DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorHello, I’m Danny de Hek. Thank you for tuning in and watching my YouTube Channel.

Do you know why HyperVerse has been so successful over the last couple of years? That is because they are selling you something that we all want, and that is a passive income!

Passive income also know as “Unearned Income” is income that can be earned automatically with minimal labor to earn or maintain. It can be a great way to help one generate extra cash flow, whether he or she is running a side hustle or just trying to get a little extra dough each month.

That is Wikipedia explanation of what a passive income is. So I’ve been exposing HyperVerse for the last couple of months, and you’re probably wondering why I have been doing that.

People have been giving me lots of feedback. They say I’m jealous that I haven’t gotten invested in HyperVerse, I’m broke, or I should find better things to do with my time. My mission was actually to get a thousand YouTube subscribers and I have accomplished it. The reason why I wanted to do this is because I wanted to monetize my YouTube channel.

So what I’m going to do in this video, I’m going to flip into a web browser and I’m going to show you how much money I have actually made on each other videos that I’ve produced about HyperVerse. Now I’m ethical, so I haven’t just been creating rubbish. I’ve actually done a lot of research in these videos and there you can see the return I’ve got in my investment.

I think the information I’ve got and I’ve grabbed throughout the internet has actually been quite useful. So I’ve done it, now for those who don’t know me or that I left school at the age of 14, the reason I did this because I hated school, I couldn’t take my education any further. I have dyslexia.

So when I got to the age of 23, I decided to get tested. And they told me that I have a reading and a writing level of a 9.3 year old, which I thought was quite good at the time. So I started life off as a painter and a decorator. And it wasn’t until I started working for myself, I really learnt how to overcome obstacles.

Because I couldn’t read. Right. But when the internet came along long, roundabout 93, 94, 95 for me, I embraced it with both hands. And now these days I’ve overcome a lot of the obstacles that I couldn’t overcome without the aid of technology. So I don’t need to read and write so much. I can do a video like this.

I can select my words and have them read to me. And I can also use my voice to text to get the words on the screen. I started Christchurch where I live first internet cafe, and I got involved with building websites. I want to share with you other ways to make money, then just being involved in HyperVerse.

I personally, over the last 20 years have done 10 major side hustles that have generated six figure incomes. And I’m going to share them with you. So go get a cup of tea, come back and I’ll show you some of the weird and wonderful things. This guy who can’t read and write, have done on the internet to create a passive income rather than investing money and other people’s passive income, earning streams of that makes sense.

Stay tuned. Let me show you my first six figure income idea. I sold everything I owned and decided to buy a laptop and a digital camera and travel around New Zealand telling people I was a mobile internet consultant. I think I actually told them I was New Zealand’s leading internet consultant, which is a bit of a hotkey.

So I would just go into workshop mode and show you, my website that I started out with now, I believe the good today rather than perfect tomorrow. That’s why it’s green and it looks terrible, but we’re talking back in 1990. I think it was 1998 when I started building this tourism directory because I’d already gone out and got a few clients.

And then I realized that most of the people that were using my services services services is a word where accommodation providers and transportation providers. So as time went on, I, that same year I upgraded my website and the design of my website got better as things went along. So don’t worry about being perfect before you start, because whatever you do will lead to different opportunities that you didn’t think existed at the time.

And my real point of difference was I never actually designed standalone websites for my clients. I was like a shopping. And I used to lease out shops to them, which meant that when they went off and got a quote for a website and somebody was asking them for 15 or 30,000, I would charge them $5,000 to set up a shop within my existing network.

I’ll get them to agree to a contract or an agreement that they never owned the website, but they leased it from me. Now, the benefit of doing that as my website, that you’re looking at here, new Zealand’s information network was generating 25,000 IP visits per day. Just like a busy mall does today. So the advantage of them being in my directory was actually good for them because I was generating a lot of bookings.

So as time went on, if I did get a $5,000 client come along, I would use some of that money to get a travel writer, to write information for. And then I would incorporate that into my website and I’d call them modules. These modules, for example, the one you’re looking at at the moment was all about Auckland.

And I would write articles on places to stay, places to eat, entertainment, transportation, things to do and shopping centers. And then where possible I would link them to my advertisers and it would just be a really a big web, like the worldwide web at the time. And I would get a lot of traffic for my clientele.

Then I had some of my clientele want to have homepage advertising. So then I had different pricing structures. I’d have dropdown boxes where people could, you know, search all this stuff’s pretty regular now. But back then it was pretty state-of-the-art. So this was. as I grew, and then I started providing that there were a combination providers out there who would pay me a commission if I promoted their accommodation.

And there was a real good way of making money at the time. So for example, uh, the hotel club, they would have, thousands of people are listing and advertising with them and they would pay me up to 20% if I did a book in for them. So it was worth my time building them into my network. And that’s basically what I did.

So why did this website that brought me in $475,000 worth of sales in one year? And let me take home a $275,000 pay check in 2004. Why did it stop? Because Google. And they started charging people for Google Edwards. And I couldn’t compete also my clients that I had by the balls because they didn’t own the website.

And I always encouraged them to build their own website over here and let me do their marketing of the brand over here. Finally built strength up and they didn’t want to be, tied to me, will tied down to me. They wanted to, employ their own it department. And the timing just changed. And eventually I still have a few clients who are in my new Zealand’s information network.

but, I look after their advertising, but I don’t have the legs I used to because Google, the big guys come along and cleaned up a lot of the advertising, advantage I had at the time. So. At one stage, I thought, well, if I need to compete, I’d redesign the website, as you can see. And this was before WordPress come around.

and within that six month period, basically I lost a lot of the search engine optimization tricks I used to employ. So anytime you’d search for any of my rental car operators, my travel and tourism, they would come up in the results. And that’s how I, I did really well for my clients. So for example, one of my clients would generate anywhere from 40 to 50 emails for people wanting to rent a car from them, from my network, each.

And that would normally turn into, you know, into a lot of rental car bookings. And that’s why they were really loyal. When I started to lose that traffic, I started to lose my clients left right. And center. So, I couldn’t maintain, and I was a one man band. I did have my wife at the time working in the company and we were just continuous producing content.

