SEO Optimization Techniques to Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic

SEO Optimization Techniques to Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic

DANNY : DE HEKHow you doing Danny de Hek my name. I’m in the process of doing a whole lot of new workshops. And I was going through my PDF files and I found one on SEO tips and advice, and I thought it was too good to not go over the content that I discussed. So I own a business networking company. And the idea behind it, as I used to do 15 minutes, sort of a little week workshops, teaching people, some of the stuff I’ve learned over the years.

So I’ve been doing website development and also eco stuff for about, I dunno, maybe too long, over 20 years, at least. And this was one of my favorites. So before I revitalize it and make it more modern, I thought it would be worthwhile while documenting this as a YouTube video. And it may give you a bit of understanding how it works.

So let’s get into it. I’ll just flip into a work browser. And this was my PowerPoint presentation and that’s called a SEO tips and advice by Danny de Hek who is me so often when I’m talking to people. Typical, isn’t it. As we talk about SEO search engine optimization, and there’s so many facets to it, I actually liken it to imagine that you have one glass.

Full of water. So for example, you could actually have a really good URL that identifies your brand or your business, and that would be equivalent to having one glass of water fall. You may also have some really good titles with the content that you put on the internet. You may also have ALT tags and all your images.

You may also have file names named correctly. And along with that, you may even have a well structured website that are search engine friendly, but by just having one good glass full of water, isn’t really going to cut the mustard. Do you need to have a well balanced website? And that’s why I put together this PowerPoint presentation.

So by having all the glasses full, you have a competitive advantage. Now you won’t really need to worry about eco if you’re the only one selling purple elephants on the internet. But once upon a time, I actually had 45 rental car brands advertising within my network of websites. And I had to come up with a different strategy for each of them.

So they could actually get a piece of the pie when people were searching for car hire or transportation, automobile hire, or maybe ski vehicles or four wheel drive vehicles. And I had to come up with different phrase. So I’ve always said to my clients market, what you do, not who you are. This does really apply most of the time.

So for example, if I was a rental car company, For example, maybe Ace rental cars or A2B rental cars, which were the two big companies that I use to market. When you search for them on the internet, their website will come up regardless. So they’ve got brand awareness. However, if you do no about those companies and you wanted to search for a brain, maybe like rental cars, New Zealand, then it would depend on whether they had the domain name to match.

Well, content to match or images to match. So often I would build the backend of the website around a phrase rather than your existing brand what’s comes up in the search engines anyway. So if I was to take the word SEO and build a content around it, I would literally go and find a word cloud on the internet and type in the phrase that I’m hoping that I’m going to dominate on the internet.

And then I would find words wrapped around it. That mean all things. So for example, let’s just use SEO. Cause we’re talking about eco. I would write to make sure that my website incorporated words like rank, top improve visibility, submission tools, optimizer popularity, and I would write a set of 15, maybe a 10 or 20 blogs incorporating every word that I can find associated with the word I’m trying to capitalize on.

Does that make sense? And what I used to call this to get people’s attention because death by PowerPoint was always a bit of a worry. So what does, why would I do all that? Because the engineer cross references words. So it’s by word association. So if somebody was to search for a rental car in New Zealand, And I also had an article on my website maybe per featuring some itineraries, then the cross-referencing would help pull that website up into the results.

All right. So now for that, so my, my point of this whole exercise was content as King at one point or another, it didn’t really matter whether your content was optimized for the search engines. As long as you had that content on the internet, the searching is, would read through your content and find paragraphs and mesh them all together and have them come up in the search result.

And this still applies mostly today. 80% of search engine optimization. SEO is about your content. Now, if you own Apple and you have a very strong brand, you don’t really need to worry about people not being able to find you on the internet. But when you want to be found on the internet and you are nobody, then you really need to rely on your content and content is King.

So once upon a time, I used to have a client with me who used to do scenic flights. And when I was hitchhiking around New Zealand as a mobile internet consultant, I knocked on these people’s doors. And I said, Hey, have you guys ever thought about having a website to market your scenic flights? And he says, ironically, I have, is that what you can help me with?

I certainly can. I said, this was back in 1995, maybe 1996. So I usually get a lot of criticism from other let’s keep it simple website designs like Apple can get away with now they’ve established their brand, but no one, there was at the time and French Joseph, which is on the South Island of New Zealand, there was only five other companies.

They were competing with who did scenic flights and this person listen at flight company that I’m about to show you the strategy I use to market their website. Only I had a brochure and the brochure had hair flight, one flight, two flight, three flight four, and flight five as the scenic brochures. So I looked at it and I said to the guy, why do people do flight one?

