’m pretty sure he is, got more than that modern.

Yeah. Cause yeah, peeling off $25,000 back and giving it back to somebody that would show a true character of a person, even if he is a dirty, rotten scammer.

[01:04:10] Afrik Lad: Yeah. I was checking when I was, I heard Keith was talking about. How many people they have. He said they have close to a million people on

[01:04:17] DANNY : DE HEK: 1.5. I heard changes all the time.

[01:04:20] Afrik Lad: There you go. So even if, let’s say 1 million people signed up, each of those people paid something like, whoa. 300 to buy. So

[01:04:29] DANNY : DE HEK: buy. I’m on the calculator, mate. I’ve got calculator. So let’s 300 now. How many? Zero is a million. It’s six, isn’t it? Or seven? Yeah. Zeros. Yeah, six is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 equals, so I think that’s 3 billion.

Okay, so three.

[01:04:50] Afrik Lad: What is that? Got? Yeah. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3, 4. So, So it should be about, Yeah, about that. Because I

[01:04:58] DANNY : DE HEK: worked out the 4000000001.5. Well that’s four and a half billion because Kpe Patel actually said to Keith Williams well, he actually said in a chat, Where has the $4 billion gone? Who’s got that?

So that was something I’ve actually been chatting. He replied to me after all this time, Cal Patal replied to me, and that was when I sent him a message basically saying, How stupid is Keith Williams putting a a a target on his forehead, telling everyone that he’s the global sales representative for Hy Nation, the biggest scam in the world?

What was he thinking? He wrote back and he said basically he was saying that he, he’s lying to people and I’m. Aren’t you lying as well, But they’re all the same and it’s like, But it didn’t push wewe.global down my throat. Or the other one promoting.

[01:05:57] Afrik Lad: Yeah. Yeah, I saw that. So, yeah, I mean, just to go back to the numbers, if they had sold listing the pa the package or to sign off for $300 per person, if you multiply that by one 50, 1,000,005 with, that’s about 450 million.

Wow. Easily. And, and you and I know people obviously invested more. Yes. So imagine just to buy in to say, Okay, this is me signing up. This is my $300. That makes them four 50 million easily.

[01:06:24] DANNY : DE HEK: So yeah, Originally there was five VIP fives and Keith Williams and Brenda Chand, Bitcoin, Rodney, and I think Clayton Ford, all those guys were there away at the very start.

So technically speaking all the money that we just talked about, they would get a percentage of that in rewards. Yeah. Yeah. So that, that if there’s $4 billion. That’s frigging check loads are corny. ,

[01:06:48] Afrik Lad: imagine that. And then people obviously buy all these things. They said you have to add more money to get to this next stage.

Put this and people put 10 grand, 30 k, whatever that is, 5,000 K. Imagine how many millions of people have been no longer, they already played. And to buy,

[01:07:03] DANNY : DE HEK: most people put more than the 308, like just usually Mike Lucas, 25 grand. And honestly I speaking to a V I P five and he actually helps me. He feeds me the videos.

So he is still involved and they blocked New Zealand from getting access to the HyperCommunity. Anyway, I’m still getting the videos cuz I’ve got people in the inside who hate this crowd.

[01:07:24] Afrik Lad: I love because other people not happy with them anyway. And some people, I think also some people are stuck in this system.

They think, Okay, I can’t get, now I’m stock in this. Either because they all, they also hoping they’re gonna make money, or they think, If I leave now this guy’s gonna come after me. That kind of funny, funny stuff is all happening. Maybe that’s why some people are not even leaving, because this guy that I know, this lady whom I told you, her money is stopped in HyperVerse.

She’s friends with them. She works with them, she’s, she’s recruiting people. Pure, recruited people into HyperVerse. She putting people into P L C U, all this Novo Tech and then places. But now because her money is stock and some of these other people on , their money is stocked as well. She got across, she sent me, she sent me screens of her complaining, challenging them and go across with them to say, Why are they bringing up HyperNation when they haven’t sorted people in hyper veria?

So she wasn’t happy with that. So she was complaining, blah, blah, blah. I said that, Well, maybe this is time for you to, to actually disassociate yourself from these guys and call them out. Yeah. You’ve been part of that. You know them well. It’s your opportunity to. At least change and make a difference. So I think she’s still thinking about it.

