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  • Refunding clients that overpay
  • Act honourably
  • Successful businesses who are acting ethically will always enhance their reputation
  • Reputation can be damaged
  • Your ethics should relate to the culture of your business
  • When clients advise that they no longer wish to be a client , any subsequent subscription payments should be refunded. If alternatively the member continues to pay and does not advise that they no longer want to be a member any refund should only cover from date of that advice.
  • Ethics in business is related to your own ethics. Conduct yourself as you feel is correct.
  • The values we apply to functioning within our business.


  • Admin takes time
  • May not get repeat clients if you aren’t ethical
  • Are ethics related to the emotional center and conduct of your business or related to the systems your customers experience?
  • Terms and conditions need to be clear
  • Some companies don’t have T&C’s, can backfire
  • Ethics are in the eye of the beholder – what’s ethical to somebody may well be not be to another.


  • Have an admin fee if people overpay
  • Make phone call to clients not emails as emails get overlooked
  • Have a contract for a certain timeframe
  • Have clear Terms and Conditions, including around termination and refunds.
  • Pause before you react to situations to ensure your reaction matches your ethics.


  • Ethical decisions can be difficult to resolve – a good guide is to treat others as we’d like to be treated.
  • Give the money back
  • Hearing people views
  • After all, time will help heal your heart