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Introduction 00:00:00
Huwj Matsumura (Cartoonist) 00:02:00
Mai Summer Vue 00:03:43
Mai Summer Vue Text 00:04:42
Huwj Commissioned Comic Strips 00:06:28
Mai Summer Vue 1st Recording 00:16:25
Mai Summer Vue 2nd Recording 00:17:52
Mai Summer Vue 3rd Recording 00:18:09
Mai Summer Vue 4th Recording 00:30:54
Mai Summer Vue is broke living on Credit Cards 00:32:07
Sam Lee’s UAE Resident Card 00:45:32
Soma J. Gobikishn (Gobi) 00:46:29
ShaveZ 00:48:06
NFT Contracts 00:48:40
Sam Lee’s Home Address 01:00:31
Sam Lee’s Liquidation Claim 01:06:34
Conclusion 01:23:55

In this eye-opening interview, we delve into the dark world of cryptocurrency scams, as veteran artist and producer HuwJ, based in Japan, shares his chilling experience with the enigmatic Sam Lee Cult. HuwJ was roped into creating a series of cartoons that aimed to portray Sam Lee, also known as Scam Lee, in a positive light. Join us in this gripping video as we provide an exclusive look at all the artwork HuwJ created for this ill-fated project.

But the story doesn’t end there. Prepare for a plot that thickens as we reveal the shocking truth that HuwJ was paid by Soma J. Gobikishn (Gobi), and the funds originated from a UK bank account at Lloyd’s Bank.

Furthermore, we’ll uncover the actual address where Sam Lee resides in Dubai – Sam Lee’s Ras Al Khaimah address. Sam Lee, Janchai Nambutr (Ann), and Sam Lee’s mother all call InterContinental Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa their home, specifically residing in “Villa 205.” [You can find the location here: https://goo.gl/maps/QjYPutw91fJPcXUC9]. Go and collect your money please provide photos to The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger.

As we continue our investigation, it becomes evident that there are three masterminds behind various crypto projects, including “StableDAO”, “We Are All Satoshi,” “ViDiLOOK Beta,” “ViDiLOOK 2.0,” “V.E.N.D (ViDiLOOK 3.0),” and “VAV.” These individuals are none other than Soma J. Gobikishn (Gobi), Mai Summer Vue, and Sam Lee.

To add the final layer of scrutiny, we’ll dissect a 12-minute video in which Sam Lee claims to have made a mess of things and expresses the need to liquidate his company. But is this just another deception in a long history of deceit? Join us as we uncover the truth and make the case that Sam Lee should now be recognized as “SCAM LIES.” Stay tuned for relentless pursuit of justice in the world of cryptocurrency.

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