DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWelcome to Danny de Hek’s YouTube channel, where he fearlessly exposes scammers and fights against injustice in the world of cryptocurrencies. Danny, also known as “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger,” recently faced a daunting legal battle against a scammer named Stephen McCullah, who attempted to sue him for a staggering $3.8 million in the New Zealand High Court.

In this gripping video, Danny shares the exhilarating news of how he emerged victorious in the David and Goliath-like court case. Just moments before a judge was set to review the security for costs, Stephen McCullah’s lawyers abruptly discontinued the case. 😮 Danny takes this opportunity to express his disbelief at the baseless accusations and introduces a series of upcoming videos dedicated to exposing scammers like Stephen.

During the first 26 minutes of the video, Danny presents compelling evidence that sheds light on the true nature of Stephen McCullah’s actions. He shares snippets of recordings made by Stephen himself, revealing his cowardly tactics and attempts to manipulate the situation. Danny provides valuable context and dismantles false claims made by Stephen’s legal team, debunking the notion that he had government support in the case.

With passion and determination, Danny delves into the extensive documentation and correspondence related to the legal battle, demonstrating the meticulous preparation and dedication of his own legal team. He shares insights into the inner workings of the New Zealand legal system, highlighting the role of public defenders and the availability of legal aid.

Throughout the video, Danny emphasizes his unwavering resolve to expose scammers and protect innocent individuals from falling victim to fraudulent crypto schemes. He invites viewers to join him on this thrilling journey by subscribing to his channel, enabling them to stay updated on future videos that aim to expose scammers and shed light on their deceptive practices. 🎥🔍

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Introduction 00:00:00

  • Danny de Hek introduces himself as the “Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger.”
  • Mentions the $3.8 million lawsuit filed by Stephen Mccullah.
  • Encourages viewers to subscribe and support the channel.

Exposing Stephen Mccullah 00:00:57

  • Danny discusses Stephen Mccullah’s statement in December 2022.
  • Explains the difference between public defenders and legal aid in New Zealand.
  • Clarifies the financial assistance he received for his legal case.

Gathering Evidence 00:04:02

  • Danny reveals extensive documentation on Stephen Mccullah.
  • Highlights recordings, screenshots, and court documents.
  • Mentions attempts by Stephen’s legal team to challenge his legal aid.

Unprofessional Conduct 00:07:03

  • Discusses attempts to defame Danny through anonymous letters and complaints.
  • Provides insights into unprofessional correspondence from Stephen’s lawyers.
  • Introduces Danny’s legal team and praises their professionalism.

The Legal Battle 00:10:21

  • Highlights discrepancy in legal teams’ size and capabilities.
  • Describes confidence and peace of mind provided by Danny’s legal team.
  • Discusses Joshua Pietras’ role as intermediary between Danny and his lawyers.

Danny & Rob 00:26:16
Stephen Mccullah’s Threat 00:40:27
Stephen Mccullah Claiming They Didn’t Lose 00:59:45


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A public defender is a lawyer who is appointed by the government to provide legal representation to individuals who cannot afford to hire their own attorney. Public defenders are typically responsible for representing clients who are facing criminal charges and are unable to afford private legal counsel.

In New Zealand, the legal system operates differently from some other countries, such as the United States, where public defenders are commonly used. In New Zealand, individuals who cannot afford legal representation can apply for legal aid. The Legal Services Agency (LSA) is responsible for administering legal aid services in the country.

Under the legal aid system in New Zealand, if an individual meets the eligibility criteria, they can receive funding to hire a lawyer from a list of approved legal aid providers. These lawyers are not necessarily public defenders but rather private lawyers who accept legal aid cases. The lawyers are paid by the LSA for their services on behalf of the client.

To qualify for legal aid, you generally need to meet specific financial eligibility criteria, which take into account factors such as your income, assets, and expenses. If you meet the criteria, you may be eligible for full or partial legal aid, depending on your circumstances.

It’s important to note that even if you qualify for legal aid, you may still be required to contribute towards the cost of your legal representation. The amount of your contribution will depend on your income and other relevant factors.

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