DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorI’ve been watching the antics of Carl Haavaldsen for months. Carl doesn’t care about anyone except himself, he openly professors to promoting Ponzi schemes, claiming to have made $4500 a day out of HyperVerse.

He has been in network marketing for over 42 years and in the Crypto industry for 9 years, proudly sharing his journey with his followers to entrap them in the get rich quick investment opportunities he promotes; Ultron, NovatechFX, MacroGold, WippoFund, Pegasus and Everything Hyper and now HyperCosmos!

When I saw this video of him explaining how everyone had lost their money in HyperVerse and boldly stating the only way they could get any money back, was by recruiting people into HyperCosmos, this outraged the HyperCommunity.

I believe this destroys what’s left of the people who follow all the hyper Ponzi schemes. This is also a condemning video which I will do my best to give to newspapers in Canada showing help latently this guy is promoting Ponzi schemes. Watch the Original Video on my Odyssey account. In this video he alleges “100% clarity of exactly what’s happening with HyperCosmos” he also has requested the video to be removed from YouTube and has removed the video from his own private Vimeo account.

The Video was re-uploaded to @HCommunity YouTube Channel, he formally requested them to remove the video.

First off, I’m an affiliate, not a Node, so you misrepresented this video with your title. You did not have permission to use this video. You MUST remove it immediately. I have already reported you to Youtube for using my video without permission – Carl Haavaldsen

The chat between Rob Woolley and Carl Haavaldsen is priceless, I’ve copied it below, incase he’s successful at getting his video removed, I can assure you he won’t be successful at getting my video removed.

Carl Haavaldsen
@HCommunity HYPERCOSMOS | PRO NODE MEETING | 2022 DEC, you have until the end of the day or I take further action. This is a copyright violation of my own property

Rob Woolley
@Rob Woolley I am getting flack from the company on this because they said there were some things that were said incorrectly, so I was ask to get it taken down. I am all for full disclosure but I’m also about telling all the facts. If I said something incorrect, the video must be taken down and redone. Now, whoever posted this, should have asked permission. It’s a copyright violation to post other people’s video without permission

Rob Woolley
@Carl Haavaldsen I bet you are but I’m not convinced anything was incorrect. Here’s your chance to correct it. What part is wrong? You have everyone’s attention

Carl Haavaldsen
@Rob Woolley the product is the Academy in Hyperverse as Hyper Cosmos and Hyperverse are intertwined. you can move back and forth between each platform. I admit is was poorly designed that way but a product exists, therefore legit. They just basically redid the comp plan so it was referral only. People buy Cosmos Packages as they bought Hyper packages and both have the Academy as their product

Carl Haavaldsen
@Rob Woolley the part I had wrong was the HB part. HB’s are only used to fund the Hyper Cosmos accounts to where they are pending Frozen rewards. They will not be used for paying out the accounts as I stated in the call, I received incorrect information. So basically converting HU to HB, then moving it to Hyper Cosmos to a pending rewards in there called Frozen rewards like pending rewards in Hyperverse. New sales are now required to pay out those pending rewards instead of a rebuy feature they had in Hyperverse. And of course I said dollars rather than USDT, that upset them as well. I hope this clears things up. Now do you see why I need to redo this. I don’t want everyone thinking I gave them the wrong info. I simply misunderstood the info I received and delivered it incorrectly

Carl Haavaldsen
Don’t you want the real info Rob? I know I do so I can move on in whatever direction I choose to go

Carl Haavaldsen
Besides the title of that video was never to do with a NODE, thats what really got everyone upset. Now my upline doesn’t talk to me so I may never get the real truth now. That’s on you now if this is your YouTube channel.

Rob Woolley
@Carl Haavaldsen why would that upset anyone? Wouldn’t you be more upset if you were sold into HyperCosmos by someone gaining a 50% commission and all you get is access to the Hyperverse Academy and the chance to sell others the same thing? I’d think that would be a great way to make myself look stupid and lose friends.

There’s a real opportunity here coming up to Christmas to pay back the 1x in USDT to everyone in HV, HN and HC and just shut shop and move on. Is HN going anywhere fast? That would be a massive gesture of goodwill and they would still have the database many believe is the real value to them.

Carl Haavaldsen
@Rob Woolley I was just relaying the info I got. I now regret anything to do with this. I’m focused on Hyper Nation. I was just trying to pass on info. Not sure why you and everyone else is trying to smear my reputation calling me a scammer. I’m just passing on the info that I got from my upline. Geez man. So tired of people twisting things and using other people as a smear campaign because they are upset. I have never in my entire career ever scammed anyone. In fact I give a ton of money away to help people make money and this is how people like you treat us. I hope you are proud of yourself and everyone else that is part of this attack on me.

Rob Woolley
@Carl Haavaldsen just re-read this – are you insinuating this is my channel? No, I have my own and if you feel I am incorrect on anything, feel free to point it out. Would you be interested in being interviewed to clear the air on this and everything else?

Rob Woolley
@Carl Haavaldsen to dissect your points:
You relayed information and said it was correct and you’re now saying it’s not. Why are those higher up not clarifying this? Why are they always hidden?
You seemed to say HyperNation was floundering in this video. Did I get that correct?
I’ve never said you are a scammer nor do I try to smear your reputation. Do you not believe this to be true?

The people I see and hear criticising HV etc seem to have good reason. Do you think all critics are lying and these “opportunities” are legitimate? Were they not told passive income, 3x, then 4x? Where’s the 1x in USDT as opposed 1x in HU which seems to have little or no value?
In your video you say you give away something of little value or did I get that wrong? Do you give away cash or USDT?

This isn’t about your ego or mine. This is about trying to get the truth so people can make legitimate choices in how to use their money. People asking for the truth aren’t “dream stealers”, they are people who passionately care about other people, their money, and their relationships with the people they recruit in good faith. I hope you do too.


Transcribed using Descript

[00:00:00] Carl Haavaldsen: Hey, good. Welcome everybody. Okay, so today I had a meeting with Pinakee Naik, who is my upline, who is direct to Keith Williams. And everything that I’ve been telling you has been absolutely bang on, but there’s was a little bit missing, which I got clarity on today. So I have 100% clarity of exactly what’s happening with HyperCosmos and why it’s being done this way.

[00:00:33] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? So I need to go back a little bit to HyperVerse. Okay. So the moment HyperVerse was halted and the reason it was halted because again, we had certain individuals in the company that were manipulating. The system, the payout system, by creating massive amount of accounts using bots. So those individuals were reprimanded or terminated, their accounts were frozen, all assets were frozen cuz they violated all of the terms and conditions.

[00:01:15] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? Many of them went on to do smear campaigns about HyperVerse, about, you know, Sam Lee and Ryan Xu taking all the money and running off and all that kind of stuff, okay? Again, smear campaigns was something that was not true. Now, the reason that they had to halt HyperVerse because the resource pool was low and it couldn’t continue to pay out everybody at one x.

[00:01:52] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? So they created HyperCosmos. Now, the other reason why they couldn’t pay everybody out, I shouldn’t say that. The resource pool was low. The resource pool, the money in the resource pool was one 10th the value. So HBS in the pool were not valued at one to one. They were valued at 10 to one. Okay.

[00:02:21] Carl Haavaldsen: Because the value of HB dropped significantly. Okay. Because of everything that happened, or of HU I should say dropped significantly. So, so the hus were 10 to 12 to one value. So paying people out would have depleted the pool before everybody was paid. Okay? Does everybody understand that? Okay. So, Their reasoning for HyperCosmos was they’re gonna continue to do what they’re doing in HyperVerse with the, the payouts of the HUS converting to HB at a one-to-one to bring over.

[00:03:06] Carl Haavaldsen: But the only way it will HB will be one-to-one on the USDT is gonna be if new USDT comes in. Now, how HB will get its value back is that when new USDT comes into the system. So it doesn’t mean you putting new money in, it’s you creating new sales into HyperCosmos, starting with just a hundred dollars packages for people.

[00:03:36] Carl Haavaldsen: You will make an immediate $50. Now HyperCosmos is paying out right now on all US dollar. Deposits. So if you sign up somebody today for a hundred dollars USDT, you’ll be paid $50. That $50 will immediately be put into your balance for you to withdraw immediately. It is happening right now. It is not happening with HBS because the value of HB needs to increase.

[00:04:09] Carl Haavaldsen: How that’s done is for every HB that you have in here. I think I gotta share my screen just to just to show everybody. Okay. Just gimme a second. Just wanna make sure it goes to the rate screen. Okay. So I’ve gotta go to my account. Let me just, I just gotta move some stuff here. Sorry.

[00:04:34] Carl Haavaldsen: So this is good news. People are getting paid in HyperCosmos right now, but only on USDT deposit. Oops, that’s not where I want to go. I need to go hear it and log in.

[00:04:52] Carl Haavaldsen: So you can see I have 78,000 USDT sitting here. This is actually HBS, but they are immediately converted to A USDT in the system. So the moment somebody makes a deposit, it doesn’t matter what the size is of USDT, you make a 50% bonus on it. That is deme directly given to you. It will deduct it from this.

[00:05:22] Carl Haavaldsen: This is like your pending rewards up here. It’ll deduct it from here, put it in here. And this is immediately available to withdraw on USDT deposits only. Now, let’s say, Someone comes in with a thousand dollars and immediately you get a 500 USDT match commission off of that deposit. And remember, you make it off of any deposit that comes in.

[00:05:50] Carl Haavaldsen: Someone could put in a hundred deposits, you will make 50% off of every deposit they do. Okay? That then gets that, it, it takes out 500 HBS. So 500 HBS are then burned out of the, out of the system. Okay? This is how the value of HB will come back. So when every HB is burned, what that does is it starts to increase its value.

[00:06:20] Carl Haavaldsen: So at some point when you are coming over with your HBS and you’re creating a new packages with them at some point, When the value has increased, they haven’t said up to what it’s gonna get to, but when it starts to make its comeback, they will then start to pay out in HBS. But for right now, it’s only gonna be on USDT deposits.

