Welcome to New Zealand, a magical world where a clean, green, pristine landscape provides the setting for an amazing variety of outdoor activities. This small country has a big reputation as nature’s theme park in the South Pacific.


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Imagine the pleasure of drifting serenely on a mirror-smooth lake with snow-capped mountains reflected in its surface, or on a crystal clear stream meandering through lush rainforest. New Zealand is a paddler’s paradise, being completely surrounded by ocean, dotted with a thousand lakes and criss-crossed by over 1500 rivers.


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New Zealand is a great country for cycle touring on picturesque backcountry roads. On our many touring routes you can experience the freedom of the open road with the wind in your hair, the sun on your back and the tarmac barrelling along under your wheels.


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Have you tried the ultimate wilderness ski experience? New Zealand has thousands of hectares of untouched powder snow on virgin mountain slopes - the stuff of dreams. Heli-ski operators cover a vast area of off-piste territory, ranging far and wide along the Southern Alps during the July to October season.


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New Zealand offers some of the finest big game trophy hunting in the world. Dedicated hunters hold this country in high regard for the quality of its trophies, the outstanding alpine and forest habitats and the year round open season for deer species.

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