DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorThese videos show that this is just a Ponzi scheme. It is all about Multi Level Marketing, these are the leaders in the MLM Industry and they are the best.

There’s no such talk about the EcoSystem or MetaVerse. “Steven Reece Lewis” is nowhere to be seen or ever mentioned in there scheming talks and conversations. These are just a group of men and women who are more concerned about building their own wealth, using your money to get a head in life.

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Um, we know our own styles. We need to think about also the fact that this, the, the family that we have in this community, you know, this family that we have in this community is to so much godly, genuine love that we have for. We know God doesn’t build jock. You know, you don’t put together no junkie, but this is a godly thing.

You know, it puts together things that it’s going to be sustainable things it’s going to allow people’s lives to be changed and things to be successful. So we need to believe, think about those kinds of things, you know, and you know, really at the event that was at this weekend, you know, just being able to hug and love on people.

One of the other side of the camera was the thing. And that’s what makes this whole community, so absolutely phenomenal and wonderful. We didn’t just go back to basics, go back to where we started from and look at where we came from and just kind of elevate from there to think about moving, going from there and not appreciate the fact that you went out there to, you know, to the, to the scan thing and read off all the different, um, the withdrawals that’s taken place.

Come on it’s happening, it’s happening. I mean, up those, those stacks you can go to and scan, you can see the and that is said to me every single day to somebody who’s following it. So I’m not, I’m very aware, but they are taken care of, but the has to be. It has to be controlled. You know, also people don’t even know this, but the company was losing about 10 to $15 million every single day from those multiple accounts that was, is that sustainable?

That’s not sustainable. We can’t sustain that. So of course we have to pump the brakes, you know, pump the brakes and let’s just get this thing right. And just figure it out and make it. And biggest sustainable. So I don’t know what’s going to happen in the end. We put everything decided to do it to Sydney, and this is going to all be good.

And I’m just looking forward to enjoy the ride. You know, they’re going to fix the things that we need to have, fix and tweak the things that we need to have to meet. We’re just going to move them along and move along the way. And I’m just happy to be a part I’m not going. I mean, they say everything will be alive.

And if it’s not all right, it’s not exactly. I like that. Somebody used that one so much and get, well soon, get yourself back fit. You got a bit, you look beautiful. Thank you. You call it. And Jackie, none of us knew what.

Going back to my bed somewhere

to leave me that evening to everyone online tonight. He, well, what can I say? I’m still into myself because. I have brokers. I’m definitely here three and a half months now having a great time, you know, I just wanted to thank God for this platform. Um, there’s so many things being said, I haven’t said anything for a while and just listened, kept listening and, you know, wondering to myself, why are these people, why are they complaining?

Just keeping a young man in my team caught, it said to me that he was listening, uh, watching you read something I’ve done. You know, a lot of noise was demo. And I said, I don’t need one. I said, I don’t I don’t have any time for the noise. But he said, he just wanted to know what, you know, what my team are saying and what was going on.

I said, what’s going on? I don’t see anything going on. Everything’s fine. And I’m so convinced from the first time that I was introduced to hypo first I’m like you were the first webinar that I had. Something tells me, I just believe in you. And I said, and I, and I really believed in, you know, a lot of what Jack would say, I’m not going in weight anywhere.

I’m home. I’ve been in a lot of stuff. Didn’t make anything. It would have never even got my name out there. But, um, at BP three on the customer VP for, and I’m having a great time, I am bad. Yes. Things. It’s tough, but we’ve been there before. We’ve all been through tough times. And what do we do when we’re making good?

We still don’t feel don’t do anything with, with, with the ponds that we make. We just blow it and expect it to go a bit always here. You know, I’m so happy that we’re in the space because you know what it is teaching me personally about patients and I’m thinking. You have to prepare for tomorrow, not just for today.

And we looking along to. You know, and if I’ve never believed in this before today, when the hibernation came out, I said, my God, this is it. Does people listen to what’s going on out there? The company is looking out for our interests hit on the 1% that we, everything. We spend a lot of money on the 1% and the rest of us.