[00:06:46] Carl Haavaldsen: They gotta remember, you gotta think we’re here, you’re taking all of your HBS from HyperVerse, it’s going here. So now we’re in a new company starting fresh. You guys are the very first people to, to register in there. Now what you need to do is go out and sell. Now some of you’re gonna say, well, I’m not gonna do this.

[00:07:05] Carl Haavaldsen: Well, would you have done that in any other company you went to? So don’t, don’t treat this as anything any different than any other company you would go to. If you want your money from HyperVerse, this is the only way it’s gonna get done. Now you’re either gonna run away in a huff and puffy situation, and that’s fine.

[00:07:24] Carl Haavaldsen: It’s all okay. But those that want their money out, We’ll go out and make hundred dollars sales and get a $50 commission to it, and they’ll sell hundreds and hundreds of hundred dollars and they’ll just be cashing out $50 at a time. Now, if they did a trickle fee like they did at a half percent a day, someone will put in a thousand dollars and you only get $10 a day.

[00:07:46] Carl Haavaldsen: Would you rather not get a $500 commission or $10 a day? What would you rather get? Because at the end of the month, you’re still making more on a 50% commission. You understand? And you’re getting your money out faster. So treat this like it’s a brand new company, which it is, but the company has already given you funds ahead of time.

[00:08:08] Carl Haavaldsen: You didn’t have to

[00:08:08] Audience: deposit anything.

[00:08:10] Carl Haavaldsen: So all you have to do is go out there and promote HyperCosmos as a get a 50% commission off of every sale you. That’s all you have to do because that is what’s gonna attract people coming in here. They’ll come in here with a hundred. They’ll also come in here with a thousand, even 10,000 if they know that they can make a 50% commission on every package.

[00:08:31] Carl Haavaldsen: And believe me, there are people out there that have money, but they’re not, they don’t have our previous situation of HyperVerse stuck in their head about, oh, this company, you can’t have that. You have to erase that. You have to leave the past in the past and start present right here. I’m telling you now, this is how you will get your money out.

[00:08:52] Carl Haavaldsen: It is not that hard if you’re passive, passive. Excuse. Hang on. I didn’t say there was questions yet. I will tell. I will ask questions. I I’m almost done. One sec. Okay. So the company has given you a seed to start with to start getting your money out. A normal business says you would have to put money in in order to get your money out here.

[00:09:15] Carl Haavaldsen: You don’t. Here they’re giving you what you’ve already earned in HyperVerse and putting it here. For those of you that are brand new here and haven’t been to my calls before, it is illegal for a company to take pool money from one company and throw it into another company without consent. That’s why everybody has to transition over at some point in time, after a certain amount of HB are burned and the value has increased, then they can start paying out with HBS and USDT.

[00:09:49] Carl Haavaldsen: So it will start to churn at some point. But the, the, the, the actual liquidity pool for HyperCosmos has to start getting filled. There’s no other way to do it at this point, because if they started using HBS, we will liquidate the pool in a week because of the value that HB is right now. Okay. So, Let me take some questions.

[00:10:16] Carl Haavaldsen: Put up your hand. Just click the reactions button and raise your hand and I will take questions. Okay. Dio, go ahead.

[00:10:28] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay. Hi, Carl. Hi. How you

[00:10:31] Audience: doing?

[00:10:32] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay, I’m good. How about you?

[00:10:35] Audience: Okay.

[00:10:35] Carl Haavaldsen: I do understand that

[00:10:36] Audience: To,

[00:10:38] Carl Haavaldsen: to be able to withdraw in upper customers, we have to, to bring people who we, who will buy

[00:10:46] Audience: minimum 100 package. Yep. And,

[00:10:48] Carl Haavaldsen: We will benefit

[00:10:50] Audience: 50 percentage

[00:10:51] Carl Haavaldsen: of their of

[00:10:52] Audience: their, their package, right? Correct. Yep.

[00:10:56] Audience: So, I would like

[00:10:57] Carl Haavaldsen: to know the promotion. You want

[00:10:59] Audience: to start?

[00:10:59] Carl Haavaldsen: Oh, I’m gonna talk about that a little bit later. I’m gonna, I just wanna talk about this part here. I will talk about the promotion later. Okay. Okay. Just, just not on, just not right now. Because I, I’ve got a time slot. I wanna put that in. So I’ll talk about that, about 20 minutes.

[00:11:13] Carl Haavaldsen: So I have a question. Should just, you gotta put up your hand please. We do everybody in order. Thank you. Okay. So I’ll answer that question in about 15 minutes. Dio, Donny. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Peter, go ahead. Hi, Cal. Hi.

[00:11:33] Audience: Quick question I can’t get my is we invite new people into the business and they’re pouring, let’s say, a thousand dollars in, oh.

[00:11:42] Audience: Do they get paid? Do they get paid on a daily

[00:11:44] Carl Haavaldsen: basis or they get paid per package sale? See, everything is paid instantly. So when you make a. So someone decides from outside, I’ve never been in here, into HyperVerse or, or anything. They come in and they buy a hundred dollars package. You immediately will get $50, which will be deducted from your total in there and immediately cashable.

[00:12:07] Carl Haavaldsen: Yeah. Okay. So it it’s all immediate cashable. Okay. This is how the company is trying to win everybody back. But the compromise is, is they need the pool filled so it requires new money. They’re not asking you to put your own money in. No, no, no, no, no. They’re asking you to just refer people. You could buy a package in there with USDT and start that if you wanted to.

[00:12:30] Carl Haavaldsen: But they’re not saying for you to do that.

[00:12:32] Audience: No, no. If I, I was talking to a guy yesterday and basically he was telling. You know, you know my story and things like that. And I asked, he says, well, how would

[00:12:44] Carl Haavaldsen: I do that? Then I, I couldn’t explain

[00:12:46] Audience: to him if he puts a th like saying in IBU, if you put a thousand, then you’ve got like $5 a day, didn’t you?

[00:12:54] Audience: Yeah. How, how does he make

[00:12:56] Carl Haavaldsen: his money? Well, those people, again, you are going to convert your H Hus to HBS. You’re gonna move ’em over to HyperCosmos. You’re gonna buy a package in there, and that package, whatever it is, will three x and it will sit in the total just like I have in mine. Okay? Like, I’ve bought a bunch of packages in here.

[00:13:16] Carl Haavaldsen: I got 78,000 sitting in here that I can take out. So I go out and I say, Hey Peter, you know, do you wanna make 50% on every sale that you make? And you, they started a hundred bucks. So if you sold a package for a hundred dollars, Immediately you’re gonna get $50 and it will be deducted from here immediately.

[00:13:36] Carl Haavaldsen: So it will end up in here, $50 that you can cash out right away. This is instant readymade cash done. No. If

[00:13:44] Audience: I said Right, I’m talking to you now, you’ve not nothing about this or, or Cosmos. And I said, basically I’ll just tell em how you doing then? Blah, blah, blah. You’re making money and I’m doing this, I’m doing that.

[00:14:00] Audience: Oh, do you make money? So if I said to them, you put hundred dollars in. Yeah. And they’ll times it by three so that you’ve got $300. Yeah. Yep.

[00:14:10] Carl Haavaldsen: Now they have to go up. All they have to do is go out and sell a hundred dollars packages and that will make them 300 bucks. Right. So start getting paid out.

[00:14:17] Audience: Right.

[00:14:18] Audience: That’s basically because before we used to have the daily imports, et

[00:14:23] Carl Haavaldsen: cetera, et cetera. Right. We are selling, we are selling 50% commission packages. That’s all. Even though it pays out different on the levels, we are talking on an individual basis only for everybody to get their money out. So everybody’s gonna go out and refer people.

[00:14:38] Carl Haavaldsen: Look, you can refer a hundred people a day at a hundred dollars and make $500 a day. That a day? Yeah. Okay. I’m, I’m 12. So that’s, that’s what I mean, right? So you’re looking, this is how you’re gonna get your money out. But this is the compromise everybody, you know, I know people say, well, I was passive. And I will tell everybody in here, I’ve been a network market for 42 years.

[00:15:06] Carl Haavaldsen: I have been in crypto for nine years, and I can tell you, no one gets rich passively, nobody. I know people that are passive and still have their jobs. Why do you still have a job? Oh, I make a passive income. You don’t make a passive income. You’re working. You’re not rich. But see, when you go out and share an opportunity, We don’t call it recruiting.

[00:15:30] Carl Haavaldsen: I don’t call it recruiting. I just share my journey and I let people know how my journey’s going. People ask me, how the hell am I doing that? And that’s how it starts. You start with a hundred dollars and you start making 50% commissions, boom, boom, boom. And once people start seeing how that works, they’re buying more packages and they’re not at a hundred bucks.

[00:15:55] Carl Haavaldsen: They’ll be buying ’em at 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5,000 knowing that they can make these kind of commissions. So the more that you show people what you do to speak to me, the more that people are going to get attracted to you. Okay, so thanks Peter. Or let’s go over.

[00:16:19] Carl Haavaldsen: Like the

[00:16:19] Audience: package prices at the moment, it is like is it

[00:16:22] Carl Haavaldsen: 500? There’s no, there’s no packages. So, so let me let me share my screen again. What they’ve done is they’ve kind of made it easy for people. Right now, customizable, you could start with $100. That’s the minimal, you could do $105, $110, $119, $220, whatever.

[00:16:41] Carl Haavaldsen: It’s, doesn’t matter. Right? Okay. That, but if they wanna do a 500 package, a thousand or 2000, they have these three buttons. Right. But this button here allows anybody to come in at a hundred. Okay. Okay. And that’s it. And then immediately you get 50%. I, I can’t tell you how big this is because people love 50% commissions.

[00:17:08] Carl Haavaldsen: Wow. Okay. They, they like a hundred percent commissions better, but unfortunately programs like that don’t last. Because the company doesn’t make any money on a hundred percent commissions, so on 50% company becomes sustainable. Okay? And so does the, the member, so the comp plan, how the comp plan works is on this you make immediately 50%, so that’s given to you.

