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Within each geographic region we have made general comments about the course quality, playing conditions and facilities of a number of the popular and prominent courses as a guideline for what you can expect to find.


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The rich dairy pastures of New Zealand's southernmost region, contrast dramatically with the golden tussock of Central Otago. The rugged, storm-lashed coastline is home to an array of rare marine wildlife and the deep interior of Fiordland has unforgettable scenes of glacier-carved wilderness.


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This sun-soaked, peaceful region lies across Cook Strait from Wellington and includes the wonderful Marlborough Sounds aquatic playground. Marlborough's superb climate and great natural beauty combine with rich alluvial river gravels to produce some of the country's best wines and gourmet produce.

Bay of Plenty

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This sun drenched bay with its golden sands, sparkling seas, rich marine harvest and prolific kiwi fruit was named by the famous explorer Captain Cook for ‘the many good things to be found here’. Amongst the sport lover’s favourites in this bounteous region are many excellent golf courses.


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Dunedin city is proud of its Scottish heritage and is a fascinating place to visit. Queenstown 'The Adventure Capital of the World' and Wanaka, an idyllic lakeside ski resort town, have mountainous backdrops that are simply breathtaking.


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New Zealand’s largest city has a temperate climate and an expansive land area that lends itself to outdoor sporting activity. Two superb natural harbours and an island-studded Hauraki Gulf make it ideal for sailing and other water sports. Lush green open spaces have been developed into excellent golf courses.

North Harbour

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Auckland’s fashionable North Shore abounds with spacious parks, reserves, beaches and golf clubs offering a diverse range of settings and contours. The region is noted for surprising contrasts in the form of its coastlines, with sheltered bays in the east and wild, surf-pounded black sand beaches in the west.


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Blue skies, balmy, sub-tropical days and spectacular seascapes make the ‘Winterless North’ of the North Island the perfect holiday location. It is no surprise then, to find that private developers have secured prime cliff top land to create manicured courses that are aesthetically pleasing works of art.