Content is king. So what did I do with the content? Did I just wipe it? No, I salvage as much as I could. And if you do go to, to hick.com and click on my blogs, you’ll see that I actually have a thousand blogs on my website and these have all been salvaged. New Zealand’s information network. And now what I do is I have advertising laced throughout them, which generates me income on a daily basis.

So that’s my first idea. So if you’re thinking about starting up a travel and tourism network, don’t bother sites like TripAdvisor, lonely planet even. and there’s a few other ones had really dominated that market and a Trivago, for example. And there’s no way that you in a compete with those guys.

And also a lot of website, a lot of my traveling tourism clients, these days don’t actually want to have somebody. Looking after all the website marketing, they want to control it themselves. So you’ll find a lot on the head, their own words, a WordPress website, and somebody like an administrator looking after it.

So we’ve started development. Yes, that’s what I got into. But you won’t find me doing that these days. Cause I’m tired of, developing websites for clients. And the reason, the main reason for they, their expectations are very high. Once I finished developing a website for them, they then want me to start promoting it and they wonder why it’s not coming up in the top 10 of the search engines.

And it’s just a endless energy. you know, getting these clients’ websites to rank high in search engines. So what I encourage all my clients do too now, as I’ve provide workshops and I teach them how to market their own websites. So that was idea. Number one, new Zealand’s information. It works. Now we’ll go into number two.

We’re on two side hustle. Number two, I was married and my wife used to work for an immigration company. She wasn’t an immigration consultant, but they flew her over to Cairo in Egypt and asked her to help people complete the immigration forms. So they could come to New Zealand. And I said, why didn’t you just send the forms over and let them do it yourself?

And she said that would fill out the forms incorrectly. So why don’t we do put together a do it yourself, immigration to. And she said, well, you’re not allowed to sell the immigration forms. It’s illegal. And I said, well, why don’t we put a whole pack of information to help people immigrate to New Zealand and include the forms free of charge with them?

And she said, oh, okay. So what we did is we started up a website. It was just a domain name called in Z, hyphen immigration dot Coda, indeed. And we basically designed it very similarly to new Zealand’s information. It worked. And then as time went on and we learned about the demand that people were expecting from us, we designed it and gave it its own look and its own feel.

Then we looked at the different categories that you could apply to immigrate to New Zealand and created different paths. For each category. So we could be more niche. We also created a message board area where people could ask questions about immigrating to New Zealand. At the time. You didn’t need to be a licensed immigration consultant to answer people’s.

Then things changed and it was illegal to provide advice to people about immigration, if you weren’t license, which put a bit of damper on it. However, they did have an official booklet that we could cut and paste the answers to at the time. And we overcome that obstacle as well. So as time went on, we built up a website and we just focused on immigration information.

We looked at the different categories, so people could imply to come to New Zealand is a school migrant pack, a Pre Arrival Pack, a Family’s Categories Pack and Employment Pack, and then a Business Investor Pack. So that was great. We sold $150,000 worth of immigration documents that we weren’t allowed to sell.

over about a two and a half, three year period. So what did this business not continue and grow and flourish that’s because the newsletter. Immigration website got up to speed with technology and they made it that people could apply online. Uh, and they didn’t have to print all the documents. We would have boxes of documents turn up, cause I’d given to you free.

And I would tell us that it would be a typo in one of the documents and destroy all the documents. And then they’ll send us five boxes or a thousand new immigration documents each time for each category. It was amazing waste of money. So they decided to stop wasting the taxpayer’s money. It made it that people could apply for immigration via the website.

The reason why this business was quite successful. If I listened to my wife at the time, she said that we weren’t allowed to sell immigration documents. Would you believe the New Zealand immigration department saw what we was doing? And in the information area of their website, they promoted the service we were providing, and we would get a lot of traffic from the actual official New Zealand, immigration consultant, immigration website.

And there was, ironic at the time, but you move, start small. You don’t have to be perfect when you’re setting up a website, as you can see all my websites for start. That was good. And as I learned more about the people and the expectations that people wanted from a website, like an immigration website, we cater to their, every woman in desire and we gave them what they want and an attitude.

And we would sell a $200 immigration Peck. We would give people the option if they wanted to wait five weeks, pay $30 shipping. And if they wanted to express, we would cut out all the unnecessary is in the pack and send it to them with express shopping. And I pay a hundred dollars. and we were making a roundabout $150 every pack that we sold and we were selling them for $200 each.

So there’s some ideas look for a service that some person is offering and do it better. All right, now we’re on two side hustle, number three side hustle, number three, this one’s probably not my proudest one to broadcast on the internet, but it did actually make me a hundred thousand dollars in two and a half months.

A friend of mine. That used to Meyer my New Zealand information network decided that he would start up his own information network. And he was copying a lot of the articles that I would produce. He was following my leadership. Now one round was placed once and I was on his computer and I scroll to the bottom of this page and he had actually copied my articles word for word from my website and was rewriting them.

But he forgot to remove my articles off his website. After he’d finished plagiarizing them, he was involved in alternative health. He was a massage therapist and he had a lot of products that he would get paid commissions from. I’d never overlapped in his industry, but from that day forward, I decided that if it’s good enough for him to copy my work, I will copy what he’s doing.

And I certainly did a bit of. Edit then him. So I decided to start up a website called sexual New Zealand. And what we initially started doing was providing information that people would be too shy to ask their doctor for, you know, how you go to Dr. Google? Well, we would provide information on sexually transmitted diseases, for example, and we built up quite a large lot of visitors to our website.

This website actually generated up to 25,000 IP visits per day as well. It was a really, easily found website because most of our websites were text-based that come up in the search engine where people searched for anything that we had on offer, was brilliant at search engine optimization at the time.

And back then Alta Vista was a search engine that gave us a lot of traffic and Google wasn’t. Dominant at the time. So, we gave advice on premature ejaculation. We had adult dating websites. We also had advice for people on our website on how to write their dating profiles. We used to have a guy called Dr.

Love, and he used to provide articles on love making and all sorts of things. We had sexual positions and then my wife at the time decided this persona called Ms. Editor. And she used to write really saucy blogs about, you know, sexuality and dating and the like, and I’ll be honest, you know, this was a money cow.

Uh, one of the hard case products that we saw, we never actually sold anything. This was when affiliate marketing was at its prime. You could get companies that wanted you to sell their product so much. They would pay you 50% of the sale price. So volume pills here was responsible of, I sold, don’t ask me what volume they help you with.

