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Transcribed by Otter

Jay Scott 0:00
Yeah let’s do it

Danny de Hek 0:00
Welcome to WHAT : DE HEK podcast I’m privileged to have in front of me is Jay the Comedian.

Jay Scott 0:07
Hey, what’s up everybody how y’all doing?

Danny de Hek 0:09
He has volunteers time to answer the top of my lame questions. Let’s see how we get on. We’re straight into the questions by the way. Okay. Okay, here’s the first one, mate. Have you ever had a nickname?

Jay Scott 0:24
Have I ever had a nickname? I actually did have a nickname and it’s really funny because I’m an Ex-Jehovah’s Witness. But people used to call me J Dub, but not because of the Jehovah Witness. I was really good at basketball. And in America, when you score two points, two points is called a dub. And my name is Jay. So people call me J Dub on the basketball court, though, only on the basketball court, nowhere else.

Danny de Hek 0:53
When I was looking at your Facebook page, you’ll notice you’ve got lots of clips on Facebook, about a thing called basketball.

Jay Scott 1:00
Oh, yeah, basketball. I love basketball. I love playing it. And this is one of my joys of my life.

Danny de Hek 1:06
Because I’ve got one Kiwi guy that’s actually really good at the moment. I don’t know. I don’t follow the basketball. But do you know who he who he is?

Jay Scott 1:14
A Kiwi guy.

Danny de Hek 1:17
He’s massive name. Well, they’re all massive ah they. But he’s

Jay Scott 1:19
I don’t know any small basketball players.

Danny de Hek 1:23
That’s as far as my basketball knowledge goes, so I’ll get on to the next question. We’ve got 12 questions. What’s the biggest gift that you’ve ever been gift? What was the best gift you’ve ever been given?

Jay Scott 1:34
The best gift I’ve ever been given. We were talking earlier and I told you I’m into film and stuff like that. My wife got me this is gonna sound wack but she’s got me this book bag to hold all my camera gear in. And it made everything so much better. Like all my equipment was right there and I can get to it is the sentimental value of more nudes and girls that it was able to, like I still got the bag to this day. And it’s like I’ve kind of outgrown it, you know, to me, but that’s probably like sentimentally one of the best gifts I have a guy and funny thing. My first Christmas gift. My entire life that was first one.

Danny de Hek 2:20
Funny funny thing is I collect bags as well because I’m a techno man and I travel a lot. Every time I travel, I sort of get a new bag to carry my latest gadgets around.

Jay Scott 2:31
Okay, yeah, that was my first gadget bag. I got more but that was my first one and I appreciate that.

Danny de Hek 2:39
What’s your favourite bit of technology then?

Jay Scott 2:41
My favourite technology. Wow, that’s that’s hard. I I don’t know, I guess cameras but I feel like if I think about it hard enough and long enough, it’s gonna be something. But right now I really enjoy a really nice camera that has a really good crisp picture. And it’s not to like you know, difficult to understand and figure out so right now cameras, I have cameras.

Danny de Hek 3:03
I’ve just, we’ve upgraded as to a Sony A6400. Okay, and that just the mirrorless cameras and I do a live stream. And I love it because it’s my partner’s a professional photographer and she’s got the big Canon cameras that weigh a tonne. But when we go out travelling, we always have these little wee cameras and they are amazing.

Jay Scott 3:22
Okay, yeah, I deal with Canon I haven’t bunch of Canon cameras. Like I got the it’s a camera that not a lot of people have. And I don’t even know if they still make them anymore. But it’s called an XC10. It’s a 4k camera and it’s really cool, but I got it right when it came out. Now, I think they kind of discontinued it. I dop camera I like it.

Danny de Hek 3:44
And that’s pretty cool. And I really quite enjoy that. So let’s go see what’s the most daring thing that you’ve ever done?

Jay Scott 3:51
The most daring thing like scary wise.

Danny de Hek 3:54
Oh, it’s freaked ya out the most in life.

Jay Scott 3:58
Okay, I told you I’d already told a story about this. But uh, so I want I stole a camera. Which is weird because you just asked me what’s the technology I like, but I wanted one. So those Okay, so it was a camera. It was it was a square camera but decide you could turn it like that. Right? It was a video camera.

