DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWelcome back to “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger” channel, where I, Danny de Hek, delve deep into the world of crypto investments and expose potential scams.

In today’s video, we’re dissecting Premium Future and its intriguing pitch deck, joined by none other than the infamous multilevel marketer, Stigg.

But before we dive in, let me share a compelling backstory with you. A name you might remember, Garrett Blakeslee, was once associated with ViDiLOOK Beta, a Ponzi scheme that spectacularly crashed. Now, he’s resurfaced, this time promoting PREMIUM FUTURE, a platform that claims to offer cash prizes while donating to charity simultaneously.


Introduction 00:00:00
Premium Future 00:06:53
ViDiLOOK Lawsuit Reply 00:09:34
Be a Whistleblower 00:19:52
Premium Future Pitch Deck with Stigg 00:21:23
Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi 00:26:10
Stephen Mccullah 00:56:12
Persons of Interest 01:22:40
Keith Williams 01:24:53
Rory Conacher 01:28:32
Garrett Blakeslee 01:30:21
Conclusion 01:33:32

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Investing in Premium Bonds carries risks and considerations. There are no guaranteed returns, as winnings depend on chance, risking your purchasing power over time. Premium Bonds also limit liquidity, leading to a lack of diversification and potentially better returns elsewhere. Consider potential tax implications. They suit those comfortable with uncertainty and not winning regular prizes, but consulting a financial advisor before investing is wise.

Exercise caution with PREMIUM FUTURE and its founder, “Dr. Farzam Khamabata,” whose doctorate is dubious. Dr. Khamabata also holds a position at StableDao, a controversial company with its CEO, Sam Lee, earning the nickname “Scam Lee.” While PREMIUM FUTURE has notable associates like Triz Noz, Dr. Kamalabadi, Ralf Hesse, and Nick Hofgren, their involvement raises red flags.

The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger believes this company might be a capital-gathering endeavor or even a Ponzi scheme. Avoid investing based on their unsubstantiated statements. Reputable sources associated with legitimate charities reveal concerning aspects of Farzam Khamabata’s background, questioning his doctorate and opportunistic behavior, casting doubt on the enterprise’s integrity. Those linked to StableDao or PREMIUM FUTURE should exercise caution, as they may be inadvertently connected to a potential fraudulent operation. Beware, as these individuals have close associations with notorious Ponzi scheme scammers SCAM LEE!


🚀 Exciting new concept powered by Premium Bonds, backed by the UK government and protected by a Capital guarantee.

🤑 How to Participate:
Participate in the Premium Future Sweepstakes by depositing into Premium Future Bonds and receiving ticket packages. For every dollar deposited, you get 1 sweepstakes ticket linked to your account for 30 years. More tickets equal a higher chance of winning, with 50% of all deposits allocated to prizes!

💰 Additional Earnings:
* Win a percentage of every package deposited under your referral code.
* Earn a percentage of prizes won by referrals in your 3 levels.

💼 Choose a plan that suits you:
* Gold: $100 with 100 monthly prize draw tickets.
* Platinum: $500 with 500 monthly prize draw tickets.
* Diamond: $1000 with 1000 monthly prize draw tickets.
Premium Future aims to revolutionize Global Sweepstakes, with tickets remaining linked to your account for 30 years. They’re backed by a Prime Bank and are protected by a Capital Guarantee.

🦉 Rank System:
* KESTREL: $10,000 in deposits earns a $1,000 bonus.
* OWL: $100,000 in deposits earns a $10,000 bonus.
* HAWK & FALCON: $1,000,000 in deposits earns a $100,000 bonus.
* EAGLE: $100,000,000 in deposits earns a massive $10 million bonus.

🏆 Prize Structure:
1st | $50 prize winners
2nd | $150 prize winners
3rd | $5000 prize winners
4th | $50,000 prize winners
5th | $1,000,000 prize winners

🤝 Affiliate Bonus:
* Level 1: Get 10% of your level 1 referrals and 15% after referring 5x $100 packages.
* Level 2: Get 3% of your level 2 referrals’ package price.
* Level 3: Get 2% of your level 3 referrals’ package price.

But here’s the catch: they have fake testimonials and claim endorsements from the New York Times and Forbes magazine.

Intriguing, right? Join us as we scrutinize Premium Future to determine whether it’s a promising opportunity or another crypto con. Stay tuned for the verdict! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell to stay updated on the latest crypto schemes exposed.

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