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Hello, welcome along. I’m Danny de Hek. Thank you for pressing play. Good to see you. Well, I’ve got a couple of ladies here that have had an involvement in a company called LunaOne, and I’ll be honest, I know absolutely nothing about it, but they wanna tell me their story and they wanna warn other people about getting involved in this company.

I don’t know exactly where this will take us, but we’re on a Zoom meeting and we’re about to listen. So I’ll bring up the website of LunaOne. I have today two ladies. We’ve got one, I’ve forgot your names already. Perfectly normal for me to get people’s names, but we’ve got a Ann and we’ve got a Cindy Piper.

Cindy. Cindy, right. I knew that . So LunaOne first glance professional looking website. Looks like they really know what they’re doing when it comes to fooling people into an investment opportunity. So I have to ask one of you two lovely ladies. When did you first hear about this company and what intrigued you to get involved?

Do you wanna cover that, Ann, or do you want me to answer first? No,

I think you do most of the talking because I’ll tell you why. I’ve got serious network problems and our power may go off any minute as well, so that’s why I’m actually gonna mute myself, but I’ll join in if I feel like I need to say something.

Right. That’s what you call throwing Cindy, you carry on Cindy, under the bus?

I, I, no, no,

no. I joined about six, I dunno. I a actually, look, I think it was over six months ago, right? Yeah. And what is Yeah, I was, I was in the first promo thingy. Right. So long joined that, that’s actually a great question. How do these companies actually get traction?

I think they put their energies into other things. And did proper bus. I’m not saying this is not a proper business, by the way, kids, this could be a legit company. I’m just finding out about them just like you are, but something they did to get the momentum behind them. What do you think they actually did and how did you first hear about it?

I, Cindy. Okay. First, first of all, we got involved probably about seven or eight months ago, and we had watched a YouTube Channel with Run Guys. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that.

Yes, I have. With me too. I subscribed yesterday. Oh, did

you? Okay. Thank you. So run Guys had been promoting pretty heavily, LunaOne at one point in time, and it went on for several months.

I would call it a commercial. And to add on to. while I was after launch and, and the, the price, which we’ll get into. Yep. When I started researching how that came about, run guys knew Steven McCullough, which I’ll get into that part of the story. Yep. And the LunaOne team before they were even a company.

So I have photos that I have shared with run guys in, at the Apollo offices of Steven McCullough in South Africa, and they had been invited to have dinner with him and the, the LunaOne team and some other people from Steven McCullough’s other crypto businesses. And so I, I think it’s safe to say, and I think they’ve been honest about it, that they were paid to.

Basically publicize LunaOne, right? And that’s how we all kind of got tricked,

I think. Right? So I’m just looking at these guys YouTube chAnnl. Now can I, can I just say something Danny, Danny, on every single video that the run guys did, if you go towards the end of their video, that’s when they promoted LunaOne on every single video.

They did it every single day for the last, what, six, seven months, right? Yeah. So, but you must look towards the end of their video. That’s when they did the, the pushing. Yeah. Well, I’m, I’ve learned from my lessons. I’m not gonna play anyone else’s video while. I’m recording. Okay. Yeah. But I can see that they have obviously been rampant.

I know. And the point is that these guys obviously poke out videos ev two or three videos a day by the look of it and they have Yes. They, they do about five or six I think. Yeah. So what, what gets me when I see these guys promoting these systems, they’re all for it. Like, I don’t know you’re familiar with Hyperverse, but I noticed in the leadership meetings, they were sort of mentioning myself again yesterday and they were sort of saying that they don’t know why I’m giving them such a hard time.

Cause they’re trying to help the people that have lost their money and it’s like they’re the ones, so now I sort of see a parallel here with these run guys. They’re out there promoting this opportunity and then looking at their latest videos, which were done three weeks ago. They, they’ve got one saying here, urgent lunar update.

Like people need to act fast and do something and they’re probably now claiming to help people. Would that be

correct? Yeah. Yeah. So you’re right. They’re, they’re claiming to think that they were scammed as well, but I think even without the text of what was happening at the dinner, the fact that they met the team beforehand just shows that they were properly financially incentivized to make it a commercial, is what they did.

And they commercialized it. Yeah. Right. So they back came out. I, I’ve been making my own YouTube videos, so that you might wanna check out JR came into the Discord Group, the from Run guys, and he has said he is going to take the coins that run, guys got paid from LunaOne and redistribute them back to the LunaOne community for all the funds that they’ve lost.

And he only did that, what did I tell you? Two days ago? Two days ago. So what

we have, just to clarify what you’re saying, they’re offering, I, I, I missed some of that cause I was doing something else. But , they oh, I’m sorry. Okay. They are claiming to come out with another coin. Is that what you’re saying?

That will help. No,

no, no, no, no, no, no. Lu run

one at a time. Kids. Yeah.

Go Cindy, you carry

on. Oh, okay. I’m sorry. . You carry on. Run guys. The commission came forward and said that they were gonna take the, in the money, the coins, the tokens that they were given by LunaOne back to the LunaOne investors, because LunaOne investors had lost so much. So they only just came out with that and just, just,


So need to try not to overlap people, your leg and to wee at the end. So when you wanna speak, sorry, you make a beep and we’ll pause and you go. Yeah. It it just to make it more clear there. What happens is LunaOne was saying that if that they got 10, well, they didn’t tell us what their percentage was but it was 10% to refer somebody.

Okay. So it was only just referring directly people. There was no like MLM structure or anything like that. Okay. So Cindy, I would you think that they would’ve also got 10% on signup? That’s

got 20%. I think

that was probably need to worry about proving that these guys haven’t, by the sounds of what you ladies are saying, these guys have obviously been involved.

They’re profited in some way, which will form, they’re obviously trying to keep face by doing shady deals now. And they’ll be all about, just like all these, I’m gonna call it a Ponzi schemes. It’s all about keeping the community happy so they can get them to diversify into another opportunity. Is that sun that up nicely?

You’re, you’re such on. Excellent. Now I wanna ask you questions about your own opportunity now. Yeah. Yep. Well there you go. Proof in the pudding. Keep quiet. All right, so now I want to ask about these guys that I’m looking at on the screen. You can see them. Alright, we’ve got they all link off to their LinkedIn profile.

I haven’t done any research on these guys, but it looks like they actually put their face behind what they’re doing, which is unusual. So do you know any of these people? Are they active? Or are they made up people? Yeah.

Okay. So now here’s the story. That’s why I’m saying you’re gonna have to learn some of the backstory.

Yep. So this is the second batch of guys. Oh. Some of them are still the first batch of guys, but, so the timeline goes like this. We had a different ceo, his name was Daniel Huney, not Steven Reese Lewis. No. Steven McCullough actually owns, gets the paid for for this company. Yep. But I found that out quite by accident later on.

So he, he actually has it linked up that LunaOne has to pay 2% to his other companies. So we, I didn’t, we didn’t know any of that information as LunaOne Investors. Yeah. This all, I stumbled into this. Yeah. But so besides that, it seemed like. , Daniel Puney wasn’t in charge even though he was ceo, that he was under the Steven McCullough, which nobody knew you, you joined and you thought Daniel was, you know, in charge.

Right. So at right before launch, well, right before what was supposed to be launched, so everything’s changed Right before what was supposed to be launched, Daniel stepped down and we were told it was for health reasons, and then Corey was put on. Now that this matters because Stephen McCullough, I don’t, I don’t get this part, I don’t, I can’t wrap my mind around it.