[00:17:35] Carl Haavaldsen: Then the other 50% goes into the pool. Okay? And then out of that 50%, 35% is paid out into the, the levels down to 10. So there’s still th, sorry, 65% is paid out out of that 50% and 35% of that 50% remains in the pool. Okay? So the company is highly sustainable.

[00:18:03] Audience: Because I’ve, I’ve, I’ve got a feeling that most people have sort of like signed up with a 500 package, what I’ve done and like, Ooh, nothing’s happening.

[00:18:12] Carl Haavaldsen: Well, no, because, because you have to refer somebody, you’re not gonna make anything off of your own money. All you’re doing is getting a jumpstart of rewards in there ahead of time. So now you go out and refer and you start getting paid on this. Okay, so

[00:18:27] Audience: if I was to put a hun a hundred USDT in of my own money right

[00:18:32] Carl Haavaldsen: now, you would get paid $50.

[00:18:34] Carl Haavaldsen: Like if you went and bought a hundred dollars package right now with USDT $50 would show up in your balance to withdraw. And

[00:18:41] Audience: my outline,

[00:18:43] Carl Haavaldsen: what will, oh, hang on a second. Hang on. No, no. Hang on a second. Your upline would get the $50, not you. Yeah. Your upline would get the $50, right? Yeah. So, so one of your down line, or you would have to, I don’t know, maybe your wife or family member or whatever has a package.

[00:19:00] Carl Haavaldsen: They buy a a hundred dollars package, you would get the 50 depending on what level they’re on, right? Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay. But we’re just talking. I’m just talking direct, you know, referrals right now. Now here’s what I’m doing to really incentivize people. Next week, starting on the 12th to the 24th, I’m running a Christmas promotion.

[00:19:22] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? And this Christmas promotion is for anybody that attends these, and what they have to do is bring somebody that has never been in HyperVerse, so a brand new person that you want to introduce to HyperCosmos during my calls. From the 12th to the 24th, I do them every day. Okay. Monday to Friday at 1:30 PM Saturday, Sunday at 2:00 PM Every day I do these calls, and on those calls I’m giving away five $100 packages.

[00:20:00] Carl Haavaldsen: Now they’re not gonna be USDT, they’re gonna be HB packages. So what I’m basically doing is I’m gonna pre-fund their account with $300 in hb, which will be actually USDT. So when they turn around and get someone who signs up for a hundred bucks, they’re gonna start getting all this free money I just gave them, okay.

[00:20:24] Carl Haavaldsen: Now there are many different things you can do. Some people out there are giving away 50 USDT and someone else

[00:20:30] Audience: puts the other 50

[00:20:31] Carl Haavaldsen: USDT in buys a package. You get, they get their $50 back, right? So there’s, there’s many different ways that we can go about building this up as a community. But we have to bend a little bit and compromise.

[00:20:48] Carl Haavaldsen: You can’t let, oh, I have to recruit, stop you from getting your earnings. If you have $10,000 in HU sitting in HyperVerse that you can convert to HBS, wouldn’t you wanna do that and take out that $10,000? Are you just gonna just write it off and say, ah, forget it, and it’d just be sour. I don’t know anybody that would do that, to be honest with you.

[00:21:14] Carl Haavaldsen: Right? And remember, we’re burning off HBS. So HB is gonna grow in value. Who knows? HB could grow to $2 and HB at some point. So when you’re converting out of HyperVerse right now and it gets to $2, now you’re getting half the amount only of what you would’ve got if you put it all in. Now you see what I’m.

[00:21:39] Carl Haavaldsen: And this is why I’m telling everybody convert over. Cuz once HBS start building in value, that’s it. You’re gonna, you’re, you’re gonna lose because you’re gonna lose on the value. The more HB becomes valuable, the less you’re gonna be converting over out of HyperVerse. Okay? Now is the time to get it all converted over so you get the full dollar to dollar value.

[00:22:08] Carl Haavaldsen: Because at some point in time when HBS are burning off like mad wildfire, all of a sudden HB could get to two or $3 in hb and now you’re only getting a third out of HyperVerse instead of the whole thing. Does that make sense to everybody? I hope so. Okay, Earl, I hope I answered your question. Let’s go over to Dallas.

[00:22:31] Carl Haavaldsen: Go ahead Dallas. Hey Carl. Hey, question. So I have this money sitting in HyperVerse. Some of it is in assets, some of it is in pending rewards. Yeah. The financial side of things is actually on hold because we don’t know what’s happening with the financial area right now. So all we’re focusing on is the rewards, not the pending rewards.

[00:22:52] Carl Haavaldsen: You do not wanna cash those out. Okay. You don’t wanna cash those yet? No. Cause you want those creating h use every day that you can convert to HBS and get them over. That part is still working. The moment you cash out your pending rewards, you’ve now eliminated HyperVerse from the picture, which means you will no longer create HBS anymore.

[00:23:13] Carl Haavaldsen: You do not wanna do that. You can go cash out, depending, but can I cash out? Can I transfer over? You can cash out the rewards and the certifying. Yeah, I did that. I did that yesterday to HyperCosmos. Yeah, and that’s all you want to do. You have a choice. I’m not saying don’t cash out, I recommend you don’t cash out the pending, but if you wanna cash it out, that’s it.

[00:23:33] Carl Haavaldsen: But that’s the end of it for you. Now, everything will be in HyperCosmos. HyperVerse will be literally useless for you unless you use the the library. That’s it. And at some point will we be transferring over our pending at some? Well, the, the, the pending is gonna build Uuss forever, so I don’t know why you’d want to do that.

[00:23:56] Carl Haavaldsen: Well, cuz we can, HyperVerse is never closing. Just so everybody knows HyperVerse is never closing. Possibly the pending stuff might stop paying out and when it does, that’s the point you’re gonna convert everything over. Okay. It’s depending on whether people are doing Rebus in the pool and keeping the pool building.

[00:24:16] Carl Haavaldsen: But if everybody stops Rebus, then the pool eventually will empty out and then everybody will be forced. to move their pending over, which isn’t not bad anyways, but Right. For me, I would rather create as many hous a day as I can that I can convert to hb. I’m just gonna let the money machine go. Right.

[00:24:39] Carl Haavaldsen: I don’t know. Understand, Carl, what the point of leaving your money in HyperVerse pending when you can’t get it out anyways? Well, the HyperVerse, no, you can, you can, you can go right down today and convert it all to HBS, but then it will, the HyperVerse will no longer ever create uuss again that you can convert to HBS, so you actually killed your feed.

[00:24:59] Carl Haavaldsen: Right? Right. So anybody can do that. I’m just recommending that you don’t, so that it keeps creating u HBS every or Hs, every day that you can convert to HBS. So you’re constantly feeding HyperCosmos balance. Cuz remember, this is how it doesn’t cost you anything to go into HyperCosmos and into HyperNation as well.

[00:25:21] Carl Haavaldsen: because by HBS going to HyperCosmos, you make the a hundred dollars sales or whatever it is in there that pays out to U N H and USDT. You cash that out wherever you want. You can send some to HyperNation if you want, and build there, or just cash it all out and spend it. It’s totally up to everybody what they want to do with it.

[00:25:40] Carl Haavaldsen: But the way it’s designed now, it’s designed to build you an income, basically double dip on your money out of HyperVerse in HyperCosmos, and then into HyperNation and have both HyperCosmos and HyperNation running simultaneously. I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t wanna do that. It’s the most brilliant thing I’ve seen them any company do in the crypto space.

[00:26:03] Carl Haavaldsen: So I hope that answered your question, Dallas. Thanks.

[00:26:06] Audience: You’re welcome, Carlos. Carlos, Leland. Let’s go over to you. Leland.

[00:26:13] Audience: You

[00:26:13] Carl Haavaldsen: have to put up your hand please. I’m not gonna ask again. Oh yeah. Please be professional here and be in the order that people can ask questions. Kay. Leland, go ahead. Hi, Carl. So I was wondering, I’ve been a bit out of the loop. I put a, I’m just wondering about the principle. Is it, is it possible to get the principle out that I put in my capital or No?

[00:26:35] Carl Haavaldsen: So that was just a rumor. The only way it can be done. So the only, the only way I can get money out is by onboarding new people. You have to, yeah. And I’ll tell you why. So where, where did my money go?

[00:26:47] Audience: Sorry.

[00:26:48] Carl Haavaldsen: Where did my money go? Where did my investment go? My principle, it’s still in HyperVerse. It will move over to HyperCosmos.

[00:26:56] Carl Haavaldsen: And then when you refer people, it will then deduct and pay out to you. At some point in time, the HBS will be activated for payout, which will accelerate things. It just can’t be done now because the pool needs to be built in HyperCosmos with new funds. Okay. Yeah, I mean, I have, yeah, so I have to onboard people into this, this new thing, which exactly.

[00:27:23] Carl Haavaldsen: I don’t know. I, I, I don’t feel comfortable doing that with people given my experience with HyperVerse. Okay. So, so you have a, then here’s your choice, Lee link all the money that’s in there. Yeah, just walk away. Forget about it. Cause you’re never gonna get it. It’ll never be paid. So just walk away. So I, I never get the money.

[00:27:40] Carl Haavaldsen: You’ll never get the money. The only way you get it paid is gone, is this way. And the reason is if I take taking other people’s money and, and putting them on the line to risk losing all the, okay, Leland, I’m not gonna get into an argue with you in my room here. If you’re not happy with it, please leave and then get your information elsewhere.

[00:27:58] Carl Haavaldsen: But I’m not here to cause an argument with anybody. I’m here to rely the information that I know of what’s going on. If you’re not happy about it, there’s nothing I can do. I’m just the messenger. So please respect my room and we’ll leave it at that. Thank you. I thank you’re

[00:28:15] Audience: misunderstanding the

[00:28:16] Carl Haavaldsen: question that I’m not misunderstanding anything.

[00:28:20] Carl Haavaldsen: They want their money out previously. They can’t get it, Dan, and that’s how it is. And you spoke outta turn two, so please put up your hand. All right. I’m getting a little angry right now with the disrespect that people are having in this room. Please have respect in my room. If not, I’m gonna boot you and you won’t get back in again.