Danny de Hek 4:24
It’s a Sony Cybershot

Jay Scott 4:27

Danny de Hek 4:28
It was I used to have one they are Brilliant. You can hold it like this ans you can you turn it? You can look

Jay Scott 4:32
Yeah, you could turn up that. Yep. So that camera right there. I was working at this. This store and it was one of those stores that sell groceries electronics. Everything right? And everybody in the store was stealing. Like everybody was stealing right. And I just like now I wouldn’t steal, wouldn’t steal but did I just fast on a camera. I’m like, Okay, I think I’m gonna try the camera and I put it.

Danny de Hek 4:59
Going to hell bro

Jay Scott 5:01
I know. I was like 16 I don’t even know if I was old. Oh, like I was a little kid. So I think the camera and I put it inside of the shopping cart. And it was my job to push out all the shopping carts. And I’ll take it like, you know, no way that they expect that. So I pushed it out and went through alarm the alarm was like it did. Security was like, don’t worry about it. It’s always some like random, like, piece of like security equipment inside the cart. So just just go. I was able to get it out. dairy free. I was scared the entire time. My heart was like, pounded out of my chest.

Danny de Hek 5:39
I remember when I was a kid that we had a day playing out in the woods, and we had water pistols, and I lost the little plug. As I went into a toy shop and my mate knew though I said I need a plug. So I took it and went home. And then he told his mum and I had to go all the way back to the toy shop and and give the kill the guy stole the end of the plug that goes into a water pistol.

Jay Scott 5:57
Oh, man.

Danny de Hek 5:59
Good Jehovah Witness family there mate.

Jay Scott 6:06
Oh yeah, yeah. Well, my conscious when I do what I did, my conscious was like, I felt so bad for so long. I got over it, though.

Danny de Hek 6:16
Was good. All right, next question. What’s the biggest fear? What is your biggest fear? And why? Were you fearful of?

Jay Scott 6:25
Um, my biggest fear is probably like, just losing somebody that I love. Like, no, that’s that’s it, like, just losing. Like, somebody who I need in my life. You know what I mean? I just, that’s my biggest fear. That’s the thing that keeps me up at night. The fact that I can’t protect everybody, like all the time like to lose somebody in some tragic way is probably my biggest fear.

Danny de Hek 6:57
Yeah, I think it’s more precious for people like myself to ex Jehovah’s Witnesses. You’ve said 10 years. I’m about 28 years, whatever it is, but you friends and relationships don’t come easy. And when you get them, they’re very precious. So that’s how I feel.

Jay Scott 7:13
Yeah, absolutely.

Danny de Hek 7:15
Now, do you collect any think?

Jay Scott 7:18
Do I click anything and collect my Kiwi accent to do or do I collect anything? Ah, do I collect anything?

Danny de Hek 7:30
Yeah, you’re a hoarder.

Jay Scott 7:33
That’s the thing. I am a hoarder, but I don’t collect I don’t think there’s like one thing of my art. Look, there’s that I gotta have it. But I’m, I’m scared to throw stuff away. I have a bad habit of seeing something all the time, right and be like, I don’t even need this. I see this all the time. I never need it. And I throw it away. And the moment I throw it away. That’s when I need it. You know? I have a hard time throwing stuff away.

Danny de Hek 8:00
What about when you were a kid? Did you click things?

Jay Scott 8:04
Um, I did once collect basketball cards. I had an entire book of basketball cards. And somebody stole it.

Danny de Hek 8:15
I used to click keys. And I heard about 800 keys. And I know them all up on the on the bedroom wall at home and they were lined up.

Jay Scott 8:25

Danny de Hek 8:26
Some of them were old antique keys. I like the big the big long ones with the fancy stuff in it.

Jay Scott 8:31
Oh, yeah. Okay.

Danny de Hek 8:33
And then one day we had a burglar in a house and the police slip the police dogs into a house to have a look through and then they went into my bedroom. They just saw a wall of keys and they said what do you do with these?

Jay Scott 8:48
Bodies? Are these the keys all the bodies you chopped up.

Danny de Hek 8:52
Find the bodies use the keys. Now I don’t know if you’re a big traveller. So if when travel stats again, where in the world would you travel to next, which is a big question.

Jay Scott 9:02
Somewhere tropical. I love I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Danny de Hek 9:09
All right, cool.

Jay Scott 9:11
Did you do I climb out of the wall? Oh, no. Oh, I flew over the wall. Well, yeah, that was taller. But no. porta viar toe Mexico was so gorgeous. I want to go to Bali.

Danny de Hek 9:29
Oh, yeah. Yep. A lot of Australians get it. Oh, yeah.

Jay Scott 9:32
Have you ever been?

Danny de Hek 9:33
No, I’ve travelled a lot, but I haven’t been to Bali.

