DANNY : DE HEKJoin DANNY : DE HEK, The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as he unravels the intricate web of deceit spun by Sam Lee in his latest “get rich quick” scheme, VAV.

In this eye-opening video, we dissect the fundamental flaws of VAV and shed light on the disturbing truth behind the promises of fast wealth.


Introduction 00:00:00
Unofficial Draft VAV 0.1 Whitepaper 00:02:25
PROJECTfrugal @ProjectFrugal 00:04:29
Bitcoin Group 00:04:49
Ryan Xu in Hiding 00:05:07
$842,282,264.35 Taken from HyperVerse 00:06:15
Pinakee Naik Promoting DAOversal @Daoversal 00:08:20
Total Invested Out (ONLY) 00:11:00
ViDiLOOK Website(s) 00:22:15
Garrett Blakeslee (ViDiLOOK CCO) 00:24:43
Keith Williams 00:27:26
VAV 0.1 Introduction Video 00:31:05
The Water 00:45:40
Whiteboard Failure 00:58:45
Conclusion 00:59:18
Jan Gregory 01:04:48
Full VAV 0.1 Introduction Video 01:07:55

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Sam Lee lures unsuspecting investors with the allure of quick returns, claiming that initial investments can be withdrawn within two days. However, the catch is that only the initial investment can be retrieved, while the rest remains trapped within the platform for future dubious endeavors concocted by Lee himself. But why? DANNY : DE HEK unveils the sinister motives behind this orchestrated ruse – “Uncle Scam Wants Your Data,” a ploy to build trust with the community for an impending grand finale scam.

Witness as we unveil the alarming contradictions through five video clips where Sam Lee himself contradicts his own claims. He insists that profits must remain on the platform for use in future scams he’s yet to devise. It becomes glaringly evident that trusting this character is futile, even more so as he insists on obtaining viewers’ KYC details.

In a striking twist, we bring to light Lee’s contradictory claims. In a previous video, he boasted of an expansive workforce of 5000 members, only to dramatically pivot in this latest installment, now asserting a significantly smaller staff count of 750. This puzzling shift raises unmistakable red flags, compelling us to closely scrutinize the veracity of his statements and the true extent of his operations. A revealing video from Gareth Blakeslee casts a revealing light upon their operations, unraveling a complex web of interlinked entities and numerous projects. This unveils a disconcerting portrayal of Sam Lee’s dubious empire. It becomes unmistakably apparent that this is a compact team of scammers operating from the same premises, perpetuating deceptive narratives to ensnare unsuspecting investors.

Digging deeper, we uncover the shocking revelation that HyperVerse, the precursor to HyperNation, has surreptitiously sold user data to yet another pyramid scheme named DAOversal. DANNY : DE HEK issues a stern warning against yielding personal information to these scammers, who entice with a few dollars but seek to pilfer your data and trust.

This video serves as an urgent call to action, urging viewers to be vigilant against falling victim to Sam Lee’s elaborate schemes. The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger arms you with knowledge and insight to protect your hard-earned assets and personal information.

Watch now and join us in unmasking the truth behind VAV and the perilous realm of crypto scams. Stay informed, stay safe, and never let “Uncle Scam” claim your data.

Note: KYC (Know Your Customer) is a crucial process in ensuring the integrity of financial systems and preventing fraudulent activities. It involves collecting and verifying personal information of customers to establish their identity and legitimacy. Not something that you would handover to a scammer like Scam Lee!


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