I said, You need to stop. I, because I know her well. I said I know her. Got her telephone number. I contact, I told, I spoke to her over the phone. Yeah. For two, three days. We’re talking that

[01:08:46] DANNY : DE HEK: just too far invested, aren’t they?

[01:08:49] Afrik Lad: Yeah, they’re too much, too far into it. And then of course to get out now it becomes tricky, you know?

And I said to her, All the people are underneath you that you call your team maybe should give them proper advice now for, to tell them the truth that this thing is rubbish.

[01:09:05] DANNY : DE HEK: You know what? She’s not doing? No, she’s not talking about the elephant in the room.

[01:09:14] Afrik Lad: Yes. Let’s address the elephants in the room. .

[01:09:16] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. I reckon I think, I dunno, I’m trying to look at the psychology of it. I’m trying to think if you would, if you were, if you had all the power, like what would you do to stop this? Like what would you do to stop hibernation? I mean, obviously get Keith Williams out of it.

Yeah. Well

[01:09:31] Afrik Lad: all, everybody, what I put first of all, will pass a law because don’t forget that these kind of things, you probably got more control in your country where you’re in charge. Whatever is happening elsewhere, you might not be able to control that. That’s right. But in my country, I will pass strict laws to say any form of that, that kind of, that’s name or whatever that is that you’re doing.

Any form around it is illegal. Completely. Yep. Take internet. Yeah. And then, and then actively go after these people. If somebody complained about them, go after them. Make it quicker. Make it a quicker process. You understand? Make it a quicker process and make it slow because people get fed or people might think if I complain to the government or to whoever the agencies are, it’s gonna take maybe forever for them to get to these people anyway, so the manage gone and I have to go through and fill all these forms and stuff.

I don’t wanna go through that. You, you want to make like an emergency thing. People ring. That’s specific number dedicated to where you can call. Yeah. And. You have some secrets, police or wherever that turned up to say, Yes, give me their details next time. They’re next minute. If you know their address, we’re gonna be at their address.

[01:10:35] DANNY : DE HEK: Or then why don’t they do that? Cause that would be, That’s so to me, I’m thinking that’s so simple. I mean, it’s over illegal or legal to promote a position. Yeah. And if you, Yeah, but if you look at HyperVerse and you look at these people in these Zoom meetings, how can they deny that they’re not involved in a Ponzi scheme?

[01:10:53] Afrik Lad: Exactly. But you see, now, I was reading here in the UK the laws on this MLM sector. Now they clearly state that if you’re doing MLM or pyramid scheme, especially pyramid, that’s are they put in pyramid scheme is illegal. However, if you’re doing mlm, if the MLM involves selling the product that the product actually are selling, it’s illegal.

That’s what they’re trying to say. So the basic, that thing gives you the gray areas it to say, well the mlm, if you’re selling something. It’s fine, but if you’re not selling anything, then it is. So what these guys would do, they’ll pretend as if there’s something they’re selling in it. They’ll say, Look, we have a product that we’re selling.

We’re selling it, we’re selling that. So they gets around in that form, in that way. So that’s what, that’s what I mean by they have to make it clear that listen, if you’re doing MLM is illegal, forget it. If you’re doing, because they know, according to what I was reading, they know that most people I’m gonna lose.

Yeah. They know. They’ve said most people lose and they know that it comes down to you recruiting somebody else. Yeah. In order for you to make the money. So if you know that, if you’re an authority, just put, just say full stop. Boom. And also the other thing I think I could do, they could, they should do like,

[01:12:06] DANNY : DE HEK: sorry, big a big tank ,

[01:12:10] Afrik Lad: they should them up.

Yeah. You know what they did for the, the gambling and cigarettes that if I, for the gambling here in the uk, know for New Zealand in the uk. They have forced these guys to actually put out statements, advertisement on TV and everywhere. To say gambling is not for every. Like they forced that because a lot of people are losing money to, through gambling and this causing all kind of mental issues sector.

All right. But there were notions or whatever,

[01:12:40] DANNY : DE HEK: so TV advert promoting that Ponzi schemes are dangerous, like cyber crime. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Yeah. Awareness. That’s, that’s what I believe that we are doing. Like I think that’s the mission is, you know, the internet’s great. I mean, I get every now and again, I get people complaining about my videos, trying to get them offline and I’m thinking, you know, there’s so much red tape, you know, as if these guys are gonna prosecute.

