Are you staying on top of all your social media marketing tasks?DANNY : DE HEK

Most content creators like to share their content on social media platforms regularly. If you are like me you have probably tried using scheduling software but you forget to load up your content and it becomes a time consuming and over whelming task.

I have an ideal solution that I would like to share with you. You can take advantage of this if you’ve got a WordPress website, alternatively use the independent WebApp for everything other than WordPress. Just imagine you only had one task to do and that was to publish brilliant content and post it on your website and all your scheduling was managed.

There’s a clever WordPress Plugin you can install. The Blog2Social Plugin will take your content and chop it up and automatically send it to your social media channels in the format they require. Instead of creating the content and loading up your scheduling software, you simply need to create content regularly on your WordPress website and Blog2Social will do all the work for you. This will save you time and give you your life back!

I’ve been blogging for years and I have a database of content that is basically dead in the water. I have been using Blog2Social to regurgitate my content that has been sitting on my web server as a dead fish, this is absolutely the best solution I have come across. Download a 30 day free trial today!

Auto post, cross promote, schedule, automatically share your blog posts to social networks for the best times to post to profiles, pages and groups.

Social media helps you to reach your community quickly and efficiently during the crisis. The Blog2Social service team is available as usual for you via email, phone, and social media.


Social Media Sharing

Cross-share on all popular social networks


Auto Posting

Automatically share your posts whenever you publish a new blog post


Customizing Social Media Posts

Edit or add comments, hashtags and handles. Edit posts in HTML for re-publishing on blogging networks


Best Time Scheduler

Choose pre-defined times to post or edit and define your own time settings


Social Media Scheduler

Social media scheduling: once, repeatedly or recurrently to multiple profiles, pages and groups


Individual Images for Each Social Media Post

Select any image from your media gallery for each social media post and channel


Select Post Format

You can post your content as link post or image post / photo post


Social Media Reporting

Keep track of your scheduled and shared posts

Social Media Automation: Share on All Social Networks at Once

Connect your WordPress blog to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Flickr, Diigo and Bloglovin. And, automatically share your post to all your social media networks in one easy step.

More Engaging Social Media Posts in Less Time


Auto post and schedule blog posts on social media, cross-promote or simply share your content on social media

Save valuable time and reduce the tedious work of manually sharing your blog posts on social media. Auto-post when you publish a blog post. Cross post or cross promote your blog posts in just one single step. Re-share old posts, schedule the best times to post, share and re-share once or recurring.

Blog2Social makes sharing and cross-promoting your blog posts fast and easy. Get more outreach in less time.


Custom sharing and scheduling for social media posts

Every social network has different options for promoting your blog post. Blog2Social automatically converts your post into the best format for each network. A one-page preview allows you to optionally customize each post for cross-promoting, sharing, re-sharing or re-posting with individual comments, # hashtags, and @-mentions according to your preferences. Custom sharing with Blog2Social helps you to share your social media posts in an optimal format for each of your social networks.


Schedule your posts for the best times to post on social media

Every social network has its best times for activity and engagement. Share your blog posts, when your community is online. Blog2Social provides you with a ready to use social media scheduler for the best times to post on each social network. Or define your own custom time settings for your social media posts. Blog2Social shares your post even when you sleep.


Keeping track of your social media scheduling

Schedule your social media posts with the Social Media Calendar.
Change the date and time of your scheduled social media posts per drag and drop. Filter your social media posts per network and edit comments, images, titles, descriptions as well as hashtags and handles.

Facebook Instant Sharing

Facebook Instant Sharing is a unique solution created by Blog2Social. It helps you keep on planning and sharing your posts on your Facebook profile after Facebook’s restriction to post on profiles with social media tools. With Facebook Instant Sharing we provide you with an alternative way to share your content on your Facebook profile or even on a friend’s timeline, in groups, events, on pages, or as private messages. Add @handles, tag friends, check in at a location, add emojis and activities or edit the privacy settings for your posts.


Share relevant content from any source on your social media accounts

Content Curation is one of the key strategies used in social media marketing. Sharing relevant third-party content will help establish your social media accounts as a valuable content resource for your particular field of expertise. Blog2Social allows you to share any content post you want to share with your followers on social media. Schedule your content curation posts to automatically fill your social media feeds with a consistent content mix of your own content and third-party content.

Social Media Auto-Posting and Scheduling with Blog2Social Premium

Blog2Social Premium provides a fully-fledged social media tool to auto-post, schedule and cross-share blog posts on multiple social media accounts, pages and groups. Flexible licenses for corporate blogs and multi-user sites.

Auto Post, Cross Share and Schedule on Social Media with Blog2Social for WordPress – It’s Simple

Auto-Posting, cross-promoting and simply sharing at the best times on social media is easy. Blog2Social makes it faster and easier than ever. Automatically share, re-share or re-publish your blog posts on multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Blog2Social provides two general options for sharing your blog posts on social media:

Social Media Auto-Posting


If you check “enable Auto-Posting”, Blog2Social automatically shares your post as soon as you publish your blog post. Or, select a specific date and your scheduled times to share your post at the best times for each social network. Auto-posting works for your scheduled blog posts, as well.

Custom Sharing & Scheduling to Social Media


Click on “Custom-Sharing & Scheduling” to individually customize your social media posts in one easy step. Blog2Social provides a one-page preview editor to customize texts and comments and to schedule your posts for the best times to post on your social media networks.