It’s like slate. It’s time. We turn it around. This community is full of life. This community is going to make us. We should be brought to see or to be slaves or be at the buckle that is this, these guys are bringing us stuff to be number one, to be who we are. And I’m just so happy. So I am with you, my friend, and I’m with the ladies, Tommy, Jackie, Brenda, you know, cut page.

You can’t do it any more than what you’re doing. Just keep doing what you’re doing. We just love. Just love it. Just don’t worry. Don’t don’t listen to the noise. Don’t listen to the noise and just relax. Don’t get high blood pressure because these people have high blood pressure. And then we out of here, he was so you just stapled look after yourselves without the family and your friends.

And we are going to be. But then too, when somebody is doing just fine for us, I spent all up. Okay. Thank you so much. And they joined Jamaicans once in Jamaica as a Tanya. How are you? Great. Hi Keith Long time. So grateful that you’re still here. And so. And I just wanted to say, um, thank you for standing for the company and for all of us, just like everybody else said.

And I was just thinking of, um, it’s funny about, um, hyper every single day that hyper is doing things. I feel more excited because. It is a big church. And I was really thinking a lot about how, when you, when you did the Tron scan, I immediately was looking over there and I sort of thought I’d been before, but it’s really important for people to see the big, the big picture here, because, you know, originally when I first got involved, you know, the focus was about the ecosystem and, um, now it’s HyperVerse and hibernation and this whole.

Big picture of what? Just like Mavis said what, um, what it can do for, for the world, you know, like much, much deeper than just some rewards. Um, really taking our lives to the vision of what Ryan had to begin with. Um, anyway, I just am so excited about so many things. It made me think of whatever’s going on.

Uh, I’ve I’ve read in the chats, you know, where people are saying, well, how can they do this when this and all that, but it’s sort of like this I’ve been an I, um, I’ve been an it for, uh, you know, over 20 some years and. I remember working with, I was looking at a university and just because we might’ve had system upgrade or some things that didn’t work with some things that were delayed, it never stopped other departments from doing their jobs.

Like it never stopped us from having like the Maryland day or football game. Or, um, in, so it’s the same thing with the Hypertech group and hibernate hyper in general. It’s like, just because one thing is having whatever issues that they’re working on, it doesn’t mean that the marketing department stops or the vision of what is going on for the next five years.

Thoughts. So anyway, I just was, um, I just wanted to say I’m so grateful that this platform is still here in the bedroom. And this is the time when things are in the past that I’ve been in just disappeared, but instead this other amazing vision is happening. So I’m excited. So I just want to say thank you everybody.

Thank you, Jackie. I see you there and I’m working away. Yeah. Thank you. You know, thank you for, I still been, you know, in the background, um, and. You know, this is an exciting platform. Every, all the little videos that they’ve been talking about, about hibernation and HyperVerse, um, the NFTs, everything, it is powerful.

So I, I just want to encourage everybody that. You know, as far as withdrawals go, there are withdrawals that are coming through. HVT is working. There’s a lot more to this platform than meets the, the eye of the small vision purse. So that’s all. Gotcha. Thank you so much with a ULA. Um, look in the code, Denise.

we’re going to go to Denise. Denise. You’ve got your back to the camera. Do you want to say anything? You want to get off she’s on the phone. There we go. I’ve asked you to actually doing the dishes. I think maybe she doesn’t realize she’s supposed to be on down. Well, I’ve asked, told me that she’s not, Roger is on the phone.

I’m doing the dishes. What can I say? Maybe she cooked him some food, something nice.

Okay. Once you

said morning, I should say rather,

sorry. Quick P Chinese bottle tree, the Chinese bamboo tree. Very few will take time to nurture. To read rewards of it. Everyone wants a quick fix, a quick turnover. That’s why the doors benefit from longevity. Thank you for what you are doing. Scientific leadership and to any other leader from Trinidad and Tobago.