Owns a sovereign nation in South Africa. Yeah, and I thought it was like some weird jokey kind of thing. He’s in it with Corey Kozad, the new ceo. and some of the LunaOne team is also in it. This sovereign nation, like I said it, I think it’s a little more serious than what I thought it was supposed to be because they actually said the South African government’s a little worried about their sovereign nation.

I’m not quite sure why. Yeah. So that’s a twist to story. But so Daniel stepped down and we were told that that was due to health reasons and Corey took over. Now they had already changed the website. So what was it that we thought was good on the website? They had linked themselves up with Coca-Cola,


Sure. They have Coca-Cola Just love being into our super. One is another Ponzi scheme of been busting and they also got connections with Coca-Cola. Last I heard, they Red Bull’s, the one that they seem to use to partner with everyone. So . Anyway, so has anyone contacted Coca-Cola?

Yeah. So now can we keep this, this information


No. So don’t tell me anything you don’t want broadcast of the masses. We are live and people are watching this with Okay.

Wagley ears. Okay. Well, so this is fine because I’ve already got in my YouTube chAnnl. My husband is actually worked for Coca-Cola for 18 years. Yep. So when he had gone to his bosses and the executives and asked about this project they knew nothing about it.

So I knew we, we both at that point that, that that was, oh, you didn’t know this part, Ann? I have it in my video, so No, I didn’t. No, I didn’t.

Well, that video you talking about, we grab the link afterwards and we’ll put that in the, in the notes so people can watch your video.

Okay. Yeah. Well, we knew at that point that the Coca-Cola ties weren’t real, and then we had heard from other investors.

That the Xbox and the PlayStation and the meta connections. And who else did Microsoft?

Yeah, I mean, make fun of me. I mean, after looking at about 50 of these Ponzi schemes and the claims they make I think DE’s Amy, I did a really good interview on him, and I can tell you now that any of their claims can’t be substantiated.

Is that the right word? Did I get that right, Ann? Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, I’m no surprised Yes, to be

honest. How, how do they do these things legally? I don’t under, I, I

assume it’s got, these are criminals. This is like watching a bank robber come into the bank and holding a gun up to the teller and say, I’m gonna rob you.

And then the teller’s going, don’t I know you? Yeah, I’m from Coca-Cola. You might have heard of Netflix or Spotify. Oh, you know, and that’s, they’re literally modern day bank robbers, so they don’t need to be legit. They don’t, you know, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. They must sit there on a board table and think, Hmm, what story can we come up with?

And that’s how they operate and that’s how they sleep at night. I mean, I did a search on one of the CEOs on that latest one called Crypto. What was the LA last one? Crypto Market Built Bull. And this the PDF that come out? Yeah. Bull. We won’t talk about that one, Ann. But the, the PDF that come out that they were pushing the product with had a CEO and his photo was taken off somebody else’s LinkedIn profile and it had a different name.

So that’s why I’m just, while we are looking at these, I’m going through these people’s profiles to see how rampant they are on LinkedIn. Because if you looked at stable deo, they have five people on their Facebook page, on their website, and they all link off to their LinkedIn profile and one of them is Sam Lee.

But when you go and investigate, when Sam Lee last had any activity on LinkedIn, it was three years ago. So I’m looking at these guys LinkedIn profiles cuz this guy who’s a CEO has only got 1700 people following them. Now I’m a YouTube and I have 7,000 people following me. So this shows me that these guys aren’t big business people, they’re just small time cuz LinkedIn’s where business people hang out.

So that’s what I’d be looking at first of all, anyway, just to get we side issue there.

So yeah, so I think, I’m not surprised. I mean if I was, if I asked you guys like you’ve invested in here, so what? What enticed you guys to think that this is a good opportunity? That’s probably one of the my favorite questions to ask you ladies today. Who wants to go, Cindy?

As I said, they, if I think if they hadn’t tied all the co the companies to it, we wouldn’t have been so apt to do it.

And our friends that we got involved and family members wouldn’t have been interested in it either. Yeah. I mean, it seemed like that they have the team prior to changing the team and like you said, they’re pretty much all docked because they had their picture there and they were all real people.

Yeah. So the, there’s, like I said, now there’s back stories for most of them that I’ve dug into. The AJ that’s on there, he worked for Apollo FinTech under Steve McCullough, so you’re gonna keep hearing Steve McCullough’s name Lee. He was at the dinner with run guys and Steve McCullough prior. Wow.

And he, he was a an Apollo FinTech person as well. Brax, they just found in Discord and he’s a moron. Hammer, she’s, she’s really nice. She pulls her sleeves up and she actually, so, I mean, there’s a lot to this story. And did you tell me you didn’t have your coins either at launch day?

No, I only got them two weeks after I had every single day I was waiting.

There’s a lot days and its to take it the date. Yeah. Yeah,

yeah. Well, at some point they swapped

and they didn’t give, and they didn’t give me, they didn’t, my husband my friends, our friends that had invested, people didn’t have their tokens on Launch day, which other people had the option to sell, and they were supposed to have launched at 25 cents and they launched at 5 cents. So first you already lost your money.

It was already gone cuz it wasn’t worth anything. And they chose that launch price. And then on top of it, we didn’t have tokens to sell if we’re all at zero. Yeah. The airdrops we hadn’t received. So we received our to, they launched on Halloween and we didn’t receive our tokens and I think, I think until November 11th, I think it was.

So and my husband’s verifying, yeah, our friends did not get their tokens until November 16th, I think it was. Tamara was the only one. That team that I knew that actively worked on getting people their tokens. Right.

So, so I’m not a crypto investor. I’ve never bought any tokens in my life, but Ann did explain briefly to me, you were advertised these, you could purchase these tokens at 15 cents of token, and you were told that when they hit the market, they’re gonna be landed at 25 cents a token.

And that was the high pool around it. And then when they actually did launch, they launched these tokens at 5 cents each. Is that, am I correct with that? Yes. Wow. Yes. Correct. So how did you feel about that moment to 3 cents? Yep. Don’t worry about that. How did you feel at that moment? Because it,

Well, me personally, I, I realized it was a scam.

I’m like, like I quickly woke up, right? Like, like two days later. I was looking for who was to blame.

Yep. And you know how these companies survive because they have these membership plans, which, and opportunities. And the, the bronze, you know, gold, silver diamond platinum. And most people go for the, the bottom package.

And that bottom package is the low hanging fruit because people think I’ll have a wee dabble and I’ll start at the bottom. I won’t go up high. And then obviously because people have invested in it from 300 to a thousand dollars, they don’t bother putting the time and energy into it to go after these guys.

So I’m assuming, I’m having to guess that. What, can I have a dollar figure that, what, how much did you put into this? Can I ask that question?

And do you wanna go first or I don’t mind. Yeah.

What was the what was that package? It was the first. Thing it was I forget now. Was it $3,000 and you would get the 45,000 coins, or, oh, I can’t even


No. Ours was,

you’d buy it for 15 cents plus you

got additional. Yeah, but I think they did offer it, like you could buy it like that, but we didn’t. Yeah, they had, they had both.

Yeah. So you could sign up and get an incentive if you had somebody underneath you? Is that what you’re meaning? Yeah.


I spent, I spent around

three, just over 3000 because Yeah. What happened is I was going for that deal and then I didn’t quite have enough money for it, so I messaged support or that Alicia, and I said to her, if I, if I pay it in increments, you know, Will it, can it still count towards that package? And she said, yes, I’ve got the email saying that she said Yes.

And when I purchased like that, and eventually when I made lot of tokens, I assumed I was in that pool getting all those free tokens. And then I discovered that I only got a few tokens. Oh, right. I messaged her back and I said to her, but I, you know, I’ve spent the amount and I didn’t quite get everything.

