DANNY : DE HEKThe Huon Pine Walk is regarded as one of the best short walks in Tasmania.

Taking the opportunity to walk amongst some of the oldest living organism on earth can be a profound one for many people and this perhaps accounts for the walk’s popularity.

Huon Pines have been dated at 2,000 years old, but some pines still growing are estimated at being possibly 5,000 old. They only grow in wet areas and along riverbanks in some of the most inaccessible parts of Tasmania – such as along the Pieman River. The Huon Pine Walk is along a boardwalk that follows the banks of the river. The walk is 300 metres long and takes 20-minutes for the return journey.

There are excellent views over the river with information displays along the way, and there is a viewing platform at the end of the walkway beside a magnificent old man pine.

This walk is rated Level 1. Walkers should ensure they have sun block, sunglasses and a sun hat, and dress for the weather conditions of the day.

Firearms, pets and bicycles are prohibited. Because of the proximity to water, children should be closely supervised at all times.

Park entry fees DO NOT apply.


There are nearby picnic areas and the Tarkine Hotel and restaurant are available for refreshments and toilet stops.

Vehicle Access:

To get to the start of the walk at Corinna, from the Murchison Highway (A10) turn off to Waratah on the (B23) and follow the road to Savage River where it changes into Corinna Road (C247) and on into Corinna. Access to the walk is from the car park beside the river.