Jay Scott 9:36
Yeah, I want to go to Bali or I want to go to South Africa. I want to try somewhere tropical because you know, I’m from Chicago, Illinois. It’s like 18 feet of snow outside right now. I do not go anywhere cold. Oh, no vacations or any type of travel. I’ll only do tropical places.

Danny de Hek 9:57
I went to Chicago that’s got lots of museums. Am I right?

Jay Scott 10:00
Lots of museums, lots of restaurants, lots of nice life, you know, like clubs and stuff like that, which really sucks to go through COVID because, you know, oh man, the industries here are really suffering because that’s what most of it was like tourists nightlife, food and stuff like that. That’s what Chicago is known for, you know, so COVID stuff is rough. Again, better. A bear has been, like we’re entering stage four again, meaning that things have gotten better. And we’ve gotten to a point to where as we can sit inside of restaurants. I think they’re like 20% though capacity. Like you can only have 20% of the people you could you know, have its full capacity. And you know, the food industry if you have like to go food technology thanks to like, you know, grub hub and stuff like that people who deliver food. They’ve been doing really good. So the food’s been doing okay, the restaurants been taking a bit of a hit. But oh, man, I just can’t wait till it’s over.

Danny de Hek 11:06
I mean, we got locked down for a month. And some of you guys have been teen plus.

Jay Scott 11:12
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The entire summer, the entire summer was gone. I didn’t enjoy the summer at all. So

Danny de Hek 11:25
The end is near to sign other times.

Jay Scott 11:29
The Great Tribulation.

Danny de Hek 11:31
One for you. What was your first job?

Jay Scott 11:35
My first job I worked at a shoe store, the place called famous at the medic attic. That was the name of the place, and we show gym shoes in there. And my best accomplishment there was I had a day where I sold over $1,000 worth of merchandise. I sold it all myself and I got like a big Commission on my paycheck. But yeah, that was my first job. I sold shoes.

Danny de Hek 12:03
I was watching a video just before I got you on here. And you were talking about Tony Morris, who’s one of the governing body and I noticed that you homed in on his shoes.

Jay Scott 12:12

Danny de Hek 12:15
That was really funny.

Jay Scott 12:18
I I look at shoes. I’m not I’m not a big shoe guy. I like shoes. And I look at him. I don’t purchase up myself though. That’s the one thing that oh, I used to collect shoes I used when I when I was young and dumb. I used to buy shoes and wear them. I don’t know if it’s collecting them if I wore them. So

Danny de Hek 12:37
I don’t I don’t know if it’s in my questions. But he literally one of my questions is how many pair of shoes do you have? So attained? Isn’t that so that one? What sort of impact do you believe that you have on people?

Jay Scott 12:50
I would like to believe that I can bring joy and information at the same time. Like, I hope that when people hear me and see me and watch my content, that when they’re entertained, and they learned something, something that they could use to help them in life, or to just help other people too. So hopefully that’s that’s what I hope I’m giving off the people.

Danny de Hek 13:15
Yeah, now I’ve got I’ve got a nice, her name is Jasmine Eve, and she’ll be watching this and she watches everything that you do, she says so you want to say a special hello to her. A Jasmine ease.

Jay Scott 13:30
Jasmine. He was oh, I appreciate you watching. I appreciate the support. anytime anybody watches our content and our message get out. I appreciate it. So thank you for watching, and you got my appreciation and love.

Danny de Hek 13:45
Awesome. Sure thing that is amazing. I like to make sure because often when you produce a lot of content, people say they watched it but they don’t watch it all the way through.

Jay Scott 13:55
Right in the middle, so you gotta watch it.

Danny de Hek 13:58
Alright, hey, guys, I’m finding one for a comedian. What makes you laugh the most?

Jay Scott 14:03
What makes me laugh the most my kids? Yeah, it’s always the thing that I find funny is randomness. Like if somebody says something, the more random it is, for some reason, the more funny it is, you know, like if somebody came up to me, and they’re like, haha, you got nice shoulders or something like that. What does that even mean? And one of the things I do in my video is that I’ll compliment a random body part. Belly button. Yeah, like

Danny de Hek 14:35
I think there was a couple of days ago and you said something about smelling? How does your belly button smell or something like that?

Jay Scott 14:42
You have a very nice smelling belly button. The randomness of it is personally to me hilarious. And just hearing random things is really funny and my kids have mastered that. Just seeing random stuff at random times. It’s the funniest thing in the world. So my kids are pretty. They’re some of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life.