Well, a lot of, we get a lot of people from Asia and they’ve never seen snow before. And they love landing on the, on the the, on the top of the glacier and seen snow. And we call this a snow landing and I thought, well, maybe a lot of people are searching for snow landings. Sorry, rewrote the brochure.

Even though I’m dyslexic. And I incorporated every word that I could think of just like that word cloud thing I talked about earlier around the word eco. And if you can look at the content here, you can see that I’ve mentioned like helicopter, Senate flights, private charters helicopter flight. That’s with an S some, without some with coastal regions, New Zealand flight scene, snow landings, Whistler national park helicopter company.

Trampas hikers, foam crews, corporate crews. Anything I can think of that is around that word. That was the words on the homepage of the website. So way back around this time, website designers were making it. When somebody got to the home page of the website, they had click here to enter. Like I was at grand opening.

I’ve always designed my website, like a house, no one uses the front door, open all the windows. And let people come in any inference, they like, you may be surprised. And that was a strategy I often used when developing websites, which I used to call search engine friendly website. And if the client wanted a, a website that was a beautiful and like a catalog, then I’d often tell them to go and design another website that isn’t associated to this one, because this one was designed to outrank their competitors in the search engines.

So the first thing I recommend to people is having a good URL. So this company at the time was called Alpine adventures. Now I say to them, what they could do is go away and get a good domain name, like Alpiner NZ, go away and rigid to that. Give it to me. And when people type it into the web browser or you’re printing your brochures, we’ll use that domain name.

However, because I want to compete in the search engines. I’m going to get a domain name called scenic hyphen flights. And would you believe they didn’t really like that domain name at the start? Because it wasn’t nice to say on the phone because no one really knows what that word hyphen means. So to a search engine, the hyphen actually means space.

And that means if somebody searches scenic flights, Ford slash helicopter. If it would help fill up one of those glasses of water. I talked about having a good domain name. If you’re capitalizing on search phrases is everything. So I’ve got some other examples of domain names that I pitched for other clients along the way.

You can assume this one here is for a hunting and fishing outfit. Hitch cutter. This guy catches hedges. In Zed electronics, try it now, get on the internet and search for electronics and see who comes up. Number one, because I’ve built that whole website around a phrase, not a brand. And you can’t see this one because my head’s in the way, and I’m not going to move because I’m stubborn.

There you go. Talks that domain name. I’m going to use it when I’m a public speaker one day, because it’s nice and short. And if you are watching this from United States, you might be thinking why don’t they get If I use scenic hyphen, it would be telling the search engines that I’m over in America or I’m global.

And we were targeting people who were coming to New Zealand and that domain name, prefix as the A-grade domain name, prefix for New Zealand. So you can see even my own domain, Danny dot Coda in Zed. It brilliant. So for years I was trying to capitalize on the phrase, Danny in Zed. So having a domain name that’s that is ed will help.

It won’t be everything, but it will fill up one of those glasses of water. These days. I actually used the domain name to All right. Now what I’m going to do, I’m going to actually see if I can get my mouse back somewhere. I’m going to move me over to the other side note. My computer’s frozen. So let’s forget about that.

So my travel and tourism business, when I got a good domain name, I didn’t use the hyphens, but you can probably see that my domain name was called New Zealand in Limited was my actual company name and I had a domain name to match. And you can see, I actually also had the short version of my domain name.

The purpose of that was when people on the phone, I would say my domain name is New Zealand in Zed, and I would go in and I’d go, no New Zealand and fall in Z directly after it. No spaces, no hyphens dot Coda in Z. And they just never could get it. Right. So I decided to get a short domain name and that’s how it worked.

Now, the last one that you can’t see is called Deneden hyphen accommodation. And I still use this one today for one of my clients. And this domain name is ideal. If somebody was searching for it to need an accommodation, this particular client actually had three different types of accommodation and they are called Sahara guesthouse and bed and breakfast.

So we could, I would encourage them to have NZ does their domain name. And we’d sit then on top of the website. And if you search for, to Sahara, you will find their website first anyway, but we were capitalizing on a phrase, like to need an accommodation Ford slash hotel, no motel Ford slash guest house for slashed holiday.

And and that was a really good structure for their website anyway. So that’s just a little bit of education about good URLs. Let’s get into some other things that may help your website and give it a bit of ranking in search engines is, is L now some websites don’t have a S so when you type in H T T P is, it’s actually telling the search engines that you have a certificate of authenticity and they give those websites preference.

