DANNY : DE HEKMount Wellington and Wellington Park situated on the outskirts of Hobart (13 km from the city centre) provide a multitude of glorious walks, none more so than the Organ Pipes Walk.

To reach the Organ Pipes track, hikers start from Fern Tree, which can be reached by public transport. From Fern Tree a track leads you to the Springs, an easy 50-minute uphill walk. From the Springs, a secondary track leads on upwards to the start of the Organ Pipes Walk.

The walk is 3.7km one way and starts at 720 metres and climbs to 1000 metres. The weather at these heights can change dramatically and all walkers are warned to prepare accordingly.

While the walk to the Springs is graded at Level 1, the track from the Springs to the fluted Pinnacles, so aptly named the Organ Pipes, is rated Level 3 and includes a 400 metre climb over almost 2 kilometres, with several rocky sections.

Walkers should ensure they have sturdy walking shoes or boots, sun hat, sun block, sunglasses and clothes to suit the changeable weather, including rainwear and jackets or jerseys. Cotton trousers and jeans are definitely not recommended on the Organ Pipes Walk particularly in winter, as cotton can draw body heat away from the wearer in damp and misty conditions should the weather turn bad. Snack food and drink should also be carried.

Walkers should allow 3-hours to complete the round trip.

Please note bicycles are not permitted on this track. Leashed dogs are permitted on the sections of the track from Fern Tree to the Springs.

Park entry fees DO NOT apply.


Toilets, day shelters, fireplaces and drinking water are available at both Fern Tree and the Springs. There is a day hut at the Chalet at the high point of the walk.

Vehicle Access:

The Springs can be reached from Hobart by vehicle along Huon Road and then via Pinnacles Road, which ultimately continues on to the summit of Mount Wellington. Alternatively, walkers can use the public bus service from Franklin Square in central Hobart.