Danny de Hek 15:06
I think I think being a good comedian is he, what I see what you’re doing is you’re listening really, you’ve got to listen. And you got to take it in. And in spite. Yeah. You know? Yeah.

Jay Scott 15:16
And and you have to, you have to be able to look at things in a way that everybody sees, but they may not notice. You know what I mean? Like, the really, really good comedians can do that. They could see something that everybody else sees every single day. But they don’t notice that one thing that they’re seeing, and they can make it funny, you know, like, comedians that could do that. They’re the best Dave Chappelle, like other people, Jerry Seinfeld, people who see the same stuff that you see, they see it in a different way, though, you know? So yeah, you have to listen to what’s going on around you. And you have to have a really good talent of seeing things that somehow nobody else sees. It’s hard to do.

Danny de Hek 16:05
And I’ve watched them explain the same story explaining a story. That’s not even funny. Just the way they use the minerals, the body language. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, with the YouTube videos and let no one sees their body. They just see a face and they have a mask on. It’s even worse, but being able to get that facial expression across from your

Jay Scott 16:26
Yeah, it’s so funny, because 90% of the interactions, at least where I’m at in Chicago, is people smiling at you, they that’s it. It’s just a smile. It’s not a high, it’s not a buy. It’s just an acknowledging smile. But when you got a mascot, it’s just a bunch of people just squinting their eyes at you like this. You know? It’s just like a dick. You’re smiling, but you could just be a crazy person. I don’t know.

Danny de Hek 16:53
You have sunglasses on? That’s even worse.

Jay Scott 16:55
Oh, yeah, you can see that at all.

Danny de Hek 16:57
So we’re gonna put you in a bottle. And I’m going to put a warning label on you. What would your warning label stay?

Jay Scott 17:03
I’m warning could be inappropriate at times. My sense of humour can be very, very inappropriate. Like, like, I find some stuff funny than I probably should. You know, like, I thought that I should even say this. But like, when people got Ebola, they literally died from Duke into death. Like, every time I think about it, it’s just so funny. Like, you could die from Duke even to death. Like, that’s messed up. Yeah, like, I’m inappropriate. I have a laugh and stuff than I probably should. Yeah, that’s, that’s the warning later, you get with me? I have crazy. Crazy stuff makes me laugh.

Danny de Hek 17:57
How long have you been a comedian for like, when did you start? Have you always wanted to be,

Jay Scott 18:01
um, I’ve been doing this for about two, three years now. I, I’ve always been a person who likes to make people laugh. And you know, I mean, and tell jokes. I’m just pointing out things that I find funny. And the more I did it, and the more I’ve seen people enjoy it. And people been telling me for years, like, Hey, you should just do a set, you should do a set. So I got in my car. And I started like, on the way back and forth to work. I just say some funny stuff that I thought of and see what reaction it got. I was getting some pretty good reactions from it. And I was just like, Well, let me try set. And I went up and I did my first I actually recorded and put it on my YouTube page. My first set I ever did, and that’d be a pretty good. I mean, it was decent, you know, and I really liked it. I really enjoy it. So I’ve been doing it since then.

Danny de Hek 18:55
That’s awesome, man. It really is good. And it means so much. I mean, I’m dyslexic, and I often can’t pronounce people’s names properly, and I get things wrong, but because of my sense of humour, I can you can get away with murder.

Jay Scott 19:09

Danny de Hek 19:11
And it’s amazing what you can get away with with a smile on your face. You know?

Jay Scott 19:15
Yeah, yeah, I think I do. I have like, attention deficit where it’s really hard for me to pay attention to stuff. Unless I’m like, extreme. Like, you know what I mean? Like, it’s hard for me to focus on one thing, my attention is easily diverted. And I do the same stuff. I mess up words and I stumble over what I’m saying. But half of the time as I’m stumbling. I laugh because I find it funny that I couldn’t get that out. It’d be I just am able to invite people never even notice. You know, like I’ll stumble over something. chuckle a little bit and then just complete to my for thought that I was trying to say. And so yeah, I get exactly what you’re saying. I do the same.

Danny de Hek 19:54
Two more questions mate. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel back to say Back to the Future, where we going

Jay Scott 20:02
To the future. If I could go back, I don’t know exactly what year would it be. But I would like to go back to when I was 18. Like, right after I graduated high school, you know what I mean? Because I think it was at that point in my life. Whereas if I knew, then what I know now, I would have the best life in the world. And it’s not even like me cheating in like starting Google or started apple or something like that. Like just just basically what I know now. And like, I could probably wake up more my family, I could probably wake up more people that I love. And I could probably have a way bigger career, if I would have started at 18.