All right, you can work this out yourself. $37,000 worth of products. We sold half that money was sent to us in a bank checks that were turn up in our PO box and we’d go down to the bank. We would put them convert the American dollars into using London. And every day or every week would be going to the PO box, looking for these big checks that these companies were sending us.

And I remember one of these guys decided to ring me up and ask me what I wanted for Christmas. And he went and bought me a new, uh, LCD screen. I don’t think we had LC screens back then maybe a plasma screen, but it was an amazing website, but why doesn’t this sort of thing work now? And that’s because people who sell products don’t have enough.

affiliate money. So we’re just getting 50%, 50%. You sell something for 400, $200 to knock that $200. I used to reinvest it and writing articles and creating content. Now on 10% margins, there’s no money in it. Every Tom Dick and Harry is doing it. And companies like Ali express, just kill this sort of thing.

So you won’t make money by producing a website. We had a lot of really good articles, which I still use every now and again, to help promote and drive traffic to my other websites. Uh, the other thing I could show you in here, that’s quite interesting once they died, there was, we had a bit of luck and you have a bit of luck.

If you start doing stuff like this, there was a guy. In New Zealand who was sending a million spam to everybody every day. And he was on the news, be interviewed one night and I caught it and I listened to it. And what he was doing, he was selling the same products that we were, but he was spamming people and I’ve never done spam.

Now, people didn’t know how to click on something. So they would search out a Vista or Google and I would intercept their traffic. So he was out there marketing himself, but I was getting his traffic. And that was why we had a big influx of traffic and sales at the time was pretty amazing. So after that sort of died, I tried turning it into.

I shop selling adult products or supplements and skincare and the light. And I found a customer. I actually found a wholesaler that would drop ship for us. And we did do reasonably well out of it. I mean, maybe $1,500 to maybe $3,000 with a sales a month, but not with the time and energy that we were putting into it.

A lot of fun, but the cost I started up this opportunity. It led to other opportunities onto side hustle, number four onto side hustle, number four. This one is, quite interesting. First of all, let me introduce and sorry, introduce you to a lady called Anna Nicole Smith. And you may have seen her on TV, but Anna Nicole allegedly had taken these pools called trim spa and she’d lost.

Amazing amount of weight in a short period of time. And you can see here, uh, here with her weight loss. So my wife wasn’t weight loss, and she said, well, Hey, we should get some of those. And it’s a bit of stool. Why don’t we order some and see if we can sell them on trade me, which is like eBay or, uh, online sale site.

So we brought on four and we sold them on trade me for twice the price that we paid for them. So then I said, well, why don’t we start up a website called dietary supplements? And every time we order, just get more products each time and slowly build our inventory up rather than going out and buying a container load of these trim spa.

So they were costing us $200. We were selling them for $400 because people were too. About getting them through customs, they would shop locally. And that’s why all the websites I’ve talked about today, they’re all to do with New Zealand. And I only sell products to Kiwis people. I know I don’t try and go global.

So because people were concerned about them getting through customs and having GST to pay or text to pay, what we would do is we would make sure all our orders were under $400. If your order is under $400, you didn’t have to pay GST on the goods. Now we did this for about a year, maybe a year and a half, and we never paid GST on anything.

So we didn’t have to pay tax, but we just made sure all our orders were small and that worked out for us. So eventually we started finding all the products from other websites that we could sell and we just brought them in. And that website was bringing us in around about $5,000 a month. We were actually getting them from a company called E vitamins.

And E vitamins had a category structure that we thought was good. So we basically created the same category structure, over here and, basically just copied their American website and made it New Zealand friendly and then imported all their products slowly until we built up, uh, a website. What happened was midsize.

New Zealand changed the rules, anyone selling, dietary supplements had to get them certified. The cost of certifying each product was around about $10,000 per product. And they didn’t say was doing anything wrong, but they said to us, we need to spend the money and get each product to. As well as that, we weren’t allowed to use any false claims, like weight loss.

We could have to change all their weight loss words to weight management and made sure that we had a disclaimer on the bottom of each of the products, which we did to have, but we weren’t fully in line with the mid safe New Zealand. So while the lady was talking to me on the phone, I literally deleted the website off our server and said, look, I’ve just deleted the website.

We’re not going to do it anymore. We realize that we are not fully in line. is there anything else I can help you with today? And she said, you didn’t need to do that. I said, no, that’s fine. We’re not going to spend the time with the money. Uh, and that little we side hustle that was bringing in $5,000 a month and we were clear in about two and a half thousand dollars month was done and dusted.

So don’t sell dietary supplements online unless you’re prepared to get them certified to your countries. state. Okay, we’re onto the next side. Hasn’t right. So this is number 1, 2, 3, 4 side hustle. Number five. Now this one’s a bit spinny and this one here, I actually sold a million and a half dollars worth of the product.

Now I do a bit of public speaking and I remember taking one of these products along all gift wrapped, ready to rock and roll. And I did a five minute talk about the history of the product and how. It came to sell it. And at the end of the speech, I said, what’s in the, in the product. And I said, I’m not going to tell you, cause I was too embarrassed to tell everyone, but I’m not so embarrassed these days.

Uh, this product here was a product that I could never get paid, an affiliate commission for selling. And one day I was on a auction website and I realized the name flashlight dot Coda in Ziad was for sale. And I paid $500 for it. And I said to my wife at the time. I said, I’ve just bought a domain name and shell and for $500, which is quite a lot of money back then.

And she says, what’d you get? And I go fleshlight.co.nz instead it’s y’all what’s that? And I said, oh, I don’t want to tell you, but it actually became her business because she wouldn’t let me touch them. But what a fleshlight is, it’s a male masturbation device. So literally what we did is we took two months to get approval from flashlight in America to become a wholesaler because they were very, picky, who they let sell their products.

And also, I never told them, you know, how we were marketing their products, nor did I ever tell them. I’m sure they could have found out what domain name we had. So we became what you call an official distributor, self appointed, selling the. products. So the first thing I did, I asked them what product sold the most.

And they had one unit here called the Stu the stamina training unit. And that was their biggest seller. So we bought an, a box 10 of those and one of each of the other best sellers. And we started small, worked big don’t know if we should be talking about big and small while I’m talking about this. But the answer is that company evolved.

