Danny de Hek Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorHere are our top eleven diet and fitness myths.
11. You should always buy the protein supplement that has the most protein?
True. Regardless of how many scoops or the amount of mix needed, you want the one that has the most protein. Some mixes might require two scoops, but will have less protein than a mix that only requires one scoop.
Don’t always think that more money means more protein. Always make sure that you read the label before buying. I think you will find that generally the moderately priced supplements are the right choice. The expensive ones are nothing but hype.
10. High reps are good for muscular definition, while low reps help to build mass.
This is true. You should have a variety of exercises in your bag of tricks.
9. Eating a bunch of carbs will give you a boost of energy.
Not true. Actually you will find yourself feeling sluggish very quickly if you eat a high in carbs meal before you work out. Try eating oatmeal or an apple before you work out.
8. No pain, no gain?
That is right. When you exercise something that hasn’t been used, it will cause pain. It should burn a little. If there is real pain, then you should see a doctor.
7. If I eat 2000 calories per day… I should eat five, four hundred calorie meals per day?
No way! You should try the yo-yo type of diet. Eat more calories when you are more active, eat less when you are less active.
6. Are supplements a waste of money?
There is no one sided answer with this one. Some are some aren’t. Most vitamin pills can be a waste of money. If you are eating a good diet, then you don’t need them. On the other hand, protein powders are a great way to help you bulk up.
Take a look at the claims. If they promise you will grow more muscle than a horse and make your teeth bright white, it is a scam. I think you get the drift.
5. The longer I am in the gym, the more fat I will lose?
That is true to an extent. You will lose more weight if you work out all the time. On the other hand, you will risk messing with your energy levels. If you end up tired all the time, eventually the amount of time that you work out will be less and less. Over a period of time, you will actually find yourself to be working out less. Always stick to a work out time of between one to one and a half hours.
4. Always ask the health food clerks for information about what products to buy.
False. Chances are these people know nothing about the products they sell. The only thing they know is, how much they make per hour selling you the products.
Seriously, these people never know what they are talking about. You need to be informed about what your body needs. A high school kid who is looking to earn enough money to take his girlfriend on a date and get laid, isn’t going to know what your body needs.
3. Pro body builders are the best people to seek advice from?
I laughed so hard I spilt my energy drink reading this one. These guys never know what they are talking about. Furthermore, everyone is different. We all have different genetics. You need to talk to a trained professional. That’s a fact Jack!
2. My doctor is the best place for workout advice?
No. Unless your doctor hits the gym, he only has a small amount of info. You need to ask those important questions to someone who knows what they are talking about.
1. I can work on my abs by doing leg lifts.
Wrong. This is all one muscle.
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