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Prioritize what we care, what we want in life. Good evening, and a very warm welcome to our distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us today for a spectacular event. The launch of HyperNation. My name is Kaylee, your host for this wonderful event. Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to announce the launch of HyperNation, a decentralized nation within the metaverse.

Paul is so much more than that. It represents an ideal, the main Kaiser, it strive to it’s the utopian nation that can only materialize when we band together to protect our fundamental human right. We are very honored to have you journey as here today. And we are also privileged to have some of our guests from around the world, attending this event here.

And please allow me to introduce them to you. Firstly, we have Mr. Grit, rich, D C M O of molecules future Mr. Chris, Hector, chief executive officer of Genero. Now. Mr H, the official ambassador of HyperNation, Ms. N the aphasia ambassador of HyperNFT. Welcome. And thank you for being here today, ladies and gentlemen, I think that it is time for us to begins with the event.

Isn’t it? So Rekia let’s kickstart the event with an letter forward on hyper nation. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you are right. We would like to tell you more about the HyperNation. What is this all about? HyperNation is a grant undertaking and to understand more about it. We have someone here today to shed hopes and dreams and vision of HyperNation and let us welcome our official ambassador.

Mr. H

Hello, I am Mr. H. You can say that I’m an evangelist in the new world. Or maybe even a guide that helps you to illustrate the truth, but it may be more appropriate to say that I’m the person you used to be just like many of you. I used to obey the oppressive rules of society in order to survive, regardless of how unfair they were in the past.

I did not believe that common folks like you and I had the power to change the world, nor did I believe in empty words, like equality and fairness. I thought I was destined to live a meaningless life, but not anymore. As a citizen in HyperNation, I feel liberated and free. I can have full autonomy over my finances with the help of decentralized finance and best of all, my self-worth is no longer determined by anyone else.

My own efforts will dictate how bright my future can be. It feels incredible to be part of this utopia. Now I will wait other like-minded individuals like yourself to come on board and share this joy with me. You may have heard of how the Washington county. Which advocates, the concept of neoliberalism failed because of political interference.

You may also have been aware that a referendum was once held in Switzerland back in 2016, to decide on the implementation of a universal, basic income UBI within their constitution. It was ultimately rejected as the citizens feared that it would heavily impact taxation and employment rates. These incidents may have made you a pessimist of the future of the world, and you may have some understandable doubts on the bleakness permeating through today’s society.

However, the advent of blockchain technology has given us a clear sign of how to break out from our current rut and the solution lies within HyperNation in HyperNation blockchain’s ethos of decentralization is the basis on which we have built a functional economy, which is completely at odds with our current society, where our economy is ruled by an elite.

Blockchain technology has removed the need for any third party intermediaries, which gives us the ability to shape a systematic and trustless economy and give us the fairness and transparency that many of us have been longing for in this new world. Every contributor can get their fair share of rewards.

A firm consensus will be built through technological development, and we would use new technologies to implement new initiatives, such as UBI for all our citizens technology like blockchain can give us a better life. And we have chosen to leverage that in HyperNation to create an ideal society that all of us have been dreaming of in HyperNation.

You only need an NMT passport to travel freely within an expansive metaverse and our citizens can reach any country at will without going through a series of cumbersome procedures. Like in real life, this NMT passport is like a golden ticket that grants you access to the wonderful. And we’ll blur the distinction between virtual and physical reality.

Your NFTs can not be duplicated or tampered with at all, which makes them unique with limitless potential and a symbol of infinite possibilities. My dear comrades, you are more than welcome to join us in HyperNation. Let us work together to create a systematic utopia that the world has never seen before the world is changing and centralization will soon be a thing of the past.

Are you ready to witness the rise of a new golden age?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I believe we are all ready for the rise of a new golden age. And thank you, Mr. Hayes for the wonderful sharing, incorporating blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technology. I’m very sure that HyperNation will be the stalwart defender of Liberty and freedom.

Imagine being able to have a fully functional economy, that advocates again, later Haitian measures for the benefits of everyone and a utopia that celebrates diversity and Maretta Cressey. Next up, we want to zoom in a bit more to understand about the developments in HyperNation. What can you look forward to you in this utopian world last final?

So, Kay, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome cl from HyperNation team.

Welcome and a very good day. Today marks a significant milestone for the blockchain industry. Call it a triumph of technology over in morality, call it the manifestation of the human desire for freedom over oppression and tyranny. We could never fathom that Bitcoin, a form of currency built from the decentralization of blockchain will inexorably lead us down this path.

The metaverse where we could raise a virtual nation free from injustice and the stranglehold of the leader feel that nation is called HyperNation a place where everyone can lead a fulfilling life based on their efforts, a place where people on subjectively judged based on the pigments in Deskin the religion believes and social status sounds idyllic.

And it is. The decentralized power of blockchain shall show you the way. Undoubtedly, there must be ample questions swirling about in your heads. How can HyperNation benefit its users? How do you make profits in HyperNation? And how does HyperNation connect to the real world? These are pertinent questions.