They started making so many different variants of the same thing. All my clients were winkers. I just thought I’d throw that in there, but they also had, ones without have the molded after porn stars, which meant as strange as this may sound, people would be searching. For those porn stars, I would intercept the traffic and they would land on my website and they’d get distracted and they would buy the product.

Now, the articles that I used in my other website ventures, I repurposed to this website. So now I sort of had a, a little bit of hustle, number four, I think it is. And, the dietary supplements, all those sites have started, had a common interest. And as I’ve said earlier, I really good at optimizing websites when you search anything to do with those porn stars or anything to do with flashlights, because I had the domain name and the whole site was a keyword savvy.

I would just get a ton of traffic. And literally we sold about 6,000 units. They cost us $72 each roughly. And some of the models, ones that you see here. we’re more expensive, but on an average around about $72 a unit, and we used to play around with the pricing and w we would sell more when we used to advertise them at $130, then we wouldn’t advertising them at $99.

And the reason why that was, is there was a lot of rip off, uh, of this product when, a lot of rip off, brands were trying to rip off this product and the people that were ripping them off, we’re selling them for $40 each. So if we were too close to that price point, people wouldn’t buy them from us because they thought we were the rip-off.

So, because we were getting them from the USA and importing them, uh, we were the genuine supplier. So one day after selling a million and a half dollars with, of these over six or seven years, I decided to sell the website and I put it up for sale for $180,000, because our. Tuna at the time was around about 150.

And the profit out of that was around about seven. So somebody told me you want to sell a business. What you do is you work at your profit triplet and that’s what your business is worth. So I had a guy that was really interested in buying them, you know, he did, for me, he rang up Fleshlight in America and asked them if he bought Denny’s website with a, he would have exclusive.

Right. to selling fish lights and New Zealand, and they said who’s Danny to hick, so to speak. So anyway, I got a 17 page Louise letter and started my, I call them our sister company in Australia who had no association with us finance, but they, they rang us up one day and said, I like fish. Light’s starting to, control who sells their products.

And they didn’t like me using their domain name, what was my domain name, but they didn’t like us using their name and passing off their name to sell their products. And they were more interested in selling their products to people who had physical shops rather than trying to compete with people on the internet.

Now that timing is everything when you’re marketing other people’s products. And as I talk about these side hustles more and more, you’ll see a lot of the side hustles I do are all about finding trending information. That’s on the internet, just like. This YouTube channel, which I’m going to show you my stats with bypassing off on a name, like hyper this I’m using those names that are in high demand for my own advantage.

And at the time flashlights where we’re a good rebuttal company and they still are, people were searching for that brand name. So I dominate that brand and I owned. So don’t think about getting into doing a flashlight store. Now this website. domain. No, I did it. She sell it for $3,000, not 980. I was hoping for, I cut my losses.

And now when you go to that website at Fords to a shop, that’s actually got them on their shelves. And, and that’s how that worked. But, I started small, we bought 12 and we, we used to have, one of those double cupboards and a bedroom, and it was full of all the products we used to put a lock on the door in case somebody got a bit nosy and had a look to see what was in the cupboard.

But we used to have a wee business at home that used to generate us or at about $150,000 with the sales and about $70,000 with a profit a year, just in a cupboard, in one of the spare bedrooms. So that’s, one of the interesting things I’ve done as a side hustle on to the next side, hustle, number six, this one was quite interesting.

This is the old story. It’s not what you know, it’s who, you know, and there was a company out there called. True line in Christchurch, my hometown, they import a whole lot of power tools and machinery, and they sell to the big, a home renovation companies like MITRE 10, uh, ITM, uh, Bunnings. I don’t have to do Bunnings, but they used to sell in the conditions where that of I started selling their products because I didn’t have bricks and mortar that I wasn’t allowed to discount the products and undercut those big guys.

I had to sell the products for the recommended retail, which means this site wasn’t one of my most successful. However, it did make more money. Then it costs me to run it. And there was actually selling power tools. Now for years, I’ve had the same market, what you do, not who you are. So you will notice a lot of my domain names, all hyphenated.

Have you wondered why I do that? It’s because I’m only after search engine traffic and a domain name, like power hyphen tools as looked at in the search engine as two different names. But if you’re on the phone to somebody and they’re looking for your website and you say, oh, pair hyphen tools, a lot of people would donate.

You know what the word hyphen is. So you need the domain name, power tools about the hyphen, just in case. You’re wondering why I have all these domain names with hyphens in them because I’m only after search engine traffic. And I know search engines really well. I know how to optimize most things and get traffic there.

It’s all about the structure of the website. So as you can see in the power tool website here, I’ve got a couple of royalty-free photos. I got a couple. Big brand names, which I’m selling. And then down here, you can see the, you know, things I’m selling like power tools right through to, a band song. Now, ironically, I had somebody from Germany, tell me they want one of my band sores.

Now, as you can see here, the price of this band saw just so you know, I’m going to see if I can large, this I can is nearly $5,000. So I went back to my supplier and I said, would you ship the band store to Germany? And they said, no. And I said, why is that good ask? And they said, because we wouldn’t be able to offer.

The warranty if it went wrong. So I went back to the person that wanted to purchase that product and told him that if he’s happy to purchase this product with no warranty, if he wants it serviced or it needs to be fixed, he would have to ship it back to New Zealand to get it service. Are you happy to buy it on those conditions?

And he said, yes. I said, the only other condition is that you must get it freight, ready to send it over to Germany. We’re not packaged packaging it up for you. Now, their transaction made me around about $1,100 or what I did was take the guy’s money, pay the supplier, and then let him worry about picking it up from their warehouse.

So a lot of times, even though your brain might say, I just want to sell a power tool or make 20 or $30. You won’t be surprised how many times you’ll get an email from some big organization wanting 10, 20, or more of those journals. And that’s what I call these shipping websites. So this is when I sort of started to get into drop shipping quite a lot, and I would monitor the traffic and find what is in demand.

So for example, if illiterate drill was the thing that everyone was searching for, I would make sure it appeared at the top of, most of the pages. And also if you’re looking at, I don’t know if you want to know this much. if you look at the category names, all these are also search terms that people are searching for and I would create a page.