Keith Williams gonna send me a legal letter to tell me that. I’ve defamed his, his good name. I’m looking forward to that letter cuz that’s the first thing I get printed and framed. . But I mean, you know, it’s just discussing that they they get away with it. But then often YouTube does remove some of my content and you think, why can’t you?

Look at this and see that these guys are crook and leave it out there. Cause that’s what I’m trying to do is name and shame. These people make people aware.

[01:13:33] Afrik Lad: That’s because of all this gray area that is around it. You know what I mean? And like that’s why, That’s why I said as a government, they need to step in and put this as a proper advert force.

All the like now we have BBC for here for example. Here. Yeah. They should put it on bbc because that one, the government don’t have to pay for that. They would, if you put on the other private tv, the muscle is tax or whatever we paying, but we already pay BBC anyway. We pay TV license. Yeah. So why not put out BBC every day or every four or five times a day?

They’ll pull it up.

[01:14:05] DANNY : DE HEK: I think that’s a great idea. I do think awareness is everything. I mean, I feel for people like Mike Lucas, he’s a prime, prime example of the people they’re targeting. And I, I remember being a Jehovah’s Witness, right? And I used to knock on people’s doors and you’d knock on their door and they say they’re not interested.

And you’d go, Well, is it Jehovah’s Witnesses you’re not interested in? Or is it religion? And they would go, Oh, religion. And then you’d go, I understand that because religion’s responsible for a lot of the mayhem in the world at the moment. Wouldn’t you agree? And before, before they knew it, they were having a conversation with you.

And then you’d say, I’d like to share a scripture with you. And you’d go off and, but then I think some people would just slam the door and tell us to f off. But we would walk to the next house and the next house until you found someone that would listen to your message. And that’s what these guys have discovered, that the, the people that 60 years above, the people that.

Are trying to build their, their pensions. They’re going after these guys, the people that don’t understand crypto, but listen to the advice of a friend. Yeah. You know, and they just, and they’re just, they know the demographics. They’re not going to these crypto geniuses. No.

[01:15:15] Afrik Lad: Go there. That’s our was saying to somebody, I say, Okay, if this is a promising three x four x, I wonder why those big, rich guys are not doing that.

They’re not going for to three their monies because surely, surely, you know, most people like to three X is money or Richard Branson or people they surely would like to three x their money. I know they got a lot of money, but they actually working for money. So why they know three x in their money.

[01:15:38] DANNY : DE HEK: Do you watch Shark Tank?

Shark Tank? Yeah. Yeah. Can you mention there was a guy that went on there trying to promote a Ponzi. And it was a reward card. They just shot him down. And I can imagine Keith Williams going to Shark Tank and pitching HyperNation or

[01:15:56] Afrik Lad: let him go over here. We call it over here, we call it Greg. I watch all of Let go to the Dragons then.

Yeah. And go tell them you can three extra money and see what they’ll say. This is why they don’t understand. That’s why sometimes I’m thinking people leave, in particular in the UK who are exposed, why are they not researching or why are they not asking these questions? Yeah. What’s going on? Again, it comes down to desperation.

When people are desperate, they’re poor. Yeah. Sometimes they see one thing, they’re like, Whoa. Yes. And they jump in it. And that’s what they’re doing in Africa. They go to Africa. Right now they’re, Cause that guy does, He’s half Ghanaian. He’s Ghanaian. Well he actually Ghanaian to

[01:16:31] DANNY : DE HEK: Ghanaian, didn’t he?

[01:16:32] Afrik Lad: Yeah.

And he grew up here. So he goes to Ghana. He

[01:16:34] DANNY : DE HEK: did a world tour. He went to World Cup, but he only went to nine countries. , that’s the World Cup. It doesn’t affect the Wilders. .

[01:16:44] Afrik Lad: Oh my God. So yeah, it goes to Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Ah. And, and recruit people there. And these people, I saw some people talking to some guys in Ghana, Nigeria.