And she said, no, you had to buy it all at once. So anyway, that was just by the buy, but that really pissed me off in the beginning. But yeah, I, I think it was over 3000. Just over 3000. Yeah. Right. And I suppose so, yeah. So that, that was, was that a entry level or was that sort of a medium level? No, no. You could have bought what was the minimum, Cindy?

I mean, you could have bought any amount. It’s just that they had. They had a, they had a lot of bonus coins. Any if you bought at a certain level. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that, that obviously hindsight’s a great, wonderful thing. But what I’m getting at is that they obviously have a package to suit most people’s budget.

They’re not really you know, like theoretically if you said like $25,000 ahead, like,

I don’t know if it was different for the United States. I know that Steven McCullough’s company was run from here and LunaOne is supposed to be outta Texas. Right. So I don’t know if it was different overseas than it was here, but we weren’t really given packages.

Like, like she was saying, you could invest X amount of dollars to get the extra tokens. Yeah. So the bonus tokens or whatever they called them yeah, there was a countdown every week. So you got X amount we were in early enough where Where we got at one point we got 20%. So we, we, we had made a couple of purchases as well, and by the time it was over with bank transfers and all the rates, we, yeah, we had spent closer to 6,000.

Right. Ourselves. And, you know, I mean, I definitely shouldn’t have done that. Like, like I really fell for it. Yep.

And and you’re not the only ones. I mean, a lot of people do it. I mean, I talk to people all day long really. I we’ve been tracking a scam at the moment, which people signing up for where they just book hotels and give reviews.

And we have tracked in the last three weeks, my mate, Dave and I, people have invested $250,000 in Oh my. And every time their account that they need to book these hotels with so they can write a review, goes into negative, they top it up with U S D. and the they, you know, and that’s one, we spoke to a couple the other day, just lost $22,000.

And we were the ones that delivered the news that they’ve been scammed because we’ve set up a Facebook page at the paralleling the company that is running the scam. So people sign up for the Facebook page thinking they’re gonna talk to corporate, but they’re talking to my mate and myself, . Oh no.

Yeah. So they, they find out, then they go through the stage where they want to get their money back, but they don’t wanna talk about it to anybody. So, and they, and they, and then they go you know, how do we get these guys? And I go, well, we are trying to track it. So we’ve actually got to the point now where they fund the person’s account that they create a booking.

They give you an account where they fund you with real U S D T. And we’ve got to the stage now that we are gonna actually take the money. Out that they fund the account with to get it going and that I got $79 in my account. Okay. Some people get $800 in their accounts, so as soon as it lands, you’re meant to go off and do your hotel bookings.

It’s crazy. But people, they, they get familiar. It’s like I do networking, right? So people get familiar with and they feel at home. And a lot of this is advertising. You see this name, you like the branding, you like the story, you meet some nice people, they build credibility. And then you have peace of mind that you’re gonna take your money out of your crypto wallet and give it to these guys with the hope.

And it’s just like religion. They give you this hope that something’s gonna happen in the future. And that gives you, and then you have belief and then you need to be patient . And that’s what everyone seems to do, unfortunately.

Yeah, unfortunately. Yeah. But I think this group, they’re even tricked.

Into being quiet. They’re not allowed to talk about the scam because a lot of people been penalized. You’ve been booted out even though it’s supposed to be a dao. I don’t know if you know what a DAO is. No,

go ahead.

Hit me. So that’s supposed to be a, a company that’s completely transparent and where the investors actually vote on the decisions being made.

Ah, yes. It has never been a true DEA dao. Actually, I have witnessed the votes that lost actually win. They the, the vote to, it’s still rigged. The token had had, had been, everybody didn’t wanna switch the token and the company went ahead and did it anyhow. Yeah. So the newest information we found out about.

Is, so there’s two tokens if you, if you can grasp that, that they’ve now made. But they left half the money in the first token, which they weren’t supposed to do, and they didn’t put in the second token. So we’ve got half in one token and half in the other. They’ve got a really great scam going and they’re, they’re definitely getting away with it because questions that kick you.

Yes. If you ask questions, they kick you out. I got bAnnd from everything because I’ve asked questions and as I’ve explained, I put up a YouTube chAnnl. I mean, I really went after these people by name. Yeah. Without my family .

Yeah. Well, you and me the same, in the same cup of soup in that one. Just, I’m blogged into the back end of the website.

I’ve signed up today. So this is still gives you the opportunity to invest if you want to today, is that right? Cause you’d be buying these coins with these tokens. Is that what I’m thinking?

Yeah. Yeah. And these people are still buying. Yeah.

You can still go into Hyper first and purchase a membership. So, you know, that tells you a lot.

Now, did you ladies, I know Ann did, but did you get involved in Hyperverse and Hyper Fund as well? No.

No. Is this, I, I didn’t even know what those were. Oh, is that where we send it? Oh, so Steven, Steven McCullough owns Hyper Technologies and that’s someplace how we’re, how we’re connected, right. When we send money to and for summary, that’s not Yeah,

that’s, that’s not Hypertech group.

I know. Yeah, no. Yeah. So different. So you, you’re what I see a pattern here and what I notice a lot of people trying to go after the people behind it, but how do we really know those people exist? Have we seen them on YouTube talking and promoting it in these Zoom meetings? Yes. Is that how they promote it?

Well, okay, so Daniel, so that’s another part to this. I’m telling you, the story’s so crazy. Yeah. So Daniel on Thanksgiving just launched a new. Company and it is very similar to the other. So he doesn’t have health problems that ended up being all bogus. Of course. And it looks like, I think Ann can agree a new LunaOne company, but it’s called New Real n


Oh, how to my minute, please call up. Now my, my camera’s broken on Zoom. You can’t see, but I’m actually on a web browser at the moment and I’m gonna do a search on YouTube for this. I haven’t seen it.

Cindy. Oh, I’m sorry hon. I did a video on that

too. So what’s well first of all, let’s get your video a YouTube chAnnl up.

Anyway. So what’s, how do I find you Cindy? I’m

crypto Granny.

Oh my goodness. You don’t know that other guy. What’s the other guy that used to be in Hyperverse? The man Ann crypto. Who, which guy? The old guy that used to have Crypto Granny. Okay, help me out here guys. How do you spell granny? Crypto ga or gas?

Yeah. Yeah. Crypto Death. They’re not relief. I’ve forgotten his name. Ponzi Hater has done a video on him and that was quite funny. How do you spell Granny?

Granny? G r a n n y.

Okay, let’s have a look. Okay, so Crypto Granny. Oh, there you go. Look at that. It’s got the same picture. Goodness me. Look at you.

19,000 subscribers. Good on you. That’s

the wrong one.

No way.

86. 87. 87. I say .

Okay, so Crypto Granny. And you would’ve talked about Luna, so I’ll do I’ll put Luna in there and that will help. I was gonna say that’s pretty good going. I’m a bit envious on that one. You’ll be in the New York time soon.

No, I’m not.

There you go.

Do you find me? Yep. 87 Ego. I’ll subscribe to your chAnnl. Anyone else watching this? Make sure he is described and make sure you hit like on these videos cuz it helps YouTube know that people are watching them and other people will be pushed in front of them. Okay, so I’m seeing videos here and I see one, what’s your, your favorite video that you’ve done that really exploits these guys?

I, I don’t even know what one to tell you. I think if you bring up the run guys, one that I did, you’ll be able to see the pictures? Yeah.

Okay. I can see the guys.


think, I’m sure over 80% of the people that came in came in because of the run guys. Yeah, I’m sure. Yeah, no doubt. I mean, all of them have an alliance, don’t they?