On each of those search terms, that’s a bit of ETO stuff. It’s a different conversation, but their power taught when I had that for a couple of years, I don’t actually remember how much it brought me. It wasn’t the six figure income, but it used to pay for itself. And it was well with having it. And I built it on open cart.

If you’re wondering it’s a really old piece of software and also used a lot of these sites as demo sites, when people were thinking about getting into e-commerce, I would show them the sites that I run and I would learn a lot from my own experience. I would do the talk and the walk as I’d say anyway.

So that was a side humble. Number six. Was it six hyperdrive number seven? This one’s a really interesting one. It say I’m selling electronics online. Now the problem with selling electronics online is the fact that you are open to a lot of fraud and stolen credit cards. So let’s say that you to be successful at selling electronics online.

You need to have really low margins. So if you sell Tim products and then somebody scammed you and you lose all your money, you make no money for the last 10 products you sold. So you need good software to be able to do it. So let me show you what I started off with. This is indeed electronics, communicating.

Uh, everyday communication devices for work and play. And in the shop I would have, right through to cell phones at the time. I’m a goodness. I’ve even got a Nokia 60, 30 iPhone for $230. but all the products that you see in here, and as you see, the website has upgraded, you can see I’ve got all types of connectors and the like, whereas you had a local company called dove electronics and dev electronics were based in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, and they are still established today.

And they would provide us a CSB file of all their products. So it was some clever software and help with a friend of mine. We had come up with a way to basically import their entire database on a daily basis. If we wanted to and have all their prices, uh, we can work out how much margin we wanted to add on to all their wholesale prices.

And when people ordered products, we would literally go off to their website, order them and have them sent to them. And that would get delivery in one to three days. Now there’s a really important reason I’m telling you this because this website has been going for about 10 years, and I am going to talk about drop shipping and, uh, later off, down the track, but this would start as still established and we’ve got products in here.

They tell people once you order has been placed, it can take up to 10 days before you received the international tracking and delivery can take listen to this 15 to 60 days. Now, this formula and this job shopping shot shop is very successful for me. And it’s how I make my, one of the ways I make my living right now.

But the formula that people observe think that I can’t do it this way. So it’s not always about having overnight delivery and giving the customer what they want. And 10 minutes, sometimes people are prepared to wait for products and I’m going to share some of my knowledge, experience and skills when it comes to drop shipping down the track.

And don’t forget, I’m also going to show you. How successful my YouTube channel has been even thought I’d just started monetizing my YouTube channel anyway. So my point of side hustle number seven, I think is the fact that selling products with low margins doesn’t work and the risk factor of things being, sent to people, uh, who are, who are using stolen credit cards.

And the, like a lot of that stuff is controlled a lot now by payment gateways, like PayPal and Stripe and, uh, Hoover, Shopify. but I do remember once sending I didn’t, the phone number was bogus and couple of other things, like the names was all spout in capital letters, telltale signs. I looked at something and I post an order and I remember finding it after.

It was a stolen credit card. And so the, the goods were delivered to Christchurch where I live and I went around to the house and I found a disabled lady who had a house full of electronics. And somebody had tricked her into thinking they, she was doing them. And dropping goods off at her house. And they were just using it as a drop, a drop off point.

And I remember the place giving me my speakers, my $500 speaker backs and saying, you’re a very lucky man. And I was still ready for resale. So you learn a lot in this industry. And electronics is a real tricky one to be in. I’ve mastered the app a lot now, but if you think that you can find a supplier and there 10% markup on it, you’re just not gonna make any money doing that.

Uh, and also the amount of money that you need to pay Google to advertise those products, is just shocking. And also every time you sell a thousand dollar item that costs you $900, $30 a day, it’s going to go off credit card fees anyway, so that side hustle number seven. And I am going to come back to this one and teach you a little bit more about how to make money.

Uh, using a drop shipping as a formula. So this one, isn’t really a side hustle and I think I’m up to number eight. but this was a business I’ve spent eight years of my life trying to get. Right. And I would be the ideal person to get involved. Sorry. Yes. To get involved. If you’re thinking about starting up a business networking company.

So originally there was a company, after my divorce, I lived in a small little town and there was a, there was BNI, which has been I international business networking international. And there was a new networking group starting up in my little wee town where I lived them. And I went along for about a year and I met some local businesses cause I was trying to get involved in the community.

And I really liked the company. The guy that ran the meeting told me that the franchise. Behind the company was available to purchase. If I wanted to own this business networking company called elite six, basically I bought the company for about 15,000, but it come with $60,000 with a franchise manuals.

And my job was basically selling franchises, not running business networking meetings. And when I bought the company, it came with a master franchise that had theoretically I’ve been told, purchased a license to run meetings and each master franchise, I could run six meetings and they had five years to do so.

And we used to charge $59 a month. 75% of that money would go back to the master franchisor 25 would go to me and my responsibility was to build a website. And handle the payment gateways and the light, which is right up my alley because I had a lot of experience in it. But the reality of it, it didn’t actually work.

Like they said, first that the website that they had was archaic and w what I was doing, it was every business that come along that wanted to meet another business. I would create a online directory listing for them, just like I used to way back at the start. So I think this is ideal. And I spent a lot of my time updating listings because people wouldn’t log in or couldn’t figure out how to login to update their information.

So it become a very time-saving website, not really a passive income, but I want to explain the story. So I upgraded the website and I had a members directory, and I had all the different types of industries that would come along to my meetings. Then we had. At the heyday, we had 12 different groups in my hometown that used to meet face-to-face seven 30 in the morning.

And I had them in Dunedin, Queenstown rang Euro, which was a hometown and all basically, uh, that I looked avenues to visit the meetings every now and again as the franchise owner. And then I used to run facilitator meetings, every now and again, to make sure that we kept the information and then each week we’ve produced PowerPoint presentation with new things for people to do.

And I used to get up on a Monday morning, prepare for the week, and then eventually. What happened is my master franchiser got pissed off with me telling them what to do. And we, basically went our own separate ways and she started her own business networking company, which is going great guns today.

However, I decided to get rid of all my facilitators and run the meetings myself. So instead of paying 75% to my master facilitator, a franchise owner, I then received a hundred percent of the $59 that was coming in a month, which basically means I was getting about $60,000 a year coming in from running these meetings myself.

