Can you visualise yourself in a rocket ship soaring through space at breakneck speed?

You are encased in a part-plane, part-rocket machine as it hurtles around in a circle, tethered to a steel cable.

Fly By Wire is a self-drive flying machine unique to New Zealand and just happens to be the fastest tethered adventure flight in the world. Trust those creative Kiwis to come up with this monster! The ride is red-hot sizzling fun and a huge adrenalin rush. But at the same time the exhilarating speed gives a sensation of peace and serenity, particularly as the plane glides gently to the end of the flight.

The rocket machine is built of premium grade aircraft material using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques and is powered by a 60 hp aircraft engine. The owner has a worldwide patent on the design, which complies with all applicable New Zealand standards. The machine is suspended from an overhead cable system, which allows it to fly in circles within a spectacular steep-sided canyon.

New Zealand’s first Fly By Wire site is just outside Queenstown, where a system of massive cables has been bolted to the sides of a rocky gorge to support the single tethering wire. The rocket ship reaches a speed of 170 kph (106 mph) and as it accelerates you experience a force of three G’s to weightlessness within a three second interval. The flight lasts 6 minutes.

Take control of this beast and you will be piloting the fastest tethered adventure flight in the world. Are you up to it? The minimum age for participants is 15 years.