For example, KPE Patel, he has a network, he’s a multi-level market. He’s got a network of people that follow him around little wee puppies. So as soon as he’s onto the new big thing, especially in the multi-level marketing world, everyone signs up. So, and then you’ve got, now, what’s the name of Troy David, and markers, what is it?

The Something Show and what’s that called? Sati Satoshi Show. So I, I noticed a real big pattern when I heard those guys having a Zoom meeting with 5,000 people on it. It freaked out. Keith Williams and two days later he got announced as the global sales representative for hibernation, which is quite a hard case.

Who’s that there? Who’s just coming here?

Do we know that there somebody who? Do you see somebody here?

Martin. Is it the, is it Martin? Martin? Hello Martinique.

Is, I dunno, I

don’t know. We’re, I think it’s Martin, we’re just, we’re just waiting for the the connection, the audio to catch up. So no doubt is in South Africa. Who’s got bad internet, , is that right?


yeah, it’s Hello Martin, is that you or?

Yeah, I don’t think that’s, hello?

Yes it is. Good idea mate.

why you,

sorry, can you see it? Can you hear it now? Don’t worry. Yeah, we go. Yeah, right. Yeah. Sorry,

I’m, I only just seen your message and I had to install Zoom.

No, it’s good. Well, we’re sort of doing something live here, so I’m recording on another screen, so we’re just going. Luna, and we figured out that everyone that’s involved in Luna has been lying, cheating, and telling stories to get empathy so people will invest their hard earned money.

Is that correct? Yes. That’s Lunar one. LunaOne. What did I call it? That’s correct. Luna. LunaOne. Come on. It’s just a planet. Isn’t is that a planet? Is that where it comes from? I have no clue. I, that’s cool. And whereabouts are you from Martin? I’m from London, uk. Oh, listen to that. Welcome. That’s good.

We’ve got a worldwide, we’ve got South Africa, New Zealand uk. We’ve got two South Africans, haven’t we?

Yes, is’

no, I know that. Steven McCullough’s companies in South Africa, but one of his offices is also here. He’s American, but Oh, sorry.

You’re American. Cindy, I’m catching up with it. Oh yeah.

Oh, I’m in North Carolina. So in the United.

All right, so good on you. So, yeah, so we’ve been looking at these guys.

Unfortunately you can’t see my screen because my clever technology’s piped out. I mean, it can’t handle the bandwidth of, of broadcasting my my feed. So I’m just using my camera to give you a feed of me. If you were gonna give somebody some advice on getting involved in, I’m gonna say Ponzi schemes, with your knowledge and your experience, what things would you ask them to check?

Or what do you think would be a good bit of a advice to give somebody who’s just starting out and thinking they’re gonna get involved in a, something that looks quite good, that a friend or a family member ask them to get involved in? I can’t

see how you could see that this was a cheap, when we first got on, they wrote things that clearly was

not true.

Boom. They said right there, mate, what you just said, they said, and that is the biggest thing I get all day long. As these guys, it doesn’t matter

how experienced you are. Right. When you got involved with this, if you would’ve read what Lunar won put on their website, the wording. Yep. I, I looked at this for weeks before I got involved.

Yes, that’s too, and I don’t, yeah, I don’t normally do new, new start. And if I do do a new start, I normally only throw a few pounds a hit to

lose. So what? Because

you never know. But with this one, it read so well. I looked at it and I thought myself, well, let’s have a go because what I mean, and it doesn’t matter, is irrelevant how much I paid for my token to start with.

Yep. It was claiming that they were gonna launch at 25 cents.

But I thought, so. I looked it so, mate, even

if I don’t want to take this coin, I could do it as a short term investment. And if I wanted to make a few pounds, when it launched. Mm-hmm. . I could sell it 24 or, you know, it might be coming down, I don’t know.

But that would, I would never have complained if that coin, if I missed it and it went

down quickly. So just so I can speak mate, just can I have a question? Cause I’m recording this as a, a segment and it’s gonna be a YouTube chAnnl and I want to have your guys point of view, but a lot of the stuff that you’re discussing, we’ve actually already discussed.

So what I would like to say is when you looked at that website, you read it and you believed it. Is that correct? Yes. Right. And you made an informed decision from the material that they provided you. Yes. So if you’ve been to the movies before, just hear me out and you go to a good movie. Do you ever come in out thinking that movie’s.

No, I do sometimes if it’s a really good movie. And I think the problem with these Ponzi schemes and these opportunities, you have to make an informed decision about what you read on the screen. You need to do your own investigation. Now imagine you had a hundred people sitting there in a room coming up with a new Ponzi scheme, and they’re going, what’s the first thing that people struggle with when investing money?

They want trust. Well, let’s come up with 20 things that we could do to help people and help them, help us build trust with these people before they give us their crypto. So I think as time is going forward, every time you read a website, you’ve gotta go back and think, right, who’s the company owner? You know, who are the guys behind this?

Can I ring them up and talk to

them? Unfortunately, I’m sorry about that. Sorry to interrupt you. You’re alright. Unfortunately, they hid that information so well. It wasn’t until. I started asking questions, like I said, right after launch that two people came to me from Steven McCullough’s, other companies, and they had already been given information about LunaOne as Apollo investors.

And from that company, they were being promised funds from Luna. One, if they had not gathered the intel and saved those conversations that Steven McCullough had provided for that group, yeah, I wouldn’t have know, and nobody else went looking for answers. There was, most of our community is still very much in denial and are reinvesting.

So this is, this is the last month. A lot of people still think there’s a metaverse. There’s no

metaverse. There is no metaverse. And I mean, you said something about a polo. Now Polo had a coin that was being pumped and dumped. And there’s, you know, so why would you trust, you know, that information you, they weren’t tied together.

We didn’t know. Yeah. But I mean, at the end of the day, I’m a website developer and I create websites. I do online shopping. I, I do drop shipping, right? So I created a nice little website. I put these products that people want in front of them, and I’m using every trick in the book to make people feel that that’s product they wanna buy.

I mean, it’s not rocket science. I mean, I could look at this company now, but Danny Yes. Sorry, sorry. Yeah. No, but the big thing as well is for me because I followed the Run, the Run guys and they were building a credibility on, you know, I mean they’re in crypto and, and. You know, I, I believe that they had done all their due diligence and for them to be promoting something, you know, I did.

I believe that. They’re not gonna put it out there. No, they do. For the, well, this is the, this is the conversation I’ve had with you a few times. That these guys have alliances and it’s, if it’s not the run guys, it was Kpe Patel. If it wasn’t him, it was Brenda Tu. If it wasn’t him, it was Keith Williams. You know, Sam Lee, Ryan j all these people, they get them and, and their communities and they drop, they, they must, when they start these Ponzi s Schemers, they go, right, how we gonna promote it?

Well, why don’t we go to a multi-level marketing company? Or why don’t we get some celebrity endorsement like Chuck Morris , you know, literally, Chuck Morris is out there saying that Hyper Hyperverse is a sure deal and he is reading it off a script, you know, then he is paid a thousand dollars to do so.

Don, that’s all fine. Making your product look, look as good as you can, possib. Make it look. Yeah. Yep. But can you blatantly lie on these websites that you are making?

Yes. No, I, I don’t because No, if you, if you looked at me and you went, you looked at my websites, you can find my phone number, you can find my email address.

You can actually go to denny.co in Z and find who you’re buying that product off. And I will. Yeah. But we all, we

all wanna make our products look wonderful. Yeah. But we don’t write blatant lies. But why do you expect we don’t say a polars yellow when it’s

green? That’s, that’s right. So why do you, why do you make an informed decision from a website where some people don’t care about those and they don’t have those values?