[00:28:41] Carl Haavaldsen: Go ahead, mate. Mate. Hi.

[00:28:44] Audience: My question is that you, you basically saying that one day in the future

[00:28:48] Carl Haavaldsen: when there’s gonna be more

[00:28:49] Audience: money in the pool

[00:28:50] Carl Haavaldsen: clients,

[00:28:51] Audience: we with HB,

[00:28:52] Carl Haavaldsen: are gonna get the, the 50%

[00:28:55] Audience: commission

[00:28:56] Carl Haavaldsen: with hb? Yes, but they have to build the value. So what has to have done is we need to build it with new money in the pool because the new money burns the hb.

[00:29:08] Carl Haavaldsen: And when b HB is being burned, there’s less of it in circulation, which causes it to have value. That’s how all currencies grow in, in strength, in value, is that they have to burn them. Okay? And when they burn them, then value starts to build on the currency. So in order for HB to get back to its value, we have to burn it.

[00:29:36] Carl Haavaldsen: So once the, the circulation becomes minimal, then the value of HB becomes more valuable. And then at that point the company can then start doing it has to get to a one-to-one so that the company can do that. Right. Okay. Otherwise we’re burning, we’re, we’re, otherwise we’re draining the pool resources too fast.

[00:29:56] Carl Haavaldsen: That’s why they’re not. Yeah. Otherwise they

[00:29:57] Audience: will, they

[00:29:58] Carl Haavaldsen: will end up for

[00:30:00] Audience: like, you understand, everything will stop. Yeah. So, but by saying this, that is, that maybe at one point, even the passive members, which I’m not, but I’m just asking. So even the passive members will be able to withdraw their one

[00:30:15] Carl Haavaldsen: X at at one at some point?

[00:30:18] Carl Haavaldsen: Yes. Well, they’ll get not one X, they’ll get three x or. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But even the positive ones, which, but, but they’ll be able to do it, yes. With their own HBS. But right now, because HBS value is so low, if they started that right now, the pool would empty and then no one would be ever be able to do, there’d be no more conversion of HBS.

[00:30:40] Carl Haavaldsen: There’ll be no more Nothing. Right? So there has to be a compromise to do this. And the compromise is buy new, sell new contracts that start at a hundred bucks. People out there will risk a hundred dollars every day of the week. They spend that on a Friday night, okay? They will spend a hundred dollars in a heartbeat.

[00:31:01] Carl Haavaldsen: And when they realize they’re gonna make a 50% commission, they’ll be doing that all day long. And then you’ll be getting the commissions, your stuff will be coming out, and every time every 50 will burn 50 HBS, we could end up burning hundreds of thousands of HBS a day. And when that starts happening, then we start to see the value of HB start decline.

[00:31:21] Carl Haavaldsen: Because there’s less and less and less of them in circulation because the HBS are created from the hous, right?

[00:31:31] Audience: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah,

[00:31:33] Carl Haavaldsen: I understand. So if everybody stops buying, like doing Rebus, then all of a sudden, no more H users are created. Once H users are converted to HBS, that’s it. That’s the end of hb.

[00:31:48] Carl Haavaldsen: And if you see what I mean. So we have to be burning them off.

[00:31:54] Carl Haavaldsen: So this is why everything needs to, to run in sync with everything, and I don’t think it’ll take too long. I think by January people will be buying packages or or buying packages with HP and getting paid on them. That’s what I think by the end of January. I think it could hit a dollar by then. End, end of

[00:32:14] Audience: January, do you really think in two months we’ll bring so,

[00:32:17] Carl Haavaldsen: so many millions

[00:32:18] Audience: dollars.

[00:32:19] Audience: That’s.

[00:32:20] Carl Haavaldsen: People get this message in their head that they have to convert over to HyperCosmos and start getting sales going. I don’t see, to me, I don’t understand what the issue is here. I know that most people in HyperVerse, when it stopped paying, they immediately went to another company and put money in and started paying.

[00:32:47] Carl Haavaldsen: They had no problem paying 500 or a thousand or a hundred or whatever in another country, another company to start making money. No issue. But here, when you’re given already your principle there to be cashed out, you have an issue with that. See, to me, that makes zero sense as an entrepreneur. Absolutely zero sense because it takes money to make money.

[00:33:12] Carl Haavaldsen: What people are looking for is money to come out of thin air and pay them. Business doesn’t work that way, folks. It never has, never will. But this is the most logical way and best way for you to get paid all of your money out of HyperVerse. But there’s gotta be a compromise. Again, everybody thinks that HyperVerse owes them.

[00:33:37] Carl Haavaldsen: They don’t. HyperVerse could have shut down that whole thing. That whole project went offline and never paid you a red scent. They could have done that because HyperNation is a completely different company, so it’s HyperCosmos. So they could’ve shut that down and said, you know what? Screw you guys.

[00:33:51] Carl Haavaldsen: We’re shutting it down. We’re not paying anybody anything. And then we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna go with this here because we know we got a good thing. Doesn’t matter. They’re allowing you to take your earnings over to here and get paid at all. I don’t understand what the, the issue is. I really don’t.

[00:34:11] Carl Haavaldsen: All I understand is that you just sour. You’re mad because you have to do something now when you sat back and didn’t have to do anything, huh? First of all, no one should have ever told you that anything is passive. That’s the worst word in anything. I hate that word. It’s the worst thing that can be shared with anybody because that creates lazy people who expect everything for nothing.

[00:34:37] Carl Haavaldsen: And if I offended you, well, that’s it. You want transparency with me, that’s what you get. But I will show you how to make more money than you’ve ever made in your life. I was a V five in HyperVerse. I was making $4,500 a day, do you think? I was not mad when everything went down a day, not a month, A day.

[00:35:01] Carl Haavaldsen: And that was strict, just like that. But I never left. I put it on pause until I could find out what the. Issue was behind everything. I didn’t listen to smear campaigns that were going on out there. I sat back and needed to find out the logic behind everything. See, most of you in here are just networkers.

[00:35:25] Carl Haavaldsen: You come on here, you put money in and expect to get a payment back. It’s like going to work and expecting a paycheck every Friday whether you worked or not. Cuz believe me, I know people that go to work every day and don’t do a damn thing and still get paid for it. This here requires you a commitment.

[00:35:44] Carl Haavaldsen: It’s like if you had your own store, would you not put advertising out to attract new clientele, or would you just sit there inside your store and wait for somebody to walk in the door? That’s the difference between a successful business and a non-successful business. I’ve had both. I’ve been an online marketer and I’ve had my own business, so I know what it takes.

[00:36:06] Carl Haavaldsen: Most people don’t have the business. I’m trying to instill that into you. And for my team here, I’m gonna do a lot for my team. Like they have no idea. They have no idea what I got planned for January. Going forward, I’m still giving away money. I’m gonna give away $6,000 in the next two weeks, which is going to triple to $18,000 for people at 300 a piece.

[00:36:35] Carl Haavaldsen: This is me giving back. This is the best that I can do at this point. And believe me, when I start making $4,500 a day, which I will in there because I will go out and refer people to for 50% commissions. In a heartbeat. In a heartbeat. In fact, even talk to some of your friends and sell them on this that you chose not to tell about it.

[00:37:04] Carl Haavaldsen: Who knows? Because I know everybody on this planet loves to make money. And a 50% commission, that’s a big selling feature. So again, next week, you know, get your account transitioned over, get your stuff moved over and so it’s set. And then bring some new people in and I will pre-fund their account with a hundred dollars.

[00:37:29] Carl Haavaldsen: If I pick their name out of a hat, I’m gonna pick five names a day. But they have to be present in this room. Or you have to have a name of one person who doesn’t. Okay? And if I find out that anybody gave me somebody, an existing member in there, you’ll be banned for life from anything I do. Okay? Cuz I have a zero tolerance for people that fool me.

[00:37:54] Carl Haavaldsen: Sorry if I sound a little bit aggravated, but you know what? It started that way. I’m trying to get back to my normal sense in here, but I’m trying to help you guys. I don’t have to do these calls. I don’t have to do anything. Okay. Dio your question.

[00:38:16] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay.

[00:38:16] Audience: Thank you

[00:38:17] Carl Haavaldsen: Carl. So my question is

[00:38:20] Audience: as it is possible when I bring, maybe in your calling to, for

[00:38:26] Carl Haavaldsen: the give away, if I bring for example, five people, if two people

[00:38:31] Audience: win,

[00:38:32] Carl Haavaldsen: if you send them the,

[00:38:35] Audience: the gift I am their

[00:38:37] Carl Haavaldsen: plan, it is possible for me to benefit

[00:38:39] Audience: the 50%. Not on this, not,

[00:38:42] Carl Haavaldsen: not on this, no. Cuz these ones are gonna be paid in hb I’m giving them a jumpstart.

[00:38:49] Carl Haavaldsen: So, ah, okay. This is their incentive. If they want the $300 that’s sitting in there, their incentive is to go out and refer people so they can get paid. They’re getting it paid for free. They’re, they’re gonna make $300 for free on me. If they go out and do what they’re supposed to do. If not, that’ll just sit there.

[00:39:05] Carl Haavaldsen: It doesn’t matter. I can’t do anything with my HBS right now anyways. Okay. Right. I understand. Yeah, you understand. So that’s what these are for. Now, if, if that doesn’t excite you, then , I don’t know what the hell’s gonna excite you, but okay. You know, I’m, again, I’m only doing what I can do without, without having to, you know, I understand.

[00:39:26] Carl Haavaldsen: Do everything. Okay. Thanks. Ahead.

[00:39:32] Carl Haavaldsen: Yes, Carl.

[00:39:33] Audience: Let me go from a different point of view here. Sure. In order for me to get any money out from HyperVerse, I have to do a referral. I have to go ahead and get referrals. For

[00:39:45] Carl Haavaldsen: now. For

[00:39:46] Audience: now. Let me, lemme, lemme, lemme continue. Okay. Okay. And the, the position which I have with

[00:39:54] Carl Haavaldsen: new.

[00:40:00] Carl Haavaldsen: I lost you for a sec.

[00:40:04] Audience: Customer.