But it was chewing up a hell of a lot of my time. So when COVID happened, this photo that you’re looking at was taken with. The people that were still able to go out and meet and greet after COVID first happened. we kept quite a few of their meetings together and we tried to run it over zoom. And this was our, one of our first meetings when we could get together face to face.

But it took about two or three months after spending eight years trying to build a business networking company where people were there to support each other. Uh, it fell apart very quickly over COVID. And today I run one meeting on a Thursday at 1130 to 1230 in Belfast, and I run it myself and the group that I have got going along there, uh, a lot my business family, and it’s nice not to have all my time chewed up editing website.

Encouraging people to come along and running big events like we were doing. So we’d have what you call speed networking events and we’d invite strangers, would advertise at the paper or on trade me. We’re not trading anywhere, get people along. And they would meet my, my business family. So it was quite rewarding because I met a lot of people and there’s not many business people I haven’t heard of, if you want to real estate.

And if you want a photographer, if you want to insurances, if you want a mortgage, I know just about everyone in my hometown. So I’m very resourceful sort of guy, and that’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve actually done. But now these days, instead of having a dedicated elite six website, uh, basically you go to the heat.com and click on elite six, you’ll see, uh, our members, and you can come along to a meeting if you like, where you can come and visit.

And I’ve got a promotional video and I still do business directories for each member. So it’s something else. But if you’re thinking about getting anything to do with people and organizing people, you know, the good thing about this as I host, websites as well, and I charge $59 a month for the service.

And I basically manage people’s websites, keep all the plugins up to date in the like, this year is $59 a month. And if you have 150. Coming along, we had 140, uh, paying you $59 a month. It actually starts to add up quite quickly. but hosting a website for $59 a month or meeting with someone four times a month, uh, for the same price is, you’re better off with hosting, uh, and doing that.

So, anyway, that’s my baby. I still love elite sex. I love the people that I’ve met along the way. It’s been a great journey, but eight years of my life, I’ve spent trying to get businesses together to support each other, and help each other in business. And when COVID come along, most people ran back to their homes and got sick of being on zoom and trying to, Network over zoom.

I think we’re all tired of screen time and we, yeah. All right. So that was number, I think we’re up to eight. we’ll find out in a second. Hopefully we’re an eight and by the way, do you like my cogs in the background? I thought they were pretty cool. I’m not sure if this is working good, because when you run a video in the background, I’m not sure if my lips are in sync and I’m using too much computer resources to run a video in the background.

And that’s why my lips might not be in sync video. I just want to throw that in there. We’re up to number nine. I have to think. Number nine, number 10 is going to be okay. Side hustle number nine, and this could work for you. As a passive income, if you sit it up, right, I’ve been doing drop shipping for, uh, since 2018.

As when I set up my first shop, it didn’t go that well until I started playing around with different things and get in better systems and processes. Now, the difference between what I’m doing for drop shipping is you need to find cheap products and sell them at a fair price. now is there any money to be made in drop shipping?

I work for about two hours a day, running five drop shipping websites, and I’m going to show you the income that I’ve made. Over the last, well, I’ll show you the real life stats. So if you’re looking at this website here, uh, this was the first one I set up and to date I’ve sold $68,000 worth of products.

And the take home money for that website is 50%. So I’ve had to manage, I’ve had to process orders, and this has been a three year, if not, nearly four year website. Now, when I first started this website off, I didn’t have the formula, right? So the first year was basically testing different things to get it going.

My advertising spend on this website is $5 a day. The second one different website, uh, has been going since, uh, 2019. I don’t know, the months of the year. May, 2019, we had our first sale and June, the first month turnover for this website was $2,437. That’s pretty good going notice the average order price.

That’s very important. And if I go back to this one, every website is different, but you’re not selling big ticket items. You’re selling small items to many people. Okay. This one average order price is $43. Now it’s quite important. If you don’t know anything about drop shipping, if I’ve sold $238,000 with the products, since it’s go to, February.

January, 2019. So the last two years, so I’m caning about a hundred thousand dollars worth of sales a year and $50,000 a day. It has take-home money, but my average sale was $43. So you can basically see I’m doing a lot of transactions. So that’s one thing about drop shipping that will kill you. If you don’t know how to handle your customer, and you don’t know how to handle the transactions.

So now we’ve got another website here, this website, we started them all around about the same time. Uh, you can see the average 65, uh, one of our biggest products that we sell as around about their price. the reason we sell that one product is because people can see other like-minded products around.

That product and it gives them peace of mind that we are legitimate and we, because they are selling this, they must be able to sell that. Now that might sound a bit vague. And the last one that I’ve just set up was, uh, it was set up in January. Yeah, January, 2022. So this has been going, I don’t know, the months of the year, four months.

And so far, we have sold nearly $7,000 with the products. Once again, the average price is $42, so it was pretty cool. And all of those websites, I showed you, we spend $5 on each, a day advertising. And the, currently I’ve got one of these websites for sale on a treadmill. And, this is all part of what number 10 is about.

So there’s two more things are going to show you drop shipping as we’re there is money to be made. I’ve done a lot of experimenting. I have got a really good formula. I will show you one website called yeah, no dot Coda and Zed. Now this website is called year NA, and if you look at it, it’s got Kiwi.

It’s all about New Zealand website. This is my partners with. She sells t-shirts, uh, artwork to go on the walls. Uh, cell phone covers, she’s got pillows and there’s, my partner is a photographer. All the artwork here is who’s and she’s got a very good, uh, looking beautiful website. you can also, you know, you know, it’s just really well.

She spent a lot of time. She’s even got blogs. Uh, it comes up in the search engines when you search for it. QB slang words, mentored. It’s quite a common phrase over here in New Zealand. Now looking at that website, go have a look. Yeah. Hyphen dot Coda in Z. How many, uh, how many products has this website sold in the last four months?

Because that’s how old it is. Any idea? Okay. I’ll tell you. I’m glad you asked that this website is sold one. And it’s because it was outside the scope of what we are used to doing. It looks good. People aren’t searching for these products. If they, if we sent and we paid a whole lot of traffic and got people looking at this website, it would probably sell, but we would, there’s not enough money in it to pay the, for the advertising to get the traffic.

This site needs to make it work. So it’s a waste of time and energy, but a lot of the things that I’ve showed you over the last nine side hustles. So it hassles, I say that, right? Yeah. Uh, things that you learn from each and when this website was, started. You know, my partner spent months doing it in sort of a bit of a shame that she’s only sold one item.