Um, so that is it, um, this a bit of background noise, but no, we rush out that’s it. We’re going to share with you VIP five stuff. My dear friend, Bitcoin rod shop. How are you? Hey, Katie, can you hear me loud and clear brother. All right, man. Um, I wanna thank you, Keith, for all that you do, man. And, um, like I said, you can overtreat Keith is planted in the ground, correct?

Okay. Move a tree. That’s planted in an environment. Yeah. I want to congratulate everyone on here that, um, you know, have qualified for different ranks in the company. Cause like I said, you, you get there and you can’t get there without, without people and without helping people, you know, servicing. Um, critics greatness, you know, and, um, my mother was my first business partner, you know, 15 months ago back in February of last year.

And, um, a young lady shared with me, um, didn’t even know me, you know, she, she met me on messenger, me on messenger. You know, I looked at it, it made sense. And uh, now, you know, she has a $22 million link, right. So you don’t have to know. That, that person, you know, stranger, anything. Um, and 10 months, uh, in two weeks I hit the IP five in this company and I’ve been helping people ever since, you know, I have.

And with the beautiful.


the possible grubs that one needs to go through is my dear friend. My rock with down, covering me and shorten that.

Um, I wouldn’t say to be able to do that, but it’s the way we deliver it. So thank you. Thank you, Jackie. Last, what’s going to be with you because you’ve been on this journey for two and a half.

And you know what he, you know, if I didn’t say anything tonight, wow. Something would definitely be wrong. And, you know, right off to the cops today, I sat in for you at three o’clock. And I think I say to you a little bit earlier, it’s been a rough week, but you know what I want to say to you guys? And, you know, he just said that I’ve been there.

Right after chemo. And, um, I always say this, I will follow him to the moon and back, because I believe in everything that this man does. And, um, further for the duration of the time of being here, he’s been right up front and center with he and everything that he knows. We all know he, he holds nothing back.

So whatever you guys read in whatever. Here in whichever way, you’re feeling luck. That will only stick. If you believe, you have to believe that being here this long and seeing we’ve gone through so many changes, seeing that these guys have been. In an hour, we should have no doubt, no doubt whatsoever. So all I’m saying to each and every one of you guys, if you did believe you would not have any doubt whatsoever.

And I think I said this once you cannot have 99.9% a bully, you have to be in this a hundred percent and that’s the only time you are going to feel like you’re in the right. At the right time. I’m here. My family’s here. My pool frames are here. If they’re not with me. And if they don’t believe in what I’m doing, then something is wrong because I’m a good mother.

I’m a good sister. I’m good. And I’m a good cousin. Well, I’m not a grandmother, but you know what I’m saying? I would not steer my family or my friends or no one, anyone who crossed my path down the wrong way and keep what you guys have here. What you guys have this gentleman sitting in front of you. You know, you’re you’re him on the call.

You’ve seen him on the leadership and I think many members may think that’s all he does when we’re sleeping. He’s working. He’s on so many calls. Guys have no idea, none, none whatsoever, but he’s there for him, for us all. He, this man will. Battle for each and everyone, but believe in what you have believe in what you’re seeing, believe in what he’s saying.

Okay. Because a couple months from now down the road, I don’t want to hear anyone, especially in my team. I don’t want to hear, watch person come back to me and say, oh, I’m so sorry. I did not believe. Or, you know, I got shifted. No, stay away from me if you’re going to have that. Okay. You’re at the right place at the right.

I sat on the, uh, I said on last Friday call, if you’re feeling uncomfortable right now, because you can all, you, you, you can’t wait for everything sort of detox. Go to church, have a drink. I don’t care. Go to the beach, do something and find yourself, remember where you were before. Hyper-V. And then look at where you are now and where you will be grounded.

Believe someone say you sh you should always remember why you’re not working. Why, why you joined Hyperfund is a HyperVerse. There was a purpose. And the why I want you guys just to take a step back and remember why. And I guarantee you, if that, if your, why was really real, you’ll stay strong. And wait for everything to be sorted out.