And today I am here to address all of them. Let us begin our journey, but addressing the matter verse on which these nations shall be constructed true to its virtual nature. Users can craft the very foundations of the metaverse. In HyperNation players or citizens have the tools to build and customize their own games, projects, digital content, or experiences use the mate virtual products can be monetized as NFTs and sold in HyperNation with the proceeds, going to the creator.

In other words, the boundaries of HyperNation are only limited to your imagination. HyperNation it’s namesake may suggest a nation fueled with virtual participants, but in truth, it is so much more than that. HyperNation is a world in itself. Reach an overflowing with engaging activities in which citizens can participate and reap attractive rewards.

All based on the contribution to the nation. Speaking of rewards, citizens get considerable rewards as the community grows. Community outreach strengthens the strong social cohesion within HyperNation and reaching us with diversity and creative energy. Hyper nation recognizes the efforts of these members who are strong community builders, and they shall be greatly rewarded for contributing to the cause.

Watch your head because citizens have the opportunity to receive ad drop rewards in the form of visa to assets, such as virtual land digital real estate can be freely traded within the marketplace and owners will have full control over what can be built within the land either through implementations of static, 3d scenes or interactive systems like games.

These creations in turn can be monetized to provide their owners with more. I am certain, most of you have either tried or hands in crypto or . So to terms taking should be a familiar one, HyperNation facilitates taking where users can commit their crypto assets to earn a steady stream of points. These points have economy value within HyperNation and can be used to receive more benefits.

Also allow us to introduce the concept of Dao. These decentralized autonomous organizations allow an FTE holders to come together with aligned interests and a common goal to decide on the future development of HyperNation. This unique system ensures that everyone has a voice within HyperNation. With the implementation of Dow.

Citizens can propose new initiatives to grow the name. And Barry mine that participation in itself is beneficial with financial rewards to incentivize down numbers. When it comes to online communications, we are well familiar with the social media platforms from the web to era, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Just to name a few, although we do not doubt their role and ability to disseminate information and connect us across the distance, the interaction afforded by such platforms is very much two dimensional. What about the social media platforms of the next era? Well, you are witnessing it right now.

HyperNation seeks to be the web that connects everyone in the metaverse and we can already imagine many new, exciting, and meaningful ways in which people can interact with each. With new changes come new opportunities to learn, grow, and prosper. We have just launched our new NFT collection. Hitchhiker of star, also known as H O S.

It’s serves as an ID into this vibrant new world of hyper nation. Thank you very much for joining us today in this historic moment. I must say that my heart is filled with happiness and gratitude to all of you revolutionaries out there who stand witness to hyper nations inception. I am humbled by your presence, and I hope this explanation is sufficient for your understanding HyperNation Britain’s with potential, and it is not possible for me to discuss every facet of this compelling world in such a brief moment.

And it is also my sincerest hope that you could bring others into the. Let us bread forth and propagate the virtues and principles that define HyperNation. Let us free our fellow humans from the shackles of oppression. Let us free ourselves from the limits of the physical world and embrace the limitless possibilities.

That is hyper nation. Thank you. Well, thank you Sierra, for the amazing sharing you have made me, and it says so much about HyperNation and now I’m really excited for what is coming up next. This seems to be opportunities abound everywhere in HyperNation. Isn’t it. And I really liked how we as community members have the say in governing and determining the future of HyperNation.

This autonomy is unparalleled and for all contributors, you will actually be rewarded for your work. And I’m very much looking for. Okay. Now enough about me. Next up, you can be a wo a learn isn’t it. Folks partners are crucial to help drive development and growth. And now I would like to invite this gentlemen, Mr.

Greg rich, Def the chief marketing officer of molecular future to share his view with based on the partnership between HyperNation and, and an AF and how such partnership, Levitt bill parties, and bring more benefits to the community. So over to you, Mr. Grit,

greetings everyone. This is great. CMO of MOF. Welcome to the future of the fi was I would like to call it molecular future. Let’s turn the pages back to a few years ago. When we first had Bitcoin, the pioneer of blockchain technology, it created a radical shift in the financial end. Which has traditionally been firmly under centralized control money or more importantly, value is no longer under the control of a select few banks, governments, military, and individuals.

Investment is no longer confined to commodities trading, foreign exchange shares or bonds. The value of stocks and investments are diminishing while crypto and blockchain assets in the digital world are flourishing. Meanwhile, the future can only be built by those, with the insight and foresight to advance the human race into the next age, which is the age of the metaverse unsurprisingly.

Many forms of crypto based investments have spawned over the year. Molecular future is of course at the forefront of this phenomenon. We are a one stop digital asset investment service platform, specializing in digital assets, cryptocurrencies, hedging, arbitrage, and crowdfunding. Just to name a few today, we are excited to add another notch to our portfolio, which is our strategic partnership with HyperNation.

This collaboration was inevitable considering they’re both molecular future and HyperNation share the same goals for the future, which is the construction of an open and decentralized economic system that can truly benefit the world. I must say. I was moved by their solemn vow to create a new, an equal inclusive world for all.