I was like, What? And as we know, I have been to church as well. I used to be in church. Yeah. If I used to sing in church and I know

[01:17:02] DANNY : DE HEK: how people, you can never go near you. Like, do you wanna do we sing along? Yeah. Yeah. We can sing. So I can. I can get some music. Are you ready to sing ?

[01:17:13] Afrik Lad: Are we singing Ponzi,

[01:17:15] DANNY : DE HEK: Ponzi, Ponzi, Pon pon.

Give me your money. We’ll give you an

[01:17:22] Afrik Lad: of Ponzi


[01:17:27] DANNY : DE HEK: Definitely gotta, gotta make a, make outta that mate. It’s brilliant. . Oh, I don’t know. I think I think the timing for these Ponzi schemes is quite good though, because theoretically everyone’s been on Zoom for too long, cuz of Covid. People mentally are exhausted. People are tired. I mean, I’ve had a real big change in my business.

You know, and I’ve had to sort of start over again and I’m, you know, and it’s depressing, you know, And then somebody offers you an opportunity to escape it all. Boom. And you’re in and you’re thinking, Yeah. So I just think, you know, and there’s, there’s some quotes in the Bible that says the ritual get richer in the poor will get poorer.

And I think the truth of the matter is they’re stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. And it’s just, I just can’t stand it.

[01:18:12] Afrik Lad: I’m, Hey, sorry,

[01:18:14] DANNY : DE HEK: Go on. I, I was just gonna say, because of my, like I I’ve lost two people in my family to suicide, you see, And they were, because they were so, Thank you.

They were so wound up in the religion and it played a big impact in their life that they felt like they couldn’t live up to the expectations. And so they, they finished their life. But I think there’s a lot of people out there. Cause I believe that these Ponzi schemes you’re playing with people’s money and I reckon the, the effects of it all could actually push people over the edge.

So it’s more than just falling people out of their money. It’s affecting people’s mental health. And I


[01:18:50] Afrik Lad: there, I think it was one of your videos as well, that was a lady who mentioned how, excuse me, lady mentioned how she invested, I think a hundred k. Yep. And she was, she says she loaned the money, she loaned it from a bank, so she’s paying the loan.

Terrible. So she was asking these people, Susan, Susan, I, It was Susan’s training she was doing and this, she was asking them to say, How can I get to my money but doesn’t need money? The hundred K that I put her, want that money back? She says she’s having mental issues. I was like, That’s exactly what’s gonna happen.

What’s happening to loads of people who put money in. Yeah. It’s mentally draining and it’s gonna cause all kind of mental issues. Yeah. I know somebody who I used to live with who puts money into this script or situation, not, not this hyper. Well, I don’t know if she was, if she was in Hypering something, sorry,

[01:19:43] DANNY : DE HEK: something hyper.

There’s a lot of

[01:19:45] Afrik Lad: hype. I think she became hyper afterwards. She put money in hyper

one, What I’m trying to say, podcast. I think that’s what is hyper stressed. Because what happened is every day this, this lady will look at the phone, morning, evening nights, looking at the phone. As soon I wake up in the morning on the phone to check whether money’s gone up, whether she’s gone this, whether it’s gone there.

Yeah. And I keep saying, What’s going on? Well, Sandra, and then she’s always in this meeting talking to one guy called Dwayne, talking to this other guy. They’re telling how they’re telling him this, putting money. That’s when I found out about the plc C u putting money in PLC C The farm here, farm there, and they constantly checking, checking, checking all day, every day.

And you can see that this person is, she’s not, she can’t, she’s not rest. She’s, what’s the word? It’s for, She’s on rest. She can’t relax. She’s not relaxed because constantly on the phone. Yeah. High blood pressure. Yeah. Checking to see whether. The, the money’s gone up or it’s gone down Well then, and that’s just constant as like, wow, you don’t need, you don’t wanna be in this kind of situation.

It’s too stressful. That’s mentally drain that affect your mental stability. Yeah. Why

[01:21:00] DANNY : DE HEK: does life have to be so complicated? Yeah.

[01:21:02] Afrik Lad: I don’t have to wake, wake up early element and check, Whoa, is my house value going down my farm thing? You going down? I don’t have to, I don’t, I don’t put myself under that stress.