So if you didn’t have one, because you think we don’t take credit cards over the internet, Versus your competitor who does have one, the search engines were lit, literally outrank you because you had a secure certificate. Most website hosts have them. I personally use a company called excuse me, WP engine.

Dot com. And when I sit up my website, they let me have a free version of any CSL. Once upon a time, I used to pay an additional $200 a year to have that certificate, but it was a good value. So these days, if you’re a bit cheap on your web hosting, you’ll probably find that you are cheap. Web hosts will charge you for an ECS hour, but a lot of the other good web hosting companies now provide you a free one.

So just so you know how that works. The category structure of a website is absolutely everything when you want it to have a good website. So remember the scenic flight company who has flight one flight, two flight three flight four, like five. Well, that wasn’t good. No, one’s going to search for flight one or flight two.

So I went through their brochure and I looked at the first, so when they were doing the Senate flights and France and. Fox I went through and worked out. The big phrase was snow lendings. A lot of people were doing Mount cook flights and they were searching for these terms. Twin glassier people would literally want to go see Fox in France, Joseph glacier.

The grand tour was something where you could go see all three of them Mount cook, special CNET flights, and also these people at the time they had a cafe, I think they still do called cook settle. When there are other division, which was tic about helicopters I went through and, and once again, come up with having words rather than numbers and silly names, even though they had the same category structure.

So I think you can get the gist of what I’m actually talking about. So these, at the time they had Franz Joseph tickets and hostily services and they also had. Kai Cora. And they had the wild watch. So of course, wild watch tour. I built the whole domain name around phrases and URLs may not look that pretty.

However, when the search engine looks at it, if the URL matches the content and the images, which I’m about to show you, it helps it come up more than people who don’t on the right-hand side of this diagram over there. Putting it the other way over there. You can see that the names aren’t long winded, they’re very short and precise, but the location of those names are pointing to those pages.

So it didn’t look too cluttered. And also I used a concertina sort of category structure. Now, ironically, this company, unfortunately had a crash and they had to close down the company and rebranded and because the one of the directors. Couldn’t be in the company anymore. They actually set up a brand new company from scratch because I actually had, I think about 63 from memory people on paid leave for about six months until they could start up another company.

So the new company decided to hire a marketing company. And then all of a sudden they looked at the traffic that the website was getting. They actually finished up paying me $5,000 for the domain name, scenic high-fat and Zed, but along the way, they last seen the value of having such a good domain name.

And I’m pretty sure now the new company is actually called Holly NZ. Now there’s really only going to be a benefit to them. If somebody knows that company and searches for them. However, I still would have maintained it. They should have used the domain name, scenic high-fat flights, because my saying is market what you do, not who you are.

Right. Okay. So when you have an image on your website and you take it with your camera, the file name is often called hyphen three one eight six one seven. Now have you ever upload a image to your website and you called that image, that name, and I’ll explain this more and we will from the search engines.

So why wouldn’t renaming the images suits terms that you want to come up be of an advantage. So when I was building a website, normally having three or four. Maybe five images per page as good for the search engines because it’s keeping it well balanced because it’s about the architecture as like a tree.

You don’t want it. You want it to be like structured like a little Bush rather than big limbs going off everywhere. So I used to rename all the images that were on each page to match the content. So. To keep it simple. Scenic flights was the domain name. So I would literally include at least three images called Senate flight.

Zero one zero two. I would also hyphenate them. So the search engines know that there was a space between each of them image. I would also capitalize the scenic word and the word flight because surgeons is give preference to titles. So my name is Danny de hick at a spelled capital D. I N N Y and then cause D in Dutch means that D is lowercase and then HC, which is capital H E K.

If I’m spelling it like that, the search engine will look at it as a name and they will give names, preference. So like mindedly, when I’m doing file names, I always capitalize them like a title. So I get a little bit more preference. Whether it works or not, I’ll let you decide. But from my experience, it used to work nicely.

Thank you very much. If I was getting clever and don’t get too clever, I’m just telling you the extremes I needed to go to when representing 45 different rental car companies, basically selling rental cars for New Zealand, I would also go through every image and I would think about the business name. For the files.

And eventually I would have a website that may consist of maybe 50 or even 150 images. Each of those images would be named for a phrase that I was trying to capitalize on. So scenic flights, you can imagine they had a photo gallery. Every part of the photo gallery was there to entice the search engines to index the photos.

