New Zealand – the ‘Home of Middle Earth’.
Ever since the turn of the 21st century ushered in the globally renowned ‘Lord of the Rings’ film trilogy , directed by Peter Jackson and filmed in New Zealand, this fabled land of hobbits, dwarfs and dragons has attracted the attention of the world. And there’s a lot to see. Now affectionately known as ‘The Home of Middle Earth’, the Kiwi lifestyle centres to a great extent on New Zealand’s extensive, varied landscape, its wild beauty and its many exciting opportunities for adventure, sport and exploration.

Who wouldn’t want to go off hiking into the wilderness, exploring the great outdoors on horseback, to go white water rafting or sea fishing? The Northern Peninsula of New Zealand is renowned for its water sports and many offshore islands. It is home to Auckland, New Zealand’s urban metropolis with great shopping and beautiful architecture. The East Cape is a haven for nature lovers. If you’re looking for true rural isolation, Fiordland is New Zealand’s largest national park. For the expat new to this vast country, all this choice can be daunting – how to get out and meet new people?

Exhilarating as this sounds, not everybody wants to throw themselves off a bridge in a spine-tingling bunjee jump. What if there is no ready companion to do it with? Sometimes getting out and about takes a bit of courage and ingenuity. When you feel out on a limb but want company in New Zealand, there is a very modern day solution – online interaction.
The Rise of Socialising in New Zealand Via the Web
According to this report about online socialising in the New Zealand Herald (source), ‘the web has become, more and will get increasingly, social. In this respect the web is just catching up with real life: we are inherently social creatures’.

Online socialising is just one aspect of how we can now all sit at home by our computer, or just take up a smart phone, and connect with the outside world. There are countless opportunities to team up with singletons on the many Kiwi. If your fancy turns to daytime activities – meeting up to go treking, wine tasting, whale watching or swimming with dolphins, just put ‘meeting people in New Zealand’ into a search engine and a host of websites pops up. Today’s stranger could be tomorrow’s best friend.
New Zealand Nightlife for Adventures With New Companions
If your fancy turns to more night-time pursuits, people looking for fun and company online can soon be found in New Zealand. There are many dating websites, usually free to join, you can also invest time and money by setting up your own web profile to attract like-minded singletons, looking for love or just for adventure. There are clubs, restaurants and bars aplenty and many people who like you are looking for stimulating company. If your interest is more fleeting and you want to hook up with partners for fun without ties, then Flirtfair is the key to satisfying your lust for life. New Zealand has it all and the web is available to everybody ready and willing to share in its delights.