DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWelcome to awesome Australia, the world’s biggest island in the sun.

To Discover Australia you will need to be prepared for the unexpected. What other country can offer so many rewards and surprises to the traveller setting out to explore the ‘back of beyond’? All you need is Accommodation, a reliable rental car or Campervan, a Road Map and that all-important sense of adventure, and the wonders of Australia are yours to savour.

When visitors think of Australia, an image of Sydney Opera House, Ayer’s Rock, Crocodile Dundee or Skippy the Kangaroo springs to mind. But no iconic image or word picture can quite prepare you for its overwhelming size and diverse scenery. You will find Australia different to anywhere you have travelled before. It offers more than enough exhilarating experiences to keep you touring the highways and byways for weeks on end.

Discovering the true heart of Australia is a fascinating quest that is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories. This diverse land of koalas and jackeroos, bushwhackers and beach babes, warm-fuzzies and walkabouts, beer and barbies, is a fair dinkum, one of a kind, special place.

Discover AustraliaThere are countless things to see and do that will forever remain part of your memory of the Great Australian Journey. Here are a few highlights to whet the appetite: New South Wales – superb shopping in cosmopolitan Sydney, and riding the breathtaking Katoomba scenic railway. Queensland – enjoying the glittering nightlife of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, joining in a corroboree dance, and entering an alien world of raucous insects and slithering creatures in the Daintree rainforest.

Northern Territory – feeding the crocodiles in a Darwin park, and riding camels – ‘the ships of the desert’, in the remote Red Heart. Western Australia – long, sunny days on the golden beaches of Perth, and swimming with friendly dolphins at Shark Bay. South Australia – enjoying the fine living in dignified Adelaide, and fossicking in the sunbaked lunar landscape of Coober Pedy, where human trolls live underground with the opal king.

Victoria – strolling along tree-lined boulevards in the ‘Garden City’ of Melbourne, and standing on the roof of Australia at Mt Kosciusko. ACT – marvelling at the carefully manicured capital, Canberra, that stands where sheep once grazed. Tasmania – revelling in the historic buildings, arts and crafts of Hobart, and surveying remote wilderness areas from the Overland Track.

Nature has endowed this land with exceptional variety. The ‘Aussies’ are more than happy to share their ‘lucky country’ with visitors, so make plans to discover Australia soon.