I mean, these guys, because

they did have a phone number and a, and an address, they actually still do on there. That’s ring. So, but, but what the thing is, is is. is, it’s too easy for them not to deliver the metaverse. I mean, like I was explaining to my husband, you’re really, look at what Mark Zuckerberg’s doing.

So Steven McCullough has a pattern of really underperforming with his companies, right? And, and then just not making it happen. And like I told my husband, he can say any day of the week, well, I tried you guys and it’s hard to make a metaverse and then walk away from the project and, and then just kind of keep taking more money hoping that, that he can make it happen.

So That’s all he is doing is underperforming and he’s gonna keep the scam running. Of course, of course.

Because you’ve bought these tokens that are worth nothing, but you still own tokens. So they haven’t actually done anything wrong. And that’s why they have these tokens. These tokens. I’d be surprised if they are on a mainstream exchange and if not, then you,

but they’re on bit, they’re on bit mark.

I don’t think that’s really mean straight, but No,

it’s like this is what they did. They wouldn’t let hyper on it as well, but they’re all like, I think bit mark’s in on it as well. Yeah, I mean, where do we help people who are gonna invest? I mean, you guys are more crypto, either me and I’m not. Not saying we shouldn’t invest with crypto.

I, you know, I made a little bit of money as Sheu Emu myself you know, and I played away 400 bucks, so I’m rich. But the thing is, at what point do we, how do we get credibility and what were they actually offering you? They were saying to you that if you bought these tokens at 15 cents, we are gonna release them at 25% to the market.

So instantly you’re gonna make 80% on whatever you bought if you, you sold those tokens. That’s what they’re saying. Yes. So what gave you the thought for sure? What gave you the thought that that would really happen?

Well, for one, I be, well, I think the technologies’ there for the Metaverse, right? You’ve got Oculus, the Oculus goggles and everything.

And, and they, and by the way, they said they were pairing up with them too, teaming up with them, and, and, and it seemed like, The Daniel’s team had the, the knowhow. Corey, so to give you an example, Daniel has the technology and that kind of background to do it. Corey’s degree is in marketing. So I don’t know why somebody would’ve put him as the new CEO because he’s not working on a metaverse, right?

And the remaining team that’s there can’t build a metaverse. So that’s why I’m saying the team that left was the team that had the ability to make it. But I realized that if, if they weren’t gonna do it by, I mean, I’m sure you remember like the Sears catalog or whatever Christmas catalog you had when you were a kid, if it wasn’t being advertised come Thanksgiving time or Christmas.

It wasn’t gonna get out for the season. We thought this was gonna be on Xbox and PlayStation. It was gonna be a game. It was gonna be the goggles, and there was gonna be an item for sale by Christmas. Yeah. And then it just wasn’t happening. So that’s when you knew it was a scam. Well, I knew it was a scam.

Like I said, a lot of the, the, the people still believe,

but the, the I, I’ve watched the, they say they give 10% away if you sign someone up, but, you know, I know with Hyper Nation or Hyperverse, they were giving away 52% of the money before it even hit the the floor. And then if you left the money in there for 600 days, the whole business was unfeasible.

You know, it didn’t make sense. So I’m just, you know, like they was the only 10% they were given away. If you introduced somebody, was there a bigger membership plan than that?

I think with the staking Martin kind of dove into that I think a little bit. I personally didn’t look into the staking very seriously.

I think it was what was it, three months, six months, a year and two years. So, and then of course there was a percentage, which, which, which I’m, so, I personally am not great at math. The math never sounded like it would work for me. How, how many tokens they gave away. Yeah. What I never got, I, so I specifically in my videos have asked the LunaOne team for answers, and I wanted to know how much influencers got.

How much money’s actually left in the till. Like I said, we only just learned that the other token is holding money and half money in the other. And do they have even enough funds to, to pay a team to make a metaverse? These were all, of course, I think the answer is all. No, but none of these things they have they’ve answered, they, they’ve just asked me to shut up a lot.

Yeah. ,

I’ve been I’ve been watching dis And the admin people that are on there are be in pay a thousand tokens a month, with’s

what their payment is. Yeah. Yeah. I’m just looking at the, and also

as well, everybody’s arguing on that about the stating cuz they don’t understand the percentages and that hasn’t been released properly by Luna.

One, they’re gonna give an explanation.

Right. That’s what, so I’m just looking at that on their website at the moment. And they say that you can stake a thousand x l n stake for three months. I don’t know what a y what’s ap y? The AP Y is 15%. I


that’s just an interest rate for Per year.



Well, that’s incredible anyway, isn’t it? And then you have a, a staking for three months, therefore the API for the staking period is three slash two. I don’t even understand all that much, but I did see something here. You put 10,000 in, there’s a 30% with penalty for withdrawing early. But yeah, these are just, I mean, what gets me, I mean, I look at, I’ve literally got 50 websites that I’m looking at like this.

I mean, at the moment we’ve got Novatech FX and they’ve just behind mlm.com. I’ve just released a article that these guys are now getting investigated. But the money’s long gone. The people that were behind that particular thing, one’s a minister and the other guy, and they theoretically already fallen over and another thing are meant to be bankrupt, but people still signed up for it and still got involved because people like the David and Troy and Marcus in the Tomi show, whatever it’s called stand there and put their, their good name behind it.

But at the end of the day, these guys are all scammers. Obviously, like you say, influencers getting a backhand every time they send, sign someone up. And I gave it to just for some people who might be watching this now, let’s just imagine that you, you have a thousand dollars to invest in a Ponzi scheme and they offer.

Three times you’re returning your investment within 600 days. Now what that actually means is that you’re gonna get $3,000 in 600 days. So then the person that introduced you that to that literally gets $200 of your money that they can take out straight away. But if they choose that they believe the system and they love the system, and they leave that money in there, then they will get $600 from your, if they compound it.

Now, let’s say the person that invested a thousand dollars gets involved, they look, go into the back end of these websites. They like what they see and they refer a friend. Now their friend buys a thousand dollars package. The person that referred them gets $200 and the person that referred the first person gets another $150.

So now they’ve got $350 from three people that’ve got involved. You see? So the incentive there is for the people, the influencers, to go out there and promote these because as soon as somebody buys something, they get an instant reward. And that’s why you get so many people putting their neck out. Cuz the money, I mean, hyperverse for example, they reckon that 1.6 million people signed up for a, a membership.

Now the minimum membership is $300. And if get calculator out, that’s about $4 billion now. I don’t know. You know, so there’s a lot of money it had with these, these systems. So I mean, I, I don’t want anybody watching my videos to think that there’s any investment out there that’s to do with crypto and multi-level marketing affiliate systems.

They all equal scams in my books. So I could ask you guys the question, are you still looking around for a crypto opportunity?

That’s my rent out. I always looking for a crypto

opportunity. Why? What’s the, don’t invest in, I don’t normally invest in new coins, but why? To me, I think. when I read something that a company’s put, especially a company in the USA must come, come under USA Law. Now if my company, if I, if you used to come in my shop and buy five apples off of me and give me the money.

Yep. Right. And I gave you one apple, you’d say, where’s my other four apples? I’d say, I’ve had a bad week this week. Which is basically what they said. Yep. Right. So I’m only gonna give you one. Right. Well, I, I, I wouldn’t accept that and I would have, the authorities would get onto this. All right. Now this is not a, this is not a company.

Danny. Yes, Ann, this is Danny. This is a company in America. Okay, well let me, let me break that down for you in a minute. We’ll just hear what Ann’s got to say. Ann. Yeah, yeah. I just think we are dig, debriefing a bit here. I think it’s, I don’t think we really need to get it involved with, you know, with Yeah.

