DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWelcome back to The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger YouTube channel, where we fearlessly expose the scams plaguing the crypto world! In today’s video, I, Danny de Hek, also known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, delve deep into the shadowy operations of “We Are All Satoshi,” a cryptocurrency venture that claims to be a beacon of innovation but may be nothing more than a Ponzi scheme in disguise.

If you deposit $10,000 into “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI,” they inform you that 30% goes into the enigmatic “Vault Horizon,” while 2% is directed to their elusive “Tech Provider,” leaving a whopping 68% for their marketing budget.

On a Sunday morning, I received a flurry of invitations from strangers, summoning me to a “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI” Zoom Meeting. With 350 people present, I eagerly sought answers to my questions, only to be silenced and ultimately ejected. This video is my endeavour to dissect that recorded Zoom Meeting, shedding light on the questions that remained unanswered.


Introduction 00:00:00
Proof of Reserve 00:09:30
260m Marketing Budget (Kate Lonely) 00:15:40
Scenario Two 00:17:50
Questions for ShaveZ 00:23:18
We Are All Satoshi Zoom Meeting 00:35:12
Scam Lee 00:49:23
Carl Millar 00:52:13
Diversified Ventures (Pascal Bertson N. Diffo) @diversifycompound9157 00:52:40
Persons of Interest 00:54:50
260m Marketing Budget 00:58:42
Human Trafficking 01:04:00
$3.8M Defamation Lawsuit 01:36:30
Summary 01:40:43

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During this Zoom meeting, a character named ShaveZ scoffed at my mission to expose scammers and even extended a $500 per month offer to join their promotional efforts. However, here’s the twist – my one-person operation, The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, is outperforming “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI,” despite their claim of a massive 70,000-strong following. The numbers speak volumes.

Here’s a quick comparison:

* DANNY DE HEK: I boast 5,340 subscribers and have published 586 videos, comprising a mix of Lives, Shorts, and Long Form Content. Among these, 400 videos are dedicated to exposing Ponzi schemes and scams. When examining the last 20 long-form videos, the average view count stands at 1,124 per video.
* WE ARE ALL SATOSHI: They have 7,580 subscribers and have released 56 videos. When scrutinizing the last 20 long-form videos, the average view count is a mere 609 per video.

They claim to teach people how to mine Bitcoin 2.0 for just $3 per coin on their blockchain, boasting 65,000 transactions per second. But here’s the kicker – you can buy Bitcoin 2.0 on the open market for just 0.45 USDT.

However, the real enigma lies within their financial dealings. I’ve reached out to those who extended the Zoom Meeting invites, imploring them to comment during this recording or in the comments section of the published videos if I’ve made any errors. My suspicion is that they’re employing complex jargon to bewilder potential recruits because, in the end, their objective is to peddle mining packages and premium subscriptions ranging from $50 to $5,000.

This begins to resonate eerily with a Ponzi scheme, where the allure of rewards overshadows the actual product or service. It’s reminiscent of ViDiLOOK, where people were promised rewards for watching outdated commercials, it’s failed two times and now they’re trying again.

Two scenarios that don’t add up which leaves and unanswered questions


* TOTAL: $14,000,000 (100%)
* MARKETING: $9,520,000 (68%)
* VAULT: $4,200,000 (30%)
* TECH: $280,000 (2%)

The average investment amounts to $200 for 70,000 participants.


* TOTAL: $382,352,941 (100%)
* MARKETING: $260,000,000 (68%)
* VAULT: $114,705,882 (30%)
* TECH: $7,647,000 (2%)

In this scenario, the average investment is $5,462 for 70,000 participants.

I’m calling upon ShaveZ to address some pivotal questions:

* How did $14 million miraculously transform into $260 million in just 100 days?
* How did ShaveZ obtain control over the proof of reserve?
* If someone invested $260 million in the advertising budget, wouldn’t they seek a return on their investment?
* Who is the elusive owner of “We Are All Satoshi”?
* Where is the evidence of withdrawals from the marketing budget?

In conclusion, if ShaveZ holds absolute control over “WE ARE ALL SATOSHI,” why conceal his last name? Can we place our trust in someone who cloaks their true identity? Remember Sam Lee, aka Scam Lee? Can we trust anyone profiting from recruiting others into these platforms?

Stay tuned as we unveil the truth behind “We Are All Satoshi” and illuminate this dark corner of the crypto realm. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share this video to safeguard others from falling into the same pitfall! Together, we can expose the scammers and ensure the security of the crypto space.