And I believe that blockchain technology certainly has the potential to do so. Hyper nation and nation founded on these centralization is making the right move and moving in the right direction towards creating that utopia. But where does molecular future come into the picture? Hyper nation has a unique model of universal basic income, which is the provision of a monthly stipend to every citizen.

This model is similar to MOS. Daily dividends access to MOF would give hyper nation citizens a sizeable discount in our wealth management and mortgage services. This is bound to enrich the lives of HyperNation citizens. Not that HyperNation is also poised to become a knowledge hub that seeks to cultivate develop and propagate blockchain technology and aims to further the greater good of mankind.

These are all things that molecular future identifies with at our core. The strong ecosystem that molecular future has to develop will ensure that HyperNation will henceforth be back by internationally recognized financial practitioners, well-known venture capitalists, top financial consultants, and well-known investors in the blockchain.

Citizens of HyperNation will similarly benefit from our institutional level market software, providing real-time monitoring of market trends, data integration, information collection, professional analysis, simulated trading, and much, much more referencing is made easy through our global database of blockchain projects, including project data, professional analysis, rating reports, score rankings and blacklists.

Molecular future is also a comprehensive repository for information and will ensure that the community is fully up to date with the latest trends and changes in the marketplace. The combination of the. Tools should bring about a knowledgeable community that is savvy and ready to navigate the intricacies of the metaverse molecular futures, accounting techniques and network wide accounting system can be leveraged toward creating an inclusive credit system.

Consensus algorithms can transparently record and verify all transaction records and intermediaries will be made redundant in this new system. This transparency is vital for upholding. The virtuals that define the HyperNation. Our partnership with HyperNation is just the biggest. We remain on the lookout for new collaborations, with prospective partners to create an edge in the fast paced environment, molecular future.

We’ll continue to redefine the landscape of defy and advanced your evolution of blockchain technology. Thank you so much for listening. My name is Greg. The CMO of MOF. Have a nice day wherever you are. Thank you so much.

Thank you, Mr. Grit reached out a good day to you. Ladies and gentlemen, financial inclusion is the ethos of decentralized finance. And this is something that both HyperNation and molecular future are working to towards with the backing of molecular future, which is one of the worst moves. We know blockchain project specializing in FinTech and financial services that development of HyperNation is bound to be spectacular up next, we have another special guest, Mr.

Chris Hector, for your information, Mr. Chris Hector is a CEO of Genero network who will be sharing more about Janeiro’s partnership with HyperNation. Social media has resulted in the rise of user created content and with the rise of the metaphors and web 3.0 more advanced and efficient storage solutions are needed to keep up with the pace of data being generated.

Do you narrow network is the Wolf’s fist decentralized storage network, vivid curing, complete public blockchain that can blow away the reliable storage infrastructure for matters like HyperNation that will undoubtedly generate a huge amount of data. So now we offer, they do let us hear more from him, Mr.

Chris, over to you,

greetings and a good day to everyone. I’m Chris Hector, the CEO of Genero networks. We are living in an exciting time with numerous technological breakthroughs that are changing the world in the world of tech new inventions rise and fall become obsolete. And make way for new improvements that take their place, regardless of the pace at which we’re moving at, there are certain things that remain unchanged information continues to be relevant.

Our economy has experienced a radical shift from traditional industries established by the industrial revolution to an economy based primarily upon information. In today’s world information is a lucrative and heavily prized commodity. When it comes to secure storage, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Perhaps a safe, hidden behind a painting. That to me is the equivalent of a thumb drive with password protection. In that case, what would giant bank vaults with thick doors equate to that would be cloud storage infrastructures, such as Baidu, Alibaba, or Google. All operating on a centralized server. These are definitely more reliable than a simple thumb drive, but ultimately follow them as all centralized servers can be.

We have relied upon centralized powers and authorities for our data security for far too long. Do we have to understand this centralized storage providers may shut down their services at any moment in the event that their business model becomes unsustainable. Your privacy could be compromised at any time due to inadequate security measures to make matters worse.

These entities charge us an exorbitant sum for their services. Genero network is here to address this conundrum by revolutionizing. The way data is store our ambitious plan involves turning all of the. Into authorities in a decentralized encrypted data storage network, built with blockchain technology, imagine Airbnb, but for data storage, do you have a surplus of storage space?

Why not rent it out for others to use it needs some place to store your data, simply store it in someone else’s excess stories. Unlike centralized entities, which are especially vulnerable to security breaches, our network, divide your file into small parts. Then distributes them across multiple random nodes to ensure data security and privacy.

Since the Genero network is comprised of multiple decentralized nodes spread across the world, the network will have full 24 7. Quality and quantity are two virtues that are usually at odds with each other. Generra was here to prove that these two can co-exist together without one being sacrificed for the other.

How do we achieve this first? Our cloud storage is built in conjunction with a public blockchain, which boasts a perfect data, reliability mechanism, and frameworks to address data redundancy, fault domain isolation, data reconstruction, and more with our advanced deduplication technology Genero network is able to significantly reduce storage costs without compromising data security and ethics, but regardless of how grand our vision for the network can be, we are, but the sum of our parts.