Whether we should or we shouldn’t have. The thing is there’s a whole community out there that has Right. And right. Well, let’s, we, we are going for the, the story because we obviously going to try to get our money back. So, so let’s break that down. Fair enough. I’ve got, we couldn’t debate this. Yep. I’ve got, I’ve got a very simple thing then.

So we can debate this all night. You know that. Yep. All right. So let speak, let me speak. I wanna speak. I speak, it’s my show. Sorry. I, I Now, this, if you went onto the American Federation financial websites, they would warn people about companies like this. They, they also warn people about using crypto you know, using an unregulated currency to invest.

So why would you ignore those warnings?

I have an answer for your previous question as well as if I would ignore the warnings. I got, I’ve already told the community, this is my first and only pre, pre-launch. I would never do this again. Cuz like I’ve explained to my husband, it is really too easy for somebody to come along and say, whoops, we tried.

Whoops, we tried. And, and any day of the week, that’s what they can say is, whoops. We tried and I’m not sure, whoops, we tried is illegal. So would I ever do a presale again? No. Because obviously they can walk away and you can have no token, which happened to many of us already. And so I wouldn’t do that. Now, am I invested in crypto, as you said, she, but you knew and Dodge coin, well, excuse my language.

I know those are crap coins. Yep. But crap sometimes floats to the top and Dodge coin and is worth certainly more than, than LunaOne right now. And LunaOne was supposed to have a product. But I don’t sink a lot of money into those kind of tokens. I did into LunaOne. And, and like I said, I’ve now learned my lesson.

I invest lightly in those other coins. A hundred, 200 and that’s it.

Well, people, people think I’m McGees Crypto and I’m not. I think it’s quite a good thing. I love the technology behind it. I just don’t see why we need to have these third party organizations taking a ton of money off. People who don’t, don’t understand it or don’t have the head.

you know, I

agree. I think it’s, it needs regulation.

So there is regulation though, isn’t there, really? Because these guys read that disclaimer out at the beginning of all their Zoom meetings telling you that this is not a financial this is not an investment opportunity. They’re not providing financial advice and they do not know your financial, you know, situation.

So anything they’re about to say is just taken as educational and that’s how they think that they can get away with it. But I know that if I said to you ladies and, and a mate here, which I’ve forgotten name Australia, mark, is it Martin? Martin that I have an opportunity here. I’m not a financial advisor, but I heard that a couple of friends of mine invested and are doing really well out of it.

You know, it spikes your interest and then I carry on telling you that you need to put in a hundred and you’ll get this. And so it’s like saying I’m not a financial advisor. I’m not liable, but I’m gonna continue giving you a financial advice. That’s what I see happening all the time. So if you, if you went back and thought, now if this was an American company, you know what liabilities, they normally register as a company, but you can’t find these companies unless they’re in the Cayman Islands or something.

I thought, actually, this is silly me again. I thought because it was an American company that there was no way that they would scam us because of our laws here. You know, they, like Martin told me several times that we should be able to sue these guys and I think we could. But I think the only real way is a class action if that, cuz we definitely have the, the documentation and the proof, but yeah, we don’t, I’ve explained this to the group several times.

So you had asked at one point how many investors, there’s 11, at least 11,000 investors, and we only have 143 in our Facebook group. Yeah. And that are informed, that are mad and it’s like, I’m, I’m, I only lost 5,000 and I’ve had so many people contact me that lost 10,000, 60,000. Yeah. A hundred thousand. I had three millionaires contact me.

So, and I thought they were gonna be livid with me for, for putting out the, the information I did. Yeah. So people who’s lost a whole lot more than I did, and they don’t seem to do anything.

I’ve been doing these since the beginning of the year, and I can tell you now, no one wants to speak up and no one wants to come on a Zoom meeting and no one wants to, you know, say what they thought.

You know, it’s a private thing and I mean, I’ve, you know why

they feel like they, they got scammed and they’re embarrassed. I don’t get it.

Well, they, they think it was real. They made an informed decision and they put their money into it. Now you’re telling them that it’s not a good investment and the company’s crook.

Danny, I haven’t blamed myself at all with this. I mean, if I read something in black and white if, if I was dealing with Botswana, I might think, you know, maybe I’ve got a problem. But reading something that’s written by an American company wither, and there’s American laws in that country, there’s no laws in this, which pretty much run along the same lines as England.

There’s no laws,

I can’t say, sorry, there’s no laws on this website,

but they must come under American laws because

they’re trading in America. No, they assume. And what crime have they actually done? Why? Well, we don’t even need to go, I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but I mean, if I’m playing devil’s advocate, then what crime are these people actually done?

They, you’ve bought you point tokens and they would’ve got you to read a disclaimer that said that there’s no sure guarantee that blah, blah, blah. You know?

Ah, but I have a loop. Well,

I don’t remember

ever seeing that. Oh, I can find out. We’ve saw

it. There is a disclaimer. So there is a disclaimer, but here’s where they screwed up.

Excuse me, Danny. But so when they changed the token, you would assign the, to, you would assign the disclaimer at the start. Yeah. You didn’t, you didn’t sign the disclaimer based on them changing the token cuz we had already purchased our tokens. So you’re not disclaimer on that new token or the new roadmap or the new white paper.

So they’re not covered because they changed everything. They lied. Along the way. So I think that’s really where Steve McCullough loses a case. Yeah. Is because we’re not covered under that. He’s not covered under that disclaimer, you know, it’s

all right. So I’m a big fan of watching Judge Judy. I love it a bit.

I wish he was my grandmother. However if you were to stand in front of Judge Judy and you watched Judge Judy right? And you said to Judge Judy, I got done by this company, what questions do you think she would wanna know from you? Who are they? Why aren’t they standing up here? Like, how do we get these guys in court and what actual crime have they done so they, you know what I mean?

Like, what have they actually done? I’m, I’m not sticking up for them, but I’m trying to figure out like, if you were to do a claim against these guys, cuz obviously these are rampant, these type of schemes all over the world and everyone’s getting away with it. Yes. So they could be thrilled. So what’s the name of the American company’s getting away with It?

So LunaOne, are they registered in America as a proper company?

Yes. Right. I’ve got that paperwork. Okay. I’ve got, and I have the paperwork that Steven McCullough is licensed as hyper technologies. They, he was taking those payments for LunaOne, which never made sense. He said he was helping them out, but as we know, he pretty much owns LunaOne.

I have that, that so,

so who’s the director’s on the company?

Him that’s, I’ve got, I, I can send you all this documentation. He, he, he is the only name except for his aunt. Who was the registered agent on this legal document, but he’s filed in Missouri, which the LunaOne’s in Texas. Like it’s all over the place.

Yep. But he is one that is, is on this document that was accepting the

payments. Right. So if you were to hire a lawyer today and you wanted to take these guys to the cleaners, what would you actually like? I dunno if you you can’t see the screen, but if you went to behind MLM and then you’ve got Hypertech group, they’re finally somebody’s actually doing something about about oh, what do they call that group?

Sorry. About Hypertech group. So he’s wrote an article about them and they’re actually here, hypertech says Hypertech FX Securities Fraud case desist from California. And they’ve got the, the founders of this company and they’ve got a. Whole lot of things here that they’re actually prosecuting or theoretically gonna prosecute these guys for, which is quite good.

I’m just gonna read a couple of them digitally, see if that works. So they’re falsely representing that Novatech is a registered hedge fund in the United States, falsely representing that Novatech is a registered investment advisor, falsely representing that Novatech is a registered broker failing to disclose and falsely representing that Novatech is a registered hedge fund in the United States.

