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Transcribed by Otter

Good afternoon. Good evening, or Good morning. I’m Danny de Hek. As my introduction said, I just wanted to do a hate word just when you use just, it’s not just I want to give you a podcast about change in the things that you kind of need to do in your business at the moment to be a strong player. So recording this on my YouTube channel so you can actually see me and I can talk to you, which is really cool. And I just wanted to show you some of the things that I’ve been working on lately that really have had a lot of change.

As many of you may know, I actually have a business networking company called elite six and I’ve been doing elite for about eight years, and I bought it as a franchise, and I dissolved the franchise, and now I run all the meetings myself. And I’m like the connector guy that gets everyone together. And that’s why I call myself a connector. So if you even need to know anyone, and you’re looking for someone who does this on the guy that you can ring, and I will point you in the right direction.

So the unique point of difference with elite six is that we are not a referral network. We have got business networking in the back, we are a hub of like minded business people, they get together and really help each other in business. So a lot of people go to me I never get any

business as such, well no one really buys my product or service when I come along to elite six. However, the information that they learn from Elite six and we offer people in the marketing is really a strength

It’s like having a business community around you that really cares about your business. So that’s what I do. So over lockdown with COVID-19, we were running up to 15 zoom meetings a week. And then we went down to about eight. And then this morning, we run about five zoom meetings. And we also

run one face to face meeting. But a lot of the correspondence that goes on with my members throughout the week, via emails,

and also lots of catch up phone calls to see how people are going. So it’s a really nice organisation. I’m really proud to say that it’s what’s mine. And also, I run it myself as I, and I’ve got some great people around me, which is awesome. So anyway, this morning, I ran a zoom meeting, and we normally have anywhere from eight to nine people. This morning, no one or one person loyal David Clarkson. He turned up, but that was it. And I thought, the timing really when things happen.

Like that, I thought to myself, it’s a sign telling me things are

needed change. So I thought to myself, I don’t want to run next week’s meeting. So I’ve pulled the plug on the next week’s meeting, the next week’s meeting. And what is working really well for us at the moment with elite six, their Think Tank meetings. So I’m going to do that meeting only.

And also the face to face meeting, I’m going to do that. And that is where we’re going to grow a good group and a healthy group. And I’m not going to compromise this time.

I’m really going to just make sure I have the right people. And if I can’t get the right people in my business family, then I don’t want to grow it. And I want to maintain the people I have. And it’s the goal and I think that’s I wish I did that from day one. Things you learn along the way.

Anyway, I’ve been using meditating

Lately, which is really exciting. I’ve obviously been playing around doing a little bit of podcasting, figuring out how to do podcasting. And if you’re thinking about doing a podcast, by all means go along to my website, look at my services and look under podcast hosting.

So what I originally did as I thought I want to become a podcaster. And just before locked down, I decided to set up as sort of a recording studio where I could record a think tank meetings, which is basically a room full of 20 people talking about a topic and I was really struggling to get the good gear to record it. So I went out bought some really cool Audio Technica, Vp 40.

stereo microphones and are brilliant. They really help record my voice and also good for recording a room.

also bought myself a Blue Yeti Pro, not the pros of the app in its mind

You put it in the centre of the room and theoretically record but never really recorded the sound the way I wanted to. I tried doing it for about two or three weeks now didn’t I try to do that for two or three months, and I’ll take on my recording gear along. And it just didn’t really work as well as I liked. But when locked down, come along, we started having zoom meetings, and everyone has their own microphone then don’t they? And that enabled me to record some really good

Think Tank meetings. So if you go to my podcast on my elite six,

you will see that we’ve actually got just about 50 meetings recorded.

And then when you go to digg.com, you’ll see that I’ve also got my own podcast.

And you can come in here so last week, I recorded a meeting, embracing change. And this week’s meeting I really want to talk about using the technology to the fullest. So if you come along to my podcast, you’ll see that I’m encouraging people

To actually listen to my podcasts on many different

platforms. So I’ve always wondered how to get your podcasts into Apple

podcasts. And also just recently, I’ve got myself and Pandora.

