DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorTake off on a swinging ‘surfari’ Downunder, and discover New Zealand – one of the world’s exciting surfing destinations.

DANNY : DE HEK has compiled this guide to New Zealand’s best surf breaks to help you enjoy our SURFING playground to the max.

It is no wonder that Kiwis are passionate about surfing as our 6,000 kms of exposed coastline has countless easily accessible beach, point, reef and bar breaks. New Zealand’s long, insular shape means that you can quickly zap across from one coast to the other. So wherever you are in the country there’s bound to be a good break nearby. A glance at the local weather map will tell you which coast has the right swell.

Our beaches can be surfed all year round. The North Island has very warm temperatures in summer (December-March) and wet suits are not usually needed. The South Island waters are colder and generally call for some neoprene protection.

The variety of surf breaks is simply awesome – from clean barrels rolling onto pure white sand beaches on the east coast, to gnarly freight train sets pounding rugged west coast beaches. Check out our ‘supertubes’ with one kilometre long joy rides at Ahipara and the consistently perfect peelers at our hottest surf spot, Raglan. Experience giant steamrollers and Malibu-style wave sets at Murderer’s Bay in Dunedin, as well as velvet-smooth tunnels at Gisborne.

There’s all the wave-riding adventure you could possibly desire on our shores, complemented by stunning scenery, uncrowded waves, kiwi culture and friendliness – all absolutely free for your enjoyment.

The surf’s up in New Zealand. So grab a board, catch a wave, and discover the freedom of board riding. As they say ‘Life’s a Beach’ – a Kiwi Beach, with perfect point breaks.

Surf your heart out Downunder and have the time of your life.

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