[00:40:04] Carl Haavaldsen: Sorry, cheche. Can you repeat that? Cause you, you went, you went away for a bit. I didn’t hear everything you said. Just repeat that please. So,

[00:40:11] Audience: The, the only starting point I have for that person who, who has not joined HyperVerse or HyperCosmos, is to communicate to them, look, in order to become a member or a, a HyperCosmos recipient, you have to put in a hundred dollars in order to get enrolled.

[00:40:33] Audience: That’s the key.

[00:40:34] Carl Haavaldsen: That’s the main, that’s the, yeah. The minimum is a hundred USDT. You

[00:40:38] Audience: don’t get any

[00:40:38] Carl Haavaldsen: money on your a hundred dollars. No, no, no. That opens it up for you to get $50 commission or 50% commission for anybody they refer. Lemme continue.

[00:40:50] Audience: Carl, please. So once that person is in. Then when he or she goes ahead and, and, and goes ahead and sponsors another person, then now she gets benefit of the three x or whatever the the amount is, is that correct?

[00:41:07] Audience: They, they will

[00:41:07] Carl Haavaldsen: get the three X in their account and they will get a $50 commission

[00:41:15] Audience: with their second tier of enrollment. Not the fir, not their initial

[00:41:20] Carl Haavaldsen: enrollment. Yeah. Well, no, because they’re only putting in, they’re only, they’re only starting with their own money. So when they start to refer people, those people get a three x, but they start to receive, so, so I sponsor you, Chet.

[00:41:35] Carl Haavaldsen: Right? Right. And, and you come in with a hundred dollars, I immediately make $50. But you, your account starts at three x. Okay, so then you go and sponsor Maggie. Maggie pays a hundred dollars. You make $50. That gets deducted from your 300, and that’s $50 spendable immediately, and Maggie gets a 300 x start.

[00:41:56] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay. Okay. Does

[00:41:58] Audience: that make sense? Yeah. That’s, that’s, that’s one part of the process I’m trying to

[00:42:03] Carl Haavaldsen: handle. Yeah. The, the, the HB side, we won’t see that for a while. Right? So the HB is literally gonna be your jumpstart to your account so that you can start getting paid right away. So it’s no out of pocket.

[00:42:16] Carl Haavaldsen: Everybody else that’s brand new is out of pocket in USDT, but we as current members of HyperVerse are not out of pocket.

[00:42:25] Audience: Okay. So my, my next part of my question is, the key thing here is, is communicate to people and the things that you’re doing on Facebook using your Facebook postings. Could you put that on your, on the chat box?

[00:42:41] Audience: What. What is the the address there? Audio real on the Facebook so we can

[00:42:45] Carl Haavaldsen: see how you’re doing? Oh, my, my actual timeline? Yeah, sure. I can do that. Yeah. Thank you.

[00:42:55] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay, so here, here is my timeline on Facebook. I do all of my marketing on Facebook, everybody, everything. So you will see everything that I post on there. Now, I don’t just do that. There’s other stuff I have on there too. Okay. Like I may say, you know, share sports stuff or whatever. It’s a timeline, but everything on there that I do as far as business goes, it’s all storytelling.

[00:43:20] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? So you’re gonna learn storytelling and curiosity posting of what I do. Okay? Thanks Che. Maggie, go ahead. Unmute. I only have a comment as I’m thinking that USDT will increase the value of our hb. What if every member bought a hundred dollars? If they bought a hundred dollars package, you’re gonna burn off hb.

[00:43:52] Carl Haavaldsen: But we’re not asking every member to do it. That’s their No, that I, it

[00:43:55] Audience: was just a proposal.

[00:43:57] Carl Haavaldsen: But I mean, there’s quite a, it’ll accelerate everything faster if everybody got it. Yeah. But again, you know, look Leland had a point in here. Okay? He had a point. Why should we have to spend our own money to do it?

[00:44:09] Carl Haavaldsen: Nobody has to. Right, right. And the, the only way to move forward to get paid is to do the referral. Now, the reason they went to this, and I was trying to get to that whole thing, is because their intention was never to shut down. HyperVerse it, it got shut down as far as payouts because of member manipulation.

[00:44:35] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay. HyperNation, we were supposed to all transition to HyperNation. Everything was supposed to be done that way, but that got, that got shut down because of what happened. So the, the, the momentum for HyperNation slowed to a snails pace as what it is now. They need the membership to carry on with everything that they’re doing.

[00:45:03] Carl Haavaldsen: So they created hyper cosmo. So they said, you know what, rather than paying everybody their one X, cuz they couldn’t do three X because there wasn’t enough money and value in the HV pool to do that. So they were gonna do the one X, but they really wanted everybody to come over to HyperNation. So they figured if they did that there was still so much discontent when they even offered the one x.

[00:45:33] Carl Haavaldsen: People were still pissed off saying, well, what about the rest of my money? So they went out and they created HyperCosmos and said, you know what? We’re gonna give you all your money, but here’s the compromise. Because what intentionally and initially was supposed to happen where everybody going from HyperVerse to Hyperion, that got Kaibosh because of what happened, we still need the membership to grow.

[00:45:58] Carl Haavaldsen: So what we’re gonna do is give you all your money from HyperVerse. All we’re asking is that you just help build the database for HyperV Hyper Hyperion by just referring people to HyperCosmos and then directing ’em to HyperNation once they have enough funds. Now that’s a pretty good compromise if you ask.

[00:46:21] Carl Haavaldsen: Because people could then start cashing out their money. They could take out whatever they want for their own personal use and have the option of transitioning into HyperNation with no out-of-pocket and start making up, you know, up to a 0.7% a day in there, plus other things. Now, to me, that was a pretty damn good compromise.

[00:46:44] Carl Haavaldsen: I don’t think any other company out there would’ve done it. In fact, most companies would’ve said, screw you. We’re not paying you anything. Shut it down, and never figured any kind of other process to help get you your money. This is them trying to do their best to get you paid. Okay? And that’s all that that is.

[00:47:06] Carl Haavaldsen: And I think it’s a pretty damn good compromise. Okay, thanks Maggie. Marianne, go.

[00:47:16] Carl Haavaldsen: Can you hear me, Nicole? Yeah, I sure can. Right. Sorry, I’ve jot jotted some notes down. So I think this is kind of what I thought it was gonna be anyway. Like the HB is a liquidity liquidity. Paul, I kind of really understand that it has to be. Yes. Obviously I came in as a completely passive member.

[00:47:33] Carl Haavaldsen: I’m not a multi-level marketer. Yep. Obviously at the Times Hyper Fund and a HyperVerse presentation said you could be passive. I did have an inkling the company never wanted that because they had to build members, but they, they never said their biggest mistake was saying that that was their biggest mistake.

[00:47:48] Carl Haavaldsen: Yeah. And

[00:47:49] Audience: I think

[00:47:49] Carl Haavaldsen: the, I think the outlines that said that, did it so they could earn higher rewards. Yep. Absolutely. To more Absolutely. And absolutely. And I kinda get that. But obviously you’ve got people like me who now feel stuck and you’re not stuck Marianne, because you know you are a recruiter and you don’t even know it.

[00:48:05] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay. Because every single day, single day, every single, that’s single day in your life, every single day in your life, Maryanne, you are selling yourself to people, your friends, your family, people you meet at the grocery store, at the gas station, whatever it is. Anybody you talk to, you are selling yourself.

[00:48:25] Carl Haavaldsen: How you become successful in a network marketing business is all about how you relay the information. I don’t go out there and forcibly go after as a recruiter. I’m not a snake oil salesman, okay? That’s what people think. Referers are a, recruiters are, they’re not. All I do is I post my journey of success on a daily basis as I’m creating my success.

[00:48:54] Carl Haavaldsen: It’s my journey, and at the end of everyone, I just make a statement. Would you want this kind of journey too? , right. I can show you how to do it as simple as what you’re reading right now. I think, I think what I need to know though, Karl, is because, I mean, I’ve never even had a withdraw or none of my downlines have.

[00:49:14] Carl Haavaldsen: What product am I selling? HyperCosmos Hyper Lab. Hyper HyperCosmos. HyperCosmos is interconnected to HyperVerse. So the product that comes with HyperCosmos is actually the academy from HyperVerse because every new member has access to HyperVerse from HyperCosmos to go to the academy. So the Academy is the product basically.

[00:49:38] Carl Haavaldsen: HyperCosmos is just an extension of HyperVerse. It’s a gateway into HyperNation. That’s all that it is. They just have to do it a different way. That’s all. Yeah. I mean, and just to clear up as well, which obviously the HB B Li liquidity. So you think eventually, say if I, I’ve already transferred some HB over to HyperCosmos, I’ve got three lockdown lines who’ve done the same, but with hb, do you think eventually HB will be Yes.

[00:50:09] Carl Haavaldsen: Will be able to withdraw from hb?

[00:50:11] Audience: Yes,

[00:50:12] Carl Haavaldsen: but it, it, it won’t be till I think the end of January, February sometime. That’s what I think. Yeah. I mean, but again, it’s all

[00:50:19] Audience: dependent conversation. It was a long-term

[00:50:21] Carl Haavaldsen: plan. Yeah. But it’s all dependent on whether we just say, okay, let’s get everybody over because that needs to be done first.

[00:50:31] Carl Haavaldsen: Everybody needs to get over to HyperNation or to HyperCosmos. Okay. They need a high percentage of volume in there, and then they need the sales coming in in order to start the release and get the burn off of the HBS. Once the HBS start to get burned off from new H USDT coming in, then everything starts coming together.

[00:50:54] Carl Haavaldsen: and it becomes a monster, but they have to start it someplace, okay? Because HB doesn’t have a high value right now. It doesn’t have a one-to-one. It’s like a 10 to 12 to one right now. That’s why USDT is required from new product sales. And listen, anybody can sell a hundred dollars package with a 50% return.

[00:51:20] Carl Haavaldsen: Anybody can do it. I don’t care whether you’ve been passive or whatever. Anybody can do it because everybody you talk to doesn’t have the same thought pattern as you do. I could talk to someone today that could turn around and be one of my biggest marketers who was never even thought about ever selling a thing in another life.