It is vital for us to pay close attention to the nodes, the fundamental component of the Genero network ecosystem. There are two variations of a node, a super node, and an ordinary node, a super node functions as a leader within the community. And its main role is to maintain Janeiro’s network operations.

Super nodes are empowered to approve or reject proposals raised by members of the community. On the other hand, ordinary nodes will make up the bulk of the community. These nodes synchronized ledger transactions provide data storage and raise proposals that can be adopted by the network to ensure efficiency.

Genero will optimally select the nodes nearest to you. Andrew stories. Then utilize peer-to-peer technology and SPO our algorithm to improve data accessibility. In addition, those who rent out their excess storage space are entitled to rewards in the form of Genero tokens. GNM GNM is the governance token of the Genero network and the cornerstone for the robust operations of the entire ecosystem.

There are multiple use cases for GNM on the Genero network. All GNM will be mined with the exception of the GNM pledge. In the first round of note issuance, these will be minted instead. There is no upper limit to the maximum supply of GNM. Previously issued ERC 20 tokens will be swapped with the new GNM tokens at the ratio of wonderful.

As you can see Genero is an advanced co-sharing community though, that is, but the tip of the iceberg, we are the world’s first storage public chain for the metaverse and web fruit. And this community shall serve as the bedrock for the future development of the metal, for the metaverse to succeed. It needs to be matched with reliable storage infrastructure, a 3d virtual space with the huge influx of users and applications comes with incredibly huge data requirements.

In this case, having a decentralized storage network, such as Genero is crucial. We’re excited to announce that the Genero main net will be launching in three months time. There will be many opportunities for users to stake their GNM tokens for additional benefits and. Right now we are on the cusp of a new revolution, and I want to invite you along for this epic journey.

More amazing announcements will be coming right up and I look forward to sharing them with you guys very soon till then. Thank you for listening and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Well, thank you, Chris. And we look forward for more good news from your site. Now, please allow me to welcome, uh, not a speaker to tout you more about one of the hottest topic in the market. The metaverse when it comes to the metaverse blockchain technology serves as a foundation for this virtual walls.

Well, NFTs will be white hole in determining the ownership of digital assets within them. Today is really our honor to have miss N the official embassy leader of hypo and Ft to share more on this with every one of you recognizing the potential that an FTS have. She believes that an FTS can help in a tokenization of assets to allow decentralized finance with the adoption of an FTS going up Woolwine.

Ms. Anne believes that hypo and at T will be an indispensable part of the future. And now we don’t want to do, please give a very warm welcome as she shares more about hypo and and his very first and Ft collection over to you, Mr.

Hello, everyone does this mistress and the ambassador for hyper NFT. And I’m honored to be speaking here today to introduce an exciting product that is about to be launched the two hottest topics today. I’m no doubt the medical. Even FTS and experts believe that the growth of these two sectors would exceed every other product within the market.

In the next 10 years, the meds are, this is actually a network of 3d virtual worlds focused on social lanes, this virtual environment. Where do you expect. Through virtual reality glasses or mantic reality glasses, cell phones, personal computers, and even video the game consoles. You can wear motion sensing controllers to interact with origin objects and use microphones to communicate with the others.

But that cave technology have dreamed of there. Era that word joviality will play as much, all the role as in real life into your read. We would spend a lot of time. I’m interacting with friends and colleagues in virtual spaces, and gradually I’m more comfortable spending money there, plain clothing and items, digital.

Let us talk about NFT. What exactly audit an entity awesome road. Tangible token is a token representing ownership on blockchain and it cannot be copied tempered with or divided. It has the big core value. First it capitalizes on digital content and creates value. Second will be lies on blocking technology to ensure that uniqueness, diversity and terminals assets effectively solving the ownership problem in today’s digital era.

It’s the centralized model can create me benefit content creators and the deans Debbie lions on the centralized third party platform that charge high commission fees and prison is developing rapidly. Use of collectibles onwards, convenes its departments and other views. It’s still in its infancy.

However its applications will continue to expand and be more closely integrated with various fields such as. Define insurance. Thank club tokens. Let’s have this talk. Gene gaming has a metaverse is set to drive the future expansion of the IOT industry. Why am I talking about these two topics today? This is because I will introduce a brand new NFT trading platform known as hybrid and FTE today.

Hybrid NFT will serve as a way for new users to start trading entities, easily feeling the current gaps in the index. Hi, Brit NFT will be a platform with limitless possibilities with new initiatives from issuing feature and empty collections to mystery boxes, white list, and more hyper NFD strives to provide its participants with assessability exclusive products.

New trainee features. The hybrid entity is about to launch its first analytic collection called hyper of star. The LFD project will be sold on hybrid T in the form of route bosses. The Hejaz Anaptys have various droll designs that incorporate the image of the world’s most popular cotton correctors minions that comes with tremendous value.

The hos NFC provides access within the metaverse holders of the hedge less, and the tea can enter hyphenation to interrupt. Theories FDG beta products, such as land to chase played to earn games really as the purchases and more the transaction going into end of T’s will sky rocket from 85, 27 Indian in 2020 to 19.6 billion in 2021 with more than 2.5 million cryptocurrency wallets around the world, holding all trading and empties.

