DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorBe cautious if you receive an email like the one below. The lady who sent this very email has invested $50,000 in WEWE Global cloud minting hardware and is now trying to recruit others with her affiliate link.

The email suggests that using WEWE Global’s cloud minting hardware will generate significant profits, but there is no evidence to support these claims.

The lady has not tested the system by withdrawing any money, and being paid in euros is another concerning aspect. Please do not be enticed to sign up, as you risk losing all your money. This message aims to alert you to the kind of emails that are currently circulating on the internet from WEWE Global ambassadors.

The reward system of a Ponzi scheme offers a global payout of 47% in referral fees. This means that when this lady deposited $50,000 into the scheme, $23,500 of that money went to the people who are promoting the scheme. This is why multilevel marketers (people who make money by recruiting others to join the scheme) are excited to promote the scam and recruit more people to join them.


I’m sending you this because we have decided to join this platform and we thought you would benefit too!
I was looking for a decentralized banking system and want whatever money we have out of this system We are earning stuff all in interest. This really jumped out at me.

Do your own due diligence, but so far so good for us. I did my own research and awe attended a seminar for a day meeting more people from WEWE. I cannot find another platform that gives the return that this does for such little effort. Of course, you can escalate this by getting people on board and get a better return. We have already got on board with 2 programs; one is already bringing in a daily return.
I was able to easily set up an account with WEWE using a reference code from the person that introduced me to this and I ask that you please do the same if you decide to try it.

I feel excited to have found this and I hope you feel the same. Here’s a bit of information about what we talked about. Let me know if you have any questions after you have watched the videos.

WEWE GLOBAL has a sister/ partner called LYOPAY.

Lyopay is one of the biggest blockchain based financial ECOsystems that exists, and their cryptocurrency arm is WEWE Global. This is how we become debt free and living free by going decentralized.


When you join WEWE GLOBAL you can choose to purchase what we call a cloud minting machine. A cloud minting machine is a program that you buy that gives you a rental contract for hardware that will produce tokens. This hardware does all the work, and as a customer, you receive free tokens for a duration of 1050 days.

WEWE Global features several programs ranging in cost from $500 to $100,000. There are also $100 and $300 promotional programs available only for certain countries.

You can rent a whole piece of hardware — which costs $5000 — a part of it, or several hardwares. Choose the program and pay it in cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin, Ethereum or WEWE. After the purchase, the system will generate your rental contract and it will be active in 10 days. After that, your hardware will start minting tokens.

Once this has been set up and you start minting you will be paid daily in the token. These tokens can be swapped for USDT, BTC, EUTH and then sent back to an exchange back into a fiat currency such as AUD then put back into your bank. Or you can send it directly from the WEWE GLOBAL platform and straight you can then convert it to fiat such as AUD and start spending.

The benefit of buying into minting making is what you come in on gives you 3.5X the return paid out daily. You can take money out as it pays you out daily or take out whenever you would like.

Example: Put $1000 EUROS in (equates to about $1400 AUD) and get a total return paid out daily of $3500 EURO.

Example 2: Put $5000 EUROS in and get a total return paid out daily of $17500 EURO’S.
Example 3: A lot of people are choosing to put their self managed super fund in > (SMSF).

Put 100K EURO in> this gives you a total return of $350 thousand EURO > thats roughly $500,000 plus AUD return. Estimating a rough 10kEURO return monthly.

You can also start with a smaller package being $500 EUROS as a starting rate. At present buying in is measured by the EURO dollar. So if people would like to buy a $1000 EURO cloud minting package> They need to work the math in AUD dollars.


WEWE GLOBAL is about to launch x 2 new mobile phones. Taking cloud lifi phones, to be the hardware that will also mint coins as it will be a dual processor.

This is going into pre-launch mid February 2023 and will most likely be available for release by May. There will also be an option to have hardware in your house to mint instead of buying a cloud minting machine. The GHOST phones however won’t be released until the end of the year.

There will be two mobile phone options to choose from> These phones will be the first phones that personally mint to make you money.

Phone 1> Lfi Smartphone

-ARM Cortex 3Ghz
-12GB Ram
-48MPX main camera with macro and zoom
-8000 MAh battery power
-Mobile minting app native

Phone 2> Lyo Ghost Phone> Not due to be released till the end of the year/early next year.

-Privacy oriented
-Fully encrypted
-Blockchain integrated
-Encrypted chat
-Encrypted meet
-Encrypted cloud

The phones- will be encrypted with a cold storage wallet attached to it. At a basic level the phone will range around $1200US. The upgraded phones from the basic will be called a Ghost phone. Which is a full military grade including military encrypted -that also acts as a cold wallet. It also encrypted emails, all data and downloads! With the emphasis that it can’t be hacked. This phone will range in price from about 2200 US.

It’s got another whole level of encryption data, signal, downloads -that are also protected due to military grade equipment.

Please do not quote me on these figures. We are sharing as a guide only.
These phones and racks will be going thru pre- launch on or around the 20th Feb 2023. Anyone that registered in pre launch will also have the opportunity to own shares in the company from a min of 500- up to 1500 in shares.

The phones and machines are already in production. Producing over a million a week at present. With a registered window front shop, opening up in Dubai.
Release dates will be May 2023- for the basic phone and racks.
There will also be more devices coming> which will be laptops and tablets > hopefully to be released by early next year.

It’s all been fast tracked to move into the biggest market in the world – being above board on all accounts being regulation and legal requirements.

You can look, track and watch your miniting right before your eyes. It produces out of a server farm, directly into your house or hand, which is GENIUS!

At present WEWE GLOBAL has over 400 employees world wide and growing, with offices opening everywhere. They have a legal division with approximately 20 lawyers and growing. The lawyers have indicated they are doing everything right based on it’s acquisition model.

As an option there are people putting their super and or money from their bank in here and taking out regularly> deseeding and playing with the rest of the 2.5 amount that’s left. they are choosing to compound and put money on their cards to live off.

Should you wish to join, as this is a community based DAO system you need to be referred. Therefore I will provide my referral link for you to sign up with should you consider to move forward. https://wewe.global/signup/XXXXXXX
Here you go… How to set it all up

Tell me if the links don’t work.

If you want to check out all that is on the go with LYO and WEWE GLOBAL
you can connect into these official links… lyopay.com and lfi.io