10% of the traffic for the website actually came from Google images. However, because people were visiting the website regularly, we get brownie points for that as well. So don’t underestimate saying, well, I don’t want people to land on my website because of an image. The search engines saying this website’s getting visited regularly.

It’s gaining popularity. It must be the right book. Imagine. Walking into a library, going up to the librarian and saying, I want a book about rental cars. She goes away and she looks up and she goes, Oh my goodness, there’s 1.5 million books about rental cars. How does she know what tin to bring back to you?

She will be looking at things like, well, this one has images on the topic. This one has a domain name on the topic. Oh, this one has content on the topic. Oh, you know, all those sort of things will help you bring back the top 10. And then what you will find is people will also see the librarian carrying a whole lot of books to the candor.

And thank God Peter refined my search a little bit more. So then people might be searching for scenic flights, South Island. So now the librarian comes back with 30,000 bucks. Well, it’s not so bad. Well, let’s narrow it down. Where are we going? We’re going to the West coast, scenic flights West coast. Now she brings back 10,000 books.

And then they narrow it right down to CNN flights, Fox cynics, flight frames, Joseph, and now we’re competing with those five companies. However, I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the top of the list, I often think there’s there for a reason. And it’s about popularity. All these things I’ve shown you is helping that happen.

It a kit, some in gas. I talk about when teaching people eco. If you’re writing content on your website, do not write things in all caps. So it pops out and people can see it it’s hopeless. I don’t like reading it. I’m dyslexic. And I actually find it very hard to read. However, sometimes it is nice using a little bit of different flavored font because it shows that there’s been more human input in the content that’s online.

So it’s not all bad, but what I recommend doing is using style sheets to capitalize words. So that means when the search engine runs itself, over those words, it’s reading them as normal text, not all capitals. And you can learn about style sheets and another workshop that I do one day. Okay. So good old trick a few years ago.

And I tell you, this presentation is old. I used to have a hidden words on a white background, and the words used to be white as well. And then I thought, well, at least my customer, who’s looking at my webpage. Wouldn’t actually see. The horrible words that I’m trying to do to fool the search engines.

And we used to always put words at the very top of the webpage, because that was the first thing, the search engines index. Those days don’t work anymore. Surgeons as a clever enough to say, he’s got a white background, he’s got white techs. He’s trying to fool us. We’re just gonna ignore him and has content.

Broken links. Now for years, I have not linked to many other people’s websites. I only linked to websites that I know that will be online. For example, if I linked off to the tourism board thinking, Oh, that’s going to be really handy. These people are coming to do a scenic flight in New Zealand and having a link to the New Zealand tourism boards website.

It’s going to be a great thing. As soon as the New Zealand tourism board website, hire some marketing company, they’re going to trash all the links. And all those lungs are going to show as broken links on your website. And that means that when the librarian comes back and you open the book and they click on a link, it’s going to be broken.

And the librarian is going to say, well, this book has got a problem. I’ll leave it over to the side at the moment. At least there’s no other book to give anyone. So don’t link to other people, unless you can make sure that they don’t update their website and you have broken links. Now, titles, there is one very, there is the most important part of every page of your website.

I’ve always been competing with website developers who think a nice clean five page website is all that’s needed to promote this business. The average rental car website, for example, and even the Senate flight ones I’m talking about was around about 80 to 150 pages of content. And every single one of those pages had as much power on the internet as a one page website.

So literally when I’m fishing, instead of just using one hook, I’m using a knit with 150 hooks in it that has gone into attract more fish. Now, when people get to the website, there’s going to be a hitter and a footer that represents as business. If they land on one of those. Pages. And it’s maybe just a simple contact us form.

They should be able to navigate to the a hundred page and start from there. And if you look at the statistics, most people look at about three or four pages before they go to the booking page or click contact us or read the frequently asked questions or go to the about us section on the website. So you can have all these hooks in the ocean.

Okay, so you might think I’m going to promote my website. I’m going to go to Facebook. I’m going to go chat to people and they’re going to blast my website to everyone. Don’t do that. If you want to really offer value to people, use your blog within your website. Create content that people are asking questions about and then maybe politely direct message them, which is private, meshes them a link to a page on your website that may be useful to them.

So don’t do it in bulk. You can certainly point people to different pages of your website, but don’t think you can go to big, large chat rooms and blast your website address as kind of like going to the mall and stand it up on your soapbox and yelling out. I have a website. If people want to come and have a look at that, people think you’re mental and they won’t do it.