The number of NFT buyers has also loaded from 75,000 to 2.3 million. It’s continued to grow in commonality and platform platforms, high quality products and artists who also easy to use and support. So this thing wish itself from other trading platforms. Hyper NFT will focus on the welfare of the. And we provide them with the assistance they need in every aspect, from the mining process to listing.

In addition to well-known entity. Hi NFT. We’ll also support other NFE assets, such as art collections, music files, sports memorabilia, gaming items, and physical assets. All of these are represented and sold in the form of entities, providing bias with the flexibility to collect and trade the assets. In addition to bringing raw possibilities to autism volumes, the development of HyperNation will also bring both partnerships, overwhelming market support to hyper NFT.

Are you still wondering how we can benefit from hyper NFT, not vicious, something exciting to do now at this moment, are you having a part time wages through entities to go up in value onto tickets in general? First told you holding it for January through bolts for you? Well, this is the case. If you are using the platform in the near future hype NFTE will be altering states and services, as long as you hold and not recognized by us.

We thought this better. It was a taste of hype NFT allowed you to stick it, to earn tokens, Google. This post-test just to sell. It is a great opportunity for you to earn passive income. In addition, hyperactive gradually include more functionalities, such as declining and CDs. Degredated I am confident that hybrid will be the next big thing in the market.

And it all starts with you getting your very first post penalty, the tickets to all upcoming opportunities on the platform. I look forward to seeing you guys on hyper NST.

Thank you, Ms. Anne, we are just like you having high, competent Idhifa high, but, and after you, and in the new world of that metaverse and FTS are a core element. There was a plots this economic system and availability of an FTS to hybrid NFT will open a door towards a more equitable society with debt.

See, we are excited to showcase the launch of hyper NFTs, very fast, and actually collection the hitchhikers of stars or for short, here is a short video. Sit back, relax, enjoy.

Thank you, Ms. Ann, for the wonderful introduction of hyper NFT. I’m sure you already have a glimpse of what’s inside. Hyper NFT. Hello? Hello. My name is Jean today. I was share more about HEPA and Ft and how you are able to reserve a spot by subscribing to the white list. As mentioned earlier by miss N the hyper NFTE platform is about to launch the first NFD figure called hitchhiker all-star.

The NFD project will be sold on HyperNFT in a form of a mystery box Davina’s dog designs of his old ass and empty in opera. The image of the world’s most popular animation IP minions. Would you give them extremely high practical values? Hatred as NFT can also be used as a symbol of identity rights.

All photos can use hos to enter the hypo kingdom to participate in a series of derivatives, put up such as land. Real SDA pitches game P T E use as a token, as a passport to HyperNation and more these hos NFT XSL NFT passport, which is like a golden ticket granting you access to the wonders of the world.

It will blur the line between virtual and physical reality. Your NFTs are symbols of infinite possibilities. They cannot be duplicated or tempered with making them unique with infinite potential in conjunction with a launch. And as a celebration, there will be 10,000 units of NFT. Apple grabs. Each NFT is prizing 100.

You SDT grab it before it’s gone. You snooze you lose. There is more exciting news ahead. We’ve just 100 USD T you get to unlock one from either fall tiers of the hitch or S. The top tier also known as the legendary is at about 100,000 USD T and then neon, the super rare, rare, and basic units after his show ass, either one of these hitches will be yours after two weeks of the subscription.

Before we go for the hold on to your chairs and watch this clip.

Wow. Wow. Wow. This is amazing. I’m beyond words. This is totally totally Subaru. Imagine all you do is subscribe with a 100 USD SDT and you stand a chance to inbox a legendary Hito S so we don’t fit a dude. Let’s go through the white list together. What is a white list? A white list is a reservation list for you to secure a spot to obtain the kitchen as a Vata.

This is the only way to get the limited hos in advance. Click on the link HTTPS hyper nft.world on a top right, click on lock-in put in your email, then click on the popup hurtful word, send verification code a verification code for them is sent to you within a minute. Get the verification court and fill it up.

Then click on lock-in again, the system will let you back to the homepage. This time you will see your email S to user name. We didn’t lock in state. Clean unattached join. Now next, you will come to this page, check your email and go through the terms and condition. If all is. Click on confirm. You may then proceed to make the payment from your wallet.

Once payment is made click on I’ve already paid. Please be informed that the payment link is only valid for two hours. Oh, remember the screenshot of the successful payment page for the lucky draw. You are almost there. Good things come to those who wait, the mystery waltz will come to you in the next 14 days, have fun unboxing who knows maybe you are the owner of the legendary hit your ass, which worked 100,000 you SDT, which is super, super, super rare, getting more and more excited.

Let’s get the drum rolling. Yes. Yes. They joined with my fellow MC she will show you how to win the lucky draw hash hash. You will never know if you win another hit us. Congratulations. Welcome to hate your family back to you. And. Thank you so much. And you know, what is my soul interesting? And it’s so amazing.

