DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWelcome back to my channel, everyone! I’m Danny de Hek, also known as “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger.” My mission is to name and shame anyone running or promoting Ponzi schemes and scams, to protect you from losing your hard-earned money.


“The Promise United is a membership base at 60 USD per member one time and they have the option of upgrading by themselves to the next higher membership. 80% of the membership fees comes back to the members in the form of commissions and rewards for being loyal to The Promise United . The Promise United delivers CRYPTO education and coaching. They also provides Resources and share software, websites, apps, and different technology, tools to do business in the crypto world. Is The Promise United considered a Ponzi scheme business?”


Avenger Penetration (Jim) 2:58
Avenger Shut Down 6:46
Chat GPT Manipulation 8:44
Edited Chat GPT Question in Question 19:30
Avenger Trailer (Sam) 55:04


– How to Report Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency Scams: A Global Guide: https://www.dehek.com/general/ponzi-scheme-scamalerts/how-to-report-cybercrime-and-cryptocurrency-scams-a-global-guide/
– The Promise United is a community – https://www.skool.com/the-promise-united-6020/about

In this video, we’re diving deep into Mai Summer Vue, the CEO of The Promise United. Mai Summer Vue is promoting a new opportunity called The Promise United, which claims to offer crypto education, coaching, and resources. However, there are significant concerns about the legitimacy of this operation.

Mai Summer Vue has previously worked with Sam Lee, who has been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud in the U.S. for his role in the HyperVerse crypto investment schemes. HyperVerse was notorious for being a massive Ponzi scheme, and Mai’s association with it raises red flags about her current endeavors.

What We’ll Cover:

The true nature of The Promise United and its business model
Mai Summer Vue’s connections to past fraudulent activities and Sam Lee
How scammers are misusing tools like ChatGPT to mislead and manipulate potential victims
The difference between legitimate investigative journalism and false accusations of cyberstalking
Mai Summer Vue has allegedly been using AI tools to fabricate favorable responses and mislead people about the legitimacy of The Promise United. This misuse of technology is not only unethical but also dangerous, as it can deceive people into investing in dubious schemes.

My goal is to create as much public awareness as possible to save people from financial predators. Remember, exposing scams and protecting the public interest is not cyberstalking—it’s our duty to safeguard our community.

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