DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorStep into a world of intrigue and deception as Sam Lee, a name notorious for his involvement in dubious financial ventures, takes center stage once again. In his latest video, he addresses the shocking downfall of the Ponzi scheme ViDiLOOK, leaving a trail of chaos and disillusionment in its wake.

While many details remain hazy, a disconcerting pattern emerges, hinting at potential foul play or technical glitches as the source of ViDiLOOK’s abrupt failure. The question on everyone’s mind: Are they going to shift blame onto hackers or simply leave investors in the lurch with a malfunctioning system?


Introduction 00:00:00
Scam Lee (Sam Lee) 00:03:35
Sam Lee’s Cough 00:04:45
We Are All Satoshi 00:10:30
Velocity Achieves Victory (AVA) 00:12:36
Withdraw Failures 00:15:56
Soma J. Gobikishn (Gobi) 00:18:43
ViDiLOOK’s Crypto TRAIN WRECK 00:20:25
Garrett Blakeslee 00:21:44
Scam Lee Good News 00:22:57
Vivek Tiwaari 00:23:44
Take Back Your Money 00:27:00
Conrad Simon Swailes 00:29:52
What is ViDiLOOK? 00:32:19
WhatsApping Scam Lee 00:36:06
Money is MISSING 00:37:57
AVA Money Grab 00:53:37
Training 00:58:12
Lady Jacqueline Clayton 01:00:00
Scam Lee Post-it Notes Fun 01:01:22
Stand on the Railway Lines, Wait for TRAIN 01:04:26
Available on WhatsApp but NEVER Replies 01:09:30
Is Scam Lee a Scammer Please Comment 01:14:24
Collision 01:16:35

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As this complex narrative unfolds, Sam Lee is keen to downplay concerns surrounding his other scheme, “We Are All Satoshi.” Could this be an attempt to divert attention away from his questionable practices or merely an attempt to regain trust amidst the crumbling facade?

I, Danny de Hek, known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, am here to dissect Sam Lee’s latest video and demystify the events surrounding ViDiLOOK’s financial turmoil. With his claims of stolen funds and lawyers’ advice to issue refunds within a limited window, a bizarre twist emerges: the only method to secure your refund is by contacting Sam directly via WhatsApp. Curiously absent from the video is ViDiLOOK’s CEO, Conrad, but Sam promises a thorough investigation into the matter. However, Garrett Blakeslee, who seemed intertwined with Sam’s schemes, including StableDAO and ViDiLOOK, has vanished into thin air.

In a subsequent video, I delve deeper into Sam Lee’s web of deception, featuring an eerie Zoom meeting with Vivek Tiwaari, the face behind ViDiLOOK’s Zoom gatherings. The unsettling silence and solemn expression speak volumes, perhaps reflecting the weight of their collective actions.

But the shockwaves don’t end there. Sam Lee’s audacious seven-day Ponzi scheme, Velocity Achieves Victory, or AVA, emerges as a prominent player in this intricate scheme. This venture promised a quick return on investment, allowing funds to be withdrawn within 48 hours. However, with the current chaos and multiple platforms collapsing, the prospect of retrieving any funds seems increasingly bleak.

Sam’s subsequent video, saturated with orchestrated charm, showcases a rehearsed smile as he reassures investors about their money in his seven-day-old Ponzi scheme, VAV. However, suspicions arise; is this an elaborate cash grab, leaving investors with little more than lost data? With a disconcerting smile, he assures that the money is secure – but for whom?

Recent weeks have seen 55 individuals congregating in Dubai under the guise of the Satoshi round table, advocating a network of multilevel marketing strategies. The red flags are glaring: “We Are All Satoshi” luring investors with its dubious charms, and the release of a $5000 package that yields no rewards, simply serving as a testament of support for Sam’s questionable endeavors. The ViDiLOOK saga continues, with “ViDILOOK Beta” and “ViDILOOK 2.0” promising restitution while concealing half-truths.

Velocity Achieves Victory, AVA, lures unsuspecting participants with three packages, each offering a quick in-and-out strategy within 48 hours. Sam’s recent proclamation of freezing funds only heightens skepticism. With a moniker like “Scam Lee,” the writing on the wall becomes unmistakable.

Will the two revealing videos and my commentary be enough to finally expose Sam Lee’s intricate web of deception? As he claims to be here to stay, it becomes increasingly evident that his motives lie in money grabs and deceitful acts. In a world entranced by the allure of rapid wealth, Sam Lee remains a shocking figure, capitalising on the hopes and dreams of the vulnerable.

🔍 Stay tuned as the layers of this complex narrative are peeled back, revealing the extent of Sam Lee’s misdeeds. Your engagement is vital as we uncover the truth behind this Ponzi scheme labyrinth.


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