And I believe you guys should have a clear picture of what a better worse has in store for the future. And thank you to the input from Mr. Hage, miss and Greg and Chris. Well, time to ramp up the excitement because here comes the lucky door. You know what? At a previous video, you have checked out that, Hey, that is a lucky you’re coming.

So how you are entitled for this lucky job. Let me tell you folks, those of you who have previously registered for our white list, or I should say you have subscribed it, our white list. You have a chance to win 120,000. You as DT Wolf of prizes later, we have the grand prize, which is the legendary with 100,000.

And to go prices. What Penn thousand you as DT H and these NFTs can be used in hypo nation. Well, oh, I said it is definitely the best opportunity for you to subscribe to white list. Why do we say so? Because once you subscribed it in two weeks time, you are entitled to get added a base. And Ft or the super rare, the rare even the legendary.

So make sure it makes sure yeah, you subscribed to it and often you have subscribed to it. I would like to tell you, you are entitled for the lucky dog coming up next. If I’m not mistaken, it should be a nodded 20 minutes more before the start of the lucky draw event. Okay. So if you have not subscribed do it now, you still have to add the minutes to do that.

You can participate. You can walk away with fabulous prices. Don’t forget the lucky draw. We have prices move up to 120,000. You as DT Wolf of an app can wait to see your email appear later on the. All right, well folks, hi boy, NFU will allot HyperNation citizens to my buy, sell and collect exclusive and FTS that can be used within the nation.

It is also responsible for the curation of passport that will allow anyone to become a food Fletch, citizen of HyperNation. If their rights to enjoy all the benefits and thesis associated with it. Now, let us watch another shot video that showcases what the vibrant and incredible world of HyperNation will look like.

So sit back, relax and join a video together.

Ladies and gentlemen presenting to you, the amazing utopia HyperNation. And now moving on to our next segment, we have our much anticipated Q and a sessions in an interesting off time, we have picked some of the most burning questions that you would like to find out. Well, some of the questions I would like to find out more from them who they are, of course they are our guests well, guessable on it will be coming up on screen to address to these questions.

So, first off we have Mr. H Mr. H is the official ambassador of HyperNation as a champion for human rights and equality. Mr. Hagan firmly believes that a pursuit of freedom in today’s world will not be possible. We don’t have revolution. He believes that HyperNation will be able to accomplish the impossible, which is the equation of a wall with true joy.

And equality. So here, I believe that the community is excited to hear more from him. Isn’t it on the things that they can expect from HyperNation. So here, Mr. Hage, are you together with this? That was mom. Now let me elaborate. More HyperNation is an entire nation. So there are plenty of wonderful activities held within now, where do we start?

If you are a person who loves to build things, then these may be fantastic for you since HyperNation is big on world-building. When Travis sing the metaverse, we do it in style. So it is normal for us to purchase digital accessories or fashion attires, like clothes, hats, shoes. Citizens of HyperNation can also be designers and they can sell the designs and creations.

These can be converted into NFTs and be monetized. Then citizens can generate passive income by staking their crypto assets. Even though we have mentioned that HyperNation provides them with a monthly stipend based on the concept of universal basic income, it does not mean that our citizens will simply sit around and do nothing.

Since we are collaborating with hyper NFT, there is a Brady and robust market in place to facilitate transactions. Thank you so much, Mr. Hage. I now really understand it. And thank you so much for such a detailed answer. Well, the math of a sounds like a really exciting place to be. Let me imagine. Just imagine demo.

Come a time. When we get an FTS for luxary clothing that we purchased in real life, say I buy a Gucci handbag in real life and it comes with an NFT, saw that my digital avatar can bear to now there’s traveling install, I would say. Okay, next, when it comes to NFTs, we are aware that there are already multiple online marketplaces that are trading NFTs too.

So our next questions will be directed to the lovely miss Anne, because she has a lot of knowledge on this. Well, Ms. Anne, how does hyper NFP plan to distinguish itself from this plan? Well, that’s a wonderful question. For starters, hyper NFT will be established as a platform that mints endless the newest NFE collections out there.

Hyper NFT shall facilitate the trade of everything related to NFTs such as art collections, music, sports memorabilia, game assets, or even real world items. The platform is expected to partner with countless high quality projects. Meaning that those on our white list will have exclusive access to some of the newest and highly demanded NFC projects.

This will provide limitless opportunities for our users, but hyper NMT is more than just a marketplace. We are ready to provide our artists with the assistance they need in every aspect, from the minting process, all the way up to listing, we built, we establish connections. We are ready to provide whole end users to increase the artist’s exposure and guarantee that these artists can receive fair compensation for their work.

This is why hyper NFT is pad with HyperNation. The synergy between these two ecosystems will create benefits that feel NFT marketplaces can provide the two entities, shall what together and share their core strengths to improve the overall index. Well fair compensation from heart work. That is really very interesting.

And it sounds like hyper NFP will be a platform that caters exclusively to some of the hotness and moves exclusive. And after collections out there, perhaps it will be the next platform to host the very next crypto punks or even the bot collection. And if that happens, I’m sure that hyper NFTE will have the potential to overtake OPC next.

