DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorStrzelecki National Park named after the granite range that dominates the entire south-western part of Flinders Island is relatively underdeveloped in comparison with many of Tasmania’s other parks.

This fact however isn’t a disadvantage, especially not to the keen hikers and climbers who come here to enjoy the massive granite cliffs.

The peaks walk is extremely popular. The views are very special, and possibly the most spectacular one of all is the view looking down across Franklin Sound to Cape Barren Island.

The peaks walk is Level 3, and as with all genuine highland walks, good preparation and care are essential, along with a good standard of fitness and a proficiency for bush walking. Note that it can be cold and often windy at the summit.

The return 2.8km (one way) walk takes about 5hrs to complete based on maintaining a comfortable pace. Obviously the time depends on many factors, fitness and the number and duration of breaks all enter the equation.

Sun protection, sturdy walking shoes or boots are necessary along with clothing to suit the weather of the day. A rain jacket, woollen jersey or fibre jacket is a must. Food and drink should be carried.

Park entry fees DO APPLY. These can be paid at Service Tasmania in Whitemark.

NO pets, firearms or bicycles are permitted in the park.


The closest facilities can be found at Trousers Point approximately 4kms away.

Vehicle Access:

The start of the track is 12.5kms from Whitemark. Drive south towards Lady Barron on B85 then turn onto C806.