So it’s really cool. So what I did is I come along to my website if you want to know how to do it, and you click on podcasting, and I provide a link to pod sprout, sprout, and they provide a lot of the services that I was struggling to find out how to do. So if you are kind enough, and you went to danny.co.nz. Click on podcast hosting and follow the link Coleen buzzsprout, you will get

the backend of my podcast. And if you do that, then if you do sign up and you do pay, I get a little bit of money from it, which is nice. And that’s what I’m doing a lot with at the moment as I’m looking for services that I’m using and trying to teach people how to use them.

Do a lot more workshops. So I just wanted to show you quickly on the back end of the podcast. So I helped set up a podcast for juniors co working, and it’s free. And they’ve got two episodes. And that means that with no cost, they can set up a podcast have a play the service for them.

And then after two or three months, those podcasts will drop off. But with what the heat podcast for $12 a month, it means I can actually record up to two hours

of voice and it’s only gonna cost me

$12 us a month. And then if I go over that time, it’s cost me $4 per hour after so it’s affordable. And that means that my podcasts don’t drop off. And as you can see now I’ve got quite a few different podcasts on my personal podcast and I’m going to go crazy on that at the moment. I’ll explain why in a few minutes. So if you want to stop saying the word so you can have

They choose the look, you can create a logo.

If you click on website, you can choose how you can have your own see name. So you have your own branding. And the real amazing part of buzzsprout is they will submit your podcasts to all these different directories. So once you go into maybe Pandora, which is a really cool one, you they give you an RSS feed, which means it will let other people pull your content onto the platform. And then you can go into Pandora as such.

And so if I went to Pandora, you can actually see my podcast the luck within the platform, you will see my podcast been promoted. So since I’m Been in Pandora, I’ve actually had six or seven listeners each episode from that platform. That’s pretty clever stuff. I’m really impressed with it.

Alright, so now, if you’ve been to the let’s use elite sex as an example. So what I’ve been doing, I’ve been recording the think tank sessions using zoom, and I’ll have it from 10 to 15 people in the room at the same time.

Then what I do is I use a mind map.

And I create a visual as people talking so they can see where we’re at.

If you don’t know what a mind map is, I use a programme called mind node. And it allows me on the fly to create this document that you see so with the theme for last week’s meeting was becoming an authority in your field. And when we run a think tank meetings, I asked people for their experiences

Problems they’ve had by claiming their authority, some solutions. And then hopefully at the end of the meeting, they have some takeaways. And I asked them to share what they got from come along to our meeting. And then we discuss briefly what is next week’s topic. So once I’ve got that content, we also scribe it in the end, is the meeting goes on. And I turn that mind node into a kind of a blog. And now I’ve got content that I can publish on my website as a blog.

And then when I go along to our Facebook page, I marked the blog that I have, I share it onto our Facebook page. So in here,

you will see in a second with a bit of luck, good luck in business, that you can see that I’ve, I’ve shared the blog that I created on the website onto a Facebook page.

And then I’ve also shared the link to the podcast. So I’ve got two posts. If you go down here a little bit more, you can see that I’ve also

taken some photos of other discussions that we have.

And also does the video. So it’s about creating content and insuring it around your social media. So let’s say if I went to Twitter,

you will see that in our Twitter account, that we’ve also promoted

meetings, our podcasts, and you can go in there and listen to it and you can also see I’ve shared so what I’m always doing is I’m looking for ways of creating content. If you know me, I’m dyslexic.

And I struggle with getting words onto the screen and also expressing myself on the way I want to be heard. The other day I wanted to be able to get my podcasts

in the

I wanted to be able to share that in. I wanted to scribed. So I found the service. And I’m not saying it right, I think it’s called otter.ai. Artificial Intelligence maybe. So if you go to the homepage, you can see that on the last blog I did. I uploaded it as a sound file, and in the service will turn my blog into scribe it for me and turn it into text. So you’re clever enough. You can I don’t know if you hear this. But basically, you’re listening to training online walk to heat podcast. This is the place where I share my experience, knowledge and skills. That Don’t you think that’s pretty wicked? So my whole podcasts that I’ve done has been scribed and it goes, and so that’s a free service. Now what I’ve done is I’ve paid the $9 90 a month.

