Regular maintenance of your vehicle will assist in a longer time frame of stress-free motoring for you and your wallet! Simple maintenance and car care doesn’t have to cost the earth or involve the services of a vehicle maintenance company, however we do recommend using the services of a professional vehicle maintenance company or garage for your total peace of mind.

Below is a list of some simple vehicle maintenance checks that you can do yourself.

Car Maintenance Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorDon’t let it cook or freeze – when was the last time you checked the coolant or anti-freeze in your engine? Coolant should be checked every 4,500 km’s and is the stuff that stops your engine from overheating, while anti-freeze is the other stuff that keeps liquids from freezing in cold conditions.

Belt check – it’s not only the belt around your jeans that can get looser or tired, so can your car belt! Checking every month for worn, glazed or frayed bits could save you time and money in the long term. You’ll be surprised at how many things inside your motor are operated by drive belts, and if any of these belts was to break or slip, your car might just not go!

Keep it lubricated – transmission fluid is what keeps the gears moving in your manual (stick shift) vehicle, while automatic vehicles also have transmission fluid, so whatever type of vehicle you own, you need to check the transmission fluid regularly.

Car Maintenance Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorCheck that oil – without an engine full of clean oil your car will not stay in good running condition for very long! Avoid serious or expensive damage to your vehicle by checking your oil level EACH time you get gas for your car – don’t wait until the oil light ‘lights’ up on your dashboard. Oil should also be changed approximately every 4,500 km’s.

Car Maintenance Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorLight it up – make sure your headlights, tail lights and indicators are all working.

Keep up the pressure – your tyre pressure that is! Your car will be a lot easier and nicer to handle on the road if your tyre pressure is ‘spot on’. As well as making things nicer at the drivers wheel, having the correct tyre pressure may help your tyres last longer and cut back on petrol consumption.

Water – what could be worse then having a filthy windscreen and turning on the wipers and waiting for that squirt of water onto your windscreen… and nothing! Every time you put petrol in your car make sure you check the water levels and top up when necessary.

TLC – a bit of ‘tender lovin’ care’ doesn’t go astray! A clean vehicle means you will have good visibility out of your gleaming windows, plus when washing your vehicle, not only do you enjoy a work-out, you can check for any minor bumps, lumps, scratches, etc on your vehicle that may need attending.

As you can appreciate, there is a lot to consider when you are purchasing a used vehicle, which is why the professional and dedicated team at Mike Turfus MotorTraders are happy to assist in any way possible to ensure your car purchasing experience is as stress-free as possible!