Can you also tell us more about the relationship between hyper NFT en HyperNation? Well, certainly hyphenation by itself is a vast community composed of like-minded individuals who want to have to want to create and adjust an equal world through decentralization, by connecting hyper NFT through HyperNation.

And if the sellers are given the invaluable opportunity to tap into this tech savvy and knowledgeable community, this should increase the amount of consumer footfall in the marketplace, directing more traffic and exposure to the exibit NFTs. Since these two platforms are both built on blockchain technology integration should be seen.

Well, thank you so much saying this sounds like a very synergistic partnership in there. And I believe that the exchange of information and knowledge would definitely be beneficial to everyone currently in Wharf in the space. Now we know that besides hyper NFT, HyperNation has also established strong partnerships with other blockchain projects, and we would love to hear about this from one such partner.

So the next question is to Mr. Quick. Great. Can please tell us more about molecule future partnership with HyperNation and I would really like to know how did it first come to be? Sure. Thank you so much for having me. We have been looking for some time for a community that shares a love and passion for blockchain.

An amazing coincidence that we happened to stumble upon a passionate and knowledge learning knowledge first in community, uh, from HyperNation in molecular future, our customers enjoy the best financial services available in the market backed by our institutional level, uh, software and the vast and indispensable database of blockchain projects and investments.

However, despite our achievements and accolades over the past years, we remain hungry for more with this new partnership, our access to this advanced community will provide us with the necessary feedback to improve upon our existing. So. Hyper nation’s economic model based on consensus and decentralization, coupled with their constant pursuit of technological advancement makes them a good fit for us.

Molecular future is interested in hosting discussions, debates and conversations on the best ways to improve the blockchain industry in this area. And we need thought leaders, tech and physiatrists and members with strong opinions on the end of this. Well, that sounds really interesting and amazing. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that MOS passion for blockchain technology and dry for continuous growth is a sight to behold.

It is no one to the enemy. Financial services has been off the highest quality, and it seems that this partnership will propel them to greater Heights. So cute. Great. What is next for molecular future? Can you actually share some updates with first year? Absolutely. Um, well, molecular future has always been forward looking.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities. At the moment we have a selection of over 30 hedge funds and quantitative funds for our users. More options will be gradually added as our ecosystem grows organically via mergers, collaborations and partnerships in the blockchain space. Molecular future, uh, we’ll continue to strive to be the number one global one-stop investment platform.

Definitely. It would definitely be the number one global investment platform because you have over 30 funds and it must mean that MOF offers a dispersive five Lees of option for their investor to choose from. And which means that they can customize between varying level of lists, different industries and countries, along with different financial instruments with that level of professionalism and flexibility, and very sure what I could a future we’ll have nothing but success in the future.

And now last but not least, we have some crushes for our last guest. Skip, uh, let us welcome our dear course from Genero network. Hi Chris. Thank you so much for joining.

Lovely. Well, lately Genero network has been making quite a bus in the blockchain sector. Is there a reason for that? I would also like to ask you a question is we’ve you, it cuts the cloud storage as users of cloud storage services. We are use to paying high, a mobile fees to store important data. I find it really interesting that with Genero network now their rules cannot be reversed and we, the users can become storage providers and an additional income from there.

So please tell us more about Janeiro’s rewards system, Chris. Well, we are very excited about the possibilities that Genero and that work will bring for the future networks for wards are issued in the form of GNM token. At a ratio of 8 1, 2, 1, the majority of the G and M tokens mined from each new block or more specifically 80% is given to the supernodes.

While 10% is distributed to ordinary notes, the remaining 10% will be distributed to the Genero team to ensure continuous development in the Genero ecosystem. The records show of token distribution can be adjusted in the future. Hm. I see in this case, it sounds like there is a lot of incentive for us to sign on as a supernode.

We help foster cloud storage market is growing this solid and amazing system to take advantage of isn’t it. Okay. Next, let me ask you something that I’ve always been puzzled by while there are some pros when it comes to decentralization, it seems like Genero network is using a mixture of both centralization and decentralization mechanism with that in mind, with centralization, simplify transactions and improve security.

Well, the blockchain system, which Genero network is based on may be decentralized. However, our nodes are fully trusted and centralized to manage data, as well as verify if data is stored. Correct. The inclusion of these centralized nodes eliminates the need for complex authentication mechanisms. Indeed, we will only need to utilize simple private authentication.

Another key difference with Janero is that uses an erasure, your code for resiliency rather than replication. This is because bandwidth is a limiting factor for decentralized cloud storage networks. The team at Genero has prioritized simplicity in every aspect when designing. I see. Thank you. That was such an insightful answer.

I agree with you, Chris. Uh, the blockchain should be all about simplicity while the system itself, maybe too complicated for an average user to understand the interface needs to be simple and intuitive enough for anyone, everyone to start using it on the go. Now folks, we have come to the end of our Q and a.

I have this very last question is for Mr. H the terms of consensus that he has mentioned so many times appear so many times when we are talking about the HyperNation. How exactly do citizens in HyperNation achieve a consensus here, Mr. H that is an interesting question here. I would like to elaborate more on this concept of Dao also known as decentralized autonomous organization.