So it doesn’t really work, but use that very carefully. Don’t copy other people’s content. Oh, that’s a good idea. I could see that when they don’t copy other people’s content, I had a friend of mine and thought that would be okay to copy some of my content. And we had duplicate content on the internet.

Now I used to use 130 page itinerary on 10 of my rental cars, websites, and it didn’t work negatively. For the website, it basically meant that out of the 130 pages of information, I would find that two pages would come up in the search results. And then two pages of another part of it would come up in another rental car website.

So it didn’t work totally negative, but if you’re actively out there trying to fool the search engines by posting it as new content, you won’t get any advantage. So what, what basically means you may not get penalized for it. But it won’t, you won’t get any brownie points for it. And it may only read a couple of the pages and go, I’ve seen this before and index a little bit of it, but if you wrote 130 itineraries for traveling New Zealand and you were the only person using it, it would be an amazing advantage for you.

If that makes sense. So when I was writing content, Even though every rental car company basically has an economy, a compact and a intermediate and a four wheel drive and a people move there. I would try to write it uniquely as I could. And when you’re writing content, you really want to write content that people are searching for.

So it’s a very hard thing to do, but do not use the same content if you can help it. So car buying blogs of other companies and putting them on your website that have been used by a hundred website, no real vantage. Now, this may look like a bit of a mind thing, but this is what I used to do. My ex wife, it was really good at wording.

And we used to go through that word cloud and we used to write the titles for each page of the website. So we used to have a few that weren’t over-analyzed, but all the main pages of the website we use, for example, this one, I think there’s around about 25 pages. And we used to make sure that we had evenly distributed the titles.

And each one of these titles would represent a page. So for the average website, we would create a homepage. And about us page you saw all the tours that this company did. They had about 15 tours. So each of those tours would have their own unique title. And then we’d have a booking page. We’d have effects booking page at the time we would have a quotation page.

So that would give us three additional pages and then we’d have three additional titles in each page. Very important, but we used to write them all out in a line like you see here and we’d get a really good indication. So you can notice that wording is everything. So you’ve got West face of now cook people would actually trampers would search for that.

So that’s not a high keyword. It is a keyword we’ve got seen at flights. We’ve got South Ireland, they’ve got Haas world. Heritage area. Sure. We have, we S we Slack in there and I would thought of those, or we’ve even got a general one here, which has like jet boating fishing, diving, hunting, et cetera.

So you get the idea, but when you’re doing them, don’t want them all the same. And you want to make sure you have a limit, the amount of Philippians that you have as good as it reads. Nice as bitter as it does, because I’ll show you what that looks like in a minute. So every page that you have on your website, especially, okay.

No, I’m a, I’m a very good blog. Now I wrote a blog while my ex wife, she wrote a blog. It must be a good 15 years ago and it’s called New Zealand slang words. And it’s not even a big blog that blog gets between maybe 350 to 900 visits per month. It’s been getting that many visits to us for the last 15 years.

So have you write a good blog and put it out there on the internet and it’s trending where it’s evergreen content, you can get traffic to your website, organic traffic free of charge for even a day. Just recently I wrote something that’s trending, that’s other another good trick. And it was about a backpack company.

They looked through my content, you will find it. And it’s called smart backpack scams, do a search for that. And you’ll see a blog of mine comes up. Now that blog has actually. Received 700 visits in 30 days from people who are searching to see if the smart backpack is a scam and it’s a different story, but there is what I call trending content, because I know that there’s a company out there actively trying to scam people.

So I wrote a content. I mean, this may not work with you, but if you do a bit of research on what is actually trending at the moment. So another example, you could write a blog about clubhouse at the moment. If you don’t know what clubhouse is. Do a search for clubhouse and you’ll find it some social media what do they call it?

It’s dropping audio, social media. So you can see that you’re in check to people. Now that’s a trending thing. That’s happened at the moment. So you should be writing about that and your blog. When you do write a blog, you want to make sure that the title, because it’s one of these glasses of water as between 50 and 60.

Steven characters long. I think it’s actually 63 now because I sit, as I said, I’m redoing all these PowerPoints because I’m putting together workshops, teaching people how to do this stuff. A Meditech description when you’re using WordPress, which is the only platform I reckon you should use. There’s an area that’s called.

I’ve forgotten. What’s called it, Steve, but there’s an area where. I think it’s called minute tag. I’ve forgotten, but anyway, you’ll figure it out, but there’s an area where you can put a few descriptive words about what the page is about. So I’ve asked to write a blog about the backpack scam that I talked about.