Be falsely representing that Novatech is a registered investment advisor. See falsely Representing that Nova Tech is a registered broker, de failing to disclose that the offer or sale of Nova Tech’s securities was not qualified in California. E failing to provide any qualifications to substantiate claims that investors funds are managed and traded by experienced traders.

So my point there is surely if you read through that you’ll probably be able to come up with some similarities and theoretically if you were gonna do any legal action against them and they are like Novatech claiming to be in America, then obviously somebody has actually done something in, you know, but I’m pretty sure you can still go to Novo Tech today and sign up and buy stuff, you know?

Yeah. What am I thinking they actually did wrong that could hold up legally in court? I think, like I said there, there was several people that, that contacted me on my chAnnl directly that hadn’t received tokens. So if you bought, like I said, and Ann said we had bought our tokens eight months ago and if you hadn’t received your, your tokens by airdrop, I think that’s theft.

Yep. I mean, it’s definitely theft. It’s definitely fraud because we didn’t have tokens to sell much less. Our, our dollar amount was zero. Yep. So I do think they, they’re kind of screwed, excuse my language on that level. All by itself there was so many people that hadn’t received their tokens. Yeah. And I think the power move to keep people from selling the same as was the low price, was what we were told, that they lowered the

price so people wouldn’t sell in a commercial world, it’d be kind of like uncompetitive advantage of some sort where you couldn’t trade the promise goods on the market will sell.

They probably obviously didn’t want you to sell what you bought at the time they were trying to launch, I presume.

Right? Yes. That’s what we think too. And, but I mean, I think they thought that people would be, cause the, the answer we got several times was, whoops. Whoops. Whoops. We did the airdrops. They were complete.

I got a lot of messages saying that they were complete. And we’d go, I’d go check and people in the group would tell me again, no, Cindy, we still didn’t get ours. And so I would direct camera to the people. So,

so what, I mean what outcome, because round this up a little bit otherwise, or war people, but what outcome would you like to see from your involvement with LunaOne

I it, well, first I want Steven McCullough exposed. He’s gotta be, that people have to realize these companies that he’s got and he’s worth many, many millions. And like

Ryan June

and Sam Lee, I more, yeah.

So, yeah. But are they, you know, this is the question. Why do these guys keep getting involved in this stuff if they’re worth millions?

Cause they wanna be billionaires Is.

That was our question this morning too. Yeah. We would like everybody to be made whole again, but I, I know I want our money back, which is what I’ve told them a million times and our, but well, you know, I mean,

and if they worth billions. You said something like a hundred.

Sorry. Sorry Ann. What was that? I won 1.25. That’s what I want. Yeah. But I think this is what I hear from Hyper and Danny, we’ve got, okay. Yeah, that’s right. Karen.

Cindy. Yeah, Cindy. I think, I think the fact that, that, that they offered the 20% tokens to stake, I think that in itself is an

admission of guilt. Yeah. I mean, we didn’t tell Dan, Dan about that, so, Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there’s so much of that story, but if he watches the videos, I think he can,

yeah, they’ve done a lot.

I just, I, I can look at, I’ve, I’ve got 50 links to websites like this, and I look at them straight away and go, I would never invest with this company. I don’t believe a word they say on their website. I, I just, I’m a website developer. I look at the, like the one I did the other day with the coin market Bull and a video.

I just did a, a few videos back and I look at their website, their contact us page doesn’t work. And you think, oh, that’s one thing that’s a flag. And then other things didn’t work as well. You know, there was a whole list of things. Oh, the, you know, lying about their ceo. I mean, and I just look at them and I just can’t, you know, like I don’t read and write.

I’ve never read a book in my life, so I don’t read stuff. I scan stuff. Maybe that’s my saving grace. But if somebody says to me, I’m going to take your money out of your crypto wallet with your bank account, and I’m going to give you. More interest than any other earthly organization, I would just, I’d punch ’em in the face, , you know, cuz I’m, I just don’t believe that stuff, you know, maybe, I don’t know.

And I’m just trying to help other people who think they’re, cuz what I see is a lot of people actually understand that this is a real risky investment. So they, what they wanna do is get in double their money, not triple it, well, seven times it and get out and go, look, I know how to double it. I know how to work these systems.

They, people are aware that these are Ponzi schemes. So, but yeah. You know, so

this one, this one definitely sounded like there was so most, as you know, I’m sure most cryptocurrencies don’t have anything behind it, right. It’s just the cryptocurrency itself. But this, this was like a product that was what kind of, when I brought it to my husband’s attention, yeah.

I showed him, was that there was gonna be like games, At the end of it. So,

okay, so you’ve heard a super one. No, I hadn’t heard of that one either. Okay. Super One, Andreas Christensen, the owner of the company, brings me up a couple of Fridays ago. Drunk as a skunk, telling me, hates me and he is gonna do all sorts of things to me and he is gonna get me back eventually.

Right? So now he’s, he’s taken, I, I heard room at 4 million of one guy. I had a guy ring me up on a Saturday morning, put a hundred thousand dollars in him. We went into it quite deep and we found that he’s got a token. He’s building it up. He owns 53% of his token. And it’s a sporting apps. Everyone’s, it’s like I used to be part of a religion, a religious cult, and they point, they paint this picture of a paradise earth where we’re all gonna live forever and all the bad people are gonna be done away with.

But you just gotta have hope and have faith. Now every single one of these Ponzi schemes I’ve looked at are promising something that sounds fantastic, but all you have to do is have faith. Invest and become part of the community. Then the community raves on about you and they, they, it’s a lovely community and you meet some lovely people and then all of a sudden you start questioning the realism, the facts, and then what do they do?

They kick you out. Same as the religion. So, yeah. Yeah. You know, and that’s what makes me so furious. They just get so angry with these, these people, and I think, how can I stop people? Like, can we all give crypto investment opportunities a break for five years? Because these guys are dying like flies at the moment because they’re blaming the drop.

95% drop in crypto coins is the reason our Ponzi scheme fell over. Are you kidding me? It’s a Ponzi scheme. It doesn’t mathematically work. You know it. So I don’t know if you had a message to tell somebody. I’m just looking at stable Deo. It’s stable.limited. Sam Lee’s new baby now. He’s made a claim there that Citi.

Is inter wound with his new Ponzi scheme. Now we’ve had people contact CI one or Citibank and they don’t even know who stable, do limited is. But then people say, listen to Sam Lever, cuz he started becoming called Blockchain Global when he got it listed on the Australian sheer market. And he did after three attempts and then 50 million goes missing and he disappears for nine months.

Wow. And now was back with a new Ponzi scheme. But because he is got a amazing history, we have to listen to what Sam Lee says , you know, so, yeah.

Yeah. I think that’s probably what’s happening, happening with Daniel Husbanding because like I said, he’s already moved on to the next game all, all in the same month.

So, I mean, it’s not even been a month since he robbed everybody already, you know. So

well look at Cole piece Patel. He’s a shocker, isn’t he? He’s in South Africa at the moment, moment promoting we, we.global. You know, and then you that I thought he would’ve got locked, locked up as soon as he landed in, in, in another country, to be honest.

But imagine going to another country and then preaching to people about Ponzi schemes, and you’re literally a robber. You know, going to these groups of people, standing in front of them, telling them a story that sounds too good to be true, but because they like the look of you and you’re a good speaker, you know?

Then the people believe, and then people think, oh, have a little dabble, and then they put $300 in, they feel good about it, and they go, actually, I feel good about this. I can see my money growing. I’m gonna go put a couple of grand in. Next thing it’s 20 grand, and then it all falls over and you think, oh, that guys.