[00:51:45] Carl Haavaldsen: You just don’t know. You don’t know what people have inside them. You don’t know what ha what people have. To motivate them. There could be people right now that have just a few hundred bucks to their name. They don’t know if tomorrow’s gonna ever come, that kind of thing. Their back’s against the wall.

[00:52:03] Carl Haavaldsen: They will take that risk and they will do the $100 and then they will go and they find out that I can make 50%, I can make $50 in everything I sell at a hundred. They will go absolutely bonkers out there talking to people to make that money because if they had $200 to their name yesterday and they go out and they go on a binge, they could have $500 to their name by tomorrow.

[00:52:27] Carl Haavaldsen: You know what I mean? Yes. So it, it all depends on what each individual’s motivation is and, and look. So is every single member required to recruit? To recruit is

[00:52:41] Audience: a whole

[00:52:41] Carl Haavaldsen: team effort? No, just in, in HyperCosmos. Everybody has to do it. That is how it’s being done now because, , everybody chose to shut down and do nothing After HyperVerse, they chose not to go ahead into Hyperion, which was where everybody was supposed to go eventually anyways, and HyperVerse was gonna be used as basically the HyperCosmos of what HyperCosmos is now, right?

[00:53:04] Carl Haavaldsen: But because of that manipulation in there, they had to create a new process to do it. They need the database, they need the numbers, so this is how they’re doing it. They’re gonna pay you all your money. They’re just asking. Just tell a few people, tell a few people. That’s it. If 10,000 people went out there and sold one $100 package, that would be enough to start really generating things.

[00:53:33] Carl Haavaldsen: There are one point, I think 2 million people, members in HyperVerse, if all those members transitioned over and each one of them went out and just had one person. Buy a hundred dollars package, everything is golden and glory again. But yeah, it, it, it’s the resistance. Maryanne is what the issue is. I, it’s difficult.

[00:53:58] Carl Haavaldsen: It’s difficult when you’ve already built a team and none of them have withdrew so

[00:54:03] Audience: to,

[00:54:03] Carl Haavaldsen: there’s nothing difficult. There’s nothing difficult about it because I’m telling you, those people in your team, they probably went out someplace else to try and find out how they made money and they put money in there and they’re gonna try and make it someplace else.

[00:54:15] Carl Haavaldsen: They could have just done the damn thing here. Yeah. You see what I’m saying? It’s a psychological decision everybody made. Everybody in HyperVerse feels like they’ve been betrayed. I get it. I felt the same way, but now these guys are making the best effort they possibly can to pay you your money. But the resource pool, there isn’t enough money to do it.

[00:54:42] Carl Haavaldsen: So all they’re asking is, let’s kickstart this thing with one $100 sale each. If everybody just did that, everything would be on its way. HBS would go up in value then. Then they’d be transitioning their HBS over and getting paid 50% on those. It has to start someplace. Folks. That’s it. We just have to get it started.

[00:55:06] Carl Haavaldsen: We gotta stop sitting back saying, oh, I’m gonna wait. With that, nothing will ever happen. You will never make your money. You will never get paid. And that’s the reality of it. Compromise. That’s all we have to think about is compromise. And I’m telling you, you’ll make more money in HyperCosmos and HyperNation than you ever, ever made in HyperVerse, ever.

[00:55:34] Carl Haavaldsen: And again, for my people in my team, some of you’re not my team. Okay. But for the people in my team, I already have 127 personal referrals in HyperVerse and I believe they’re all gonna come over. So I’m never gonna have any worry. So me, I do not ever have to recruit personally again. Okay, so going forward in the new year, I’m literally gonna be giving away packages to my team.

[00:56:08] Carl Haavaldsen: Anybody who is who’s not a recruiter in the team, I can literally, when I have people talk to me, they want to join, I could put them anywhere I want anywhere. So I can go to people in my team that aren’t recruiters and I can say, you know what? Sign up here. I’m gonna make money anyways cuz I’m paid to 10 levels.

[00:56:29] Carl Haavaldsen: So it doesn’t matter where people go. What matters is, is getting everybody paid. I’m not that greedy guy out there that you have to register with me, so I make all the money. There’s too many of those snakes out there. I’m sorry, but I am not that way. I’m all about getting everybody paid, and I’m gonna do whatever I can to help in that manner.

[00:56:55] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? Now I wanna say something in here, but I need everybody to take this. I don’t want this to come out the wrong way. Okay?

[00:57:14] Carl Haavaldsen: What Hya come to know? Because HyperCosmos is literally a completely different company, okay? You can literally get a new position under anybody you want. Out there in HyperCosmos, you can either buy it with USDT or maybe communicate with somebody who has HB and they can give it to you as a start or whatever compromise you wanna wanna do.

[00:57:53] Carl Haavaldsen: Anybody can do that. Anybody can go wherever they want. Just like I went to a different team in HyperNation. I did not follow my team from HyperVerse. I chose to go with a different team. So I left behind everybody in my HyperVerse team. They are gonna come through here, so there’s still that benefit that they’re gonna come through HyperCosmos.

[00:58:17] Carl Haavaldsen: But when I talk to my team about coming into HyperNation, I’m going to tell them that this is where I am and they have a choice they can stay with. The existing team and grow HyperNation there. Or they can buy a new green box and come over and join me in HyperNation. See, everybody has choices and you are your own business person.

[00:58:42] Carl Haavaldsen: This is not a cross recruiting thing because I don’t care what anybody does. I’m just saying that what I’m doing for my team is what I just explained to you. Maybe you take that same concept and do it with your team. I don’t know if you have resources or knowledge or any of that stuff to do it.

[00:58:59] Carl Haavaldsen: That’s a choice that you have to make. Okay? Everybody has choices. So to me, it doesn’t matter what anybody does. It doesn’t matter if my old team wants to stay in conjunction with that upline there and go forward into hibernation. I don’t care. I wish everybody the best. I, you know, I hope they go forward and blossom.

[00:59:21] Carl Haavaldsen: I hope they get the same support. I chose to go with a different team that literally gives me daily support, and I have daily connection directly to the company. And the information I received today was direct from the company through my sponsor. So I have that connection, and to me, that’s worth gold because in HyperVerse, I literally had nothing.

[00:59:49] Carl Haavaldsen: I got ghosted from my up upline, so I had to go out and search for four months to find out the real truth about HyperNation and how everything went down. And that’s what I did. And that’s why I am where I am now. So for me, it’s, it’s starting over again. Okay. The difference is, is I now I have access to all of the income that I had created in HyperVerse.

[01:00:23] Carl Haavaldsen: They’re gonna give it to me here in HyperCosmos at a one-to-one, because remember, they can’t pay me in HBS cuz HBS physically isn’t worth a dollar. It’s worth like, I don’t know, eight or 10 cents on the dollar, but they’re giving me full dollar value exchange out of here based on the new USDT coming in.

[01:00:47] Carl Haavaldsen: And as the HBS get burned, the value of HB is gonna go up and then everybody’s gonna start being paid in both USDT from new people joining and from packages. I hope that makes sense with everybody, but this is, you just have to sit back, take a breath, and just absorb what I said here today. Okay. Some people have been texting me privately saying, look you know, one is obviously from Italy in here and is having a hard time understanding what’s going on.

[01:01:21] Carl Haavaldsen: So they wanna know, are we getting, like, how are we getting paid our money? So what I want to cover right now is how that’s done. Okay, so let me just get to the proper screen in here so I can walk everybody through exactly how everything is done. I’m almost finished doing the step-by-step. I have videos that explain it, but I’m doing a visual step-by-step with pictures and explanation.

[01:01:47] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? So let me just share my screen and let’s go through that. Okay. So the transition period for anybody who hasn’t done that yet, when you come in here, you’re always gonna have pending rewards. I don’t recommend that you cash those out if you want to. That’s totally up to you. But then what happens is you terminate the, the daily development of hus.

[01:02:13] Carl Haavaldsen: You’ll never get paid daily. Hus again, that will end abruptly for you. Okay? So I still encourage everybody to do Rebus every so often to generate in the pool, but again, if everybody stops, then eventually the pool empties, and then it doesn’t matter what rewards are right here you’re, you’re not, they’re not gonna be able to pay ’em out, right?

[01:02:37] Carl Haavaldsen: So we need to you know, to pay it out daily. You’ll still get these, but you won’t get the dailies anymore. So you won’t get more and more every day. So when you log in, the only place you’re gonna go is conversion. Okay? You’re not gonna click on anything else right here. First conversion is the first thing you click on.

[01:02:56] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay. Now as you can see in here, I’ve got certified and I have rewards. So I’m gonna go and convert this to hb. This will be one to one, okay? Sous are worth one. USDT. I’m gonna convert it to hb, which will be worth one USDT. That’s how they’re doing it, but in real value, they’re less than that. Okay?

[01:03:20] Carl Haavaldsen: We’re just doing the virtual value in this conversion. So I’m gonna convert that and confirm it. So now it’s will send me an email to my email box. Okay? And here, I’m gonna be able take a look. It’ll it’ll come in here. It, it may take a few minutes to come in here. So, you know what, what I’m gonna do is we’ll just go back here.

[01:03:45] Carl Haavaldsen: I’m gonna click back to homepage and literally you can probably just go straight to asset and financial. And then you’ll wait for HBS, right? See, right now there’s zero. So I could literally sit here for a little bit and do some refreshing in there and then hit financial again. Scroll down and maybe they show up and there they are.

[01:04:06] Carl Haavaldsen: See it’s there. So now I have now successfully converted by h use to hb. Now I need to inter transfer them over to HyperCosmos. So I’m just gonna click the all button and I’m gonna confirm the transfer. Put in my pin number and successfully transfer. So now they’ve left here and they’ve gone to HyperCosmos.

[01:04:30] Carl Haavaldsen: To get there, you will click account, you’ll click this little cogwheel right here. You’ll go down to where it’s got Switching versions professional edition. Click on that and click Star edition. This will bring you over to HyperCosmos. You will click the Red Signout dart button here. And then you will click the login button here and log in with your username and password for HyperVerse.