Danny de Hek 20:46
He would listen to yourself, do it yourself. And he went back and he said, Hey, hey, Jay, listen to this, this is what you want to do.

Jay Scott 20:55
Then vid I think I would have given because even back then stuff didn’t make sense to me. But I wasn’t speaking about it. Because I felt like you know, the greatest thing is to speak negatively of the Holy Spirit. That’s the worst thing you could do. But I still thought like critically about stuff, and I didn’t agree with certain things. It just didn’t line up with me logically. So I think that if, today, me would have talked to my 18 year old self and explained the stuff I think I would have been receptive to it.

Danny de Hek 21:29
I think my life I did my life did start at 23 and I’m the king of starting over again because you know, you said somebody’s gonna dump you on this worldly planet and you’re gonna start fresh your life with no friends, no, no job, and a few $100 in the bank if I was lucky, somehow make my way in life. But no.

Jay Scott 21:51
That is amazing man. And, and I always tell like people because a lot of extra Hovis witnesses, they feel bad, that they’re weak, or they feel like they’re dumb for falling for the stuff and outside the organisation. And I just got to remind them, like, You’re strong and amazing you have to be to leave the organisation and recover because you were born and bred and, and literally engineered to fail outside the organisation. Exactly. So if you’re able to leave the organisation and proceed in life, you are strong, you are amazing and, and you have the ability to do anything you put your mind to. So I always like just throw that out there whenever, you know, people could just point out you know, that they’re happy that they’re happy that they are where they are now, you know, because you got to be strong. You have to be a really strong leader organisation.

Danny de Hek 22:51
Well, the last question Could they get in what superpower Would you like to have?

Jay Scott 22:57
Superpower some boring like invincibility like that’s it.

Danny de Hek 23:06
I like to see through clothes.

Jay Scott 23:10
Just straight, just straight. Nothing else invincibility. Like nothing could kill me. You know? I want one of the things I hate in life is feeling helpless. Feeling like there’s nothing I can do. You don’t I mean, I would like to be able to see something wrong happening. And go there and stop it and nobody can stop me from stopping it because you can’t kill me. I can’t restrain me. So I guess I had to be strong to do it. It’d be a mixture, stripping invincibility.

Danny de Hek 23:44
Good stuff. My Um, so yeah, so that’s my 12 questions and people haven’t figured out what we’re doing here is I’m Jake and I have common interests. We both used to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. And, and we saw the light I got kicked. Did you get kicked out? Would you get asked to leave nicely?

Jay Scott 24:01
I left for a while and I faded away. Yeah, absolutely. After a while, I just felt like you know, they don’t. Once I learned the stuff that I learned I was like they don’t even deserve a letter of you know, me saying by like, you all You don’t deserve it. You I’m just gonna leave by like, I’m mad that I even wasted that much time there.

Danny de Hek 24:26
And you gave us your family or wound up in it as well. And

Jay Scott 24:30
Yeah, yeah. I have a few older siblings who are completely awakened and who have left the organisation, but not enough. I got like, my family is large. I have 11 brothers and sisters. Wow. So um, there’s a lot of us and my mother is still there. My father passed away, but he died. He was a believer when he died. And a lot of my siblings are still in but a couple of them aren’t And the ones that aren’t even the ones that’s and they love me, and they know what I do. And they just don’t question me on it. It’s don’t bring it up. But But other than that, we have a good thing going. So I don’t I don’t like try to force nothing on them or try to like get them to wake up. I just I’m just there for them if they have any questions or if they need to talk, so

Danny de Hek 25:25
Yeah, and you don’t get a little magazines on your doorstep every now and again. Or

Jay Scott 25:29
Maybe like my sister wants to send somebody over to invite me to the memorial. I made a video about it.

