DANNY : DE HEKWineglass Bay has long been regarded as having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with sparkling clear water and dazzlingly white sand. The lookout, which is situated high on the ridges above the bay, gives the visitor spectacular views of the bay and the parklands.

The distance from the car park to the lookout is 2.4km (one way) and the return walk takes 1-1.5hrs or longer if you are a photographic buff or decide to lunch at the lookout.

This Level 3 walk up to the lookout can be taken as part of a circuit track for those who want to see a little more of the abundant flora and fauna the park has to offer. The track is a rocky and steep but well maintained and suited to people with a good level of fitness. It is not recommended for those with health or mobility problems.

Please note. As well the fabulous beaches, the range of wildlife and great walking tracks, Freycinet National Park is renowned for its wildflowers. 60-varieties of ground orchid alone have been identified here.

Good footwear, sun protection and clothing suited to the weather on the day should be worn. A jersey or jacket is recommended. The lookout is exposed and sea breezes may become chilly.

Park entry fees DO APPLY.

No pets, firearms or bicycles are permitted in the park.


There are toilets at the car park and picnic facilities can be found nearby.

Vehicle Access:

Take C302 from the Tasman Highway (A3) to the walking tracks car park in Freycinet National Park.