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Join Danny de Hek in this eye-opening YouTube video as he unearths the shocking truth behind the Sam Lee Ponzi Scheme.

Danny takes you on a journey through the deceitful tactics employed by Scam Lee (Sam Lee) to ensnare innocent victims into his elaborate and fraudulent scheme.

Scam Lee’s methods are cunning and manipulative. He encourages people to write “promise notes,” a deceptive ploy where individuals loan money to others on a piece of paper, creating an illusion of funding that pulls them deeper into the Ponzi scheme he has created. These so-called notes are nothing more than a smokescreen designed to mislead trusting investors.


Introduction 00:00:00
Scam Lee (Sam Lee) 00:03:04
70+ WE ARE ALL SATOSHI Presenters 00:09:35
Sam Steals 50 Million from Australians 00:11:29
The Promise Note 00:23:00
John Barksdale Charged with Securities Fraud 00:27:08
Kalpesh Patel (Dubai) 00:32:00
Keith Williams (Missing) 00:34:00
Pinakee Naik 00:35:35
Scam Lee Spotlight 00:36:35
Whistleblowers Wanted 00:37:15
Why Pay for Others’ Memberships Explained 00:43:00
Brushing Teeth 00:49:00
The Satoshi Show 00:55:00
Be Your Own Bank 00:59:45
Scare Tactics 01:01:25
Conclusion 01:03:00

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From charismatic presentations to false guarantees of risk-free opportunities, Scam Lee’s promoters use these manipulative tactics to recruit new investors, preying on their aspirations of financial independence. With no transparency or regulation, unsuspecting individuals invest their hard-earned money, only to be left with nothing when the scheme inevitably collapses.

In this gripping exposé, Danny debunks Scam Lee’s empty promises and urges viewers to trust their instincts rather than falling for the allure of get-rich-quick schemes. Drawing from personal experiences with promoters, he emphasises the importance of vigilance against such scams.

This comprehensive and crucial video will change the way you view investment opportunities forever! Hit subscribe, like, and share to spread awareness and protect others from falling prey to this financial trap. Together, let’s stand strong against fraud, making informed financial decisions, and safeguarding ourselves and our communities from deceitful schemes.

Don’t become a victim – watch now and stay informed! Learn how Scam Lee’s “promise note” deception targets unsuspecting investors, and why you should never trust such shady schemes. Arm yourself with knowledge to steer clear of scams and protect your financial future. Join Danny de Hek in exposing the truth and helping others avoid the same fate.


1. Unrealistic Returns: Sam Lee promises excessively high returns with no risk, raising suspicions of a scam.
2. “Promise Notes” Instead of Legal Documents: Sam suggests using informal “promise notes” for loans, lacking legal protection and accountability.
3. History of Involvement in Scams: Sam Lee has a track record of running previous Ponzi schemes and scams.
4. Inconsistent Narratives: Sam’s claims about saving the HyperVerse smart contract seem unreliable and inconsistent.
5. Condescending Communication Style: Sam’s manipulative and condescending attitude raises concerns about his honesty and intentions.
6. Reliance on Multi-Level Marketing: “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI” relies heavily on multi-level marketing techniques, common in Ponzi schemes.
7. Lack of Transparency: Sam Lee’s past, team members, and project details may be undisclosed, indicating a lack of transparency.


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