I love you guys so much amp, you know, there is no words to know, or whatsoever in that dictionary to express the way I feel about you and the way I believe in you. So, you know, you know, I’m with you all the way. So guys,

no doubt. I had to come on tonight to represent the communities, to be a leader, um, to give my take on everything. No, I don’t have all the answers. Um, but I do know one thing is I show up my shop, my show up until I get the answers until we get the answers. And all I can do is look back over the last two and a half years and look for my very humble beginnings and how many, many thousands and tens of thousands of lives have been touched by this.

Not everyone because not everybody took advantage of the opportunity and we vaccinate people come down. They’ve probably forgotten their logins. Walked away from it. It’s natural, but the ones that have benefited a lot, just the gift and the talent to individuals that this is a natural for them. We’re talking about everybody had the same opportunity and some have taken advantage of it and really turned things around for themselves.

And even though we’re going through some challenges right now, the most important thing is that we have done what no other company. For the vast majority of our membership. That’s a fact. And I’ve been and seen some of the months that I’ve come and gone in the last seven years. Some of you, if I rattled off 50 names, you say, yeah, I heard about that company, that company, that company, that company, what we have done for the lives of our community members here, we’ve, we’ve done as much as any of them as all the other bad monsters.

We rectified. We’ve given people a chance to get back what they may have lost somewhere else. And so many stories. The I’m positive. I’ve lost elsewhere. Many half that came here and came here because they lost terribly somewhere else. Okay. But yet they’ve turned things around here and not only for themselves, but for their teams.

And they’ve changed the lives of many others. If that doesn’t inspire you, if that doesn’t get you choose every single day, if that doesn’t get to go to sleep with a smile on your face and things, you know what, whatever happened. These guys have they redistributed and they’ve taken a bunch of the market and they’ve given us a chance to take advantage of the market.

As I said, last year was our summer. We went through autumn around Christmas time, and now we’re in winter and remember seasons, you cannot cannot stop the seasons. They come every single three months is a season. That’s how it was in business. It should be a longer period of. But you do have your seasons understand that.

And if you don’t believe me, just take them from the financial markets. Go on YouTube. You should see what’s going on out there outside of paper. See what’s happening outside of hyper everything’s up in the shops. That’s that’s just the actual food interest rate. Everything is up apart from wages, which is going down and everything also is doing bloop.

We’ve got wars we’ve got in boggle, got so much stuff going on that side, guys, that this is really very, very tough time. They’re talking about depression. Forget about recession. They’re talking about boredom. Depression. So we’re navigating through these very stormy waters. As you assess, stay calm and you calm the waters and they wanted to leave the boat.

You can be out on the lake, on the water fishing, they wanted to leave, but what did he say? Stay. Become be still. That’s what we have to do, guys, guys. I love you all. What can I say? Um, two hours, almost two hours of Q and a and testimonials. I just had a conversation conversation with me. So I’m going to thank you or Jesse down.

Thank you so much. Um, I know that. Uh, um, Kell still here with us Chell who hosted, uh, almost two hours and 15 minutes ago. Thank you so much for everything. It’s not guys. I appreciate support. We had, well over 600 to nine, we still got almost 400 on the call. Just over 380. It wasn’t recorded. I’m sorry, but this is a heart to heart.

Just go away and tell your team, tell them what you’ve heard tonight. And you’re still juiced and you’re still positive. Thank you so much, guys. Appreciate you all. I’m going to hand it back to, um, Cal Joe. And how about to you? My friend? Let’s say thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Get out a wonderful call tonight. I must’ve kicked. There was a lady who set the tool on the four oh one call this evening. But the part two of the call, which ended up being like a training or leadership training Williams, she stood up to order and I want to close off this evening, but before she closed off this evening, um, let me adjust.