They will allow me to hit I think I get like 600 minutes worth of content typed up for me. In basically I use Word.

What do you call it?

dictation software. This is the scribes beta. And there is a place here I noticed where it talked about something.

You know, like when I mentioned Tommy Hilfiger, Richard Branson, just name a few. Normally it doesn’t get that accurate. So I’m really impressed that service. So these miles back to me, they said, Hey, JD, so you have a reading, I have a 934.

There we go. So now I have a blog written on the fly as I’m doing my podcast, and I’m going to do it for this podcast as well. So if you want to see how it works, you’ll see that I’ve published this content on my YouTube channel. I also publish it on my

Facebook page for the Higgs. So if you’re looking for ways to make

Get yourself let’s say you go to Facebook. And you a lot of people don’t realise this. But when you log into Facebook, you use your personal account. And then you can create pages. So I’ve got I used to have about 50 pages, I’ve only got about probably a teenager ones now that I use. So I’ve created a page called Danny de Hek. And my company is actually called Danny de Hek. Limited. And within here, I can post content. So let’s say here’s my Think Tank meeting I did last Friday, then I can switch from

my page name, which is Danny de Hek. To my personal name, what does that always happen when your site can go to here, and that will enable me to be able to share the content from my page to my personal Facebook page if I desire

and I can write a post and I can see that on a group and

do all sorts of things with it. But just by switching from a personality from a page to a person, I can do different things or I can share it in different pages. So as you go down and you look at my page, you’ll see that I’ve got videos that I’m doing

if you go over to

let’s have a look here, Danny, let’s go to

try to find the page I’m looking for. So I think viewers,

so here we go, got my videos. Now as I’ve been travelling around

India, Bangladesh in China. I have basically been uploading videos of my travels. So if I go to visit the studio, it will show me videos that are uploaded but I haven’t published yet.

So what I’ve been really working on last few months especially have locked down is been able to

use the content I have on my hard drive in Italy.

Getting the content out there. So I’m just having a look here and just looking at

all publish scheduled draft. So that’s what we’re looking at. So these are videos, which I’ve uploaded. But I haven’t published onto my


They’re all in draft mode. And in. So he says, kind of what I’m sort of saying is if you want to get good at social media, and you want to start

getting your name out there, I really believe in Gary Vaynerchuk, because he’s all about building your personal brand. And then I want to there’s another guy that I’ve been, I’ve just started listening to his audiobooks. And if you’re not first, you’re last by Grant, cut car drone. And he talks about going for it and basically dominating your market space. But what I’m trying to do, I’m trying to create my own brand and I want to dominate

The things I do. So I had a guy that come around today, and he has a gym business, and he wants me to help market his business by doing a website. But I actually want to help him become a dominate the market for gym. And I don’t want to, you know, I really want to push him forward as much as I can. And I want to educate him the importance of content. And my struggle is actually, as I said, getting those words on the screen so I can do stuff with them. In a way Well, if I search for that paragraph on the internet, my content will come up in the search results. Now, I haven’t published this content at all, so I won’t know. But for example, that phrase

brings up that person’s story. So if you’ve got that content on the internet,

then that you will come up in the search results free of charge.

And that is where you’ll get a lot of your strength there when somebody comes

along to your website in a check out

your other social media.

You know, you become an authority in your marketing, which is probably a bit high tech. But anyway, so let’s say you go to my Tumblr account,

I have a whole array of my videos displayed onto that platform.

And then I’m

thinking that’s pretty cool. And I think comes up as always pretty excited that when nothing comes up, boom, the you guys if you listen to this podcast, I’d recommend that you go to my YouTube channel.

And check out the video so you can watch what I’m showing people at the moment. But you can see I’ve got what, from a parent’s point of view, a lot of people will scroll through this here and think this guy lives on this platform. And the honest truth is, every time I create something, I just share it onto this platform. And I live on it and the same with my YouTube channel.

