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Featured in The New York Times for his dedication to unmasking the shady world of multilevel marketers preying on the crypto community, Danny de Hek brings you another eye-opening revelation.


Introduction 00:00:00
Who is ShaveZ Ahmed Siddiqui? 00:05:00
Carl Millar Snoring 00:07:18
ShaveZ Ahmed Siddiqui 00:12:20
Reverend Maurice 00:16:30
ShaveZ Ahmed Siddiqui Copyright Takedown Request 00:18:36
ShaveZ Showing Desperation and Vulnerability 00:22:00
We Are All Satoshi, ViDiLOOK and VAV Cash Grab Explained 00:25:10
Multi-Level Marketing expert Tami Jackson 00:33:51
Affiliate Marketing 2.0 00:35:20
Marcus Davis from The Satoshi Show 00:38:40
Sam Lee a.k.a Scam Lee 00:40:03
ShaveZ Motivating people to Hold Crypto 00:41:30
Soma J. Gobikishn (Gobi) 00:44:52
Rory Conacher (Guarantee Bet) 00:45:48
In Dubai, Chinese Industrial-Scale Scam Mills Are Thriving 00:50:22
Persons of Interest Investigations 01:23:15
Kate Longley 01:24:05
YouTube Shorts 01:25:53
Yvonne Henry 100% In! 01:26:57
Baby Boy Jan Gregory 01:27:12
BeHindMLM 01:45:50
Brenda Chunga 01:46:00
Keith Williams 01:46:15
Conclusion 01:48:54

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In this video, we unveil the full name of the elusive “ShaveZ,” none other than ShaveZ Ahmed Siddiqui. This revelation came to light when he desperately tried to suppress a video exposing his vulnerabilities as the newly anointed leader of the “We Are All Satoshi” Ponzi scheme.

The central question we aim to answer in this exposé is whether ShaveZ is a victim or a perpetrator of scams. Our investigation takes a startling turn as we delve into an article [https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjvbw…] from VICE titled “In Dubai, Chinese Industrial-Scale Scam Mills Are Thriving.” This article uncovers the disturbing truth about scam operators who have built a sprawling empire in Southeast Asia, thriving on forced labor and human trafficking, and now extending their operations to the UAE.

Highlights from this video include ShaveZ’s astounding claim to have achieved so much at just 27 years old, asserting he founded his own corporation at the tender age of 17. He goes on to boast about his company’s involvement in providing tech services to Marvel Studios and developing AI products used by people worldwide every day. But there’s a catch – he remains tight-lipped about the company’s name, much like many other scammers who hide behind NDAs. We dive deep into this in a revealing video we’ve analyzed.

Witness ShaveZ’s reactions during a live Zoom meeting [

• Reverent Maurice Demands Stolen Money… ] as he faces accusations of being a scammer, with Reverend Maurice demanding the return of stolen money.

Additionally, we revisit a video recorded three months prior, featuring influential figures like Rory Conacher, Soma J. Gobikishn (Gobi), ShaveZ Ahmed Siddiqui, Sam Lee (a.k.a. Scam Lee), and multilevel marketing expert Tami Jackson. In this footage, they boldly proclaimed that the Ponzi scheme, now collapsed, was akin to the best thing since sliced bread.

As our mission to expose scams continues, we encourage you to explore our YouTube channel shorts, where we have recently unveiled shocking revelations about other multilevel marketing scammers, including “Jan Gregory,” whose involvement in numerous scams will leave you astonished.

Stay informed, stay vigilant, and join us in our quest to unmask the truth about the world of scams and Ponzi schemes. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more eye-opening content!