It, it doesn’t even occur to me to stress like that because it’s there. I’m not desperate about you going up tomorrow, money or going down. But with this thing, because the way they’ve sold it to them to say, Oh, in three months you’ll make this money. Oh, it will go up. And so what happened? Are they constantly on watching, looking and scared and this person has put lots of money, money they have saved to do something else.

They put all the money because the sister convinced them to put it because the sister won some money. Yeah. To be used that to advertise how to use it. And because the sister withdraw tiny money and say, Look, I paid for this. I got some money from it. That convinced this person to put in through a friend who works with these guys up there and, and then he put in big money.

Yeah. Nothing is,

[01:21:58] DANNY : DE HEK: I, I, I used to do quite well for myself. Well, I had built up a business, built a house in the country, and three years in living in the house, then totally finished the house, and then my wife said she wanted a divorce, and I, I knew her. We weren’t that great, but I didn’t think we were a divorce material and

So then I went off to the doctor and I said, Look, you know, wife wants a divorce. My whole body is aching. And and he goes, Oh, go home and sleep it off. Anyway, at three o’clock in the afternoon, I had to call her. Well, I asked my wife to call an ambulance because I was in that much pain, and she refused to.

Anyway, long story short, I had a burst of appendix and I could have died. But then I lost my house. I lost my marriage, I lost basically everything. I built the last. Whatever years building up, and I did keep my business, but my business, my ex-wife was trying to kill the business cuz she thought I was worth $2 million.

So I went and I got my, my business valued at $37,000 and said, I’ll give you $20,000 if you let me keep the business. But I, I spent two weeks in hospital, right? And I was every half hour I was fighting for my life, literally. And long story short, I survived. But the thing is, my house in the country, I lost my my wife.

I lost obviously, and I started off with nothing. And then I think when you have a health scare, you actually get your priorities right because it’s number one, I mean, and friends and family are most important now I. I’m not, I’m pretty smart. If I wanted to, I could get into a Ponzi scheme and I could probably make enough money to make it worth my time.

But You believe

[01:23:35] Afrik Lad: in Dubai right now? Yeah, yeah,

[01:23:38] DANNY : DE HEK: yeah. I mean, but you know why, why? I mean, like you said, the stress of getting that money and then you can lose it all in a heartbeat. You could, you know, these guys can have all this money and then all of a sudden they could have a, a stroke. I don’t know. A good friend of mine’s had a stroke.

He’s a lovely guy and now he’s, you know, we go see him. We give him videos, support and you know, but his life’s changed dramatically. Now, does he care? He never has. But does he care about how much money he’s got in the bank? Does he care about his big flash house? His big flash car? He’s trying to stay alive and he’s trying to get help again.

[01:24:13] Afrik Lad: Yeah, that’s what’s important. Staying alive. Listen, I learned a good lesson about that recently as well. My cousining died recently, a few weeks ago, sorry, of cancer. So this is a guy, good looking, huge, tall. He’s fine carrying on his business. He also have properties back home. And he’s got property here as well.

Yep. He’s doing well, and next minute, boom. He was diagnosed with cancer within the space of, well, two or three months. He, he was, he became smaller than me. He was thin. When I went to the see him, I couldn’t believe he was him laying there. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, nothing. His body’s gone down because it took him, so when they diagnosed him, he was already stage four, so he was like gone.

Really? And they took him to the hospice. I went to see him. I couldn’t believe it. Then I just sat there thinking, Wow, human beings, man, this guy right now doesn’t even care about none of those things that he has, none of that, all ones, right? I, to get out of this bed, go with his children and his wife and live happily, he just taught me a lesson to say, Hey, keep doing good.

Keep obviously enjoy your life, but do good because at D of the day, All this stuff that you’re fighting to get or wherever. Yeah. What really matters is this moment, your health, your family, and what you’ve done in terms of legacy. How you people remember you. Yeah. Too. Right? That’s what you want. You don’t want to be, I mean, some people don’t care to be able, I personally don’t wanna be on Earth, or even when I’m gone, people started saying, Oh, he give me with some money.

He owes me money. He’s scam me on this thing. He’s scam me on that. All these things that you’ve built is based on scam. How is your children gonna feel when they see all of that? How are your children? He’s

[01:25:58] DANNY : DE HEK: the biggest scam in the world.