I’ve got lots of content. And now I’m grooming it. And I’m distributing it.

And you will see that in a minute, I think. So my main video that I want people to listen to,

is the one in the centre here where I talk about my dyslexia and

white mallet play. And now you can see I’ve created a channel called podcasts and I’m going to be uploading my videos that I’m doing at the moment in this area. And then when I’m on the road, and I’m uploading videos, I want to have a place where people can upload everything

I’ve got videos are tagged with my own name in it. I’ve got testimonials about my business. And then I’ve got my travels and Bangladesh and so forth, New Zealand stuff and popular uploads. So it’s just about creating that presence and I’m really going to focus on it at the moment. I really want to help people get a bit of presence on the internet.

So other things

I thought really cool, we stumbled across a little programme called Milla note the other day.

And melonite is real cool.

I’ll see if I can log in on a web browser there is a desktop app that you can use. Yeah, don’t you guys look at my password.

Oh, Doc dot for he?

mo no, I’m not using it as much as my partner as their middle of night. Come to me and they asked me to do a show. I’m going to show you what happened here. So I’m I’m a quite a big fan of trillo No, no, no. Have you ever use Trello before?

It’s always pretty cool. And it does serve a purpose. But I wrote I republished a blog I wrote about Trello

I republished it or reset the dates back to zero. And I’ve done a talk about the benefits of using Trello in your business and basically Trello is like a big whiteboard and you can share it

content and collaborate with other people. And it’s pretty cool. I like it. So melonite solders blog and because I’ve done a blog on melonite they wanted me to do a, they gave me an account where I could ever play with Milla note. And Melinda is pretty cool. So what I’ve done is I’ve set up a whiteboard under my own name and I’ve shared it with my partner, Helen.

And we both can collaborate on this document at the same time now when she’s moving bits around like I am at the moment, her I can see her mouse. So what I’ve done as all the websites that I look after Personally, I have basically put to do lists of things that need needs to be done under the Syria now these are actually Helens websites, and I’ve asked her to make sure she does a few tasks. So I can literally add you know tasks

Like this, and as they’re done, I take them off on another I’ve got done, which is pretty exciting. But anyway, I’ll get rid of that one. So I thought there must be more users for this. So we’re setting up a Shopify workshop at the moment. So I’ve set up the workshop, and I’ve got four parts of the workshop. And I’m going to work through them one at a time. But each time I add a different part to it. I’m just going to get my mouth with one master is my mouth.

So he’s so excited that we talk so I can come along here and add notes. And then you might think well actually want a to do lists. So then you put them in here.

You’ve got a due date, which is really important. So you might say, I’ve got to have this finished on the day there at 9am. And then boom. So now I’ve got a due date. And you can basically add images, so you add an image and eventually you can build a whole

No collaborative board, we can do stuff. Well, the other alternative is you can come along here and you can create a new board.

And then a new board, I’ll just call a new board because I’m really only so I’m doing a website for the gym guy about Jen.

And luck.

Now, I don’t know why this doesn’t work for me.

But when you click on Jim, Ah, there we go. It’s an empty board. So as you want to create a project, or get rid of the stuff, so let’s say I’ll do some brainstorming.

And now, it gives me a nice sort of mind map

where I can go more templates I’m working in during a game design. So then it gives me a template.

You know, what I’m doing? Character profile

But they’ve got literally hundreds of different templates that you can use and layouts. So then once you’ve you’ve got that set, we’re going to use that template.

Then you can go right the landmark, and you can click double click into that area. And then you can create other things like a to do list.

You can assign it to Danny,

what else can you do here? You want to add notes.

As I said, you can add patches upload files, then you can go back to the gym. And you can you know that you’ve got notes under each of those things. I don’t know if you get what I’m doing here, but this melonite thing is pretty damn cool. So I’m really good. So that’s another part of technology that we’re certainly using. I’m going to do a little bit of a workshop on how to use that. Hello, my partner is better at using it. She’s just jumped on board that she’s a photographer.