And I, the one I have that she did sell, I think it was a t-shirt. Now that might just mean that she’s better at focusing on providing t-shirts because that’s what the demand is on the internet at the moment. Nothing ventured, nothing game, but I’ve see a lot of people see me as I show off my drop shipping website.

So let’s have a look at those 130,000. I heard 30,340. what was that? One, 340. I’m just going crazy here. 3 45, 45 0.5. so we’re looking at around about, uh, I think, uh, say $600,000 worth of sales and $300,000 worth of profit. That doesn’t just happen because I set up a drop shipping website. A lot of people will decide that they’re going to copy what I’m doing.

You know, now the thrill strange fundamentals. As I only sell products to people in New Zealand, I don’t do global selling because it’s too hard to market globally because they don’t have the budget. And as I said, those five dropshipping shops that I showed you, it’s been $5 a day doing it. And if you go to the heat.com and look at my workshops, you’ll see that I actually run a workshop on how to set up a drop ship.

website, but then their workshop, I literally will show you everything I have learned. I will show you the software I use to import products. I’ll show you the software that I use to process orders, and I’ll show you how we handle all the shipping, tracking as it gets updated. And I’ll show you where we get our products from.

So it’s all. If you’re interested, no obligation that go to the heat.com. Go to my drop shipping. Course put your email address in there. And, and if you’re interested in Asia having a passive income, uh, this is the type of, thing you can do for a genuine passive income, not like hybrid is. So anyway, I hope that helps and I’ll be on to my very last, uh, hustle and I’m on the very last hustle is quite an interesting one and I hope you enjoy it.

And thank you for watching to date. And if you haven’t watched all of them and you’ve jumped through a few, go through and watch a few, the purpose of this video is really for you to get to know me and to see that I’m, I have got better things to do with my time, then just rave about hybridomas. But anyway, uh, let’s go onto the last, last but not least side hustle.

Number 10. Now this is something I’ve been working on for about 18 months. And if you want a passive income, you really need to lay a good foundation so that you can maximize. The opportunity of it being successful. So the one I’ve been working on at the moment that has only produced me a few thousand dollars to date is online workshops.

Now I’ve got a lot of knowledge in my head and I’m sure you have as well. So why not come up with ways to share what, you know, I’m, I’ve just shown you nine side hustles that I have done. And now what I’m doing as I’m putting the, what I have learned into workshops for people to have a look at now, my workshops are actually all about people building their personal brand.

And that’s why it’s a wee bit funny because everything that you’ve come to know me by is by me leaving you see the real, genuine, authentic Denny to hick and I, my goal and my passion at the time. As I’ve been building brands for years, and now I believe the future of everyone is their own self. So, you know, the idea of starting up a brand and then one day selling it as a company and making your money as you retire.

I’ve twisted that around the other way. I truly believe that everyone should market themselves. So become a better version of yourself is what my workshops are all about. And in here, my main deal is helping people build their personal brand. And in the personal brand package, there is, multiple workshops to get people on board at starting to build their personal brand.

So you might think I’m a crazy utuber and I have built a YouTube channel. I haven’t done it just because I want a thousand subscribers or I want to monetize, I wanted to learn how the process works. I want to be able to say to somebody who’s about to do my YouTube 1 0 1 plus course, this is my experience from doing this, you know, was it worth getting a hold of a hypothesis by the neck and strangling the Ponzi scheme and putting my name out there and associating myself with debt.

And what was the reward for doing this? So, if you do any searching on the internet for Danny to hick, you’ll see that I am, uh, everywhere on the internet. I also own the domain name of danny.co dot N Z, which has the suffix for New Zealand domain names. And my last name is de hick and I’ve got the hick.com.

So my email address is danny@theheck.com, which is nice and uniform. And my courses are teaching people how to set themselves up so that they too can have a good personal brand because there’s only one division. And that is yourself. So if you go through my website, you’ll see I’ve got coaching 1 0 1 where people are trying to overcome some obstacles.

I’m encouraging people to book me on an hourly rate. And when they booked me, it goes into my calendar, which I use. And then it took me a long time to set up calendly.com. So I’ve done a course on how to set up calendar, everything I learned, I put into a course. And then when I’m talking to people who I’m engaging with on any platform on continuously pushing out a URL or a place for them to go, that will help them.

And I give a lot of value. I also have a bronze area where people can join my community. And it’s a place where people can go into my website and ask questions of things that are. Trying to overcome obstacles that are being faced. That’s a software they’re trying to get their head around. And this is where I get my, uh, what will my next course or the next workshop be about.

And then when you get down here, you can see all the workshops that I have over LinkedIn. Cause a WordPress course, a personal branding course, a Google course, the domain course podcasting 1 0 1 course. I’m a podcaster. Took me a long time to figure out the right software. It took me a long time to figure out what recording gear, uh, what microphone to use and release thing.

So I’ve put together a workshop on how to set yourself up as a podcast. With the knowledge that I’ve learned, online dating you saw was one of my side hustles was providing online articles, you know, help people put together their dating profile. So I use that information. I had sitting there gathering dust and I’ve used that and put it into a course.

So if somebody comes to me and they want to, they are searching for. Online dating profile, you know, templates then I have given them seven templates that they could use to set up a good dating profile. Podio Podio is the platform that I use for my courses. And my partners spent around about three and a half thousand dollars doing a six month course on how to become a course creator.

And through her course, I learned how to set up online courses. And then I’ve got the information I’ve learned and turned that into a course as well. And of course, number nine was all about drop shipping and drop shipping as something that I know a lot about. So that’s my big course. I’m currently selling one of my drop shipping websites for 30,000 user land dollars.

Now I’ve also got a course that I’m about to release teaching people how to be at, to set up their own drop shipping business. And there is around about 3,700. Yeah, it’s a lot cheaper for somebody to set up their own drop shipping business, then to buy one that’s already going, but I have the option there.

Now, why would I be selling a successful drop shipping business? Because $30,000 is how much money I have made from that website in the last 12 months, if somebody has to pay me $30,000 for the drop shipping website, I can spend 12 months doing something else and spend their energy. And it’s 12 months I don’t have to work.