[01:04:54] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay, so I’m gonna log in there, successfully logged in, and now I have them in there. Now I can go and look by clicking on right here, these two little folders and I can click on I think it’s here, and the inflow. See, they just shown that there’s the 8 79 that I just transferred over. Okay. So now my amount went up.

[01:05:21] Carl Haavaldsen: I got 20,914 in here now. Okay. Because every day I transfer my rewards over and then once a week I will accumulate and I will do a rebuy in my back office. And then every day I will go and I will cash out my rewards every day. My both my certified and my rewards, because I have a down line. I’m getting paid, certified, okay?

[01:05:47] Carl Haavaldsen: I will go back to the house here, and at this point I could go and buy a package. So here I’ve got 20,914. So you know what? I’m just gonna buy a thousand dollars package just to show you how it works. So I’m gonna add an extra 3000. This will turn into 81,000, so I’m gonna purchase that, but it’s HBS. I’m using not USDT, so HBS.

[01:06:08] Carl Haavaldsen: So all of these packages, all I’m doing is increasing the amount I have in my back office to be paid out to me. Okay? So now I have 81,000 in there. So that’s the most I can get paid out right now from there. So if somebody put in 200,000, well I get paid 81,000 right away. That’s what they did in US dollars, right?

[01:06:34] Carl Haavaldsen: I get paid that every day and then the remainder, the 19,000 would be frozen until I bought a package twice that size or more to unfreeze it. And when I do unfreeze it, then I can cash out that 19,000. Okay. Now again, you’ll be able to see that when that money is cashed out, you’ll be able to click on withdraw and then it’ll show down here.

[01:07:02] Carl Haavaldsen: But actually you’ll have the USDT and the withdrawal address, and down here it will actually say, rewards that will show up once rewards there and you will know how much you have in rewards that you can withdraw. You can withdraw it all in one lump sum. You can withdraw it in partial payments, whatever it is.

[01:07:21] Carl Haavaldsen: It is. The withdraw address could be anything. It could be meta mask, it could be Exodus, it could be Coinbase, it could crypto.com, whatever takes any version of this here. Okay? So they used to have, okay, they used to have all three options in here. Now they just have TRC 20. So you’re gonna have to make sure it’s something with TRC 20.

[01:07:49] Carl Haavaldsen: So Exodus has TRC 20 clever and Tron Link have TRC 20. You’d have to figure out which wallets receive TRC 20. Okay. Now what I do is, what I will be doing is I will be splitting my stuff. Whatever my earnings are, I will go to my HIN Nation. This is my HIN Nation account. Okay? So I will go to hibernation, I will click here, I will click on deposit, I will click on USDT, and I will select TRC 20.

[01:08:24] Carl Haavaldsen: I will then copy my address here, go back to HyperCosmos, and I can send the money over, just paste it in here and send. So, you know, the, the package sizes in hibernation are four hundred, twelve hundred and forty eight hundred. So I could send any one of those amounts over and buy a package. And start earning up to 0.7% a day in hibernation.

[01:08:48] Carl Haavaldsen: But see, what’s what’s happened here is now I’m able to use a low entry program like HyperCosmos at a hundred bucks with a three x payout to now build and then send funds over to a higher end like HyperNation. I now don’t have to recruit for HIN Nation anymore. I can just simply do it right here in HyperCosmos.

[01:09:11] Carl Haavaldsen: Create that and get people making those 50% commissions, and then show them exactly where they can go and make more money with that double dip basically on the money they’re making here. Now, I don’t know if that makes any sense to anybody. I hope it does. Now here, this little button right here is gonna show you where your team is.

[01:09:32] Carl Haavaldsen: You can see I’ve got 17 personals here and 137 my team size, right? So you have an invite friends button where your actual. URL is to refer people. If you wanna find out who has converted, you’ll only see on your personals, just like in HyperVerse, it’ll show you who’s actually funded their accounts and who hasn’t.

[01:09:55] Carl Haavaldsen: The ones with the zeros have all funded their accounts. The ones without the zeros haven’t funded yet, but you can see, you know, I’ve got 17 that have done that, right? It’s very simple to maneuver this back office. It’s even easier, in my personal opinion, to build this business. Just, you have to think of it as a new business.

[01:10:19] Carl Haavaldsen: What y’all you’re doing is selling a hundred dollars packages. When they come in here and they click this, they’ll realize that they can buy way bigger packages than a hundred if they want. And they can do that because whatever they put in there, they’re gonna three exit. Okay? And just remember them coming in with USDT.

[01:10:37] Carl Haavaldsen: Whatever size package they do, you’re immediately getting. 50% of that package and it’ll immediately be withdrawn with deducted from here cuz this is like your pending area and put into your rewards that you can withdraw. So the other thing is, is those new members coming in, people are asking, well, what do the new members get?

[01:11:00] Carl Haavaldsen: They just click on the head at the top here, click on general settings, go down to Interstellar edition, select professional edition. And now they’re in a HyperVerse account because they’re inter connectable. The same login is for both. And now they have access to the full academy. They won’t have access to anything else, but they’ll have access to the full academy that’s in here.

[01:11:25] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? Now I’m sure more stuff will be added, but that’s what it is for right now. The majority of it always is gonna reside in HyperNation. So the whole ideology behind this, Is just to get the people over to HyperNation from HyperVerse, because that’s where all the action is.

[01:11:51] Carl Haavaldsen: We’re just gonna get you paid. So any questions now? Okay, Kate, go ahead. Okay, Carl, so I got a question as far as and, and walk through this with me, if you would, and by the way, always fantastic. Thank you. You’re gonna give away the hundred dollars, the hundred hb? Yes. That’s a new person. A new person that has never registered because it’s, I there’s no sense giving it to somebody that’s already in there because they already have their own HBS, right?

[01:12:19] Carl Haavaldsen: No, no, I’m, I’m, I’m good with that. But the question is where they’re going to come into, if you bring them into HyperCosmos only. But they have a, they have a parallel account in. They will go through your link. So again, I think, right. I’m good with, I didn’t show that. So let me go back and show that. I’m good with that.

[01:12:37] Carl Haavaldsen: I’m good with that part of it. That’s not my question. Okay. So you know where to get the link. Yeah, but so they’re gonna be coming in through hy, they will have a HyperVerse account themselves after that? Afterwards. Yeah. But the HyperVerse account will only be good for the academy. They won’t have access to all the other stuff in here because they were never in it prior.

[01:12:57] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay. So, but that’s what I’m asking. Wouldn’t it be better to sign up, up in HyperVerse? No, because the HyperVerse signup doesn’t work anymore. Okay. So these new people that are coming in will never have access to Rebus. They will only be three times an out, they will only be three times an out or into HyperNation where they can Correct.

[01:13:18] Carl Haavaldsen: Get the Yes. But I’m, I’m setting and that, and that’s the whole purpose is to get them into HyperNation. That’s the whole purpose of everything here. But like you and I and the majority of people on this call, we will always, until HyperVerse closes the doors. Well that’s not entirely true. That’s what I thought.

[01:13:34] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay. At some point in time, that is going to end over there. Okay. Because HyperVerse is gonna be used for research and development of new products and services. Okay. Okay. So for right now, we don’t know when it’s gonna end. That’s why I’m saying it’s very imperative that everybody starts moving stuff over.

[01:13:54] Carl Haavaldsen: Right. You know, you’ll be able to move everything that’s in there, but you may lose the opportunity to rebuy and create more rewards. Okay. Okay. And that, that, so that was my point, is that, okay, so all of us can sprout new rewards. Over there currently, but somebody who comes in with this fabulous bonus that you’re, you’re willing to extend, they’re never gonna have that place to re-sprout?

[01:14:20] Carl Haavaldsen: No, because HyperCosmos is theoretically a completely different company. Okay. They’re just having tax because they needed to have a product attached. Right. And the product is the actual academy. Mm-hmm. . That’s why they’re intermingled. They’re future together. So to keep HyperCosmos going down the road, let’s just go five generations after this new person comes in with a hundred dollars.

[01:14:46] Carl Haavaldsen: Yep. Okay. Because they bring in other people, five generations into it, all those generations are going to have to have a equivalent to, if not HyperNation, to then go take this money to grow it and bring it back here to then feed a new position or a, a new amount in that. Correct? Yep. Okay. I just wanna make sure I was following with what you’re, that that’s exactly what it is.

[01:15:07] Carl Haavaldsen: And, and again, you’re gonna treat HyperCosmos as, I don’t know, call it a feeder for HyperNation. Call it a gateway to call it whatever you want. So whatever they do with HyperVerse, remember, whatever they do with that, the members of HyperCosmos will have direct access to that. That’s in there. We don’t really know what the whole future of HyperVerse is.

[01:15:31] Carl Haavaldsen: They’re not releasing that to us. All we know is that they all have access to the academy. Right. So we know what we could do with it. But eventually everything that’s in there to what I’ve been told is gonna go away with the exception of the academy. And there’ll be other stuff that’s in there. It’ll, HyperVerse will have a completely different use for there.

[01:15:57] Carl Haavaldsen: So the development will be use for whatever they develop in HyperNation. So they’re gonna need to go from Cosmos into HyperNation. And the thing is, we get to help them get there for zero cost. You know, some of us who went ahead into HyperNation, we paid our $500 or whatever it was we paid, right? So we paid that outta pocket to there.

[01:16:20] Carl Haavaldsen: Anybody else coming in now into HyperCosmos gets to get in there for free using whatever they make from there, right? The digital, okay. You see? So the plan itself is brilliant. It’s just gonna take many of you. To understand it, you know I took the time to spend most of my hours during the day going through and dissecting the whole process.

[01:16:46] Carl Haavaldsen: It took me almost a week to get it all figured out, okay? But I was down and determined to find out what the purpose of HyperCosmos was, and now I know, right? Not only is it to help everybody get their money back, that’s always a great thing, but it’s how to three x their money over and over again on multiple platforms running simultaneously.

