DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorIn this thought-provoking YouTube video, we explore the world of a repetitive scam called FOURTH STAR. This company promotes itself with an alluring slogan of “Unmatched Multiverse Ecosystem,” but certain aspects raise concerns that warrant further investigation.

DANNY DE HEK, also known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, conducts a thorough analysis to expose the truth behind FOURTH STAR’s questionable practices. The video begins by unraveling the connections between FOURTH STAR and its previous incarnation, LunaOne (https://youtu.be/i16TqpPdogM).

During a significant promotional campaign, LunaOne enticed unsuspecting individuals by announcing that their tokens would launch at $0.25 each, with a pre-sale opportunity to acquire them at a discounted price of $0.15. However, on October 31, 2022 (Halloween), the day of the market release, the coins were actually launched at a mere five cents each, leaving investors feeling deceived. Numerous marketing videos were subsequently removed by internet influencers, including RUN GUYS, who have since rebranded their YouTube channel to @Bullrunners.

Now, FOURTH STAR emerges onto the scene, advertising the listing of XFS Tokens at $0.30 per token. This revelation raises concerns as it appears that history may be repeating itself, potentially trapping numerous individuals in yet another scam.

To shed light on the matter, our dedicated crypto investigator examines the connections between various individuals involved in this scheme. The video scrutinizes names such as Cory Cozad, Craig Wiltshire, Lee Behnke, Tamara Alexandre, Alex Lobanev, Mike (Brax) Bracken, Ricky Miller, AJ Mora, Daniel Puzny, Wessel Sevenster, Willie Boshoff, Natalie Zaher, Eddie Neilson, Kitty Olson, and others, revealing their involvement in this web of deception.

Moreover, the video expands its scope by uncovering additional websites associated with this elaborate scheme. While many of these websites no longer exist or have been removed, DANNY DE HEK uses archive.org to expose their deceptive history. Websites such as gsxfintech.com, aplfintech.com, fourthstar.com, lunaone.com, nureal.live, knoxwire.com, mccullahtech.com, stephenmccullah.net, stephenmccullah.com, uas.govt.agency, zambesigold.co.za, solarpowerafrica.co.za, mgtsolar.com, and megatechmgt.com are meticulously examined for their connections and potential involvement in this alarming scam. All of these websites have connections with Stephen Mccullah from Hyper Technology Inc, and they demonstrate a history of a criminal network.

The video also delves into the United Allied States (UAS) website, which showcases individuals whose identities have been hijacked and are falsely promoted by Stephen Mccullah as fake country leaders. They claim to have the vision of establishing a sovereign nation of states, each offering its residents an unparalleled level of freedom and prosperity.

Prepare to be astonished as the video uncovers the intricate web of deceit and highlights the risks associated with FOURTH STAR’s activities. Stay informed, safeguard yourself, and learn how to navigate the treacherous world of fraudulent schemes by watching this comprehensive review.


Introduction 00:00:00
Openart.ai 00:06:00
LunaOne 00:06:45
SafeMoon 00:09:21
Cory Cozad 00:22:10
Knox Wire 00:37:40
Dan’s Roads to Riches 00:50:00
GlobeTopper 00:52:05
Bitcointalk 00:53:35
Willie Boshoff 00:56:36
Megatech MGT Token 01:02:45
Eddie Neilson 01:05:40
NuReal 01:09:53
World’s Largest Crypto Competition 01:10:12
United Allied States (UAS) 01:13:20
Apollo Fintech Staff 01:39:00
KuCoin Merger? (Natalie Zaher) 01:41:45
Conclusion 01:48:21

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