Because Jackie said something back to you on why on your, why must propelled you for tomorrow for your future? What is if you came here for, we load down some people, I was kicked out. Some people . But let’s be real guys. Let’s be real. Let’s be real

here before it’s kid. And it’s really crazy because you sat down to about 200 and I had to deal with that situation shut up about a month ago. And this individual started with a $500 membership and they’re going to buy a car and I’ve got a couple of. Just say that by my adjustment PO magic. So some people really have a twisted idea of what it is we do here.

We have 10 rewards on education. Um, we have transform lives. Across the Caribbean as kids that are crossing us across Europe. Of course we have done, even in the midst of trials, even in the midst of when markets were crushing lives are still being transformed. Across this space. So I don’t know if Ms.

Williams is there, but I want to close all of this. Even guys, we love you. We appreciate you. And we want to see you again and again. I try my best not to disturb you because I know as Jackie said, home, beat you up. I fought some stuff and I knew I had to take a back step. I had to step back a little because I knew this does not keep in a particular group.

Expect some of these individuals to be leaders. They weren’t trying to make it as though this is Triton. So you said you’re not on business? Well, I couldn’t believe I saw the videos like how to use my image is ridiculous. Is it, is it, um, Yes, sir, the doctor who can ask it’s on mute and she can come back.

Uh, Dr. Tamiya. Oh, wow. You know what I feel honored. I met Mr. Keith Williams in London as well. Um, miss the opportunity to visit his home, but next time, but this is what I want to say to all of you that are listening here tonight. And, um, and this is real simple. Either you are feeding your fear, uh, or you are starving.

It. You know, um, and at the end of the day, when we find ourselves in a situation like this and my experience of being in this industry, myself personally, not this industry, but the industry of network marketing and sales. And I know that this is not that, um, we’ve come across a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff happens, but at the end of the day, I’m going to tell you something, it gets better.

It always gets better. It looks like it’s not going to, but it does. And they have leadership like the leadership we have in Mr. Keith Williams. Who’s not somebody who runs away from the problem, but somebody who hits it head on and stayed in the trenches to make sure that we are aware and we are equipped with leadership.

Like the leadership we have, we cannot go wrong. We cannot go wrong. But the question is tonight, what. You know, what are you going to do? I know for me personally, I didn’t get involved in this just to, um, just to play around. I know I’ve been in the background for a minute, Mr. Williams, because of my background.

I am a networker and I’ve been in this industry, like you’re at least. For over 30 years. And I got into this because I really want to build a community for mentally disabled people. I have a son that lost oxygen at birth and my son, um, he’s been through a lot in his life and, and I don’t believe that God gave me this vision, um, and also gave me this opportunity to take it away from me.

I believe that through it all, when we come out of this, just like the Hebrew boys and, and I’m not here to preach to anybody tonight, but let me tell you something. When you come out of this. So we will be shining like pure gold. I know it without a shadow of a doubt. I look forward to the outcome. I’m celebrating from where I am right now, because I know the end is going to be sweater this week.

And I know that all of us that are here tonight that have made a commitment to stay in the trenches, to follow our leader, to be, to be behind him and helping ourselves at the same time. I know that our best is yet to come today to day y’all is the best days of the rest of days. And I’m excited about it.

So thank you, Bob, allow me to close here tonight. I really feel honored and privileged and to my brother there in Jamaica and all over the world as the loo, all of you. And I’m so glad that we’re in this together. It’s just the beginning of greater things to come. So. Let’s celebrate. Let’s celebrate right now.

All right. Thank you so much. You are amazing. Thank you. Brilliant. So, uh, Cal that said we are pretty much at the end. I want to thank you again for your leadership petition. The. A year ago in the Caribbean say, right, we’re going to run with this. We’re going to build something here and you have both done all that you’ve done for the guys, standing the Caribbean, Jackie Dell, again, ever present sent you for just your support, your leadership.

You guys are awesome. Uh, chow. That’s it, man, because of corrupt by. I always say one team, one family, one membership. .