[01:17:15] Carl Haavaldsen: Remember, you go into HyperNation, you’re three Xing in there, and you’re getting paid a trickle fee of up to 0.7% a day. So it pays a lot less than what HyperCosmos does, but it offers a lot more. When it comes to the N F T marketplace, the game fi, the social fly, everything is there. There’s a lot more offerings.

[01:17:37] Carl Haavaldsen: The, the, the mining, liquidity, all that stuff resides in hibernation, all those extra income streams. Right. Some people will be excited about it. Some people will go, eh, forget it. Right? They’re just interested in going in there and making 0.7% a day. Well, here’s, here’s what I’m gonna tell you, and this is what I think is gonna happen.

[01:17:57] Carl Haavaldsen: HyperCosmos, people are gonna go in there and they’re gonna start seeing that they’re making 50% every day on all this. And then as they refer more people, they’re getting paid more levels down, so they’re getting even more paid for them every day. And that is gonna pay them so big and so fast. They’ll go into HyperNation, they’ll do that, and then they’ll go, oh, I just joined a slow train again.

[01:18:17] Carl Haavaldsen: Right? Yeah. Because that’s what’s gonna happen. We went from a slow train pay to a frigging bullet train, but we’re allowing ourselves to put some funds into HyperNation. and go back to the caboose like some people said. Mm-hmm. , we’re in the engine. Right? So it’s there. So they’re still making money.

[01:18:37] Carl Haavaldsen: They’re still making three x on their money and there’s nothing wrong with that that’s going there. But this thing is just gonna go out of control. I can see it. It’s, it’s gonna be, everybody doesn’t see what I see, but I can see this. I’ve been a networker for 42 years. I have never seen anything like this.

[01:18:58] Carl Haavaldsen: I’ve been in the crypto space for nine years. I’ve never seen anything pay like this in the crypto space. This is insane. I thought it was insane with HyperVerse. This is five times that insanity right here. Because everybody doesn’t realize that their money is never ending. They’re not just getting three X, they’re getting three x and beyond cuz it’s not stopping.

[01:19:20] Carl Haavaldsen: Right? And this is what people have to realize and that personal referral is what’s gonna accelerate everything. . Imagine you just going out there and doing personal referrals and getting 50% and you’re getting all excited about the 50%, and then all of a sudden, because of all these referrals, now you’re getting paid on level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

[01:19:41] Carl Haavaldsen: That just happens. Mm-hmm. , you know, in HyperVerse we just made the sales and people, we were making 0.5% a day at one point, then it went to 0.3% and everybody was ecstatic. Oh, this is the greatest thing. Right? And then when some of you hit v1, then all of a sudden extra income kicked in. Then v2, more income v3, more income.

[01:20:05] Carl Haavaldsen: V four, more income, V five, more income. I was making an insane income at V five. I never made that kind of money before and it came to me in 18 months. You know how fast that same money’s gonna come to me here in Cosmos? Oh, probably at half that time. Because we’re not waiting for a trickle feat to come out anymore.

[01:20:30] Carl Haavaldsen: We’re waiting to get money thrown in our face in big, giant lumps. That’s what’s gonna happen that people are not used to. There are people here that are gonna make a hundred dollars sales and get paid $50 and never made $50 in a single day in their life. And that’s gonna happen on a regular basis. Then a hundred dollars, then $500, then a thousand dollars a day.

[01:20:52] Carl Haavaldsen: This is gonna happen so fast. People aren’t even gonna realize it all selling a hundred dollars packages because they will just sell massive amounts of them. And then those people are gonna see how that, well that works. And they’re gonna go, holy crap, I’m buying $500. I’m buying a thousand dollars. Cuz they’re taking what they’re making out of there and they’re bundling it back.

[01:21:11] Carl Haavaldsen: That’s what’s gonna happen. That’s what everybody did in HyperVerse. Am I not wrong? That’s what

[01:21:16] Audience: everybody did. Mm-hmm. . So

[01:21:20] Carl Haavaldsen: for everybody to. Allow themselves to let the past haunt their present. I’m telling you, just don’t let it haunt you. Don’t let HyperVerse haunt the success what HyperCosmos is gonna give you.

[01:21:38] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay? Just don’t let what happened there, haunt this because you’re gonna lose so much. You really will. You’re gonna lose out so much, and I’m, I, I’m gonna hate to see that happen to people, but it’s gonna happen. But if you have money in HyperVerse and you haven’t transitioned over and neither is your down line, you may as well put it there.

[01:22:00] Carl Haavaldsen: You’re still not gonna get paid anything, but you may as well put it there in case you change your mind, because at some point in time it may become too late and you may lose it. So shift it now so it’s there and secured in HyperCosmos. It makes zero sense to leave it over in HyperVerse. Zero sense.

[01:22:21] Carl Haavaldsen: Yeah. Okay, I’m gonna leave it at that. I just, you know, I appreciate all of you guys and I appreciate you all still staying here after my little rant at the very beginning. So I really appreciate that. As you can see, I kind of calm down. So I’m just, I just, you know, me as the type of marketer that I am, I care deeply for my team and other teams.

[01:22:48] Carl Haavaldsen: I wouldn’t be doing calls seven days a week if I didn’t care. In fact, there are lots of them that are over here and not even doing one call a week. They’re just not doing anything. Most of ’em are telling their team, don’t convert over. Why would you even do that? I’m hearing that all the place. Why would a leader tell people not to convert to HyperCosmos?

[01:23:08] Carl Haavaldsen: That’s insane for them to say that. Well, what the hell do I know? Anyways? I’m gonna leave it at that. Everyone, I really appreciate you. This will be uploaded as soon as it’s rendered. It’ll be put up there. You’ll all be able to access this at my site. Oh, I haven’t got it loaded here. Let me just put it up here.

[01:23:33] Carl Haavaldsen: Becky, as always, install. Sorry. What’s that? Thank you Cal. Always talk. Oh, you’re very welcome. So, Bitcoin stories.info, just so everybody knows, I, I’m just gonna, this is what I’ve done. This has pen keys video where he starts explaining that this one will probably be replaced with a more UpToDate one. This is my five and a half minute video that walks you through the conversion of H Hus to HBS and then over to HyperCosmos to buy a package right below this, sometime today, I’m hoping to have the actual written step by step.

[01:24:10] Carl Haavaldsen: I’ll show you what it looks like. Right now. I’m just in the middle of doing it. I am explaining each step. All the way through here, that will be uploaded and it’ll be put right below this video. So if videos are hard for you to follow, at least you’ll have a visual step by step, and that will be uploaded hopefully sometime today.

[01:24:29] Carl Haavaldsen: I’m gonna try and get it finished. Okay. Further down all the HyperNation information. Okay? In here it shows you step by step what you need to do to sign up, get your token from your, your sponsor, and buying your green box and everything. And below here this is the offer that I offer out to my team and my team only in HyperNation.

[01:24:52] Carl Haavaldsen: I’m paying 20% of every package that comes into my team, not personally sponsored by me. Anybody in my team that sponsors somebody, I’m paying 20%. Of that package anywhere from 80 to $960. I don’t care how many packages you buy, I’m paying for it for as long as I have funds to do that. And normally I don’t do this, but

[01:25:21] Carl Haavaldsen: that’s how much I have to pay packages enough for about 3,500 to $4,400 packages. Okay? So that’s, that’s what I’m doing to help my team get going. Okay. It’s the least I can do. I will, I will always do something that will help benefit my team. I don’t know what others are gonna do in their teams, but, you know if you have an abundance of that to, to offer of HBS, then, then do it, you know, help your team.

[01:26:00] Carl Haavaldsen: Help it build. You’d be amazed how fast it grows when you save somebody $80 on a $400 package. That’s a significant amount of money. Okay. I’ll take the last two questions from Chet and Avik. Okay. So Chet, first yes. Carl, can you

[01:26:17] Audience: do me a favor and in your Facebook url, you know, you wanted to know, could you be kind enough when you do your posting on your, on your journey, can you put a, could you put a date on there and that would facilitate meaning

[01:26:32] Carl Haavaldsen: don’t the dates normally show up

[01:26:34] Audience: No.

[01:26:35] Audience: On your, no, on not the actual posting. Not in the actual

[01:26:39] Carl Haavaldsen: posting. Oh, okay. Well, sometimes I do in there. I’ll say like, you know, it’s been 24 days. That that’ll be very helpful. I may not have the date itself. I will try to remember Chad, I will try. Yeah. Okay. That’s about the best I can offer because sometimes I may not remember to put the data.

[01:26:54] Carl Haavaldsen: That’s a, that’s a good

[01:26:55] Audience: thing for me. You know, get me excited about how to move

[01:27:00] Carl Haavaldsen: on the same lines and there you go. Because I’m gonna be doing the same thing like I was doing with Hyperion. I’ll be doing the same thing for HyperCosmos. So everybody’s gonna see my progression journey with both. Right.

[01:27:12] Carl Haavaldsen: I, I like to do that because people like to see a successful journey happening and that’s what makes them make a decision. Okay. Yeah. Sometimes they have to see a monetary you know, . And you know, I do post that in there, but I also try to post other things. Like, you know, I, I, I post about my fishing trip.

[01:27:36] Carl Haavaldsen: I went on and I spent $10,000 on a fishing trip. And I went there and I showed photos. I says, this is what you can do. You know, it depends on what you’re willing to do. That kind of thing. And I share the journey of, of my whole life, you know, so that’s just, that’s just how it is. People want to see that you’re real, that you’re not a snake oil salesman.

[01:27:59] Carl Haavaldsen: Okay. Oh, AER, did I answer your question? I know that you, okay. Thanks Che. I will do my best. Okay, folks, I’m gonna wrap it up here. I hope everybody that was on here got a little bit out of what happened here today, and you have a better understanding of us going forward with everything. I will if I didn’t explain it that well today, I will try to do a better job tomorrow in explaining it.

[01:28:28] Carl Haavaldsen: Just remember I just had the meeting today. I was still quite excited inside cuz I just got off the call before I got onto this one, so I might process it better tomorrow. So I’ll leave it at that. Have a fantastic Friday folks and we’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks again.