But now pretty powerful thing. But my point of that is because I spent the time and I went to trillo

And I put a blog on line about the benefits of using Trello. It actually attracted other people who wanted me to do the same for themselves. So if you’re looking at becoming a bit of an influencer, or somebody who does a bit of

reviews on other people’s software, then start doing reviews on software.

And then that will attract other companies who look at your social media presence and think, actually, I want to ask this guy

if I do a review on my product, and slowly slowly, is how it all starts. And I’m just going to log into

trouble trillo and was asking me to do I think they must have changed the name, sign up for a new account that’s not going to help.

Just give you a bit of a comparison. And when I had, I had I think I had 12 facilitators running at least six of me, I got them all to create their own Trello account. And in each

week I wanted them to update the little bit, the notes about the meeting and the happenings happening. And I just couldn’t get them on board using it. So I sort of gave up really, that was just a waste of time. But I still love Trello because it has proven to be a great place for me to sort of do my job. So you can see I’ve got a couple of jobs I was working on at the time, this has not been updated. So here’s my facilitators that are running the meetings. And for example, I could come along here and click on

rain euro pain, even though I know the background shocking that we go through with the members that were currently head in the group. If I decided that I wanted to have a picture framer, then I would

invite the members invite a picture framer to the meeting. And then when that picture framer decided that he would come along I would then move him over to be nervous.

And he must be joins will becomes a member, they have movement to the members area. And then when he decides he needs to leave, I’ll put them back into the wishlist. And then we would basically use this place to update. So everything that Trello does, I believe melonite does it a little bit better, and it’s not so clunky. However, if you’re working on a project together, I would recommend either using Trello or going and having a we play on melonite and I’m just really impressed with it. So there’s a little bit of insight.

So what else would I like to share with you guys? Probably.

I probably would actually like to share

a book that I found absolutely incredible.

If I can get it and there it is there. Now listen to audiobooks. They do certainly inspire me. And we were travelling over to the coast in the weekend.

So we went, and I looked for books, and I’ve never heard of grant grant drone. But yeah, we started I listened to this book here, and it was absolutely awesome. So I’ve just recently purchased the other book and it says if you’re not first you’re lost, and as really, really good stuff. So if you’re looking for a book to inspire you now, what his theory is, is basically telling you to dominate your market and own it. And he said that people that are first often the people that are sickened are miles behind. So the only way you if you’re really serious about getting ahead in business, then by all means, get this book, listen to it and start dominating your market. I think it’s great. I also like Gary Vaynerchuk because I’m am all about building my personal brand. And people think I’m a bit nuts

with my personal brand. However, it is actually working for me in it

Actually, it’s not that I love myself. But I’ve been doing the internet marketing game for over 25 years. And I do have a lot of experience knowledge and skills to share with other people. And so people often come to me because they want some guidance on where to take the social media or what they need to do, where to put the focus on the business.

So we started just starting up a new service for elite sex and it’s called

focus. And the purpose of focus is really helping people who think they want to start working for themselves. So we’re going to be providing an extensive session scrutinising people’s businesses and give them some direction, guidance, and also an access to Air and Air and network. So they can get things done a lot quicker because often you’re talking to a person that wants to be in business for themselves, and they have no idea where to go what to do, or whether they should do it as the other thing. Often we find


Shouldn’t be in business for themselves because the business isn’t feasible, if you know what I mean. So we’re looking forward to at net service, it’s going to be called focus into elite sex. And what we’ll do, and I don’t know if you guys have ever watched Dragon’s Den or sharks,

the sharks, Dino sharks teams, the sharks, and basically they are normally multimillionaires in they sit in front of somebody who’s trying to pitch their business, but we don’t want to quite do that. But what I do want to do is basically scrutinise somebody’s business over a two or three hour session, have six people that I know would be good fit for this person. And then

help them with a journey to see where they take the business to a different level and give them some direction or a pathway to go. Or simply people who think they want to be in business for themselves. We haven’t got a feasible business is to make it feasible so it can work. So that’s a new service is going to be offering with elite six coming out in a day or two. And I think that’s about it. Really the theme really for this podcast was probably embracing change.

