DANNY : DE HEKThe world has been taken aback due to the virus. Nothing more needs to be said about the social and mental impact. However, the virus has changed the workplace forever. Many companies that thought they needed a 9-5 in the office have found that telecommuting has been effective. Here are some ways that the coronavirus changed the way we work.

A More Permanent Flexible Approach

While there were already people working from home, it’s increased to around 60 percent. Most of the people telecommuting did so because of Covid-19. The benefits of coworking space outweigh an office gig for many employees.

It’s a good chance that people will be in the office two to three times a week and stay home the rest of the time. Some jobs may implement a full in-office protocol like it was before the outbreak. However, it changes things across the board because companies are found people get more work done home where they’re comfortable.

Also, technology has gotten better where they can distribute tasks and communicate virtually.

Better Interactive Office

Offices are now finding the value in creating more interactive spaces. It’s not like the “lock myself behind a door” type of thing. The conference rooms and meeting spaces will be more occupied.

The reason behind this is camaraderie. Companies want the employees to collaborate more and guide projects with more interaction. It’ll make them feel more like a team effort for the company.

The work will be more efficient due to the level of collaboration. The human connection will give companies strength where Covid-19 took it away from us for over a year.

Higher Priority on Employee Health

What the virus outbreak showed us is that health is wealth. Without healthy employees, you can’t run a company. Now executives are more concerned about their well-being.

They’re asking employees about their health and families. Additionally, they’ll ask them if they’re keeping safe. Offices will now have better filters to circulate cleaner air. Also, they’ll focus on sanitising bathrooms, workspaces, and other places where people frequent.

Other things like face masks while entering the building or around people also have become part of the norm. Some jobs have implemented temperature checks and requiring employees to be vaccinated to enter spaces.

More emphasis on therapists has been at play because of the mental toll something like the pandemic has on employees and their families.

Office Attire Slowly Waning

Many tech companies have adopted a more casual approach due to the work environment being a more relaxed nature. Many people working there create software, test games, or write codes, which means they’re there for hours on end. They need to be comfortable.

Working from home allows you to be more relaxed as you can have on your pajamas and still get things done. People can only see your face when you’re at a virtual conference. The only days they’ll wear office attire are when being in the office for a couple of days out of the week or meeting with clients on business somewhere.

The give you more flexibility to work in a space where you’re more focused and ready to do things at your pace. Many people like this alternative to being in a stuffy environment where they feel unappreciated.

More people are continuing with this work style despite getting vaccinated or offices being safer. It’s interesting to see how this will parlay into the next year when more companies will get back to a pre-pandemic state. Either way, the coronavirus has changed the way people view the work week forever.

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