DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWelcome back to The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, where we expose those behind Ponzi schemes and scams.

In this video, originally broadcasted via Zoom on May 29, 2022, we’re taking a journey back in time to shed light on ongoing activities that reveal the persistence of certain individuals in questionable endeavors.


Introduction 00:00:00
Pascal Bertson N. Diffo’s @diversifycompound9157 00:03:00
Spiritual Injection (Abdul-Hakeen Muhammad) @tripledarknesshouse 00:04:10
Morizon Baank 00:06:00
HyperNation Production Team 00:08:20
Keith Williams Technical Difficulties 00:09:43
Kalpesh Patel @TheKalpeshPatel 00:11:11
Secret Recordings 00:12:40
Hyper Community Leadership Zoom Meeting May 29 2022 00:15:30
Clayton Ford Training Presentation 01:25:10
Question and Answers 01:57:13
Conclusion 02:41:38

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This Zoom meeting, titled a “leadership meeting” for the HyperCommunity, featured Keith Williams and his longtime friend, Clayton Ford. Clayton Ford took the stage to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to the HyperCommunity, who were only beginning to realize they had fallen victim to the Ponzi Scheme known as HyperVerse. Keith William reveals that VIP5 Clayton Ford has done over 300 Million in HyperVerse membership sales since July 2020, and is responsible for bringing in eight VIP5.

As the cracks in the scheme started to appear, and key figures like Kalpesh Patel departed, Keith Williams sought to maintain control and invited his friends to take the reins, continuing from where Patel left off.

Fast forward 14 months, and Keith Williams finds himself in a battle for his life, fighting stage four cancer. In this video, we provide a glimpse into Keith Williams’ life, revealing that he now resides in a £3 million house, boasts substantial cash in the bank, and has investments. All of this wealth is believed to have been amassed through meetings and activities connected to these schemes.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Clayton Ford has been actively promoting the scam called “Morizon Baank.” He believes that by convincing people to sign up for the debit card, they can allegedly use the reward money from this card to recoup losses from the previous Ponzi scheme. On his website called “Blockchain Styles,” he even states, “Help Us to Help You to Assist Us in Assisting The HyperVerse Community… Blockchain Lifestyles, in collaboration with Morizon Baank, are pursuing our own ‘Revival Plan’ to enable Hyperverse and Hypernation Members to get back the equivalent of their 1X. Initially, we will be starting with the Hyperverse Members because they have been waiting the longest, and with the continued support from the community, we will do the same for the Hypernation Members shortly afterwards.”

Join us as we expose the truth about these individuals and their involvement in questionable financial activities. Watch Keith Williams in action and gain insights into the ongoing saga of Morizon Bank, Clayton Ford, and the HyperCommunity. Don’t miss this eye-opening investigation into whether Clayton Ford is a scammer or entrepreneur, and what really lies beneath the surface of this complex web of financial intrigue.

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