A little bit, finding some ways to break your content up. So you can use it on multiple platforms. I have quite a big social media presence. I don’t live on social media, but I do use them all within their own environment. I’m not really a big Twitter fan because I think it’s more American. We Kiwis, I do love YouTube. Flickr, I really like because I’ve got quite a few photos. It may not help me in business. But when I’m referring to my travels in Bangladesh, or I’m doing a presentation, it’s quite nice to be able to give people

a sort of a place where they can go in just click on something like Bangladesh, and see all my photos all in one place to give a genre of the journey with the travels that I I went to. So I’m starting to use that a lot more. So hey, if you sit in here and you’re thinking, oh, I’ve got a Facebook page and I’ve got

Instagram, I challenge you

To go and find a another platform you haven’t used before and start dominating it. Tech talks a funny one to give you an idea when you go into my YouTube channel and say if you had a look at one of the videos I did the videos I did I took a probably hide it no baby, could it be potentially 200 videos when I travelled Bangladesh and, for example on this turn the sound down on this one, but this is a 32nd video of me doing a wee bit of a time lapse of one of the busiest intersections I stood here for an hour taking photos of all these buses and a fascinated me. Now I could have got this video clip and made a movie out of it. But the stats are

pretty shocking when you do that more people will watch the 32nd clip then they will watch a professionally formatted video. So I’m just challenging people to check little clips like this onto the internet.

And when you when you do it,

you’ll see that I’ve got a default cut and paste set up. And in here I give people a place to go to my Facebook’s YouTube tech talks and Twitter’s for example. And they know click on like, tick tock, for example. And now I’ll find my Tick Tock channel, and also find other videos in a different format.

So one of my Tick Tock videos got 250,000 people looking at it. So by using these platforms, even though I don’t understand the more even blindly using them, because I’m trying to figure out how to use them, then all of a sudden, you realise how the formula works. So one of my videos was seven seconds long.

And it got seven, I think got two and a half and trying to find it. I got Yeah, as I said, 250,000 people viewed my video. So the reason why is it looked there. Let’s turn it in 56

thousand people have decided to have a look at this video. It was only seven seconds long. And it was because it looped in because it looped it meant that they got looked at more than once and because it got looked at looked at more than once.

That gives brownie points with techtalk and the nice that distributed in front of people to look at. Or maybe

maybe people in Bangladesh with 20 million people in our city decided they saw it and they share it somewhere popular. I don’t know. But anyway, if that video took off in some of my other videos also got quite high traffic so you know it’s just playing around with social media won’t hurt you. Don’t make a big ordeal. Get in there have a go do something on your phone, throw it on the internet and and see how much traffic you can get. I think I had a couple of other ones that really did get some good traffic.

I think I’ve got one

Hear of two monkeys. And yeah they look like that I call them naughty monkeys and I’ve got 57,000 people looked at that one go now that I got 40 54,000 people looked at that within 12 hours and then it stopped. So I don’t know what happened there.

But however, haven’t played on social media, you can’t break anything. And get your website in order in the make sure that you can,

you know, present yourself in a great way. Anyway, so I just want to have a wee bit of a podcast him over a wall and I just really wanted to see if I can use this new software to chop it up. So if you come back, if you go to my website de hek.com and go down till you see my

my blogs, you’ll see this podcast scribed into words using that service that I showed you earlier on.

Ott auto visit and that enables you to scroll

Your voice into woods and it will create a blog all in one go.

And as for going forward, my focus at the moment for the heck is I do do a lot of online shopping in shops not shopping. And I’ve discovered just recently our mentors give us a green screen. I’m going to be doing a whole lot of workshops. And the first workshop I’m going to do is actually showing people how to set up a basic Shopify shop. And that’s going to be a free workshop, to entice people to actually go full on with the workshop that I’m gonna put online soon. All right, so thanks for watching, and thanks for listening and we’ll look forward to getting some comments from you in due course.

Transcribed by Otter

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