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  • Perception is reality
  • Highest profiles has the loudest voice
  • Action makes your relevant
  • Buy a qualification on-line!
  • Training, Certification
  • Customer experience (referrals) = credible authority
  • Authority = knowledge + experience
  • Runs on the board, not necessarily qualifications
  • Get the skills and write the book about your field of expertise – it helps establish you as an expert.
  • Practical experience vs qualifications
  • Self appointed authority
  • Have accumulated a bank of real world experience to draw upon for others


  • An authority or expert can always learn more
  • People lie
  • Some experts can’t translate their ideas/concepts into language that people can understand
  • “Comparison is the thief of joy” Theodore Roosevelt
  • Always going to get haters – tall poppy
  • The time and money it can take to get the knowledge/experience needed to be able to position us as experts.
  • Flash labelling does not mean quality


  • Get your clients to talk to your prospects
  • Case studies
  • Learning from someone who is an authority in their field
  • University will not be around in the future Educating kids at school to be entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Take part in discussion forums and networking so people can become aware of your skills and knowledge without making commitments.
  • Show authority by references and reviews and word of mouth
  • Recommendations


  • Be prepared to put in the hard yards to become an expert
  • You can be an expert in your field but there is always more to learn
  • We need to provide credentials that back up our expertise
  • Membership of professional bodies



Transcribed by Otter

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