[01:26:02] Afrik Lad: People are coming after my, my dad for this. They’re not gonna be proud and they probably thinking people are gonna come after us as well. He’s just crazy.

[01:26:11] DANNY : DE HEK: I know. It’s very sad. Hey I’m gonna have breakfast, so I’m gonna I’m gonna stop the live streaming. So people that have been watching us we are gonna, I’ve recorded a podcast with the Fre lad.

Is that right? And he’s gotta say remembered. Yeah, I know. I’ve got it written here and I can, as long as I can pronounce it, I, the way I remembered it is a freak. A freak lad. A freak lad. A freak

[01:26:36] Afrik Lad: lad. This is not a freak lad. This is a freak

[01:26:39] DANNY : DE HEK: lad. A freak lad. I, Yeah, it was

[01:26:41] Afrik Lad: close enough a freak. I am not a

[01:26:43] DANNY : DE HEK: freak.

Oh, come on mate. You’ve got a meme mate. You’ve got a meme. So I’m gonna keep an eye on your YouTube channel. I will make this a video. It will be on my website and I will have a link to the Afric lads YouTube channel. Please do subscribe to his YouTube channel, do a search, find them, and then we can get the word out about HyperVerse.

Now that being YouTubers, I always say to people, Make sure you hit the thumbs up. When you hit the thumbs up, it actually tells YouTube you like our videos. And then they distribute our videos throughout YouTube, and that’s how we get these videos seen. Now, when you’ve got a thousand subscribers, you can monetize your channel.

Then what that happens is cause YouTube like you, because they make money out of you. So then people like me who have monetized my videos go out further because they know they can make money from them. But when you. A new YouTuber, you need people to subscribe to your channel so you can monetize. Once he gets a thousand subscribers and 4,000 views, then his videos that are in his channel will be distributed.

So like the channel, we really appreciate it. And also if you hit subscribing at the Be Up, because I’m a techno genius if you hit the bell every time I publish a video, you’ll get a notification telling you that there’s a new video out. And that’s, We appreciate it now. Absolutely. Before we stop broadcasting, I want you to say those three words again.

Now, anyone that’s thinking about investing in HyperVerse or HyperNation, what would you tell them?

[01:28:11] Afrik Lad: No, no. Sorry. Before we do that, Sorry, let’s, let’s do that. Just that, those question, just ask, ask them again. But before that, I just wanna say one last thing. Well, last few words for anyone watching these videos, people out there, there is no easy way to become a millionaire.

There is no easy way to make money. So please don’t get yourself caught up with people who come and tell you, you make you become a millionaire in six months or a year or two years time. It is certainly, I can assure you a hundred percent that it is not that easy. So please do not do that. Think carefully before you get into any kind of business like that.

Somebody gotta promise you anything. I was, In fact, I would suggest if somebody promise you they kind of just said, No , it’s too good to be true. Let’s go now. Now ask the questions. .

[01:29:02] DANNY : DE HEK: That’s good. Now the questions is I’ve gotta do this this thing here. Do you know wanna do that format clicker? Yeah, because it puts a spike in the sound file and when we are streaming live on YouTube at the moment and people will be getting annoyed with watching it cause I’m outta sync delayed by about two seconds.

So, but when I released the video, I will be able to line up the audio with the lips, but I can’t. I’ve sat there for hours trying to look at me, opening my mouth, and just as I make a noise, line up the audio, but with a clicker, it puts a spike and I can go

[01:29:41] Afrik Lad: Whoop Isaiah. Yeah, you do line it.

[01:29:43] DANNY : DE HEK: Yeah. No, it’s brilliant.

All right, so I want you to say those three words again. Scam.

[01:29:48] Afrik Lad: Yeah. Well ask the question. Oh,

[01:29:53] DANNY : DE HEK: question. I’ve got this. I’ve got this opportunity of a lifetime and I think it would be really good for you and your family, and it’s an investment opportunity, and I don’t want you to miss out. It’s called HyperNation had, have you heard of it before?

[01:30:08] Afrik Lad: By people? It’s says scam, scam.

[01:30:16] DANNY : DE HEK: Good stuff right here. Let me click the right button. Whoops. Here we go. See you guys. Thanks for tuning. Hit the thumbs up. Subscribe the YouTube channel and do a hunt for the Afrik Lad.