DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorHello, how you doing I am Danny de Hek.

I just wanted to do a little tutorial on how to get a short little URL for your LinkedIn profile.

So I’ll share my screen with you. This is my website. I’m Danny de Hek, as I said, and along the top of my website, I have all my social media channels, and one of them is called LinkedIn.

And when you go to my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see that I have a short URL, I have the URL with my name in it and people often ask me, how do you go about getting theirs, or they don’t notice that they what the URL was when they’re on LinkedIn.

So go to your LinkedIn account, you may be surprised, but on the right hand side, it’s way at the very top, easy peasy.

Edit public profile & URL for your profile and once you click on that, you’ll get into an edit mode and the wee arrow at the end there.

My recommendation is before you rush off and start trying to brand yourself as your company name, use your real name. If your name isn’t available, you can get creative, you can use hyphens.

So if I couldn’t have had that name, if I was competing with de Hek’s that have you tried to get your own name and have it as short as possible. My recommendation and if you’ve got a very common name, then maybe get creative and put in NZ if you’re a New Zealander, or your country of origin at the end.

Why is it important to have your URL? Well, if you go to anyone else’s profile online, let’s go to its flick. let’s pick one. Alright, Cameron, here, and you can see he’s actually got his own name, which looks much more professional view into somebody’s my networks. I currently have about 7000 people I connect with. And it’s just pick any one let’s go to Lisa bell. And you see Lisa Bell here has 64683819 at the end of her name.

Now she’s actually specialises in immigration ironically and if she may not be aware that you can actually make that shorter. And then when you you want to build that, that URL as short as you can. So hopefully that was helpful. So once again, go to your profile, where it’s got me view your profile Edit public profile & URL. And in here at the top right hand side, you can come in here and give yourself a unique name. So hopefully that helps.

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Have a great day.

Transcribed by Otter