DANNY : DE HEKIn this interview, I conduct a one-on-one session with Mai Summer Vue, who has been involved in promoting Ponzi schemes since 2021.

Mai, formerly a school teacher, now identifies as a business coach. During our discussion, I aim to pose ten questions to understand her perspective on the ethical nature of these Ponzi schemes.


Introduction 00:00:00
Zoom Interview with Mai Summer Vue 00:03:48
Kent Berryman 00:05:57
Mai Summer Vue Story 00:08:34
Yvonne Henry (AU) 00:12:53
Tracy Cassivi 00:14:40
George Marquis (AU) 00:16:38
Lady Loses $90,000 to Crypto Opportunities 00:16:48
Carl (Crypto Dundee) Miller (AU) 00:18:06
Mai Summer Vue Educator or Scammer? 00:22:20
Mike Lucas Lost $25,000 to HyperVerse 00:30:13
Brenda Chunga, Keith Williams and Kalpesh Patel 00:31:02
V.E.N.D Scam Promoter 00:32:04
ABC Television Australia 00:32:38
The Business Behind MLM 00:37:40
Due Diligence 00:43:04
Entrepreneurial Visionary Pioneer 00:45:00
The Conversation Heats Up 00:49:00
Accountability for Mental Well-being and Tragic Suicides 00:53:00
Mai Summer Vue Strategy 00:55:33
We Are All Satoshi $260 million Advertising Budget 00:59:20
Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Scammer 01:02:05
Be a Vigilante 01:12:56
Conclusion 01:17:50

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Mai’s approach encourages individuals to “play with fire,” urging them to enter quickly, recoup their initial investments and play with house money just like you would have a casino. She also motivates others to participate, emphasizing a belief that every business follows a trajectory comprising a beginning, middle, and end. Her strategy advises individuals to enter businesses early, only risking what they can afford to lose, and focusing on withdrawing the initial investment before pursuing higher returns (1x before 2x, 3x, 4x, and 10x).

I also challenge Mai on a statement she made during a Zoom meeting, where she appeared to endorse profiting from those who had fallen victim to scams. I inquire about her perspective on whether this is a morally sound business practice.

During our conversation, we managed to address only the first five questions, as Mai shifted her focus towards me, alleging that I, as a YouTuber, am merely seeking to profit from my channel. She argues that traditional banks are not ideal places to keep one’s money, advocating for cryptocurrency investments as a superior alternative.

I take great pride in this video as I asked Mai some tough questions. Additionally, I express my concern about the tragic consequences that have resulted from people’s involvement in Ponzi schemes like the ones she promotes. I assert that she bears some responsibility for individuals resorting to suicide due to her unwavering promotion of these fraudulent schemes.

Mai Summer Vue has been linked to several Ponzi schemes, including HyperFund, HyperVerse, HyperNation, SableDAO, We Are All Satoshi, AVA, ViDiLOOK Beta, ViDiLOOK 2.0, and V.E.N.D (ViDiLOOK 3.0). Currently, she collaborates with the notorious Sam Lee, also known as Scam Lee, in Dubai. Despite her portrayal as a legend and philanthropist, she remains one of the most notorious scammers globally.

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