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  • Self doubt
  • Denial – head in the sand
  • With business slow we can suffer from imposter syndrome
  • Time – where best to use it
  • Virtual/remote/online interaction – breeds poor behaviour for some
  • Aggressive communications from frustrated clients
  • Suffering from burnout and doing too much in a day


  • Zoom Meetings
  • Stress
  • Listening to others experience
  • Falling into “Ground hog” day; requiring heaps of self-motivation
  • “She’ll be right” attitude – unrealistic views
  • Need for change – quickly
  • Netflix
  • Realisation that your cashflow drastically reduced.
  • Whinging for the sake of whinging
  • Lockdown provided the opportunity to reflect on and refine your business processes and systems
  • Reality check at what works in business.
  • looking for new opportunities -online shop


  • Looking at your business a difference way
  • Co-Working
  • Proven ability to work remotely away from the office
  • Mix of home vs office working
  • 4 day week
  • Invest time in networking activities
  • www.activtrak.com employee monitoring software
  • Engage in direct human contact as distinct from 100% on-line
  • Delegate responsibility to employees
  • Avoid the “Well” poisoners
  • Call out bad behaviour
  • Seek objective advice/views (not family)
  • Adopt new technologies
  • “Sack” bad clients
  • Build flexibility and responsiveness into your business
  • Try add a bit of fun to the day


  • Accountability: taking that time out for yourself.
  • Talk to someone to get some Enthusiasm
  • Dog needs walking
  • Surround yourself with positive enthusiastic people.


Transcribed by Otter

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