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In this gripping and eye-opening video, the renowned Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, Danny de Hek, fearlessly delves into the dark world of the notorious scammer, Sam Lee, also known as “Scam Lee.”

Prepare to uncover the shocking truth behind Lee’s intricate web of fraudulent schemes, as Danny exposes his history of deceiving innocent individuals and profiting from their hard-earned money.


Introduction 00:00:00
Rory Conacher 00:03:40
Tami Jackson 00:04:12
Kalpesh Patel 00:04:55
Keith Williams 00:05:04
Scam Lee 00:07:35
VidiLook Fake 100+ Partnerships 00:09:39
Silicon Oasis Dubai VidiLook Office 00:17:30
Scam Lee’s BMW 00:19:15
VidiLook’s Zoom Launch 00:21:40
Scam Lee’s $100 Promise Notes Explained 00:25:10
F&^%K You 00:33:03
My Channel 00:39:30
Whistleblower Wanted 00:41:15
Stephen Mccullah (LunaOne Scam) 00:44:00
John Barksdale Update 00:46:30
Conclusion 00:47:35

The video commences with a startling revelation about Video Look version two, a platform that claimed to reward users for watching online commercials. Danny unveils how this seemingly innocent venture turned out to be a devastating Ponzi scheme, leaving countless victims disillusioned and robbed of their investments.

Witness as Danny meticulously unravels the insidious tactics employed by Sam Lee and his cohorts to lure unsuspecting individuals into their deceptive scams. Lee’s track record reveals a disturbing pattern of jumping from one fraudulent venture to another, leaving a trail of financial ruin in his wake.

Through captivating footage, the video sheds light on the disturbing connections between Sam Lee and other shady characters in the multi-level marketing world. A chilling meeting between Lee and an associate is exposed, during which they brazenly discuss their latest scamming endeavours.

Danny’s impassioned plea urges viewers not to be swayed by Sam Lee’s charm and promises, emphasising the critical importance of conducting thorough research before considering any investment opportunity. He invites victims of Lee’s schemes to share their experiences, as he endeavours to compile a comprehensive database to expose these criminals.

As the video unfolds, the evidence against Sam Lee becomes increasingly damning, fuelling Danny’s relentless pursuit of justice. He calls upon the community to unite against scams and stand in solidarity with the victims, vowing to bring Sam Lee and his network of deceit to face the consequences of their actions.

Join Danny de Hek in this courageous journey as he fearlessly exposes the truth about “Scam Lee” and his elaborate network of scams, including the insidious “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI” Ponzi scheme. Together, we can rally for accountability and protection against future fraudulent schemes, safeguarding others from falling prey to their deceitful tactics.

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1. Meet “Scam Lee”: Uncovering the notorious scammer Sam Lee and his fraudulent schemes.
2. Exposing Video Look V2: Revealing how Video Look V2 turned out to be a Ponzi scheme, leaving investors disillusioned.
3. Deceptive Tactics: Exposing Sam Lee’s insidious methods to lure victims into his scams.
4. Shady Connections: Highlighting suspicious links between Sam Lee and other questionable figures in MLM.
5. Revealing Incriminating Meeting: Exposing a chilling meeting where Lee discusses his latest scamming plans.
6. Danny’s Warning: Urging viewers to be cautious and research thoroughly before investing.
7. Empowering Victims: Encouraging victims to share their experiences to expose the criminals.
8. Building Strong Evidence: Strengthening the case against Sam Lee with compelling revelations.
9. Unmasking “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI”: Exposing the manipulative tactics of Lee’s Ponzi scheme.
10. Joining the Fight: Calling for community support to combat scams and protect against financial fraud.


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