Then I should write a summary of around about 150 to 200 words that summarizes that whole page. And I use that as my meta tags to try to think about it. Now, when you, when you’re laying out your page there’s the internet is looking for different types of font. So it’s called H one H two H three H four H five.

I personally never use four or five because I thought we tiny, but if you have a picnic, I have a mobile phone and you’ve decided to read one of my blogs. You’ll find that I don’t play around with the fonts too much because you can enlarge the font on your phone. And when you’re doing that, it’s looking for the font type, like H one is normally the hitter and H two is the subheader and H three is normally the content.

And that will mean that your content will be readable and display nicely on all devices. Focus. Keyword is also a very good thing. For example, smart backpacks is my focus keyword. When I wrote that article and I wrote even like around it. So way back at the start of this, we showed you a word cloud and it was SEO and we would found words around it.

The focus keyword for if I was writing something about eco would be S E O. Right. That helps. All right. And the last one is images. We’ve already mentioned that before renaming images. To match dot JPG as a good format. If you’re doing graphics at the top of your website and it’s a logo you want to use PNGs, but make sure try it.

You searched for Danny to hick and Google images. You’ll see that I, I own that. Using bold and italics is a really good idea as well. Because it shows that you’ve taken time and isn’t mass-produce years ago, the search engine has really had a companies that were just dumping information on the internet.

But if you sit things out and you put pictures around and you make it look lovely, they can sell, they can read through it and go look, this one has six bold words and it has italics. It has speech marks. It’s got good spelling. We’re going to give this a preference. And when you hold your mouse over the images, the Oak tags come up.

The other thing that old tags do help as people with disabilities, for example, blind people. If they are blind, they put the the they have a disability thing on the phone and it will actually tell them what the image is all about. So having descriptive alt tags for the images are certainly helping people out.

Okay. So when you get on the internet and you’ve done all this stuff, of course, it’s going to be easy. And of course, if you need any help, you know where to come and go to the and books and time with me. And I’ll have a look at your website and real time and tell you where you can do some improvements.

But if you search for scenic flights in the internet at one point of time, this is the result that would come up in the search engines. Notice, I haven’t quite got my 150 characters. Right? So what happens in it goes dot, dot, dot. It doesn’t work against you. It just means the searching is trying to shorten it back.

The next thing is you can see scenic flights, Franz Josef, glacier, and Mount cook region, then dot, dot, dot. That means it’s not perfect if you did have it. Perfect. Perfect. Like I did for my business networking company elite six, meet people, generate new business. It was exactly 63 characters or 67 at the time.

And it didn’t have dot, and it looks a lot nicer. You can see that my Meditech description is perfect. It fits into that. Now, if you’re a government organization, And you didn’t need to worry about it. Then you wouldn’t spend all the additional time after you’ve designed your website, making it look beautiful.

As you can see for our parliament homepage, they don’t have a Meditech description. And if you do a search one day for untitled pages, or in this case homepage, you will be surprised. You may be surprised how many pages come up in the search results. They haven’t bothered to do any eco. Now, if you were going away and you’re getting your website designed by somebody, you probably going to get different quotes.

How I do my quotes is normally I charge and Tina or 15 implements. Most of the work when I’m developing a website is actually on the structure and anyone can design a look at a logo and put a nice thing at the top of a website. Anyone can make it look pretty and colors. And you might be paying for a website designer, but you really want to buy buy a website of somebody who has built it keyword friendly, and the whole structure of the website is made.

So it’s an awesome force on Google and every aspect of what you do. You really want to get in bed with Google and you want to make it easy for them to index your website. And you want to make sure you’ve got content going on there regularly as well. I personally have had two websites in my career that have received 25,000 individual IP visits per day.

And one of them was new Zealand’s information network, which actually consisted of over a hundred travel and tourism related companies. Just like the one I showed you. You’ve seen it. Flights, New Zealand. And over the years I’ve lost them. They have gone away to these slick website development companies who have built them, these Christine Page websites.

That look really good, but don’t perform as well as the ones that I used to deliver. And that’s my competition. So if you want hand a hand on doing any SEO work or really getting a good understanding. These days, I don’t actually do development work. I actually have workshops on my website and I didn’t want to rewrite this workshop to the modern world version of it without first documenting something that I used to know so much about 15 years ago.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to me go down memory lane. And as I’ve said, if you want to have anything just by all means, reach out to me and I’d love to hear from you and hope you’ve enjoyed my video.

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