The town system helps to foster a systematic consensus by allowing citizens to individually propose new initiatives and ideas. And to then collectively vote on decisions as a nation, when new proposals are initiated, citizens can then vote to decide on its implementations where the eventual result is a decision by the collective masses.

Participants can also receive financial rewards just by participating, which is a great way to motivate citizens, to do their part, to build and grow as a nation. We believe that consensus decisions can lead to better quality outcomes that empower the community to move forward, to create the future together, create a better future to get up.

And I say, Totally agree with what you have said. That towel motto is one of the most democratic organization model in the world. And community governance allows us to contribute ideas that may previously be ignore. This is akin to giving a voice to the voiceless, allowing anyone to come forward with amazing ideas and initiatives that will improve the organization.

So once again, we’re work here. We’d like to see a big thank you to our speakers. Thank you so much to you. Your answers are really amazing and we hope to see you again in the near future. Thank you, speakers again, a big round of applause to you all

ladies and gentlemen, right now, the opportunity of a lifetime is knocking on your door. You have a choice to either ignore it or welcome it as a way to improve your life. I would like to say live is shot. Hold on to every single opportunity that you can. And now ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the mus exciting moment.

Often nights event. Yes. The moment you have all been waiting for the lucky draw speaking about today, we’ll be giving away. Two three yes. Trip prizes with the grim price, a legendary and at T work 100,000 USD. Once again, we would like to congratulate early bets who register for our white list. As you guys are already entitled to this lucky door.

And also for those of you who really grew up the 20 minutes that have, you know, get you earlier and already subscribed to our white list, you are on the list as well. And I hope that you are one of the lucky winners walking away with this fabulous prizes, but who will be the lucky winner? I don’t know, but we can find it out together.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we will let a draw begin. But before that, we will like to inform you that we will be drawing by emus. So keep a lookout for your email address. Okay. So now we’re B we’re going to have three drawers. Let’s begin with the first role, which is our goal price.

These. And Ft walk 10,000 U D T each. And these NFTs can be used in hypo nation. I hope your email address appeared on it. All right. So if everyone is really at a count off tree to one, draw me the lucky winner. Would it be your email address, his email address or her email address? I have no idea, but we can export it together.

We can find it out together. Eco correlations to CF media grip 20 twenty@gmail.com. Lovely. Congratulations. You are so lucky being our first winner, walking away with NFTY 10,000 USD, T H and these NFT can be used in HyperNation. Yeah. All right. So after days, let us draw a nada Wiener. Who got to walk away with a good price with Penn thousand, you as DTH.

And these NFTs can be used in HyperNation as well. So are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? If everyone is already at a of tree to one, draw me the lucky winner. I see your email address appearing on the screen. Oh, I saw your email address or maybe it’s his email address? Oh, congratulations to June on it’s called kasi@yahoo.co.in lovely June.

You are the lucky winner. Wow. So simple and easy. We have already got two winners that have got themselves pen pals, and you as DT Wolf of NFTs that can be used in HyperNation. Here, we have come to our grand price. Grand price is what you used to remember about it is the legendary NFT with 100,000 USD tea.

So we hope that you are the lucky winner. Okay. Don’t be disappointed because you are not the previous two lucky jaws. It might be yours. I already at a kind of tree. Cute. One less.

do we have your email address appearing on the screen here we have. Yes. Stopping is slowing up and congratulations to Troy russia@gmail.com. Troy Russia. Lovely. Congratulations. You are our winner. We have walked away with the legendary NFTs Wolf. Wow. 100,000 us. That’s so fabulous. Venus. You are so lucky today is indeed your lucky day.

Lovely to see this lucky winner joining us here and now ladies and gentlemen, we will really, really like to say that, Hey, we have come to the moment that you know what to say goodbye to you, but if you are not feeling happy, don’t be not happy because we have a good news for you. But this who have get to win.

Via not because they’re small, where that came from hive a nations have a nation. Doesn’t leave anyone out in the cold. We have an additional 55 prizes with 20,000 USPTA up for grabs. That is five big prizes have 2000 USD, each and 50 constellation prices who have to outweigh USD. H all prizes can be used in HyperNation and how you can get these opportunities.

Simple. All you have to do is pay and subscribe to our ways. It is important that you screenshot the purchase of the hos and keep it for no less than 72 hours. Uh, more than we though were PMQ within the timeframe. And here is the fun part. There’s more than one chance to win the hero. As NFT sees, there are four social media platforms for you to participate in.

Isn’t it. So for you. You, what you need to do is just like a video and subscribe to our channel. Then enter the link in the chat box below for medium subscribe and command below our announcement posts. The same goes with rated. Okay, everyone got it. And last but not least for Twitter first, you need to follow our page, then comment on our post and retweet it.

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All right. Wonderful. Here, ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end of the event. And once again, on behalf of HyperNation, we’ll like to say a big thank you to all of you. Thank you for your time today. And we hope you had a wonderful and fit for session today. We hope to see each and every one of you as a citizen in HyperNation to then take care and we will meet very, very soon.

Goodbye. .