Is he? I’m not sure. Is he a dirty, rotten scandal? I’m not sure. Oh, I don’t know. Oh, everyone’s, you know, confused. Hey guys, I’m gonna call it quit set. Is there anything else you’d like to, like what, how can I, what do you want me to help you with? I mean, what did you want to come speak to me today? What can I, if you were, you know, wanted me to ask you one question, what do you want to happen from this?

If, if I say interview, what do you, would you want people to go to YouTube chAnnl, watch your videos? Obviously if you anyone’s got any ideas how to, you know, go after this American company, you know, what’s some telltale things that they could help you with? How do we contact you guys?

I think we are looking for, if we could, we would like a class action lawsuit.

So legal help would be wonderful if they could contact me and, and watch the videos and learn and. Most certainly not invest in LunaOne and then look into Steve McCullough since I’ve posted so much of that information. And then not invest in any of his companies as well. Cuz like I said, he’s got a lot of them going on.

Apollo FinTech there’s the Gold Mind thing that he’s got going on where

he mind, not gp, not gold Standard Partners, not that

one. It’s the one that’s backed with by gold, that cryptocurrency, he’s involved in that. Right. And like I said, they, they’ve actually, they’re taking the LunaOne funds and funding the, his other companies now, so, wow.

I’m not sure how all these things are legal or how he’s getting away with it. But I’m hoping that nobody else get, and especially Daniel Putney’s new company either because New real. So Because it, it’s clear to me that he’s just started a new LunaOne company for people to fall into. He’s not started it as a, a pre-launch or anything yet and in taking investors, but I think that’s probably what’s coming next.

Right. So

could somebody help me out? I wanna, I wanna bring up a photo of this guy that you’re talking about. I dunno how to spell literally mean that, so don’t tell me, but if you, somebody in the chat room could actually spell his proper name. I’ll look him up because he is obviously not on Lunar one now they’re taking his photo off, have they?


Yeah, they took his photo down.

Yeah. And that would be awesome. Then we’ll bring him up on the screen. Cause you can’t see the screen. I’ve got over here. You can see me over here. It’s Daniel. How do you spell his surname? Cindy Alta.

I, Puney I think is Daniel Puney is P U P U g P U G y. And he’s outta Australia.

Bloody Aussies. Oh, sorry. Reflex not good. Okay. Thanks for end. That’s awesome. Right? I made a mistake. PT, don’t make mistake.

P U Z Z. Like z N y. Yeah. Pardon? Meze now I think it’s Z P U Z N P U G z Z as in zoo. Okay.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Let’s see if I can bring about in Westpac. You guys are no good at spell. I thought I was the only one that was bad at it.

Yes, that’s close to it. I think that the E ISN in

it can’t for. Oh, got it. I’m going back to that original. Let’s have a look. Anyway. Yeah, I couldn’t remember these. Put a face of the name. I actually funny enough, you know, I chat to these guys. Oh, here it is. I’ve got a photo, I’ve got a YouTube video of him on this LinkedIn.

John Jonathan Lewis is I’m not gonna play it happy. But what I’m getting at is what am I getting at? One of the guys that was in GS Partners wanted me, wanted me to help him bring down some of the smaller Ponzi schemes so that their one could thrive. And I’m going, what? So what? Yeah, so that was GS Partners.

And if you look at my YouTube videos and go through and look for one for GS partners, you’ll see a guy in a real electric blue website and, and you sit here and you think, think, are you, am I reading this right? You know, so it’s amazing what they ask. I’m gonna bring, I’ve, you can’t see it, but later on when I upload this video, you’ll now I’m gonna give you his name because it’s, I’ll put it in the chat window.

Oh, hold it. Because this was after Kpe Patel was on his Zoom and the guy said what we gonna the chat window so you guys can be, my listers won’t be very happy, but they can wait. So this guy is meant to be, he’s a met, a met a consultant, and he was in the video when Kpe Patel was just left Hyperverse.

And then two weeks afterwards, he was nowhere to be seen in this company. And I wrote to this guy basically saying, you know, what’s the story? And he’s, and then he gives me some sort of like, he’s trying to form an alliance with me. So I can help name and shame, well, you know, help bring down some of these smaller Ponzi schemes.

I think, I dunno who you think I am. I, no one’s special. Hey, it’s been great. So I think I’ve seen this guy before. Funny enough, he looks like he is really cheap suit. Well, yeah, they all look familiar after a while. I bet. So it’s a bit of a funny one. Hey, I thank you guys for coming on here and I really do appreciate having a yarn.

I, I feel for you guys investing and trying to make a good investment and no one wants to get burnt but don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story is obviously what these criminals are doing. They’re these fantastic websites. They’re certainly misleading people and they seem to sleep fine at night doing this to people and then they somehow are actually get away with it.

And that’s what the, I think that’s why we’re all here today is we have that common interest is whether we invested or whether we didn’t. How do these guys continuously keep getting away with it? And like we said, this guy, Daniel, whatever his name is Pruney, he’s off doing another one. And so where’s the loyalty to his members in his community that he stood beside?

You know, this is what I’m struggling with. So, so what about you guys? Do you feel the same? So they said we can I have a We Telegram group called, he’s still, he’s still promoting it, isn’t he? He’s what?

Oh, is he still? No, he’s still promoting it. Is he, Daniel still promoting

Nuna one? I don’t know if he’s still promoting LunaOne. I know he is in New Reel now. And you r e a l. And that the, the color scheme is very similar to LunaOne and the business model is very similar to LunaOne. So

he’s guys, he’s got a good website designer.

Is that what we’ve come up with?

I think he’s got more than that. Like I said, he had the, he had the team to make the metaverse. The people that they have in that LunaOne team, now, they don’t have the team to make the Metaverse. So,

so no one owns the Metaverse and the Metaverse is already going.

Did you know that?

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’s why I’m saying the technology was there. Yeah, of course.

Well, they’re using it games, and I think this is where, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed that. There’s one thing that fur merks me that when I’m watching these zoom meetings now, crypto, I believe is for the young people, 18 year olds, 28 9 year olds, and all the old fogies don’t know anything about it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone under the age of maybe 40 in these Zoom meetings, and it seems like they’re targeting the wrong age group, but the right, wrong age group seems to have money to invest. Now you’ve said you’ve only lost $5,000. That’s a lot of money. Yeah. Even for me. So, you know, why aren’t these young whipper snappers out here scooping out these opportunities?

I’m, I’m not quite sure, but I feel like you’re right, that they, they direct it. The youngins and for some reason, I don’t know why we got into this, we shouldn’t have though. . Yeah.

Hey, I do a think tank meeting at nine 30 on a, on a on a Monday night. If you guys ever wanna pop into that, you’re more than welcome.

You can just go to deek.com and there’s a an area where you can log in. I mean log, not log. You can sign up and see the times that we have these meetings and we’re just actually more concerned about people’s welfare and we’re having a general chat. It’s become bit of a blokes thing. But on there you can see we’ve got on my website, deek.com, we’ve got bookings and it’s called a think tank meeting.

And I usually keep that up to date with what’s happening. So if you. Ever want to come along. And Chi wagon there, I do broadcast them onto the internet as lives. And it’s pretty low key. Last week we had somebody playing an air guitar on the screen. It was quite embarrassing, and he didn’t have his top on either.

That was even bad. So I’m just trying to get people, likeminded people together. I mean, I like, I like to do investment opportunities and I like to help people out and I like people to think logically when, before they forecast any of their money. So if you guys are into that, it’d be nice to see you. But that’s us.

I will put the music on. I will thank people for coming along and listening to the What the Heck podcast and also cast YouTube chat cast, what is it called? A Tube cast. That’s where we have this video go. Any information about LunaOne, please put it in the comments below. And I thank you for popping along.

Have a great day.