Over the years I’ve done a lot trying to overcome the obstacle of Dyslexia. These days I use technology and I no longer have the desire to learn to read and write. I use voice recognition to compose and write my content. To date, I’ve never read a book in my life, however in recent years I have discovered audiobooks and I absolutely love to learn. When I receive any written content I use my God-given Apple devices to select the text and have it read to me, this is how I comprehend the written word.

The course information below may help you. I personally haven’t taken the time or invested in doing the course. I hang out on a number of Facebook groups and I’ve been approached by quite a few people who believe this course would be beneficial to those who are struggling to overcome the obstacles of dyslexia. If you have done this course, any feedback you have on it would be much appreciated.

The Universal Reading Method is a successful and radical approach to reading that produces dramatic results after only two hours of instruction. This online course was discovered and developed, by Doug Collins, a once Non-reader. We bring the joy of reading to learners of all ages who face daily challenges with reading, speaking, and comprehending English words.

This online instruction transforms: children, teenagers, adults, learners from foreign countries of all ages and people with learning disabilities, strokes and dyslexia.

Over 90 Million Adults in the United States are reading at 4th Grade Reading Level. Over half of the students exiting High School, including students who are Graduating, are reading at a 7th Grade Level!

To date thousands of Learners have been transformed, online, individually and in classes with the Universal Reading Method. We invite you to join us in experiencing with us, via testimonials and videos, how are clients have benefited after learning from our online instruction! Click below now, so we can add to your and/or your child’s reading enjoyment, as well!

  • Fact 1 : 90% of the inmates in Juvenile Detention are challenged with reading.
  • Fact 2 : 70% of the inmates in Prison are Challenged With Reading and is one of the reasons they return to prison after being released.
  • Fact 3 : Learning to Read properly increases the ability for a student to qualify to enter either a Community College or 4 year University and increases their chances of earning a degree and experiencing a higher level of living.
  • Fact 4 : Learning to Read English is a great advantage in Life, no matter who you are!
Learn to Read in 2 1/2 Hours
Universal Reading Method
Universal Reading Method
Universal Reading Method

The Universal Reading Method™ is so effective it has helped students learn to read, who struggle with the following:



Reading Challenged

Head injured patients: Car accident, college athletes with concussions

Autism (Asperger’s Syndrome)


Homeless Adults

Students trying to learn English or with English as a second language

Stroke Victims


Alzheimer’s Syndrome

Students who speak English with a local accent

Let the RESULTS speak for themselves!

The following test results are examples of the impact one 2 1/2 hour instruction session with the Universal Reading Method had on an ESL Class.

Pre and Post Tested Students :

In this testing example twenty (20) students (all immigrants) in an ESL (English as a Second Language) class were pre-tested; taught the 7 Concepts in the Universal Reading Method in 2 1/2 hour; and then post-tested a week later.

Universal Reading Method

Test: The Universal Reading Method
Location: Palomar College
Class: English as a second language
Teacher: Present at all times
Teaching: Two and a half hours
Number: 20 students: Mexican and Vietnamese, males and females

In this classroom of 20 students, the Universal Reading method provided the following reading advancement for foreign students!

The Universal Reading Method™ provides a strong reading foundation for those people attempting to achieve Citizenship!

Universal Reading Method
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We provide you our online Universal Reading Method for 30 days. If after you have experienced our online course for a total of 5 times, from beginning to end, without interruption, having followed all of our instructions and have not experienced any progress in your reading, after evaluating at the end of 30 days, we will refund all of your money! The Learner must be between the age of 8 years old and 100 without any Developmental Disabilities!