DANNY : DE HEKWelcome to PART 4 of our riveting historical series, where we embark on a journey through time, examining the key players entangled in the infamous Ponzi scheme known as HyperVerse. Join me, DANNY DE HEK, also known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as we delve into the depths of deception and expose the manipulative tactics employed by Keith Williams and Kalpesh Patel.

In this eye-opening video, we scrutinize a leaked Zoom meeting, recorded on New Year’s Day 2022, where these masterminds, at the pinnacle of their deceitful prowess, lured the unsuspecting HyperCommunity into promoting the fraudulent HyperVerse Ponzi scheme.


Introduction 00:00:00
Greed And The Desire For Quick Wealth 00:04:15
Social Proof And Herd Mentality 00:05:08
Lack Of Financial Literacy 00:06:57
Trust And Personal Relationships 00:08:35
Hope And Optimism 00:11:04
Psychological Manipulation Techniques 00:13:20
Danny Summary of the Entire Meeting 00:18:00
HyperCommunity Training 1st Jan 2022 01:03:45
Kalpesh Patel Training 01:17:30
Keith Williams & Kalpesh Patel 01:26:20
Pauline Thomas 02:40:00
Lisa Williams 02:42:00
Shifa Ali 02:45:00
Montse & Alberto 02:47:00
Roman Leithäuser 02:49:08
Lucille Bolton Shannon 02:54:00
L’Tanya Wilkerson 02:55:55
Bev Dormer 02:59:00
Susan Goldsmith 03:00:30
HyperVCoachEdna888 (Edna Hearsey) 03:02:00
Su Patel 03:06:00
Miss Faith Maswanganyi 03:09:24
Sharon James 03:10:40
Dr. ”J” The Crypto Queen 03:15:15
:Brucee 03:20:22
Iain Rush 03:23:00
Mr.Bitcoin Cecil 03:26:30
Sheila Morris 03:29:10
Dawnb 03:32:50
Derek Telles 03:36:40
Bill Ackley 03:38:53
Stephane Larocque 03:43:34
Lulu 03:45:00
Khayree The Crypto Crusader. 03:48:05
Cecelia Aiken 03:52:30
Bettie Arbaiza 03:56:23
Jackie Holness 03:59:40
Janet Bruce 04:09:00
Katherine The Great 04:41:00
Keith Williams Lies 04:42:00

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Unearth the secrets as Keith Williams and Kalpesh Patel employ their cunning strategies, enticing individuals with the false promise of a risk-free opportunity. They emphasise the importance of self-belief in the company while discouraging any engagement with opposing viewpoints or propaganda. Their primary focus lies in the relentless recruitment of individuals into the Ponzi scheme, urging participants to employ a 90-day strategy. The plan? Speak to ten people daily and persuade them to sign up, ultimately earning referral fees for each successful recruit.

Prepare to be captivated as you witness an hour and a half of Keith Williams and Kalpesh Patel’s persuasive presentation. Following this, an engaging question and answer session ensues, granting each participant a two-minute window to interact. I provide a concise summary of each question, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of the proceedings. Finally, after sharing my insights for approximately an hour, we conclude with the unfiltered original 3 1/2 hour recording, offering an unparalleled glimpse into the heart of the HyperCommunity training session.

Before delving into the review, we take a moment to explore the psychology behind the recurring susceptibility to Ponzi schemes. Together, we examine six crucial attributes that shed light on why individuals repeatedly fall prey to such fraudulent endeavours. From the allure of quick wealth and the influence of social proof to the lack of financial literacy and the exploitation of trust and personal relationships, we uncover the intricate web of manipulation. Moreover, we dissect the psychological techniques scammers employ, creating a sense of urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity to coerce hasty decisions without proper risk assessment.

Join me on this gripping expedition into the dark underbelly of the HyperVerse Ponzi scheme, as we expose the tactics, motives, and devastating consequences that ensue when greed and manipulation intertwine. Unmask the truth, empower yourself with knowledge, and together, let us ensure that history does not repeat itself.

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DANNY : DE HEK aka “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger” featured in the New York Times