DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorIn this gripping exposé, we delve into the world of Stephen Mccullah, uncovering a series of scams, false claims, and deceitful practices. From his failed gold back currency venture to the notorious LunaOne scam, we unravel the web of deception that surrounds Mccullah’s enterprises.

We highlight the emergence of FourthStar as a rinse and repeat of LunaOne, exposing the undeniable connection to Mccullah through Hyper Technologies Inc. Additionally, we explore Mccullah’s alleged ties to influencers and his potential involvement with SafeMoon.

Through personal experiences, 3.8M legal battles, and the recent exposé by Cindy Piper, we reveal the extent of Mccullah’s deceptive tactics and urge viewers to exercise caution when considering investments.


Introduction 00:00:00
Stephen Mccullah’s Claims & Annoyances 00:01:21
Analysing Stephen Mccullah’s Video 00:03:01
Investigating Stephen Mccullah’s Featured Mentions 00:10:00
Stephen Mccullah’s Promotion Tactics 00:13:23
Exposing False Claims 00:15:12
GSX Gold Secured Currency 00:18:44
LunaOne Scam 00:19:02
Fourth Star and Hyper Technologies 00:20:55
Influencers & Paid Content 00:25:25
Personal Experience & Legal Issues 00:27:59
Stephen Mccullah’s Claims & Lack of Evidence 00:30:05
Timeline & Documentation 00:33:20
Conclusion 00:36:31

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– The Unreal Metaverse and the Trustless Bank Cindy Piper (Author) https://a.co/d/50DmclM

Join us on a gripping journey as we unravel the intricate web of scams, lies, and unsubstantiated claims spun by Stephen Mccullah. From questionable gold back currency ventures to the notorious LunaOne scam, we delve into the dark world of Mccullah’s deceitful practices and shed light on the emergence of Fourth Star.

Our investigation commences, delving into the tantalising promises of gold back currency. However, as we fast forward to [00:18:44], it becomes apparent that Mccullah’s claims were mere smoke and mirrors. The anticipated mining venture never materialised, leaving us puzzled by the lack of evidence supporting his extravagant assertions. Despite maintaining an active Instagram account with meager followers, Mccullah’s multimillion-dollar company’s credibility wanes.

As our focus shifts to the LunaOne debacle, we expose the intricate layers of deception that unfolded. Mccullah, alongside the LunaOne team, embarked on a three-month marketing campaign, collaborating with YouTubers and enticing investors with a pre-sale opportunity at 15 cents per token. However, the actual market launch shattered dreams, as the tokens plummeted to a mere 5 cents each. Investors were left reeling, having lost a significant portion of their investments, rendering LunaOne a 100% scam.

Surprisingly, Mccullah vehemently denied ownership of LunaOne, as evidenced in his public statements. Yet, a closer examination of company registration details and terms and conditions reveals the undeniable connection to Mccullah through Hyper Technologies Inc. The veil of falsehood surrounding his non-involvement begins to crumble.

Venturing deeper, we uncover the emergence of FourthStar, a strikingly similar enterprise to LunaOne. With Mccullah’s association to Fourth Star and the reappearance of Hyper Technologies in their terms and conditions, it becomes evident that this is merely a rinse and repeat of the LunaOne scam. Mccullah’s deceptive tactics persist, fooling unsuspecting victims into his web of lies once again.

Further intrigue arises when we explore Mccullah’s connections to influencers, specifically his alleged involvement with Safe Moon. The suspicions intensify as we examine the paid content and propaganda surrounding Mccullah’s ventures, exposing potential financial ties between him and Safe Moon. The intertwined nature of these schemes raises alarm bells and prompts us to question the extent of Mccullah’s reach.

Drawing from personal experiences and legal battles, we shed light on the magnitude of Mccullah’s deceitful practices. His unfounded claims of gold mines, promises of visitor centres, and explosive demonstrations crumble under scrutiny, leaving a trail of broken dreams and shattered trust. Through an extensive playlist chronicling Mccullah’s activities, we present compelling evidence, including recorded voices of those impacted by his scams.

We touch upon the tumultuous legal proceedings and the recent exposé by Cindy Piper, adding another layer to the unfolding story. Piper’s book https://a.co/d/50DmclM provides a detailed account of Mccullah’s corrupt practices, exposing his true nature to the world.

This eye-opening video serves as a cautionary tale, urging viewers to exercise caution and skepticism when encountering Stephen Mccullah and his ventures. His history of scams, deceit, and unfulfilled promises should serve as a stark reminder to potential investors.