DANNY : DE HEKGreetings from The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger! 🦸‍♂️ If you’re here, you’re likely familiar with my mission to unmask Ponzi schemes and scams, as featured in The New York Times.

Today, we’re delving deep into the enigmatic world of Sam Lee, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind multiple cryptocurrency schemes.


Introduction 00:00:00
Living with Dyslexia 00:14:22
Breakfast Grub with Scam Lee 00:16:18
Garrett Blakeslee 00:18:33
Slimy, Condescending Lizard 00:21:43
No More Sam, No More Scam 00:24:40
Crumpler Bags 00:26:20
Money Only Money 00:28:38
Be a Vigilante, Help Me Help Others 00:29:02
Keith Williams Karma 00:32:22
Trust Scam Lee? 00:32:57
ViDiLOOK 3.0 00:33:28
Silicon Oasis (Dubai) Stroll to Office 00:35:58
Claim to Lease 8 Silicon Oasis buildings for staff 00:36:45
Talking Bullshit 00:43:48
No Fear of Anyone 00:47:57
Leaking Coffee 00:50:08
Seven Fish 00:51:40
Sam at his Desk 00:52:00
Phoning Sam Lee +61 433 844 199 00:53:45
$3.8 Million Lawsuit 01:00:55
Detect Ponzi: 3 Quick Tips 01:03:57
Calling Sam Lee 01:14:12
Be a Whistleblower 01:16:11
Carl N Miller III (AU) 01:17:46
Yvonne (& Richard) Henry (AU) 01:18:02
George (& Linda) Marquis (AU) 01:19:46
Kathryn Anne Longley (AU) 01:20:05
“Lizard” Word of the Day 01:22:16
Conclusion 001:22:31

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In this eye-opening video titled “Breakfast Grub with Sam Lee,” we take an even closer look at Sam Lee’s latest attempts to maintain an air of legitimacy. Our journey kicks off at the “Oui Sports Bar + Terrace,” where Sam Lee claims to have engaged in countless social evening meetings – often involving drinks – with Garrett Blakeslee, the figurehead behind ViDiLOOK. For those unfamiliar, ViDiLOOK is a Ponzi scheme that tantalises unsuspecting individuals with the promise of income from merely viewing internet ads. With investments scaling as high as $1500, the allure of a $55 daily return on investment seems utterly irresistible.

The narrative of ViDiLOOK is a rollercoaster of disappointment. The initial launch limped along for a mere six weeks, leaving investors high and dry with substantial losses. But wait, the plot thickens! The revival, aptly named ViDiLOOK 2.0, emerged with a fresh start, sporting a tempting $1500 membership. If you hopped on board within the first 24 hours, you could snag it for just $750 – provided you doused the platform with fresh USDT! However, this revival, like its predecessor, was short-lived, toppling within a mere fortnight. Throughout this perplexing journey, Sam Lee adroitly sidesteps accountability for the vanishing funds, occasionally dropping tidbits about his remuneration for ViDiLOOK 2.0 involvement.

The showstopper of this video? Sam Lee unabashedly anoints himself as the new ViDiLOOK owner, heralding a third renaissance set to unfold in just two days. 🚀 As we amble through Dubai Silicon Oasis, Sam’s assertions encounter meticulous scrutiny. He flaunts his ownership of eight civil buildings, ostensibly housing his touted thousands of staff. Yet, a mere ten days prior, he asserted a staff count of 750. This incongruity raises skepticism and beckons authenticity’s inquiry.

But there’s more to this tale. We journey through a heart-rending narrative involving a couple who plunged $3000 USDT into Sam Lee’s Velocity Achieves Victory (AVA) venture, only to witness it crumble within days. These unfortunate investors had previously sunk $55,000 into Sam’s infamous HyperVerse scheme, miraculously rescuing $25,000 before its implosion. Their saga serves as a poignant reminder of the catastrophic fallout stemming from these scams. An intriguing subplot emerges – the couple channeled their $3000 AVA investment into a bank account belonging to one of Sam’s multilevel marketers. A screenshot of this account number unveils fraud, revealing that even Sam is ensnared by his own network of multilevel marketers.

In essence, this video unveils the jarring reality: Sam Lee’s nonchalant facade, his seemingly cavalier attitude toward people’s financial suffering, and his grandiose assertions about staff and triumph. It’s an unvarnished exposé of a man who’s left a trail of deception and heartache in his wake. Our mission remains steadfast: to unearth the truth and ensure that people comprehend the lurking perils within the crypto realm. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and let’s collectively expose the scams! 💡💪