So to speak of that makes sense. So if you’re looking at my courses, one of the ones that, it has been very successful for me because if I have 20 courses online, I don’t know what the demand is. It’s no point me sitting here thinking I’m going to create. I course, because I think people will be interested.

I need to put out sort of like a few different types of hooks fish bait and see what fish I attract. And one of the ones I’ve had quite a lot of success with is LinkedIn. If you are watching this and you would like to do my LinkedIn course use the coupon code, LinkedIn 50, and you’ll get 50% off. It.

It’s only a $40 course. Each part of the course is broken down. You get an introduction, telling people how to set up their banners, their headlines, and got. A, you know, uh, a talk through of me talking them through every step of setting up their LinkedIn course, a big thing that people want to do is set up a WordPress website.

When I first tried moving away from plain HTML and using a content management system, I really struggled to get my head around WordPress. So I’ve got a course that breaks down everything with a host, your WordPress website, you know, how to set up pages, what theme to use, where to get themes, how much to pay for a theme, uh, how to create a page, how to create a menus and how to create categories, why to create blogs and a lot of information in there.

Now my website, uh, to hick.com, which I’m going to go to, currently last month, if you look at my Facebook page, uh, on the top of my website, which you might not be able to see here, Uh, because I’ve stuffed up. I might just move that down a little bit. Does that work for you? Sit does. you’ll see. My social media goes across the top.

You’ll see that my dig.com website at the moment, it’s currently getting 20,000 visits a month. I used to have 25,000 a day to get that much traffic to your website. These days you’d have to be, massive, but to get 20,000 people looking at your website in a month as amazing, Hey, I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed my side hustle.

So this side hustle was all about creating workshops, creating online courses, teaching people what you know, I would recommend using podia dot Coda in Zed. If you use that domain name, uh, that will, There is an affiliate link. And that will come back to me as a little bit of commission for me telling you this little snippet.

If you want to go to my workshop area, click on a membership, join the free, bronze ear I’m already logged in and, post your questions and I’ll see if I can help you. So that was side hustle, number 10. And now I’m going to do a little bit of a conclusion. Thank you for watching. Well, I’ve just spent the whole day doing a video to show you that there is other ways of making money on the internet rather than investing in Ponzi scams.

Like this thing behind me, hyper this at the moment left right and center. I’m getting emails from people saying they can no longer withdraw their money from hyper this and they having withdrawal failures. And can I help them? No, I can’t help you. You shouldn’t have got involved in a Ponzi scheme, first of all, but what I can help you.

Has actually shown you other ways to make an income. So my goal of getting a thousand YouTube subscribers was so I could monetize my YouTube channel. The reason why I wanted to do this, wasn’t actually for the money, even though I’m about to show you how much money I have made from my YouTube channel, since I had been doing this, the main reason is I wanted to understand how YouTube worked.

I wanted to be able to say to people that I can get a thousands of subscribers to my YouTube channel and five to seven weeks, if you follow and do the same things I do, I practice what I preach. So without further ado, which in my speaking career, you never say, this is the backend of my YouTube channel, and I’m not going to tell you how to suck eggs, but you can see there.

I’ve had 51,000 K views. And the estimated revenue that I should get, which has calculated over a 28 day period is 317 New Zealand dollars. Well, I think it’s New Zealand dollars. The interesting thing that makes me kind of laugh in a way is I did one of my videos I did was two hours long and this very video that I’m doing right now, we’ll be getting close to an hour and a bit.

And most people go, well, people like short videos and the other ones that you should put on the internet. Well, one of my most looked at and most highest revenue videos is actually my two hour video, how to withdraw from hyper this. And that’s where I got Matt Gardner as Australian. And I also got my good for.

Vinnie from project frugal and he come in and we watched this guy try to convince us that hyper, this wasn’t a scam. It’s a very long video about today. That one video has generated me a $55, the next video, which is really interesting hyper there’s made it incredibly hard for people to pinch their video of their community area.

But I’ve got some clever software cause I’m a podcaster and I minister rip off the official, HyperVerse video, which is I think, uh, of memory. Uh, I think it’s 22 minutes and 58 seconds long. Anyway, video doesn’t need my content and that has made me $43 worth of revenue. And then, other videos that I have.

I had like 10 reasons why hyper this is not a Ponzi scheme. and in all the videos I’ve done, including some historic videos, which have now got more traffic to them. So on my YouTube channel, I’ve published around about 400 YouTube videos, and it’s only just recently the last 40 videos have given me 99% of my traffic.

And the reason for this is you need to find what’s trending on YouTube and you need to create how to videos. People are searching YouTube most of the time, trying to figure out how to fix something. My traffic is quite clever. Now, if I search for a HyperVerse, hyper this presentation, or let’s go HyperVerse reviews, you’ll see what actually comes up.

There’s three videos on the top and none of them are my video. But when you come down to the results in Google, you’ll see that my website comes up. Number one, this comes up every single time people are searching for hypodermis. Once again to hick.com is intercepting. The traffic and people are landing on my website.

I am getting 20,000 people a month landing on my website. Currently they see my videos, my videos, my YouTube videos are embedded on my website. And also I have a blog attracting people. Now, when you’re on a mobile phone, you will see adverts coming up within this content. And that has also given me an additional five to 10 yesterday.

It gave me $17 worth of advertising revenue from Google, not including the dollars I’m getting from my YouTube channel, my 317. So theoretically, all the content that I had been producing about hyper. This is probably going to generate me between 500 and 700, if not a thousand dollars of revenue per year per month.

It may not last because when HyperVerse falls over and people stop searching for it, it’s gone. But in the meantime, I did promise you I’d show you the backend of my YouTube channel and how much money I am going to make. And now I’m going to produce more videos on helping people. B, saved from a Ponzi scams and schemes on the internet because there is what is trending at the moment.

If you want a hand at finding, ways to make a living on the internet, reach out to me. I’ve got far too much time at my hands cause I’ve spent all my time fighting hyper there’s. I think if we’re watching and if you haven’t already, I’m not going to tell you, I’m going to tell you, subscribe to my channel, hit the bell.

And, uh, thank you for watching this long video. And hopefully it might make me 50 bucks a month. That would be worth my time. Wouldn’t it. If you think you do try to put it, back out there and educate others because I’m a real true believer of sharing my experience, knowledge and skills. I’m Danny to heck, and you can find me@thehip.com.

Thanks for watching.