Danny de Hek 25:37
Yeah, oh, that’s really cool. Now, I love the content. That’s really cool. And that’s making people laugh helps. And if you give somebody your head to give somebody advice of just got out of it, because a lot of people, like I haven’t really got into the XJ dub community. But now I have even 28 years later. There’s tonnes of support out there. There’s lots of zoom rooms. I think I actually saw you, you put together a comedian, zoom meeting about three weeks ago. Yeah. bombed. Yeah, that was a shame, because I had that problem. And these idiots keep bombing yet. Creative comedians, so

Jay Scott 26:16
They just irritating and they just ain’t got nothing better to do, I guess. But, um, if anybody, anybody who has left organisation, like for anybody who’s about to leave, I always say before you leave, make sure you do not need nothing from anybody inside organisation. So that means you need to plan you need to save up your money, you need to find a good secure living location, you need to find a job that’s not like, you know, necessary for you to be a god, like you had to be a Jehovah Witness to keep this job you need to find and secure a life for yourself outside the organisation. Because once you leave, you can’t come back, you know. And also, for anybody who has left already who’s or who’s just newly out, I always tell people to do that with the brainwashing, you’ve been through the brainwashing that was, you know, used to attack you. You don’t know everything about how they attacked you. So look up how they attack you. Duty, you know, listen to EXJW and cuz I know, it’s therapeutic for me. And the more that I learned about how they attack me, the easier it is to get over. And easier it is to get on with life, you know. So there are things that I know that I’m still like working on and suffering through. But the more I do my research, and the more I like talk to like minded people, or just people who’ve been who’ve had the same experience I have and who’s further along in their journey. After leaving, it’s very helpful. So I would advise anybody to like take those steps and learn what happened to them and learn, you know, like different steps and techniques to get over.

Danny de Hek 28:03
I went to a, there’s five of us when we grew up, called the Rat Pack. And we were naughty Jehovah’s Witnesses, man. And one of them, one of my mates got killed by a truck driver that blacked out. And so I went to pay my respects at the memorial service. And I walked in, there’s about 300 Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I’m the disfellowship one walking in there. And people were coming up to me and talking to me and saying, hello. So I’m just got on with it. It’s great to be like normal at a funeral, you know. And then my old boss came up to me and told me to leave. Because people didn’t know that I was disfellowshipped. And they’re talking to you. And I said, it’s not my religion, mate. I see a sign around my neck. I’m all good. But when I when I lived there, the mother of the guy that died come up to me and thanked me for being there. And she said, I know how hard it would have been. But after they’ve experienced, I went outside and I just broke down because I you sometimes don’t realise how much this stuff is all around you. And, and all of a sudden, it hit me like a brick that what I’ve been through, you know, so yeah, yeah.

Jay Scott 29:06
Yeah, my uncle, my uncle passed away. And I attended his funeral. He was a job witness. And one thing that always upset me and still upset me to this day is how they take funerals. And they turn them into recruitment meetings. Yeah. It’s not about the person that died. They just want to they use an opportunity to get new people, hey, you can see this person again, if you come to me, and that, and I had to sit through that, you know, and I remember how uncomfortable and angry I felt doing it. But I know why it happened and whatnot. And I know why they’re doing what they’re doing. So it makes it a little bit easier to deal with. But man, it’s a hard pill to swallow, you know, but it just it just confirmed stuff that we already know that it’s a cult and dangerous. And we’re doing the right thing by speaking out about it.

Danny de Hek 29:57
Yeah, and I can see what you’ve got a nice day. By the look of it, you got a nice life, and you’ve got your life back and you can live life. I mean, what’s the thing you’re continuously putting life on hold and you’re wasting your life?

Jay Scott 30:11
Waiting to die for everybody else to die, right? What are the other

Danny de Hek 30:17
People in the world, like bad people, and it’s the first thing I really valued is forming some good trusted friendships with people. And, you know, and I’ve got amazing support around me and I’ve got myself a lot of people myself and, you know, just socially who aren’t very good at socialising. You just get people out there, you know?

Jay Scott 30:35
Yeah, absolutely.

Danny de Hek 30:37
Good stuff. I really enjoyed interviewing you won’t hold you up. Is it afternoon.

Jay Scott 30:41
Night here, it’s about eight o’clock at night now, almost eight o’clock,

Danny de Hek 30:45
about a quarter to three in the afternoon. And we’re in the future.

Jay Scott 30:50
You guys are way ahead of us.

Danny de Hek 30:53
I really appreciate your time. And it’s so nice that you used CDs when I asked you to come on my podcast and it’s been a privilege to have you on the show. So

Jay Scott 31:01
I completely appreciate it invited me back anytime we got to do this again. I love it. Well,

Danny de Hek 31:07
I’ll get better at podcasting. I’ll probably be a bit more bitter. It’ll have been a questions more personal ones.

Jay Scott 31:13
Hey, I like I like the random ones too. Those are very entertaining.

Danny de Hek 31:18
Good stuff. All right. I will stop the recording. Anyway. Cheers.

Transcribed by Otter

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