DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorNot often can a town boast a stunning coastal nature walk; however, historic Swansea can do just that with a walk that commences right in the centre of town.

Part of the relaxing 2.3km (one way) walk is on the town’s streets and esplanade, while the remainder is on a formed coastal track. You may choose to do a complete circuit or simply walk to the headland and back from either direction. The return walk takes approximately 1-hr at a very casual pace.

For many visitors, one of the highlights of this unique city/coastal walk is passing through the short-tailed shearwater breeding area. The birds’ breeding season extends from Sept to April. They can be seen returning to their nests at dusk throughout the summer months.

The Swansea City and Coast Walk is graded Level 2 and is suitable for people of most levels of fitness. As always sun protection and clothing suited for the weather on the day are recommended.

Remember to visit the museum and Wine and Wool Centre when you are in Swansea and add a self-guided tour to your itinerary to explore this beautiful town, part of the oldest rural municipality in Australia.

Park fees DO NOT apply.

No bicycles are permitted on the formed coastal track.

Please note that dogs are not permitted on the track between dusk and dawn during the shearwater breeding season and they must be leashed at other times. Because of the track’s proximity to water, children should be closely supervised at all times.


Picnic facilities, toilets and shops are all available within the town.

Vehicle Access:

The town of Swansea is situated on the Tasman Highway (A3)