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In this shocking video originally recorded Mar 21, 2023, we present raw, unedited footage that exposes the potential involvement of Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi in a criminal network. This video unveils his associations and actions that suggest his participation in illicit activities, raising serious questions about his role.


Dr. Kamalabadi has a seemingly impeccable public persona, but his connections with notorious figures like Sam Lee and Shavez Anwar (aka Shavez Ahmed Siddiqui) indicate otherwise. These associations suggest his involvement in a network engaging in money laundering and human trafficking.



CO-FOUNDER OF BLOCKCHAIN GLOBAL: An Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain solutions company.
PUBLIC ADVOCATE FOR BLOCKCHAIN: Known for promoting blockchain technology at international forums.
CONTROVERSIAL FIGURE: Linked to fraudulent activities and Ponzi schemes. Claims to have a call center with 500 workers released into his care by the President of the UAE. He has also been involved in luring individuals to move to China and Dubai under false pretenses, as evidenced by a Chinese woman who thanked me for saving her from a dangerous situation.


ALIAS: Uses two names interchangeably.
WE ARE ALL SATOSHI / BOOMERANG: Involved in selling fake arbitrage trading licenses, with $140 million observed being paid into their super wallet. Shavez has been deeply connected with this fraudulent project.
CRIMINAL NETWORK: These individuals have been part of a broader scheme, with informants revealing £6 million being funneled into the UK. Though many details remain unverified, their criminal activities are well-documented.


This video showcases a conversation between Dr. Kamalabadi, Sam Lee, and Shavez Anwar, highlighting Dr. Kamalabadi’s potential involvement in their criminal network. While direct evidence of money laundering or human trafficking is not shown, correspondence and informants have linked these individuals to such heinous acts. Dr. Kamalabadi, despite his clean public image, is guilty by association due to his ties with these criminals.


– International Influence: With a broad international perspective and advanced degrees, Dr. Kamalabadi has been a significant player in fostering international trade and investment.
– Professional Ventures: Involved in high-profile business ventures, especially in technology.
– Advisory Roles: Provides insights into geopolitical dynamics, particularly in China and the Middle East.
– Organizations and Projects: Leads organizations promoting international cooperation and economic development.
– Public Speaking: Sought-after speaker on global economic trends and technology’s role in development.
– Philanthropy: Supports initiatives in education, healthcare, and economic opportunities in underdeveloped regions.


While Dr. Kamalabadi’s public image suggests a man dedicated to innovation and development, this video raises serious questions about his true role in these illegal activities. Watch the raw footage to witness the evidence and draw your conclusions about his involvement in this criminal network.


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