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  • Deal the number one but work with number two
  • For collaboration to work it needs to be a win win for each of the partners.
  • Finding the good synergy… good communication & being on the same path for the same final goal.
  • Good collaboration is built on trust
  • Collaborate with people with the same morals & integrity.
  • Clear outcomes with time boundaries


  • You have to work on collaboration to make it work
  • It really depends on the extent or the complexity of the collaboration
  • It’s like delegation – you have to check that what you expect is actually happening


  • Intellectual Property ownership needs to be cleared up
  • Research their background and dig up their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have defined leadership and role definition
  • Discuss & document memorandum of understanding.
  • Clear leadership
  • Regularly recap & monitor program & progress in associations with expectations.
  • Have a great COACH, Captain & team.
  • Mutual respect and flexibility
  • Define goals & targets


  • Great Collaboration Needs Clear Expected Outcomes And Defined Leader
  • Be clear on what your expected return on investment will be from your collaborators.


  • Does Collaboration Add Or Give You Time? Or Does It Depend On The Activity.?
  • Is ELITE : SIX a business in its own right – not as just Danny’s networking company but as a focused competent collaborative group of consultants?


  • How to Negotiate

Transcribed by Otter

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